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Thursday 6th of March 2014
Thursday 27th of February 2014
Join Daisy Martinez and I when we talk about Dining Out for Life and how we all can help those affected by HIV/AIDS one dinner at a time!
Thursday 13th of February 2014
We are all trying to find quick and easy ways to feed our family well. Sometimes you just need a little boost or place to look. Diane Henderiks of joins me today helping us soleve one of biggest problems: what to pack for lunch. She has tips and suggestions we can all use. In addition, she is sharing her recipe for her shrimp, citrus and spicy hummus wrap using my favorite tortillas from Toufayan Bakery. Perfect if you are looking for a gluten-free recipe too!
Thursday 6th of February 2014
I think we can all relate to feeling like we just aren't up to par. We may feel listless or that what we are eating is working against us. I asked Dr Pamela Reilly of to share with us some tips on not being our biggest enemy. A few of the questions we will answer are: What are the benefits and potential negatives of the paleo eating style? What are some reasons you may not be losing weight in spite of doing everything right? What are some simple ways you can save money while eating cleanly? Find more information at
Thursday 30th of January 2014
How much do YOU love pie? I wonder when you love affair with this baked delicacy started? I mean, there is a reason we say 'as American as apple pie..." Linda Hoskins with the American Pie COuncil shares her tips on the perfect crust, upcoming events AND details on the infamous pie scene in the movie Labor Day with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet.
Thursday 23rd of January 2014
Growing up I loved the wit and wisdom of Lucille Ball. Her brassy sense of humor has not been matched before or since. So imagine how fun it was to hang out with the cast of I Love Lucy LIVE a few weeks ago. And at a chocolate shop no less! Bill Mendieta and Sirena Irwin, Ricky and Lucy themselves, sat down with me at local favorite The Best Chocolate in Town. I will also recap my trip to Red Gold Tomatoes.
Thursday 16th of January 2014
Eating Well Magazine is one of several go-to resources for me to feed my family. Quick and healthy meals, tips and tricks are offered in both their print and online versions. Editor-in-Chief Jessie Price joins me as she shares tips on getting more fruits and veggies in your diet as well as making good choices at the dinner table. Recipes and more can be found at, there you can also find subscription details.
Friday 10th of January 2014
Many of us have realized that after years of not feeling great after we eat, and sometimes even worse than not great, that we may be eating the wrong foods. My guest Leah Beyer of is sharing how she found out that what she was eating was making her sick. Years of wondering, the stress of overhauling her diet and keeping up with the life of a working mother can make this experience exponentially harder. Find out why and how Leah is coming through this with a great attitude and a handful of fantastic new recipes!
Wednesday 18th of December 2013
Are YOU ready to show US your milk and cookies? Indiana Dairy is running a fun promotion that involves one of America's most beloved traditions: Leaving cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. Share your photo with @INDairy using the hashtag #SantaDrinksMilk for a chance to win an Ipad AIR! Jenni shares many dairy facts and tidbits along the way and I share my favorite traditional holiday dishes. You know, Christmas morning feasts and all of that :)
Thursday 12th of December 2013
My oh MY this show is chock full of tasty treat just right for holiday giving! Jennifer Dempsey of Mother Thyme joins me on the show to share a handful of her favorite 'giveable treats' and tips to make it all go smoother. I also share a few of the 50 warm drinks for kids and adults I am sharing right now on Find Jennifer HERE: Find my warm drink post HERE:
Tuesday 3rd of December 2013
I had the opportunity to sit down with the founder and co-owner of Squealers BBQ this week to talk about how they got started, where they are headed and maybe get a few tips on how NOT to ruin BBQ. As you know, if you listen to the show, I am no grill master. Jeff Yater took me through the Squealers story from it's genesis to the conceptualization of their award winning BBQ recipes and sauces. I also wrap up the launch of Edible Indy Magazine, who was there and what we ate (and drank)! Listen in and give me feedback- I love to hear from you :)
Tuesday 12th of November 2013
One of the hardest parts about having a get together at your house is the organization. Getting your ducks in a row, knowing what to make, what to serve and when- never mind the tablescapes! Don't you think it would help if you had someone to guide you along the way to make entertaining pain-free? Debbie Donato joins the show to talk about hostess gifts, her must have drinks and apps and her fool-proof tips on how to pull of a stress free get together. Don't we all need help here? I am also wrapping up the World Food Championships and sharing my 3 favorite cranberry sauce recipes.
Wednesday 6th of November 2013
Musical performances, auditioning for the X Factor, singing her way through the world- and a salsa and tostada company? Yes, this is an interesting grouping but singer Kristine Mirelle has pulled it off. She is joining me on the show. I am also talking about some great DUCK recipes, my trip to the World Food Championships in Las Vegas and the impending release of Edible Indy Magazine.
Tuesday 29th of October 2013
Thursday 24th of October 2013
Thursday 17th of October 2013
Thursday 10th of October 2013
Did you know that the biggest supplier of duck in North America is Maple Leaf Farms in Indiana? I recently spent a weekend with them in Chicago at the Chicago Gourmet Food and Wine Festival at Millennium Park. We were joined by celebrity chef- Sara Moulton. What a great experience that was! Listen to tips and recipes for duck in this episode!
Thursday 26th of September 2013
I am joined on the show by two phenomenal home cooks and entertainers: Beth Peterson and Ray Lampe AKA Dr BBQ. They are traveling the country as part of the Sams Club series and making food and friends along the way.
Thursday 19th of September 2013
Cooking Planit Culinary Director Emily Wilson joins me tonight to share, what I consider, to be one of the most helpful kitchen apps out there right now. Emily shared the incredible timeline that Cooking Planit has had. What is Cooking Planit? Listen and find out. I cook, a LOT, and I use this app to get dinner on the table and with everything finishing at just the right time. I am also sharing some BIG news in my world. BIG!
Friday 13th of September 2013
Alyssa Blaize of and Libby Smith of share several quick tips and tricks with me on this episode. From quick weeknight meals to easy seasonal recipes these 2 ladies had a lot to tell us. For more recipes and to follow along in my culinary escapades visit
Friday 6th of September 2013
Who has time to make a big dinner every night? Have you ever thought about setting aside 1 afternoon a week to make enough meals to feed your family for the week? These Real Farmwives of America home cooks have! They are getting together to do just that. I am joined by Cris Goode ( and Leah Beyer ( and we are talking about #FreezerCooking and #LifeBalance
Friday 16th of August 2013
It's that time of year again! It's time for Dig INdiana~ A celebration of farms and food at the White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana! This celebration is August 25, 2013 and promises to be a great time. I have been every year and between the gourmet food, craft beer and Indiana wine I am able to find something I love at every booth! I am joined by Indiana pork farmers Dallas and Meggie Foster as well as the chef (Greg Scheisser)who will be preparing their pork shoulder. I am also wrapping up my Indiana State Fair coverage and cooking show recipes. Don't miss it!
Friday 9th of August 2013
This is the second in a series of shows focusing on getting our kids back to school with out losing our sanity! The Produce Mom shares a few tips on integrating fresh produce in our kids lunches easy, cheap and tasty! I am sharing an Indiana State Fair Wrap up as well as my top 5 quick and easy back to school lunch box boredom busting recipes!
Thursday 1st of August 2013
It's that time again! The Indiana State Fair runs from Friday August 2-18 and I can barely contain my excitement! From the food to the information, agricultural displays to, well-the FOOD! It is a fun event from start to finish. I never thought I would be saying this as a 12 year old girl. When I was growing up I really didn't like going to the state fair. It always seemed like a long, hot day. I wanted to walk around with my friends and enjoy the amusement park. I just didn't get the bigger picture-how many young kids do? Now that I am an adult I enjoy my trips to the fair. The older I got the more I can to learn that this is Indiana's time to shine. Band competitions, reenactments, 4H, concerts. The best and the brightest put it all out there for other Hoosiers to see and appreciate. No matter WHERE you live you can appreciate the healthy message Indiana Dairy is giving us through their healthy eating campaign and fabulous menu at this years Indiana State Fair!
Wednesday 24th of July 2013
Are you getting your kids ready to go back to school? Are you stressed out beyond all reason? I used to be but then I got organized, made a plan of action and busted through the stressful barriers. My guest, Cherie Lowe AKA the Queen of Free, has more tips to share than I have minutes in my show. From lunches to supplies, jeans to organization, Cherie shares her tested and family approved methods. You don't want to miss this. Listen now, join the conversation. and @Basilmomma and @ATKSRadio on Twitter.
Wednesday 17th of July 2013
I love the entrepreneurial spirit that new business owners have. Even better when they have culinary expertise. Combine a passion for food, the love of ones own food culture and the opportunity to get a head start on opening up your dream business and you have the makings of a dream story. Gustavo Perrotta shares with me the story of how he and his winning food concept won the hearts and palate of the judges in the Indy's Kitchen/Reliable Water Indiana's Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur contest in July. I wish I had been there to taste it. I guess I will have to wait for a pop up dinner!
Thursday 27th of June 2013
Embarrassing fitting room stories, auto-Dealership meltdowns and fantastic recipes. This episode has a little for everyone-but make sure to listen well during the first segment. If I do not make you laugh out loud then you simply do not have a sense of humor. Johanna Cook AKA Momma Cuisine joins me and shares her beginnings and a bit about her Buick Summer Tour and culinary background. Tune in every week and read more at
Thursday 20th of June 2013
Fine dining with a modern sensibility. Minimalist decor with an artistic flair. These are but a few things I have said about Cerulean Restaurant since it opened in November of 2012. Located in the CityWay development on the doorstep of the city’s professional sports venues and top entertainment sites in the Wholesale District of Indianapolis, Indiana. I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes of time with Chef/Owner Caleb France and his executive Chef Chase Hinton at the restaurant and talk to them for a bit about the genesis of Cerulean, their philosophy and what we can look forward to on their Summer menu.
Thursday 13th of June 2013
It's Father's Day and what better way to celebrate DAD than to talk about food and learning to cook! I am joined tonight by 2 fantastic men who not only are fathers but are writers to boot! Plus, I am giving away a copy of guest Greg Ford's new cookbook: NO Girls Allowed-a Cookbook for Men to someone. Just listen in during the first segment for the giveaway code! Kettle Chip crusted chicken fingers, cheesecake stuffed strawberries and BACON fill the rest of ATKSRadio. Hope to have YOU stop by!
Thursday 6th of June 2013
Are your kids home for summer break? Are you already running out of ideas of what to do with them or feed them? I have a pocketful of recipes that are my go-to Summer fast fixes and a handy dandy e-book I just downloaded called Kidventures, which can be founf at Amazon for your e-reader. Spend time with your kids-NOT money. They will remember the funny slingshot you built or the time you failed at making water balloons. Mine do! I ended the show with 3 back to back guests that are mentors to ME in the food world~ Christie Vanover of, Beth Peterson of and Food Network chef Ben Vaughn. Each was sharing about an upcoming event in Naperville, Illinois at Liam-Brex. A culinary series drawing from a pool of talented chefs and kitcheneers from around the country and YOU can come too! Head to for more information. I hope to see YOU there!
Thursday 30th of May 2013
I have a jam-packed INDIANAPOLIS themed show this week on Around the Kitchen Sink Radio filled with my favorite sights, sounds and tastes of Downtown. I post often about where my family and I like to paint the town red, hit up our favorite spots and chow down. Recently, a trail opened up where you can park that car and stroll on your own 2 feet! Many times over the last few years you have heard me talk about my love of Cara and U-Relish Farms. I discovered these fantastic slow cooker ‘mixes’ at the Indianapolis City Market and instantly fell in love. Cara Dafforn has a love of naturally prepared meals and provides these from her garden and blends each meal herself. My personal favorite is the Coconut Rice Pudding and next would be the Three Bean Chili. She gives suggestions on the label for add ins, easy instructions and the few liquid ingredients you will need. Not only are these meals economical, they are as good or better than me slaving over the stove making a hot pot of soup. I add her ingredients to a slow cooker, add my liquid or add-in’s and come back in a few hours to a completely finished meal! After 12 years of planning, six years of construction, and $63 million from federal transportation funding and private donations, the eight-mile Cultural Trail, Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick, connects the five downtown cultural districts, greenway trails and bicycle lanes, creating regional connectivity beyond downtown Indianapolis. It also connects to the sixth cultural district, Broad Ripple, through the Monon Trail at 10th Street. @IndyCM @CaraDafforn at U-Relish Farms @VisitIndy @INCulturaltrail
Thursday 23rd of May 2013
It’s that time again! Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival is coming to Military Park on Saturday June 1 and I am excited! This is the largest gathering of Indiana wineries and a great way to get your feet wet if you are a new wine drinker or if you love to revisit old favorites. There is a crazy great lineup of entertainment, food and wines that will be offered so there is something there for everyone! Visit Vintage at and my post at
Thursday 9th of May 2013
Parents, specifically mothers, often put the needs of their families over their own needs. This is not a new concept, I am sure mothers have been this way since the dawn of time. You have these little people you are responsible for. They are cute, adorable, hilarious and witty. We would do anything for our children of course but once a year there comes a day when we turn the tables on them. We take a turn having a meal sitting down, with hot coffee-dare we say we might get to sleep in? I am pretty excited to have Chef Susanna Tolini, the Executive Chef of Al Fresco Gourmet Sausage on the show previewing our upcoming Twitter party that will be held on Friday May 10 at 1 pm est (See above graphic for details). Chef Susanna creates culinary delights that help busy working mothers like me. Tune in to hear about what she has got cooking in the Al Fresco test kitchen! I will also be joined by writer, blogger and mother to 4 beautiful quadruplet sons~ Jennifer Murray of about her new book- KidVentures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder, Discovery and Childhood Memories! http://www/
Thursday 2nd of May 2013
Do YOU have a great food idea that just needs a little extra boost to make it to store shelves? Then today's show is for YOU! Linda Gilkerson of Indy's is shar ing a great opportunity-challenge-for home cooks. Listen in for more information! I have shared my Jillian Michaels story with you all already but hear a great clip from her about her upcoming Maximize Your Life tour and it's stop in Indianapolis is coming up! Finally I am sharing a few of my favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes and a bit of a history lesson.
Thursday 25th of April 2013
Red Gold Tomatoes has done it again! Not only do they have a bright and shiny new website but it is chocked full of recipes for every occasion and season! Linda Wallace AKA The Red Gold Lady will be joining me this week on Around the Kitchen Sink Radio on 4/25. Linda is sharing a few of her favorite spring recipes with us just in time for all of our family gatherings and outdoor dining. The first is a Delightful Fruit Salad that I have actually enjoyed at the Red Gold Elwood Corporate office made by Linda herself! Several of my blogging friends and I had the pleasure of touring their Elwood facilities last February. Just in time for summer as well as Cinco de Mayo celebrations is a fresh and festive Guacamole Salad!
Thursday 18th of April 2013
We are ushering in this year's Earth Day celebrations with good food and family fun. First Lori Taylor,The Produce Mom, shares 4 easy tips on how to shop green courtesy of Earthbound Farms. Then Katy Mann, Indy with Kids, shares her top picks for family fun in Indianapolis and tips to find what YOU can do in your city! I end with a few simple beer cocktails because nothing says Ahhhhh more than sitting outside on a warm spring day with a cocktail!
Thursday 11th of April 2013
Wine, wine and more wine is in store for this weeks installment of Around the Kitchen Sink Radio with guest Sarah Shadday of Mallow Run Winery. Mallow Run is nestled in the beautiful hills of Johnson COunty, Indiana. A member of a great group of Indiana Wineries, Mallow Run was started on a family farm that is steeped in beautiful history and family ties. Their range is from the dessert favorite-Rhubarb wine, to Indiana classic-the Traminette. Visit them at
Thursday 4th of April 2013
You know I really love these guys, right? Not only are they making their 2nd appearance on ATKSRadio but they are also one of the most creative duo's I know. Who else could transform an already thriving catering business into an uber-successful artisinal marshmallow company in a time of recession? Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick can and did. With their trailblazing approach to creating the superbly sugary happiness that is 240Sweet to standing out in a crowd of private label confectioners, these ladies are pretty kick ass in my opinion. They have over 200 flavors to choose from as well as a Marshmallow of the Month, Flavor of the Month and if you are local they offer marshmallow making classes and sell some pretty fantastic vanilla and bourbon barrel sugar as well.
Thursday 28th of March 2013
One of the highlights of the year, in my opinion, is the Indiana Artisan Marketplace at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of my very favorite things are represented there from foodists to fiber artists-you can find it all. Eric Freeman of Indiana Artisan and Rose Brown a goats milk soap maker, joined me on Around the Kitchen Sink Radio to share their enthusiasm of Indiana's foremost cultural event. Talk with more than 150 extraordinary artisans, sample exceptional foods from Indiana and Kentucky, see and buy one-of-a-kind work only available once a year at the Indiana Artisan Marketplace. April 6-7 go to for more information OR visit to see a few of my favorite things AND win a pair of tickets!
Thursday 21st of March 2013
Who doesn't love coffee? It is a staple of American kitchens and part of the morning routine of countless adults worldwide. But have you ever wondered what it takes to roast that bean? How it goes from tree to cup? Darrin Marion, creator of joins me on the latest installment of Around the Kitchen Sink and shares his inspiration for the perfect cup of morning goodness. I also confessed that I have never had a plain cup of coffee. Black-shaken not stirred. He was shocked. I also wrapped up the National Maple Syrup Festival and shared one hell of a sugar cream pie story.
Friday 8th of March 2013
I may cook a LOT but I hardly know everything a good home cook needs to know. That is why I collaborate with other seasoned cooks- I am always learning. This show was NO exception as Christie Vanover shared 3 tips to the perfect roast (or slow cooked) meat! YOU will be amazed and no longer will you have that hunk of meat sitting in the refrigerator with no purpose. I wrapped up the National Maple Syrup Festival as well as shared the 5 signs I am getting old. Really.
Thursday 28th of February 2013
Have you ever thought about starting your own food based business? Are you afraid to take that first step? Alma "Patti" Gaytan not only took that first step but dove right in after creating a few popcorn blends in her home kitchen for friends and coworkers. Hear how this small venture turned into Patti's Popcorn, a gourmet popcorn company out of Chicago. @PattisPopcorn
Friday 22nd of February 2013
Get our your old family recipes because the King Arthur Flour~Sweet Victory Challenge is about over! The deadline for entering is February 22 at midnight! Festival creator and owner of Burton's Maplewood Farm, Tim Burton, joined me tonight to share how he got started in the maple syrup business and about the who's who in the culinary world that LOVES his liquid gold! I took calls from listeners and was lucky enough to get one from the culinary force behind! Maple syrup recipes, meat-free for lent and more. Oh, and a bit about the Downton Abbey Season finale as well!
Friday 15th of February 2013
Have you lost your motivation in your family life, career, hobbies-in life? Are you making MORE excuses than effort? Do you need a kick in the pants to make the choice to get started, move forward or bust through that plateau? I was there. Heck, sometimes I still am there. In that place. But then I hear real-life success stories like that of Cris Goode and I am rejuvenated. She makes no excuses and shares it all-the good, the bad and the stressful. Joined in support by her husband Mikey and tons of online supporters, Cris is dedicating 2013 as the 'Year 2 Change', She and her husband have been successful in the past when pledging to live purposefully in 2011 and rehab their finances in 2010. Cris also shares how she has lightened up many traditional favorites to help eat healthier and feel better. See many of those and more at
Friday 8th of February 2013
Need a low key idea for Valentines'd Day? Need a bit of inspiration to share a little 'love' with someone special? Guest Sandy Fowler of Heart Filled Radio on Mondays at Noon EST shares how to spread love on this special day and how to go into this 'holiday' with no expectations and stress free! We are also joined by Food Network host Ben Vaughn fresh from wrapping another episode of Routes Radio on I was a guest on his show with Simon Mujumdar, Iron Chef Judge and author.
Thursday 31st of January 2013
It's SUPERbowl time again and what makes your party is a great selection of food AND a great drink to enjoy with that meal! Hoosier Momma Culinary Cocktail Mixers has a great line of Bloody Mary and Margarita mixers. My personal FAVE is the strawberry rhubarb mixer with strawberry vodka. DEE-LISH! Even better Hoosier Momma is made with REAL ingredients, no artificial ingredients or high fructose syrup and it's Vegan and gluten-free. Hoosier Momma is an Indiana Artisan who was recently reviewed in the LA Times AND is THE Bloddy Mary that is being served at the official NFL Superbowl Tailgate! Listen in and hear how how they got started, about my week in food and hear how my day on Fox59 Indianapolis went!
Thursday 24th of January 2013
JoAnn and Vickie, the creators of the popular line of cookbooks and tutorials Gooseberry Patch, return to Around the Kitchen Sink Radio on January 24, 2013! Listen LIVE at 11 pm est on and after on ITunes. This dynamic culinary duo will be sharing 2 of their new cookbooks Weeknight Dinners and Slow Cooking All Year Round! As you know, I have been cooking up a storm since I received a copy of Weeknight Dinners!
Thursday 17th of January 2013
Around the Kitchen Sink favorite Linda Wallace AKA The Red Gold Lady returns in this 'SUPERbowl' episode to talk about food, fast recipes and a fun giveaway they are running! Head over to to enter their recipe contest! I also shared this week's B105.7 FM radio spot I am doing: Crock Pot Snobbery!
Friday 11th of January 2013
Get motivated America! But through your excuses and get healthy, one tasty bite at a time! Join Biggest Loser brand partner-Sage Fruit and The Produce Mom in the New Year New You challenge! Listen to stories from REAL people who are struggling to lose those last few or-my own story of yoyo weight gain!
Thursday 3rd of January 2013
Ever had a great idea and get the chance to see it to fruition? Carrie Abbott had a great one and it has exploded onto the Indiana Artisan scene in the last 13 months! You have to taste it for yourself. Not only is her Frittle (think brittle-but better) divine but so is she! Listen in to how she got started and her down to earth approach to customer service.
Thursday 27th of December 2012
Ben Vaughn is known for his no-nonsense approach to restaurant-kitchen cleanliness. On Health Inspectors, he'll work with the most-neglected eateries across the country to help them prepare for their looming inspection. He joined me on Around the Kitchen Sink and shared a bit about he got started and the extreme violations he has seen thus far during season one of Health Inspectors!
Friday 14th of December 2012
The countdown to Christmas is on and man-I'm not ready! I will be sharing a few of my Christmas tips as well as what is on my grown-up Christmas list! Carrie Farias of Carries Experimental Kitchen is joining me and sharing her NEW cookbook and a little bit about how she got started.
Thursday 13th of December 2012
Sweet, dark, decadent chocolate is what is on my mind this holiday season and these 2 Indiana Artisans are showing the world how it is done! Join me when I have Julie Bolejack creator of Chocolate for the Spirit and Wayne Shive creator of Best Boy and Co Gourmet Sauces on the show. In my mind they are THE leaders in their fields!
Friday 7th of December 2012
Join me on Around the Kitchen Sink when I chat with Linda Wallace of Red Gold Tomatoes! She is their home economist and she really knows her tomatoes! Her Indiana pride shines through when she shares her favorite quick recipes that will perk up any family gathering at holiday time! I will also share about my fun time at MixedCon, a conference hosted by Bell'Aimento and Doughmesstic with keynote speakers Baked Bree, Sweetopia, Running with Tweezers and Chez Us. Wait, I forgot to mention the cake decorating class by Duff Goldman! I end the show with a recap of the Cake Boss show I attended in Indianapolis!
Thursday 29th of November 2012
This week on Around the Kitchen Sink I am joined by Lori Taylor AKA The Produce Mom! Lori will be sharing the release of her new program with Indianapolis Fruit called Find Your Favorite and she has enlisted the help of several local celebrities in the sports world! Who better to share how eating well and staying active does a body good! I will be sharing my Thanksgiving foods wrap up as well as information about a fun conference MixedCon I am going to this week!
Thursday 15th of November 2012
It's that time again! Thanksgiving preparations are upon us! My guest on Around the Kitchen Sink today is Sherron Watson the creator of Simply Gourmet! Sherron is a busy parent like myself and she never fails to impress me. She will be sharing about her Celiac diagnosis and her gluten-free diet. I will close the show with what I am thankful for this year. It may surprise you :)
Friday 9th of November 2012
Fresh from their battle at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, Ally Phillips of and Christie Vanover of fill me in on the excitement and exhilarating pace of creating the High Roller sandwich! We are also joined by special guest Ben Vaughn of Food Networks Health Inspectors who shared about his new show and his experience as a judge at the World Food Championships!
Friday 2nd of November 2012
It was a hot and spicy show tonight! Guest Brenda Gay and I took calls and gave away jars of salsa left and right! Brenda shared her story of how this phenomenal recipe turned into a new business as well as some of the savory highlights! I also recapped my food drive, my new LGIntuition I am testing out and a tease for next weeks show!
Friday 26th of October 2012
Join host of Around the Kitchen Sink Radio Heather Tallman as she chats with guests Peggy Kotsopoulos and Rebeca Simpson about healing yourself from the inside out! What you EAT and how it makes you FEEL! Peggy is sharing a bit about her new book "Must Have Been Something I Ate" and how WE have ALL of the control on how we look and feel. Her book tells us how! You can find her at Rebeca tells me a bit about how she got started using essential oils for health and I share my favorite one. You can find her at
Friday 12th of October 2012
Join Lark Harington of Larks Country Heart and I on this weeks episode of #KitchenSinkRadio! We will be sharing recipes, having a few laughs and talking about good food! I will be wrapping up last weeks show with Melissa d'Arabian and sharing a bit about what was cooking in MY kitchen this week! Find Lark at
Friday 5th of October 2012
Join me on Thursday October 4th when I am joined by guest Melissa d’Arabian! In Melissa d’Arabian’s debut cookbook, Ten Dollar Dinners:140 Recipes and Tips to Elevate Simple, Fresh Meals Any Night of the Week, the Food Network star provides approachable recipes,smart saving strategies,and practical tips for satisfying meals–all within a larger context of eating well,being a responsible consumer,and spending with purpose. A wife and mother of four young daughters, and winner of The Next Food Network Star, Melissa makes good on her unwavering $10 promise of dinner for four. This ultimate guide to affordable and impressive home cooking will appeal to all readers – even those not on a budget – and leave them pleasantly surprised at just how elegant, plentiful, nutritious and downright delicious budget cooking can be. I also share a few of my favorite "Blogger Bites" from Carries Experimental Kitchen, Chocolate for Breakfast and Ally's Kitchen
Wednesday 26th of September 2012
I am so happy to announce that Linda Wallace AKA The Red Gold Lady will be a guest on Around the Kitchen Sink Radio! I met Linda and the rest of the Red Gold family back in February when I was selected to be one of the bloggers to attend the Taste of the NFL at the Superbowl with Red Gold. I was able to tour their ketchup facility and meet their production staff. I was impressed with their dedication and work ethic. Linda develops recipes for Red Gold as well as serves as their home economist. Linda was kind enough to share one of her prized recipes for chili and, on the show she will share how YOU can be involved in the Red Gold Chili Cook-off in Elwood, Indiana ! Linda will also be filling us all in on the details for the 5K run as well!
Friday 21st of September 2012
Join me as my guest Angie Mozilo and I talk about how we find balance in our day to day lives, find our DAZZLE and take a little time to enjoy the view of life! Angie Mozilo is the creator and host of Mom of Many Hats Radio as well as popular website I AM Woman Enough and AZ Mom of Many Hats. I will also be sharing a bit of 'Good News' on the Foodie front and 2 of my favorite recipes using a local vintage from Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana!
Friday 14th of September 2012
Join me as I have Jason Good the phenomenally funny writer behind! Jason has been in GQ, Parents Magazine and in 2013 his children's book based on his popular post "2 minutes in the mind of a 2 year old" will be released. After, I talk about my birthday, being comfortable with age and share my 2 favorite birthday cake recipes! Find Jason on Facebook at Jason Good 365 and Twitter at @JasonMGood
Thursday 6th of September 2012
The Ladies of Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks have joined me again Around my Kitchen Sink to talk about the upcoming Country Living Magazine Fair in Columbus, Ohio on September 14-16, 2012! Join, Vickie, JoAnn and I as we share our experiences at the fair and a few of our favorite recipes too!
Friday 31st of August 2012
On today's show I am joined by Tiffany Noth of a She is the creator of the popular Bloggy Conference that is held at the end of September in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as the creator of network for women and mothers to share posts, stories, tips and form community! I am also joined, later in the show,by Forest Fisher the 7 time US National Gold Medal winner of trick skiing (water skiing). Forest will share his tips on hoe HE stays fit and how it IS practical for a busy family to be healthy together, to eat a clean diet and have a great attitude. You can hear Forest weekly on his show
Friday 24th of August 2012
Join me today when my guests are Thom England who is not only a Culinary Professor but also the founder of DigIndiana-A festival of locally grown food, beer and wine, in Indianapolis. I am also joined by Jeanette Merritt AKA Indiana Wine Babe, who is the voice of the Indiana wine business as well as a farmer and blogger at
Friday 17th of August 2012
Get out those Crock-Pot's because it's back to school time! I used to scoff at the use of a Crock-Pot. I thought it wasn't real cooking. But, it wasn't until I had kids, worked outside of the home, and got tired of scrambling to make dinner in the evenings, that I realized that this slow cooker needed to be my new friend! Brandie Skibinski creator of is my guest tonight and she shares her story AND why a parent just has to own a Crock-Pot. Do you?
Thursday 9th of August 2012
Join me as I talk to the sister act behind the wildly popular nostalgia Facebook page-Vintage Vera. Relax and listen to Phyllis Salmons and Vera Guthrie shore stories from their childhood in North Carolina and the history through food-all discussed around the kitchen sink! Order a copy of their signature cookbook Vintage Vera and find them on Facebook here:
Friday 3rd of August 2012 and I are talking about the effects of the drought on Indiana crops and the overall market on the whole. Lori Taylor has a unique perspective in that she works in the fresh produce industry and has her finger at the pulse if growers and suppliers from all over the world! Lori will help dispel myths that prices are going to skyrocket to epic proportions and share a bit of her insider information with us as well. Lark Harrington of will round out the show sharing a few of her time saving kitchen tips as well to help us shave time off of meal prep AND our budget! I also shared some fun information about the Indiana State Fair and the new features and cooking demonstrations that are going to be done by Linda Wallace AKA The Red Gold Lady!
Friday 20th of July 2012
I have a SWEET show for you all tonight! I have Chef Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick the creative masterminds behind 240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows! They are going to share with me how they got started, where their pillow shaped puffs have been featured (um...Martha and Oprah!) and where they are headed! I will also share an exciting new feature at the Indiana State Fair-the DuPont Food Pavilion!
Creativity is born in the kitchen, if you ask me. It is where many of us have a creative outlet, share our love of food with our families and make a little magic along the way. That is what Katie Burkhart of the Hill Country Cook does and does it well!She is joining me on Around the Kitchen Sink and sharing a few of her easy favorites and her top 10 must have kitchen gadgets! Find her at
Friday 13th of July 2012
Talk about fun?! On today's show I have Christie of on the show and she tells me about her Lemon Meringue French Toast, Chipotle Barbecue Bacon Shrimp Burgers and much, much more! Christie is a very successful food blogger and we could talk food for hours! She also shared her stories of living in Belgium and the history of the 'Belgian Waffle and the French Fry'! This show is JAM PACKED with good food and should NOT be missed!
Thursday 5th of July 2012
I am excited to have Jill of on ATKS today! Jill recently published a book that is a collection of her blog posts and 'Mommy Confessions' that others have shared on her site called: Confessions of a Scary Mommy! I read this book in 1 day and more than once I laughed out loud and nodded my head in agreement! Motherhood is messy, hard, demanding, thankless, wonderful, rewarding and fun. Take this job with an ounce of humor and laugh along the way. I also share a few of my super easy recipes for avocado dip and coconut pineapple cookies that ANYONE could make and look like a Rockstar in the kitchen :) Visit for more information!
Thursday 21st of June 2012
Join me on Around the Kitchen Sink when I chat with the ladies behind Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks! Vickie and JoAnn will share with me a bit about how they got started and what they are cooking up right now in their own kitchens! We also will be taking calls from listeners who want to share their BIGGEST kitchen FLOP! All callers who get on air will get a copy of GP's latest cookbook: 101 Cozy Casseroles!! They also have 2 new cookbooks that are out NOW: The Harvest Table and The Christmas Table! Find them at and hear about MY kitchen hits and misses at as well :)
Monday 18th of June 2012
I am excited to have fellow Hoosier Blogger Cris Goode of Goodeness on my show today! She has a fantastic food site, amazing family-friendly recipes and just plain old good(e) posts to share with us every day. Cris also shares some tips on how she got started and how to sustain a successful blog and be a busy parent too. I also share my grilled potato salad and deconstructed steak sandwich.
Friday 15th of June 2012
Fire up the grill because I have 2 of the best grill masters around on today's show! Who says Dad needs a tie or new golf club for Father's Day. How about a fun afternoon with the family around the grill? From a whole hog to dessert to clam chowder, these guys have done it all. Join me today with Scott Thomas of Grillin Fools and David Olsen of A Bachelor and His Grill.
Friday 8th of June 2012
It's that time again! You know how it is when you are home with your kids in the seems like they fall into 2 categories: Hungry or bored! On today's show I am helping with that by sharing a few of my kids easy favorites that I even like too! I have Shawn of I Wash You Dry on and she is sharing her '10 kid-friendly lunches' series with us! She has 4 kids herself so she really gets it! Also, my friend, Marnely of Cooking with Books will share with us a few of her tips to being a successful food blogger, connecting with other writers and the 'little piece of heaven' where she lives! In the last segment I will share with you how YOU can help end #childhunger one code at a time!
Friday 1st of June 2012
Tonight's show comes at just the right time for a lot of us. It's swimsuit season and I for one dread the annual trip into the fitting room, or as I like to call it:Room of Shame. I know we have all been there. It's not just about vanity, it's about guilt. Guilt for what we are eating, for how little time we have to spend taking care of ourselves, guilt for making excuses. Tonight I am bringing a few friends on to help us (me) with that! Lori with The Produce, Her personal trainer with The Body Sanctuary in Greenwood Indiana-Heather, and her nutritionist Maggie. Join us as I share my weight loss journey and how I am bouncing back!
Friday 25th of May 2012
My memorial Day episode of ATKS will be jam-packed with food from around the world through the eyes of a well traveled Army wife, Christie Vanover of As an army wife whose husband is deployed, Christie shares her food and her sincere stories on her blog. So in honor of Memorial Day, I asked her to share a bit of her food and an insight into her like!
Friday 18th of May 2012
This week Heather celebrates American Craft Beer Week with a guest representing Girls Pint Out, a national organization of women that specializes in beer education and socialization. Heather speaks with Tamre Mullins of GPO about the local (Indiana) craft beer scene, takes calls from listeners who have a wealth of beer knowledge to share and ends with a recipe for a decadent bread pudding!
Friday 11th of May 2012
Join host of Around the Kitchen Sink Heather Tallman as she shares her story of motherhood in and out of the kitchen. Motherhood doesn't come with a set of plans. You just have to roll with the challenges! Heather will take callers that have their own memories to share as well. Special guest, her 9 year old son Jacob, shared his 'audio gft' to his mother and Heather will share her family favorites: Polenta and Rhubarb Buckle Bars!
Friday 4th of May 2012
Join me for a Mexican feast! I will be speaking with Jeff Dobbins of No Name Salsa Company in Greenwood, Indiana and he will be sharing the history of his outrageously good salsa! I will also be sharing a bit of history of this holiday and 5 of my favorite dishes! Bring an empty stomach for Around the Kitchen Sink's Cinco de Salsa show!
Friday 27th of April 2012
It's THE big night! Join Heather Tallman for the Debut of Around the Kitchen Sink Radio! Heather will speak with acclaimed author, blogger and speaker, Jon Acuff. Jon speaks about how to claim your dream and quit your 'day job', going for broke without going broke. Jon's book Quitter was the driving force in the creation of Around the Kitchen Sink! Next up we are kicking off our pinchy heels and stilettos and slipping on a pair of BellaSole Shoes! Heather will speak with BellaSole creator, Tina Wong as she shares with the listeners how she developed this versatile, foldable show line! Finally, Heather will take calls from listeners who want to share their story of their own 'shoe nightmare' AND get free shoes! Heather wraps up with her famous 'Welcome Cake' her flourless chocolate cake. Join Heather around her kitchen sink for a bit of fun, and food for thought! #KitchenSinkRadio