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Tuesday 2nd of July 2013
July 2nd show featuring Dea Viola and the founders of Humanity Healing International Liane Queiroz and Chris Buck. Also featuring Mona Weiss, Founder of EcoNuts soap
Tuesday 25th of June 2013
July 2nd show featuring Dea Viola and the founders of Humanity Healing International Liane Queiroz and Chris Buck. Also featuring Mona Weiss, Founder of EcoNuts soap
Tuesday 18th of June 2013
Author and Child/Adolescent Psychologist Dr. Leigh Weisz is our featured guest on today's show. She discusses her children's book Kara Kangaroo's Candy which can be used as a tool to help young children understand and cope with divorce.
Tuesday 4th of June 2013
A day of fabulous mompreneurs! Ever wonder what it's like to create an app! Appy Ever After founder Heather Fineman (and her son, Ethan shares her experience of developing their first App-- My Dog Talks--now available at the ITunes store. Part of the proceeds go to help homeless dogs! Also on the show, Loopeez founder, Courtney Masolow. Frustrated teaching your kids how to tie their shoes? So was Courtney--so she developed the perfect solution!!! Also, great for kids with disabilities, stroke patients, or people who have difficulty with small motor skills.
Tuesday 28th of May 2013
Tuesday 21st of May 2013
Get ready for bathing suit season with Fitness and Nutrition expert Victoria Malin Gregory. She shares with her 'secrets' to living a healthy life and taking steps to make your insides a d your outsides the best they can be!
Tuesday 14th of May 2013
Two fabulous dynamic guests on May 14th show. Sally Hazelgrove founder of Restoring the Path, an organization that helps inner city kids find their way. Don't miss hearing Sally's amazing story of love and courage. Also featured is Sarah Miller Caldecott, Author, speaker and Founder of the Power Patterns of Innovation. Sarah talks to us about the power of collaboration and its importance to the success of any new product or service
Tuesday 30th of April 2013
Inspiring Women on our show today. Nancy B. Kennedy, author of recently published book Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms. Also, a contributor to the book--Dea Viola tells her amazing "mom" story. Also, the founders of Project Eve ( Oksenberg and Meredith Dennes. Founded in 2011, Project Eve is a social media platform that connects women to the people and resources that can help them build successful, scalable ventures. Project Eve is dedicated to furthering women's understanding about business and overcoming hindrances to action. The virtual community gives current and aspiring female entrepreneurs the ability to be a part of a social work environment, a network to share and test ideas, access to resources, and support. In addition to relieving some of the fear and uncertainty tied to starting a business, Project Eve allows members to develop relationships with people previously thought out of reach as well as a platform to demonstrate their expertise, market, and grow their ideas.
Tuesday 23rd of April 2013
Tuesday 16th of April 2013
Amy Kite joins us today to discuss her fabulous new children's book, "Divorce: What about me?". This book is a wonderful tool to help answer kids questions about an impending divorce. It is uplifting, comforting and sure to be a must have book for any family going through divorce. Amy also shares her wonderful advice about having a "happy, healthy divorce", proving that there are choices parents can make for the well being of their kids going through this painful transition.
Tuesday 19th of March 2013
March 19th show featuring Highland Park City Council Candidate Alyssa Knobel and Vanda Teixeira, CEO and founder of Vanda Connect
Tuesday 26th of February 2013
We are so excited to welcome the founder of, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner to the show today. The second half welcomes entrepreneurs Paula and Brian Dagnon--founders of My Rad Dog. They make great outdoor gear for your pup!
Tuesday 19th of February 2013
February 19th show featuring Author, Marcela Mariz. Ms. Mariz wrote the recently realeased book The Chosen of Gaia. Also on our show is Mosquitno Band Founder Carolyn Ellsperman. Find out about this innovative mosquito repellent.
Tuesday 12th of February 2013
Tuesday 29th of January 2013
Leanne Berry, CEO of Mom Corps Chicago and the founders of The Monkey Mat, Christie Barany and Courtney Turich join us for a rockin' show!
Tuesday 22nd of January 2013
Tuesday 15th of January 2013
Tuesday 8th of January 2013
Tuesday 18th of December 2012
December 18th show featuring Mark Reyland, Director of and Dr. Raymond Hall, creator of
Tuesday 11th of December 2012
Tuesday 4th of December 2012
Tuesday 27th of November 2012
Tuesday 20th of November 2012
November 20th Show featuring author Michelle Hirstius with the latest installment of her Juju The Good Voodoo Books just in time for the holidays and inventor Jon Capriola, founder of the toy Laser Pegs and auhor of Making Ideas a Reality!
Tuesday 13th of November 2012
Tuesday 30th of October 2012
10/30/12 show featuring Dr Camille Preston, founder and CEO of Aim Leadership and author of Rewired:How to work smarter, Live Better, and be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World
Tuesday 9th of October 2012
We welcome Kellie Olver from Online Shopping TV (former Home Shopping Network Host) and mompreneur Kim Cole who invented Gleener, an amazing product to "fuzzbust" all your sweaters, blankets, upholstery etc. to the show today, October 9th! Gleener is a recent winner of The Next Big Zing award!
Tuesday 2nd of October 2012
Tuesday 18th of September 2012
Tuesday 11th of September 2012
Today's show features artist and author Judy Norris who joins us to discuss her first book "What Went Wrong", a mother's honest and heart wrenching story of having a son with mental illness and the paintings that she painted during the time that he was drifting away. Switching gears in the second half, we welcome, Jeanette Jackson from The Brag Company a fun and durable way to store your underthings when traveling. Very fun product that is a Next Big Zing Winner.
Tuesday 4th of September 2012
September 4th Show featuing Author and Blogger Lisa Barr and Dr. Raymond Hall inventor of a revolutionary pilow called Pillo 1
Tuesday 28th of August 2012
Dr. Kerri Nevin, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and Gene Robins, inventor of the No-Choke Seatbelt Comfort Device join us on the show today!
Tuesday 7th of August 2012
Tuesday 31st of July 2012
July 31st show Features The Storybook Mom, Nili Yelin and her new interactive Storybook App project for kids and Anna Pieta, mompreneur and creator of Silly Monkey Baby Hug Wrap
Tuesday 17th of July 2012
Tuesday 10th of July 2012
Check out children's author Michelle Hirstius who just released her first book, JuJu the GOOD Voodo and Dr. Edna Ma, Anesthesiologist, Entrepreneur, "Survivor South Pacific contestant and creator of the product BareEase--the antidote for the pain associated with waxing your bikini area. Hooray!
Tuesday 26th of June 2012
Matt Perelstein will teach you about your EQ (Emotional Quotietnt) and how it can postitively effect your life and Evrewares Entrepreuner Ellie Brown will be on the show to tell you all about their fabulous product that you will want to order TODAY!!
Tuesday 19th of June 2012
Tuesday 12th of June 2012
Professional Organizer from Sacred Spaces, Riv Lynch joins us today to help us simplify our life and get better organized
Tuesday 29th of May 2012
Diane Falanga, author of the hilariously funny,P.S. I STILL HATE IT HERE and The Kitchen Chix, Lisa Mintzer and Wendy Polisner help the Soul Sisters welcome summer!!!
Tuesday 22nd of May 2012
Author of One Pink Line, Dina Silver as well as he her "muse", Meg Costigan and Staci Ericson founder of Golly Gee-Pers a great card game that teaches kids table manners join us today on the show!
Tuesday 15th of May 2012
On the today's show, The Food Network's newest show, Invention Hunters Co-Host Steve Greenberg and Mompreneur Amy Fazackerley- creator of the fabulous product Lay-n-Go! A really fun show!
Tuesday 8th of May 2012
Financial Advisor specializing in educating women about personal finance, Janice Goldman Picker and author, lifecoach, and astrologer Sylvia Friedman join Debbie and Dhana today for a really fun show!
Tuesday 1st of May 2012
Micheael Ajackie from Burger Pocket Press and Patrick Raymond from from the new Food Network Show, Invention Hunters join the Soul Sisters Today!
Tuesday 24th of April 2012
Join us for a fun hour. Dhana And Debbie talk "amognst themselves" and Wendy Cooper from C Spot Run Productions joins them for the 2nd half of the show!
Tuesday 17th of April 2012
Join us this week as we are joined by Health and Wellness Expert, Rachel Rosenberg and for all of you sports wannabes out there we will also have author, Suzy Beamer Bohnert on the show will she will be talking about her great book series Game Day Goddess
Tuesday 10th of April 2012
Join us as we talk to Digital Media Expert, David Ferris from Why 8 and Jennifer Cigale, author of Newborn Necessities
Tuesday 3rd of April 2012
Mompreneur Susan Lowery from Motr B and Mompreneur Linda Varga from ezShade join us to talk about their amaZing products just in time for the warmer weather!
Tuesday 20th of March 2012
March 20th Show featuring Divas in Design ladies talking about "Mom" Caves and you can enter to win a mom cave worth $20,000 at and Meri Ramey-Grey, author of the the book "Babies Guide to Parent's and Other Important People"
Tuesday 6th of March 2012
March 6th Show Featuring Guests, Wendy Bell from Snuggabell and Erika Taylor Montgomery from 3 Girls Media View
Tuesday 28th of February 2012
February 28th Show featuring Color Concepts founder Amanda West and Author/Blogger Michelle Howe
Tuesday 21st of February 2012
February 21st Show Featuring Andrea Van Ness, Founder of Thumbuddy to Love and Amy Kite, Author of Love, Lust, and Lunacy
Tuesday 14th of February 2012
February 14th Show featuring Lori Bredemeier founder of Little Toader--unique, clever teethers for babies and Eric Fine and Bruce Burton from Burton History Tree Art.
Tuesday 7th of February 2012
February 7th show featuring Accessory Connectz inventor Monica Wreede and Dr. Amy Baxter inventor of Buzzy-takes all the scare out of giving shots to kids.`
Tuesday 24th of January 2012
Debbie and Dhana welcome Mompreur Priska Diaz inventor of the BARE baby bottle and Elisa All creator of the 30 Second Mom Mobile Website
Tuesday 17th of January 2012
Janury 17th Show Featuring RINDIN Anti-Bullying App for Kids, Nicholas Zaldastani and Entrepreneur Dane Short-co creator of Hidden Meaning Jewelery
Tuesday 10th of January 2012
January 10th show featuring author and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, Mark Elswick and Best Selling Author and Nutritionist Beth Aldrich
Tuesday 3rd of January 2012
January 3rd show featuring author and yoga teacher Laurie Jordan. Laurie's new children's book is called Yawning Yoga
Tuesday 13th of December 2011
Tuesday 6th of December 2011
December 6th show featuring Shea Vaughn, author, Fitness Expert and mom to actor Vince Vaughn
Wednesday 30th of November 2011
November 28th Show featuing Miguel LaTronica from Yoga Bent and Amy Cooper, Founder of The Red Twist
Tuesday 29th of November 2011
Sam Goldsmith, Goldsmith Insurance and Pam Zonsious creator of The Brelli
Tuesday 15th of November 2011
Tuesday 8th of November 2011
November 8th Show Featuring Estelle Underwood, creator of BodyWorksBand and Melinda Knight founder of Website
Tuesday 1st of November 2011
November 1st Show Featuring Tidy Tots founder Dinah Vogel. Also, Dhana and Debbe dish about the celebrity headlines and upcoming guests.
Tuesday 18th of October 2011
October 18th Show Featuring Dea Viola, Founder of The Mama Taco Towel and Andi Green, Founder of The Worry Woos
Tuesday 11th of October 2011
October 11th show featuring Abbey Romenek, Cook County Democratic Judge and Elke Quade, inventor of Muffinmeal and President of Cupcaque Ltd.
Tuesday 4th of October 2011
October 4th show featuring Paul Wehner, ultra marathon runner for a cause and Lori Hall founder of EZ Bouquet
Tuesday 27th of September 2011
September 27th show featuring Cancer Survivor, Motivational Speaker and Author Dena Mendes and Gary Hills, Inventor of Holiday Storage Solutions
Tuesday 20th of September 2011
9/20 show featuring Smart Seat Chair Protector mompreneur Becky Rabson and Randolph Street Market Founder Sally Schwartz
Tuesday 6th of September 2011
September 6th Show Featuring Vintage/Antiques Expert Melissa Sands and Co-Founder of Dot Girl Products Kathy Pickus
Tuesday 9th of August 2011
August 9th Show featuring author Nicky VanValkenburgh -Train your Brain, Transform Your Life: How to conquer ADHD in 60 Days without Ritalin and Mompreneur Kara Anderson--The Bag Holder and Cleaning With a Meaning Founder
Tuesday 2nd of August 2011
Tuesday 19th of July 2011
July 19th Show Featuring Nancy Goodman, author of It was Food vs. Me and I Won and Tom Rose from B&G Organics
Tuesday 12th of July 2011
July 12th Show Featuring Swaggie's inventors, Jenni Jacobson and Lauren Schyman. Also featuring Little Pickle Press Founder and CEO, Rana DiOrio
Tuesday 5th of July 2011
July 5th Show featuring Marijo Tinlin, author of "How to Raise an American Patriot" and Kendra Kroll, entrepreneur and creator of the Portapocket
Tuesday 28th of June 2011
June 28th Show Featuring Ed Rover app creator, Tania Mulry and the Amazing Lisa Steadman, internationally acclaimed best selling author, coach and CEO of WooHoo Inc.
Tuesday 21st of June 2011
June 21st show featuring Nibbles Play Cafe owner, Kathleen Weinberg and Dan DeLeon, founder of Mixture USA
Tuesday 7th of June 2011
June 7th show Liz Ruff, Jantti Designs founder and Diane Falanga, author of P.S. I Hate it Here (Letters from Camp)
Tuesday 31st of May 2011
May 31st Show Featuring Gina Muzik, creator of CK creations and Mindy Hester and Jamie Drake from the Rock and Roll Arts Academy
Tuesday 24th of May 2011
Tuesday 17th of May 2011
May 17th Show Featuring Pamela Holtzman, author of Healthy Lifestyle and Cyndi Wise, Founder of Hello World Clothing Company
Tuesday 10th of May 2011
May 10th show featuring The Lice Detectives, Angie Donenberg and Tami Levy and Rock n' Go co-founder Cheryl Miller
Tuesday 3rd of May 2011
May 3rd Show featuring Happy App Developer Monica Singh Haley and Mom it Forward founder, Jyl Johnson Pattee
Tuesday 26th of April 2011
April 26th Show with featured guest, Mike Michalowicz, the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
Tuesday 19th of April 2011
April 19th Show Featuring Author of Give a Little, Wendy Smith and Founder and President of Divalicious Moms, Lyss Stern
Tuesday 12th of April 2011
April 12th show featuring life counselor Robin Mitzen -Faierstain and ZQuiet inventor Trina Webster.
Tuesday 22nd of March 2011
March 22nd Show featuring Sherry Levin from The Style Shack and Joey Sasvari from Raise the Village
Tuesday 15th of March 2011
March 15th Show Feauturing Grow With Love Boutique Owner Gail Heraty and Hollywood Secrets Beauty expert Lousia Maccan Graves
Tuesday 1st of March 2011
Kris Wittenberg from Be Good to People and Julia Lambie from Flying Wish Paper are our Special Guests
Tuesday 22nd of February 2011
February 22nd Show featuring Highland Park Mayoral Candidate Nancy Rodkin Rotering and Author and Radio Host Lisa Wexler
Tuesday 15th of February 2011
February 15th Show with Barbara Palmer from Boompower and Bill McGilvrey from Plant Extracts Inc.
Tuesday 8th of February 2011
February 8th show featuring Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach and Cheryl Miller co-founder of children's educational products, Rock n' Go Live
Tuesday 1st of February 2011
01-31-2011 February 1st Show-Carolyn Akel, Akel Ventures and Terry Carter, Travertine Spa Products
Tuesday 25th of January 2011
January 25th Show Featuring Gabe O'Neill from and Michelle Lowrence, author of The Good Kharma Divorce
Tuesday 18th of January 2011
January 18th Show Information featuring Mindy Hester from MaxTrax Studios and Brenda Zofrea from Lets B Safe!
Tuesday 11th of January 2011
January 11th Show featuring photographer Laurie Levitt and author/radio host Lisa Wexler
Tuesday 4th of January 2011
January 3rd Show-featuring guests Andrew Friedmand and Kendra Cunningham
Tuesday 14th of December 2010
December 14th Show - featuring guests Kate Motz and Elizabeth Kissick
Tuesday 7th of December 2010
Tuesday 30th of November 2010
November 30th Show - featuring guests Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein and AJ Khubani.
Tuesday 23rd of November 2010
November 23rd Show - featuring guests Sydney Martin from SydRocks for LCH, and Trish Cooper from Zatswho LLC.
Tuesday 16th of November 2010
November 16th Show - featuring guests Carmelyn Calvert, inventor of Square Shooters®, and Christine Harding from Fortunes to Live By.
Tuesday 9th of November 2010
November 9th Show - featuring guests Beth Andrus, Author of The Essential Business Handbook-The Nuts and Bolts of Getting up and Running Fast, and Dallas Clayton author of The Awesome Book of Thanks.
Tuesday 2nd of November 2010
Tuesday 26th of October 2010
Tuesday 19th of October 2010
Tuesday 12th of October 2010
Tuesday 5th of October 2010
Tuesday 28th of September 2010
Help Help Ease Your Kids’ Fears with a Little Magic
Tuesday 21st of September 2010
Six years ago, Adam More was working a corporate job and dreaming about someday creating something fun for kids that would help them connect to their individual creative passion. In 2005 his... dream materialized into Starland, with a mission to provide a facility and teachers that are passionate about each individual child's happiness and education. "Starland is not an alternative to day care or traditional schooling," says More. "We offer children a holistic approach to learning with a balance of social, emotional, physical and academic development. It's an environment that provides inspiration and nurturing, while cultivating self-esteem and building children's experiences with the creative arts in ways that goes beyond the traditional classroom." Hear Adam tell his inspirational story and how he made his dream a reality! For more information about Starland, Check out The second half our show is just as amazing! Barbara Russell Pitts and Mary Russell Sarao from will talk to all of you budding entrepeneurs about how to get a product off the ground and into stores. They will tell us about their first product Ghostline and how it became a huge success. What kinds of things do you need to know to get started and to protect yourself. If you have an idea you want to get off the ground, you won't want to miss this show.
Tuesday 10th of August 2010
Tuesday 3rd of August 2010
Wednesday 28th of July 2010
Tuesday 20th of July 2010
Wednesday 14th of July 2010
Wednesday 7th of July 2010
Tuesday 29th of June 2010
Wednesday 23rd of June 2010
Wednesday 16th of June 2010
Wednesday 9th of June 2010
Wednesday 2nd of June 2010
Tuesday 25th of May 2010
Tuesday 18th of May 2010
Tuesday 11th of May 2010
Tuesday 4th of May 2010
Have you ever stood in the greeting card, picked up a card and laughed so hard you almost fell on the floor? If your answer was no--then you haven't seen the new line of cards from That's All Greetings. In our studio today, we have Karen Kogan Rosenzweig creator of That's All Greetings. Find out what inspired her to launch this company and how it helps her give back to Ovarian Cancer Research. Also, the cherry on top to today's show, we will have Dana Linkner in the studio. She is an intuitive reader and certified hypnotherapist. She gave me the most unbelievable reading of my life last week! To contact her for a reading, email her at
Tuesday 27th of April 2010
Dr. Tish Howard, author and Principal of Washington Mill Elementary tells us how she is living her out her fairytale by trying to make sure that every child regardless of there socioeconomic background gets a deserving education. Find out what inspired her to make this her mission in life. Her book is called,"Poverty is not a Learning Disability. In the second half, newly published author Jackie Pilossoph shares with us the funny inspiration she got to write her new book "Hook, Line, and Sink Him!"
Wednesday 21st of April 2010
Author Brenda Aronson Ferber joins us and shares how she is living her Fairytale by writing books for kids and tweens. She currently has 3 published books including Julia's kitchen and Jemma Hartman Camper Extraordinaire.
Wednesday 14th of April 2010
Fairytale Wishes, Inc. Who doesn't LOVE a great chocolate chip cookie?? We have the BEST chocolate chip cookie baker on our show today. Carol Goldman of Carol's Cookies is going to talk to us about how she has been living her Fairytale and building her cookie empire one batch at a time. Yum!! Check out In our second half..., we are talking to Leslie Hayword, the inventor of Grill Charms which was featured and LOVED by the sharks on ABC's The Shark Tank. Tune in to listen to her amazing story.
Wednesday 7th of April 2010
On our show today we welcome Meredith Sinclair. Her website is We think she is the "Erma Bombeck" of our generation. Also on our show today David Rosen, CEO of Lunch Box Goods. Here all about his great product The Bottle Pet and how he got started.
Wednesday 31st of March 2010
10 year old Madelyn Gilbert and her mom Marla tell us how they are trying to make the world a better place through Maddie's company MAdam creations--jewlery that helps autistic kids get treatment. Hear her amazing story and get inspired! We also talked to Tali Hylen and Ilyse Strongin-Bombicino from Ripple Public Relations about the importance of generating buzz for your product or service throught PR and social media
Tuesday 23rd of March 2010
Dayna Hardin and Dana Cohn from Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods Camp talk to us about how important the experience summer camp is for children. They are very involved with S.C.O.P.E. which is a fundraising organization that helps "at risk" kids experience overnight camp. We also talk to Katie Luber and Sara Evans about their company tsp spices and how they started their great company and what drives them.
Tuesday 16th of March 2010
Meet Wendi Ezgur and her husband Mike. They had the adventure of a lifetime when they took their 3 children (ages 6,8,and 11) out of school, bought and RV and traveled the country road schooling their kids and going "off track" from regular life for 6 months. Wendi is the principal of Leadhead, Inc. She is an idea generator for many Fortune 500 companies all over the world. Mike is a principal at Terrapin, a commercial real estate firm.
Wednesday 10th of March 2010
Melissa Zollo talks to us about the power of imaging and how the laws of attraction can help you get what you want from your life Also, Barbara Schantz founder of Baby Dipper, a revolutionaly feeding bowl for babies and toddlers. Hear how she took her idea from her head to the marketplace.
Wednesday 3rd of March 2010
Aimee Krupp from Principessa Boutique discusses her designer kids consignment store and how she fuels philanthropy through her store. Jacqui Rosshandler from Eat Whatever discusses her revolutionary all natural/vegan breath frehsening system. She tells the story of how she got her fantastic business started
Wednesday 24th of February 2010
Wossene Bowler, stage 3 cancer survivor tells us about how, through the power of prayer and her brother's bone marrow--beat cancer and found her higher purpose in life. She is working tirelessly to raise funds to build a cancer hospital in her home country of Ethiopia. An amazing inspiring story! Also, Ladene from Hip Purse shares with us the story of how her and her sisters started a family owned business that keeps growing every day.
Wednesday 17th of February 2010
Julie Auslander joins us to tell her story of a personal struggle turned into one of the Inc's fastest growing businesses. How she structures her company so that employees can have a "life" outside of work. Also Janet from Jamar Labs tells us how she got her eco-friendly wipe business off the ground. Great product and some great tips to get your own company started
Wednesday 10th of February 2010
David Sherman joins us. Real estate mogul turned childrens author. He shares his story of how he got out of his "box" to write "Precious Penelope in the Kingdom of Very Large Castles." Learn what he does with the proceeds of his book and how to get started writing your own children's book. Also, Jackie Simonii, inventor of Puplight. She tells us how she got throgh the process of getting her product engineered and patented and out into the marketplace.
Wednesday 3rd of February 2010
Interview with the Unstoppable Life Coach, author and Radio Host-Frankie Picasson (1st half hour) Interview with Chris from Baby Quasar-fabulous in-home skin care anti-aging/acne fighting device,
Tuesday 26th of January 2010
Interview with Beth Engelman and Jenna Riggs--Mommy on a Shoestring Radio Hosts, Columnists, and Book Author and Illustrator, They tell the story of how they got started and how they are living their fairytale. Great tips for writing your own childrens books as well as great tips of how to give meaningful, creative gifts gifts on a budget