Build A Better Photograph Podcasts

Monday 7th of May 2012
My sweetie Justice came on the show and tripped out Lee's idea of what fetish and tattoo photography is about. Justice is refreshing and does not pull any punches. That's why we love her! all on episode 58 of Build A Better Photograph.
Monday 23rd of April 2012
The Candid Frame is a very popular and excellent podcast on photography and photographers. sound Familiar? You bet. Join myself and Lee love as Ibarionex Perello hold forth on this things that matter to him photographically. And oh yeah we had a couple of laughs along the way. Big surprise.
Friday 6th of April 2012
World renown conceptual photographer Erik Johansson was our guest. His work is extraordinarily great and we were happy to hear about the process he employs in building the wonderfully funny compositions he is know for.
Monday 26th of March 2012
Well we finally landed a big famous Michael Grecco. We have devoted the enitire hour to the interview, it's that interesting. Episode 56 on BABP with Lee Love and Michael e. Stern
Friday 9th of March 2012
Episode 54 features Adobe Guru Kelly McCathran. Notice I said Adobe and not Photoshop? See I can talk about other things.... Kelly is one of the most knowledgeable people I've met when it comes to the Adobe product line. I also teach with her at We also paid tribute to Stan Stearns who passed away earlier this year.
Tuesday 6th of March 2012
Just Loomis and I were at Art Center together and our interview offered great insight into process, especially how lens choice makes commentary about our photographs. Interesting. As always Lee was right there with me.
Friday 10th of February 2012
For our last broadcast on Toginet, I invited John Martin and Erik Anderson to speak to us about doing live radio online and the benefits of such an endeavor. Lee and I also spoke about the ways I process RAW files and some things to know about working on location.
Friday 3rd of February 2012
Trick photography or photography tricks? Does it matter? Process vs. gear. Does it matter? Listen to our extended interview with Evan Sharboneau of photoextremist top find out. Episode 51 of BABP.
Friday 27th of January 2012
Landscape photographer and workshop leader Ralph Nordstrom stopped by today. We talked about the quality of light called alpenglow and an app called The Photographers Ephemeris which locates the position of the sun and the moon for outdoor shooters. Previous guest Jim Palik (episode 35) called in with a question about signing your work. Great show today
Friday 20th of January 2012
John Omvik from Unified Color Technologies joined in on the hijinks today and deftly explained their approach to HDR. Very informative. I also spoke about the three P's to a successful self-employed career. Good stuff on episode 49 of BABP.
Friday 13th of January 2012
Former Top Gun instructor and Navy pilot Hal Schmitt was our second guest today. Who was first? Nigel Merrick visited again and talked to us about SEO techniques and myths. Why was Hal a guest today? Because he runs the Light Workshops with his wife Victoria out of Los Osos, CA. They are both incredible educators and shooters. Great show today!
Friday 6th of January 2012
Graphic designer Max Kielt spoke eloquently about these tow terrible pieces of legislation that will ruin the internet for content providers. A must listen and must act episode.
Friday 16th of December 2011
Writer, director, photographer and creator of BlinkBid was our guest today but not before Lee and I discussed my latest group portrait project with the help of Pat Swovelin of episode 29 fame.
Friday 9th of December 2011
Marketing RockStar Craig Duswalt was my guest today and we had a caller! Four people having a conversation about marketing, branding and advertising.
Friday 2nd of December 2011
Arty from Promote Systems in Houston, TX and Stacy La Mascus of Juneau, AL were our guests today. If only Lee had showed up on time and my cable provider didn't suck it would have been a great show....
Friday 18th of November 2011
We had some web issues today but that didn't stop Lee and I from discussing ways to shoot sports and action. I've made a jig to help me and we also spoke about prepping for shoots. Dennis Wood from Cinevate also spoke with us about the great products his firm makes for still and motion shooters.
Friday 11th of November 2011
Eric Myer is an editorial, corporate, advertising photographer specializing in location portraiture. Beginning years ago with electronic flash, Eric now tries to work more with natural light and fill cards. A fellow ACCD alum, it was a pleasure to have Eric as our guest.
Friday 4th of November 2011
The happiest guy I know, Tim Meyer is our guest today. A wedding and portrait guy Tim is also current with today's tech and trends. And did I mention he also teaches at Brooks? And does workshops everywhere? And wrote a best selling book?
Friday 28th of October 2011
Our Halloween show about a scary topic: making a living as a professional photographer. Former students and friends Abiel Hoff and Peter Duffy called in to lend their perspectives on getting up and running in a professional career.
Friday 21st of October 2011
Marketing and branding expert expert Selina Maitreya is our guest today and she talked about branding and marketing oneself as a photographer. Courtesy of our co-host Lee Love. Thanks Lee!
Friday 14th of October 2011
Pulitzer Prize winner and educator Rick Rickman is our guest today. Hmm, must not be that busy to spend time with the likes of Lee and myself... Oh well!
Friday 7th of October 2011
Jeff Sedlik, CEO and President of the PLUS Coalition joined us for episode 36. Artists and the protection, communication and licensing of their usage rights is at the core of our discussion. We also pay tribute to Steve Jobs. RIP.
Friday 30th of September 2011
James Palik resides in Germany and travels throughout Europe to build his travel photographs. He's also incredibly well-versed in using the HDR process/concepts to produce stunning work! Great show!
Friday 23rd of September 2011
Jim Divitale resides in Atlanta, GA, but the world is his stage as he travels far and wide for his vast coterie of education and training clients: Adobe, Canon, Nik and OnOne (amongst others) and his photography clients too. His take on creating a light painting effect in Photoshop is thoughtful and easy to do. Great show!
Friday 16th of September 2011
Christopher Barr resides in Phoenix AZ, but the world is his stage as he travels far and wide for his vast coterie of clients. His take on pricing is refreshing, the intern program he runs churns out fresh new faces and he's a genuinely nice person. Great show today!
Friday 9th of September 2011
Scientist, author, web guru and photographer Keith Cooper from the U.K. and Northlight Images is my guest today. Keith has put together a solid business model which employs many of his skill sets and passions. No wonder he's a success! Gain from this man's knowledge and share a few laughs with the three of us.
Friday 2nd of September 2011
My cousin and advertising bigwig Jerry Rosen was today's guest. It was refreshing to hear that the issues plaguing the advertising industry are the same ones plaguing photographers. Surprise! Jerry also delved into how the industry has changed and become more expensive to operate at a profit. This was an excellent show and one to definitely listen to.
Friday 26th of August 2011
Marketing expert, photographer and educator Richard S. Hockett was one of two guests today, Cradoc Bagshaw of fotoBoz and fotoQuote fame was the other. Both were interesting and informative guests. A great show. Thanks again Lee for your support!
Friday 19th of August 2011
VR Panorma expert Pat Swovelin was incredibly gracious in explaining just how he makes his wonderful imagery. He is a recognized expert the world over, it'sa worth your time to have a listen. We had some technical issues during the first break but after that the important info was recorded cleanly. Thanks again for your support!
Friday 12th of August 2011
Photo-digital illustrator, author and teacher Lee Varis was our guest today on episode 28 of Build A Better Photograph. Lee Love once again added is worth to the program by letting me do most of the talking. (:() We had some technical issues during the first break but after that the important info was recorded cleanly.
Friday 5th of August 2011
Jon Devaul was the guest today and his is an interesting journey. Proficient at studio still-life and location editorial people, Jon's work is breathtaking. Build a better photograph episode 27 with your hosts Michael E. Stern and Lee Love.
Friday 29th of July 2011
Photoshop luminary, author, speaker and photographer Mark S. Johnson spreads the Photoshop love and we discuss how his (and mine) creative process works. Build a better photograph episode 26 with your hosts Michael E. Stern and Lee Love.
Friday 22nd of July 2011
Former LA County District Attorney Gil Garcetti stops by to talk about his street, dance and documentary photography. In addition he also produces The Closer on TNT. Lee Love and I have a lot to ask Gil. Build a better photograph episode 25 with your host Michael E. Stern.
Friday 15th of July 2011
Andrew Rodny a.k.a. the Digital Dog, the color management guru hung around for awhile and answered some tough questions about color space, profiles and RAW converters. Time well spent.
Friday 8th of July 2011
Nigel Merrick practiced underwater photography and videography in Bermuda and Egypt, now shoots portraits and weddings in Memphis, writes a terrific blog and offers up photo-business coaching services. A renaissance man if there ever was. Lee Love again was my co-host and we spent time talking about the finish of my fireworks time-lapse. We finished up this episode with a talk about creating business opportunities.
Friday 1st of July 2011
Mark A. Vieira worked with George Hurrell, the king of Hollywood glamour photography. We talked about how George built his photographs and how Mark's process is similar yet different too. Lee Love again was my co-host and we spent a little time on how to calculate a time-lapse sequence. We also recorded an additional segment for later listening....
Friday 24th of June 2011
Jeff Kent is an editor with many years experience interviewing photographers and writing stories for various magazines. His perspective on photography is very positive and engaging. Lee Love debuted as my co-host and what a terrific beginning...I got pushed off the air and Lee covered for me. Hmmm...coincidence? I think so!
Friday 17th of June 2011
Al Satterwhite was my guest this week. A photojournalist, advertising photographer and commercial filmmaker, Al has been kicking around since the early 60's. We had a good time strolling down memory lane and discussing the old ways vs. the new ways. but great things also happen with digital. An all encompassing interview. Have a listen.
Friday 10th of June 2011
Michael J. Albany and Beate Chelette were my guests this week. Michael shoots high-end architecture and sells a very cool estate legacy product to homeowners in the process of selling off the family estate. Beate is a business success coach who also happens to work with Michael in building up his business. Coincidence? I think not. Listen and learn about HDR and selling.
Friday 3rd of June 2011
Chris Dierdorff was my guest this week. He is a non-commercial fine art portrait photographer who supports himself through other means. His entire approach to his work is based on the science of how our nervous system likes information presented to it. Fascinating....... I finally finish up week 15's Tech Talk Tip.
Friday 27th of May 2011
Sherry Martin was my guest this week. Currently a boudoir photography specialist in San Diego, Sherry also flys for Delta and has many travel photographs under her wings as well. We paid tribute to the passing of Richard Steinheimer and I railed against the cheapness of Canon and Ron Howard over their contest/rights grab.
Friday 20th of May 2011
Joe Gosen was my guest this week. Formerly a photojournalist working all over the country, he co-founded and currently is a member of the faculty at Brooks Institute. As the interview went a bit long, Tech Talk Tips began an exploration of toning RAW images. We'll finish up that tip next week.
Friday 13th of May 2011
Anacleto Rapping was my guest this week. A visual journalist who logged 20 years with the LA Times, Anacleto gave us an inside look at the transition from analog to digital at a major newspaper and how he used to process B&W and color film in hotel rooms. Outrageous stories and tremendous images made this one of my favorite interviews.
Friday 6th of May 2011
Michael Rausch was my guest this week. Michael is one of the premier car photographers working today. His take is one cannot fail to deliver an assignment, ever. Great advice like this and more. Harry Kerker from Layer Cake elements came on to discuss his drag and drop products and a special BABP price for my listeners. Regards, Michael
Friday 29th of April 2011
Matthias Arni Ingimarsson was my guest this week. Matty lives and works in Iceland while occasionally taking an assignment in which he has to travel. He also shared how he works other jobs to pay the rent in between assignments. The Tech Talk Tip is how to calibrate your speedlight Regards, Michael
Friday 22nd of April 2011
Lee Love was my guest host this week as I was the interviewed guest. We go the full hour as I experiment with a new format: an all interview show. The Tech Talk Tip is online for your perusal. Hope you like this different approach. Be well.
Friday 15th of April 2011
Lee Love was my guest this week. His photographs appear in advertising, editorial and corporate arenas. Personal projects also make up a lrage opart of his repertoire as well as compositing.(my favorite) Worth your time to listen. Tech Talk Tips is all about thinking, HDR and Photoshop! Larry Kushner came aboard near the end to tell us about his upcoming photoworkshop in China this summer with yours truly!
Friday 8th of April 2011
Sven Doornkaat was my guest this week. He photographs celebrities and often these celebrities don't want to fuss over being photographed. Sven shares a few stories about Jerry Lewis, Shirley Maclaine and Tony Curtis. Definitely worth your time to listen. Tech Talk Tips is back with a calibration test for your camera's sensor and meter. Wild Bill talks us through building a flash extender on Bailing Wire & Duct Tape.
Friday 1st of April 2011
My friend Eric Curry was this weeks guest. His work in a word is beautiful and incredibly detailed. Eric explained the how and why of his signature work and it's definitely worth your time to listen. Ryan from OnOne software spoke to me about the flagship products of his company and why you should consider purchasing the suite. Dan from concluded this weeks show by speaking elegantly about why you should self-publish.
Friday 25th of March 2011
Jeff Dunas came back to finish up our conversation from last week and then my Peter Duffy dropped by. He is a licensed mortician, commercial photographer and art gallery all in one. A lot of talent living up in Ventura, CA. We will be doing a live remote next week! Tech talk continues on about how meters work.
Friday 18th of March 2011
I finished up the metering tech talk tip, Bill Debley came back with a neat topic: the string pod. Jeff Dunas showed up a bit late (it happens) and Larry Becker from NAPP talked about Photoshopworld Conference & Expo. We will be doing a live remote next week!
Friday 11th of March 2011
Metering was this weeks tech talk tip and will continue next week. Garret Baquet joined me and spoke about his work as a photographer, store owner, art director and videographer amongst other things he does. We had a mailbag question and the product showcase was the Lowepro Classified 250 AW.
Friday 4th of March 2011
ISO was this weeks tech talk tip and that finishes off Exposure Basics. This week James joined me and spoke about his work as a Navy photographer, the training he went through and his incredible light painting techniques. Bailing Wire & Duct Tape with Bill Debley and how to have fun with photography is a new segment and will prove to be very interesting and creative!
Friday 25th of February 2011
This week Andy joined me and spoke about his work as an NBA photographer, the lighting set-ups he uses at Staples Center and working with various NBA stars for advertising and editorial assignments. The product showcase was the Datacolor Sypdercube and Josh Fischer from Datacolor joined me on the call.
Friday 18th of February 2011
Apertures and how they work is this weeks tech talk tip, Peter Grigsby spoke with me about his experiences working with former CA governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his education at Brooks Institute.
Friday 11th of February 2011
Shutter speeds and how they work is this weeks tech talk tip, Laurence Gartel, the "Father of Digital Art", has been manipulating photographs electronically for 35 years and I've know him for 30. join us as we talk about his life's work and play.
Friday 4th of February 2011
The qualities of light is this weeks tech talk tip, location specialist Brent Winebrenner discusses the ways he works and Datacolor's SpyderLensCal was the product showcase.