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Wednesday 9th of July 2014
Most people spend more time planning for their vacations than they do for their retirement. Spend a bit of time listening to this podcast, and find out the simple things you can do to make sure your retirement is a comfortable one with no unpleasant surprises.
Wednesday 2nd of July 2014
Thursday 19th of June 2014
Wednesday 11th of June 2014
Wednesday 4th of June 2014
Wednesday 28th of May 2014
Wednesday 21st of May 2014
Wednesday 7th of May 2014
Are you confident you will have enough money to have a comfortable retirement? Hear what Americans had to say about retirement in the 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey, and learn the biggest mistakes people make when planning and saving for retirement. First of all - they don't plan or save! Listening to this show could be the difference between having a challenging retirement and having a great one.
Wednesday 30th of April 2014
Lots of great life advice for when you finish school and enter the real world. Includes important tips for your job, money, savings, debt, and relationships. Don't make the mistakes I see many grads falling into due to lack of knowledge. One hint - don't spend all of your first paycheck!
Wednesday 23rd of April 2014
This is a fun show! I admit to watching The Biggest Loser show (usually sitting in front of the TV eating something). The process of discovery the contestants on the show go through with their health can be directly related to the process people go through with their finances and investments. Listen to find out if you do these things, and how to fix them if you do. Big hint - #1 is: I will start tomorrow!!!
Wednesday 16th of April 2014
Renew your mind about your money by changing the way you think. Do you believe you have to work hard to make a living? Do you think having debt is a normal way of life? Find out the common thoughts about money that get you way off track, and hear the biblical sources for the answers you need. This will change your life.
Wednesday 9th of April 2014
You thought your budget was done, and you have accounted for all your expenses. Then you realize there are months where you don't have quite enough income. What is the problem? Likely you have not included those once-in-awhile, seasonal, or once-a-year expenses like birthdays or your children's extracurricular school expenses. This show lists all the likely culprits that can bust your budget.
Wednesday 26th of March 2014
Thursday 20th of March 2014
Wednesday 12th of March 2014
Wednesday 26th of February 2014
Wednesday 22nd of January 2014
Wednesday 15th of January 2014
Wednesday 18th of December 2013
This information will be invaluable to you if you are looking for a new advisor, or even for you just to know the "lingo" you may hear from your current advisor. Find out what advisors say, and what they really mean (what is really going on).
Wednesday 20th of November 2013
Wednesday 13th of November 2013
Wednesday 6th of November 2013
Wednesday 30th of October 2013
Wednesday 23rd of October 2013
Wednesday 16th of October 2013
Wednesday 18th of September 2013
Wednesday 4th of September 2013
Wednesday 31st of July 2013
Wednesday 24th of July 2013
Wednesday 10th of July 2013
Wednesday 19th of June 2013
Wednesday 12th of June 2013
Wednesday 5th of June 2013
Wednesday 29th of May 2013
Wednesday 15th of May 2013
Wednesday 8th of May 2013
Wednesday 1st of May 2013
Wednesday 24th of April 2013
Wednesday 3rd of April 2013
Wednesday 27th of March 2013
Wednesday 20th of March 2013
Wednesday 6th of March 2013
Why am I always broke? I have had so many people ask me this question recently, I decided to do a show on this topic. The far majority of us live from paycheck to paycheck, with no plan for our money beyond making it from pay period to pay period. Learn what you do that will make and keep you broke, so you can make changes and transform your finances.
Wednesday 27th of February 2013
Wednesday 20th of February 2013
Wednesday 13th of February 2013
Wednesday 6th of February 2013
Wednesday 30th of January 2013
Wednesday 23rd of January 2013
Wednesday 9th of January 2013
Wednesday 2nd of January 2013
Wednesday 12th of December 2012
Wednesday 5th of December 2012
Wednesday 28th of November 2012
Wednesday 21st of November 2012
It's Thanksgiving week, and we're talking about what we are grateful for, how to develop the Attitude of Gratitude, and How to Live the Blessed Life. Learn why you must put God first with everything, including your money; why tithing still applies today, and the difference between tithing and giving. Warning - you may become a generous giver after listening to this show!
Wednesday 14th of November 2012
Thursday 8th of November 2012
Wednesday 31st of October 2012
It's now the end of October. Time to assess where this year has gone. Did you even have a plan for 2012? If you do, does it include physical, relational, and spiritual goals besides your financial goals? You say you have no goals in writing? Then you have no goals! Get yourself a plan for the rest of 2012, and it's not too early to start on 2013 either. This show gets back to basics on how to put goals together to make a plan that really works.
Wednesday 24th of October 2012
Is it possible to trust God with your money? It's consecration week in my church, where we pray and commit to our giving for 2013. So we are thinking about trusting God with our money a lot. It is possible to do this, and it starts with understanding God owns it all anyway. In order to trust Him, we have to be content with what we already have. This show explores what it is to be content, part of what having financial peace is all about.
Wednesday 17th of October 2012
Everything from why you and your business need to be using social media, to social media etiquette (my pet peeves), to how to be effective on social media. Includes current statistics on different social media platforms and what they are being used for. Great stuff for both new and experienced social media buffs!
Wednesday 3rd of October 2012
It's time to look at where you are right now with your finances, so you can make any needed adjustments before the end of the year. I want you to start strong in 2013, and have a year free from financial worry. Practical aspects of financial peace includes things that, if not taken care of, will rob your family of financial peace. Find out if you are on the right track.
Wednesday 26th of September 2012
Dave Ramsey is a hugely successful businessman. He has great advice on hiring and firing employees in his EntreLeadership program. Pam attended the his one-day EntreLeadership conference, and shares Dave's great common sense advice on how to do both hiring and firing right! (Encore presentation)
Wednesday 19th of September 2012
Fall is on the way, and with the kids back in school, it's the perfect time to get your finances organized. Don't wait until the end of the year when it's a huge job and you are panicking. Hear some great tips from Dave Ramsey on how to get back on track with your money, as well as how to organize your documents, including which ones to keep and for how long, and how to put together a legacy drawer of important documents in case of emergency.
Wednesday 12th of September 2012
Have you wondered how you can know what God is calling you to do? Or once you know what your calling is, do you feel inadequate to do it? Bruce and Lori Van Natta of Sweet Bread Ministries have a testimony that will leave you in awe of God's grace and mercy. We discuss the ways God talks to us, the giants in our lives that keep us from our calling, the weapons God gives us to slay our giants, so we can step into the destiny God has prepared for us!
Wednesday 5th of September 2012
If you have wondered just what Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University is all about, this is the show for you. I outline the new 9 week lesson format, and also Dave's famous Seven Baby Steps to financial success. I have taken the Financial Peace University course, and also coordinated it 3 times in the last couple of years. Find out why thousands of happy participants have said Financial Peace University will change your life!
Wednesday 29th of August 2012
There are so many things I wish I knew before we got married! Many great tips here - everything from how to cook, to setting yourselves up financially, to how to make your marriage relationship work. Benefit from years of experience, mistakes, and knowing what works, so you don't have to make the same mistakes we did!
Wednesday 22nd of August 2012
Are you investing for retirement? Have you waited too long, and are in a panic over whether you will ever be able to retire? Join the millions of people who have not made retirement savings a priority. Find out the common mistakes investors make with retirement savings, and what you should do to retire when you want to!
Wednesday 15th of August 2012
Do you talk to your kids about money? Do you depend on their schools to teach them about money? This is your responsibility! Don't be like the typical parents who avoid talking to their kids about money. This show will tell you how to talk to your kids about money, and the money skills your kids need to know before they go off on their own!
Wednesday 8th of August 2012
What should a first meeting with a financial advisor be like? Find out what a financial advisor needs to know and will ask, and also what you should be asking them. Includes why you may need a financial advisor, and the benefits of using one, as well as specific questions an advisor should ask you, and things you should bring to the meeting. Make your first meeting worthwhile for both of you!
Wednesday 1st of August 2012
See it from the inside - this is stuff your financial advisor is not likely to tell you. Investors hire financial advisors for the wrong reasons, and then end up firing them. They then use the same process to hire another advisor, and end up firing them too when nothing changes. Hear all the reasons for hiring and firing, and learn the right way to hire an advisor so you don't have to fire them.
Wednesday 25th of July 2012
There is a big difference between what investors say they want and what the typical investor actually gets. The differences come from bad investor behavior. Learn why investors typically under perform even what the markets are returning, due to poor investment decisions and lack of financial education. It doesn't have to be this way!
Wednesday 18th of July 2012
Find out the difference between a fee-only fiduciary and a broker, and the things a fiduciary is required to do for you as a client that a broker is not. Learn the questions to ask to determine whether an advisor is a fiduciary or a broker, and what the real differences are between a fiduciary's requirement to do what is in a client's best interest, and a broker's requirement of suitability.
Wednesday 11th of July 2012
As a church organist/pianist (since age 14), and relative/friend, I have witnessed hundreds of weddings over the years. I have seen the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the not so beautiful, including really good and really bad financial decisions. Hear about it all in this show - both from the parent and child points of view. Yes,a lot of it is very ridiculous!
Wednesday 27th of June 2012
This show first identifies our fears about money, and how they start. Ironically, we don't seem to be afraid of the main thing that sabotages our money success - debt. Learn how to get rid of your fears by renewing your mind first, and then taking practical steps to keep the fears away.
Wednesday 20th of June 2012
I have heard all the excuses people give for not investing, and very few are valid. You will laugh, cry, and simply find hard to believe all the reasons people give for not investing right now. This is not about shame or blame - but if you see yourself anywhere in this show, it's time for a change!
Thursday 14th of June 2012
This show features all the things you need to think about and decide before you become a business owner. Hear about big businesses started on a shoestring from a garage. Learn the questions you have to answer to decide if you are ready to become a business owner. Includes advice on financial tasks that need to be done before you make the leap, to help your business be successful.
Wednesday 6th of June 2012
There are many things we do to sabotage our finances and investments, and we may not even realize we are doing it! We don't make our finances a priority; we choose to be financially illiterate; we pretend things aren't happening; and we don't trust our intuition. Find out how all these things affect your ability to take charge of your finances, and hear tips to overcoming them.
Wednesday 30th of May 2012
Why aren't you rich (at least in terms of money)? Why don't you have all the money you need to do the things you want to do? Take a self-assessment with me, and find out the reasons you are not keeping enough of your money. Very common sense money tips!
Wednesday 23rd of May 2012
Advice for high school graduates, college graduates, and the rest of us who wish we knew all these things a long time ago! Includes money advice, work advice, relationship advice, and some wonderful life lessons. Great stuff including very practical advice from Dave Ramsey fans!
Wednesday 16th of May 2012
Here are some more of the most asked questions during my Money Smart Week classes. Includes questions about investment philosophy; active vs passive management; how to define risk; how to be diversified; how to find the asset class, star rating, and costs of your mutual funds; how to be a successful investor; and much more!
Wednesday 9th of May 2012
Find out what questions are on investor's minds this year, from the investing classes I taught during Money Smart Week in Wisconsin. This show also includes some ideas on how your children can earn money outside of a traditional job, and how a teenager can become a millionaire, as explained by Dave Ramsey. Every child needs this information!
Wednesday 2nd of May 2012
You want your spouse to include you in the financial decisions of your family, and also to protect you by planning for their death. You have no idea how to get started talking about it. This show is full of great common sense advice on how to talk about these tough subjects, without making your spouse angry or defensive. It can be done! Spoken from a woman's point of view, but this advice will work either way!
Wednesday 25th of April 2012
Find out why it's so important for women to be involved in and understand the family finances, before you have to, due to unexpected death or divorce. Also hear how to protect yourself financially in relationships. Includes tips for single, married, widowed, and divorced women! Great stuff every women needs to know!
Wednesday 18th of April 2012
Yes, I am a fan of The Biggest Loser show! This season every week debunks a different excuse people give for not getting healthy. These excuses apply also to our poor reasons for not getting our money/finances/investments in shape. You will excuses from "I'll start tomorrow" to "I have no time" to "I don't where to start." Hear lots of excuses we give that rob us of financial peace!
Wednesday 11th of April 2012
Are you thinking about retirement? What questions do you need to ask? Hint - the most important questions are not: how much money do I need, and do I have enough money? Listen to this show to get the right questions to ask, and the right order to ask them!
Thursday 5th of April 2012
How do you know if you are speculating and gambling with your money, instead of investing it (like you thought you were doing)? There are clear signs you are speculating and gambling, and I cover the main offenders and more - such as buying/selling on emotion, stock picking, market timing, and track record investing. Give yourself a better investing experience by avoiding all these traps!
Wednesday 28th of March 2012
Learn the warning signs it may be time to run from your financial advisor - red flags like communication issues - they talk down to you or over your head, don't disclose all the costs of your investments, or only talk to your spouse. Or they make guarantees, push proprietary investments, and generally act like a salesperson. I lay it all out there!
Wednesday 21st of March 2012
More on the Costs of Your Investments you may not know about, including expense ratio, turnover, transaction costs, and the bid-ask spread. How these make a big difference in active or passive investing. Know the questions to ask your financial advisor about a potential investment's costs. Learn the truth about active vs passive management, which your financial advisor may not have told you!
Wednesday 14th of March 2012
Find out the different types of costs investments can have, as well as the fees your financial advisor may be charging you. This show will help you know the questions to ask about a proposed investment, as well as what type of advisor you are using. Knowing your costs is critical to being a successful investor!
Wednesday 7th of March 2012
Find out how people get into debt, and how people continually in debt think, that keeps them in debt. Hear the common ways we accumulate debt, and all the dumb things we do that get us into debt. Listen to this show to avoid the debt mistakes we all make!
Wednesday 29th of February 2012
On Leap Day, it's time to make the jump to getting out of debt! Today I'm talking about Debt and Relationships, and Creative and Common Sense Ideas on How to Get Out of Debt Now! Includes info on credit collectors, lots of things you can do to get out of debt, why you should not cosign a loan, and the debt snowball.
Wednesday 22nd of February 2012
(Replay) Enjoy of one of my favorite shows from the archives. Learn why it's so important for women to be involved in the family finances! Info for singles, married, divorced, and widows - learn how to protect yourself before you need it! Tips on how to have money conversations with your spouse/significant other. Have them listen to this show too!
Wednesday 15th of February 2012
Here's the basic truth - if you want a happy committed relationship, you need to communicate and agree on what you do with your money! Includes tips on what to talk about when putting together your spending plan, what engaged couples need to know about money, and what to do when one spouse has hidden debt from the other. Build unity in your marriage and get financial peace!
Wednesday 8th of February 2012
Find out how much , money Americans spend on Valentine's Day, what they spend their money on - and how you can show your love without breaking your budget! Here's the most fun stat - 53% of women in America would dump their boyfriends if they did not get them anything for Valentine's Day!
Wednesday 1st of February 2012
Why is it so important to have savings? Along with having a budget (spending plan), saving is the most important thing you can do to be successful with your money! Learn what you should be saving for, and the easiest ways to do it. Be your own bank, and get security and peace of mind. Get the big picture of savings - this will change your life!
Wednesday 25th of January 2012
If you want to be an Intelligent Investor, you need to start with a written budget. Hear all the excuses people make for not doing a budget; the real truth about budgeting; find out some free tools to get started on your budget; and what makes a good budget! Control your money - don't let your money control you!
Wednesday 18th of January 2012
We're talking taxes - ways to get organized for preparing your taxes, documents you need to save for your taxes,tax preparation tips and assistance from the IRS, some things that are new for preparing your 2011 taxes, and how to file. All designed to make your taxes easier,less stressful, and less time-consuming!
Wednesday 11th of January 2012
Starting with big dreams, this show will give you common sense advice about how to take those dreams to reality. Includes everything from what to do when you feel unqualified to make your dreams happen, to working with a mentor/advisor, procrastination, taking little consistent steps, having an accountability partner,not trying to do it all at once! And, how it affects your finances!
Wednesday 4th of January 2012
I'm talking about How to Have a Happy New Year - Keeping Resolutions with No Excuses! Includes No Excuses success tips from the Biggest Loser, financial resolutions worth keeping, the Einstein theory of investing, and my personal list of how to have a Happy New Year!
Wednesday 28th of December 2011
(Replay)Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Can you become a millionaire? Learn the characteristics and habits of millionaires in general, and women millionaires in particular - you will be very surprised!
Wednesday 21st of December 2011
Replay of one of my favorite shows ever: Would you like to know the biggest, most common mistakes investors make? Listen to this show to learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes investors make, from no emergency fund to no diversification, and everything in between. This is very important to your future comfortable retirement!
Wednesday 14th of December 2011
I have heard every excuse for not investing - or at least most of them. You will hear everything from I Have No Money, to Investing Is Too Risky, and everything in between. If you have given up on being an investor, or have never been an investor out of excuses or fear, you need to listen to this show!
Wednesday 7th of December 2011
Even more important financial things to do before the end of the year, with an emphasis on giving. Forget giving another toy for Christmas, and hear about the best ways to give financial gifts to children and grandchildren. Learn the difference between true giving and testamentary leaving of your assets - this may change your life!
Wednesday 30th of November 2011
Take some time now before you get too deep into Christmas shopping and planning to review your finances! Lots of things to think about, including your credit, taxes, clutter, investments, charitable giving, budget, internet security, and more. You will be so glad later that you took a bit of time to review these things before the end of the year!
Wednesday 23rd of November 2011
It's the Gratitude Hour on Intelligent Investing! Matt Wegner and I talk about being grateful, what we are grateful for, and how we should show gratitude. It gets really good when we talk about how being grateful helps us step into our God-given destiny! And even better when we discuss how giving and tithing is a key to all of it! Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving, and don't miss this show!
Wednesday 16th of November 2011
Listen to this show before you do your holiday shopping! Treat it like you are going into battle - you need a plan! How to prioritize, plan, and tackle your holiday shopping. Includes how to shop on Black Friday to keep your sanity.
Wednesday 9th of November 2011
All the questions to ask a financial advisor before you work with them - including how to check them out online, are they a fiduciary, how are they paid, how do they communicate, do they have any conflicts of interest, and much more. Do you know all of these things about your financial advisor?
Wednesday 2nd of November 2011
Hear the answers to the questions asked most often to Pam during October's Money Smart Week free investing classes. Questions cover many topics, including what's ahead for the economy, employer retirement plans, credit cards, cosigning loans, college funds, day-trading, how to get your spouse involved in financial decisions, where and how to invest, and much more!
Wednesday 26th of October 2011
Hear about things you should know as an investor, but probably don't - including the lost decade, S & P 500, investment clubs, Warren Buffett, luck vs. skill, investing addictions, and why most investors should not own individual bonds and stocks. Also tips on what documents you should be shredding, and defining financial peace of mind for your family. Lots of great stuff packed in this show!
Wednesday 19th of October 2011
Here are the more practical aspects of having financial peace. If you are experiencing any of the signs I talk about, you are headed for financial trouble - and you will not have financial peace. Find out what the warning signs are, take action to change, and you will be on the road to financial peace!
Wednesday 12th of October 2011
Find out current information on Roth IRA conversions, and then learn the first step to walking in financial peace - trusting God completely with your finances. Trust is based on contentment - which is the opposite of what the world teaches. Dare to be different, become content, and experience true peace!
Wednesday 5th of October 2011
Find out the differences between Traditional and Roth IRAs - learn the difference between types of IRA investments and types of IRA accounts, income limits, contribution limits, tax deferred vs tax exempt, minimum qualified distributions, and much more.
Thursday 29th of September 2011
How to Save Your Personal Economy - what you should be doing right now with your finances/investments, to keep the fear factor out of your household! Pam talks about what we are afraid of in an uncertain economy, and how to get rid of your fear. Learn how to protect and build your own family's economy!
Thursday 22nd of September 2011
What would you do if you had just a few minutes to get out of your home? What would you save? Would you even be able to find it? Listen to this show to get very practical easy steps to creating your own family disaster plan. Includes website resources, and what to have in your emergency kit.
Wednesday 14th of September 2011
Learn what personal finance and investor questions are on people's minds today, asked during Money Smart Week classes of Pam and guest personal finance coach Matt Wegner (trained by Dave Ramsey). Find out what Matt thinks about credit cards and FICO scores, and what Pam had to say about women and financial intimacy, how to become a millionaire, and how to know if you have a good investment!
Wednesday 7th of September 2011
What do Intelligent Investors do with their money? Smart investors use passive management, based on over 50 years of Nobel-prize winning, unbiased academic research. Hear the big differences between active management and passive management approaches to investing,and why smart investors invest the easy way!
Wednesday 31st of August 2011
What's stopping you from reaching your financial goals, or even starting to work on them? It all starts in your mind, and with your beliefs. Learn how to move out of your comfort zone, take steps towards your financial goals, and increase your beliefs as you accomplish each step. Includes practical advice on five basics for biblical finance.
Wednesday 24th of August 2011
More on Volatile Markets - Short-Term and Long-Term Investors, Investor Behavior, and Market Crash History - know what the short-term temptations are, so you don't sabotage your long term financial goals with emotion-based decisions!
Wednesday 17th of August 2011
Pam exposes all kinds of things your financial advisor/planner/broker won't tell you, and then give you the basics of what they should be doing for you! You will be surprised at all the information you may not be getting from your financial advisor!
Wednesday 10th of August 2011
Here's where being an Intelligent Investor really counts! Very practical advice on the media, financial advisors, fear, greed, market timing, diversification, asset allocation, rebalancing, and most of all, staying true to your financial goals!
Wednesday 3rd of August 2011
Hear what every investor wants, and what the typical investor actually gets. You will be very surprised at the differences! Discussion includes everything from rates of return, to risk, to market predictions, to the lost decade. Do not be the typical investor! Also learn why it is so important to know the purpose for your money.
Wednesday 27th of July 2011
Find out what the Debt Ceiling means for you, and what Dave Ramsey says about how our country needs a Great Recovery. Hear God's heart for you, your family, your community, and our nation. What do you need to do? Are you being called to step up and help lead the way?
Wednesday 20th of July 2011
Things Your Broker/Financial Advisor Will Say, and What They Really Mean. Don't be fooled by financial industry jargon! Don't be influenced by brokers and financial advisors who tell you they have "expert research," and can forecast the future! Find out what they are really doing, and if you hear them say any of this stuff, run!
Wednesday 13th of July 2011
How do you know if you need a financial advisor? What does a financial advisor want from you if you work with them? What should you want from your financial advisor? Based on Pam's experiences as a financial advisor, and talking with clients and others, get the truth on the financial advisor/client relationship!
Wednesday 6th of July 2011
Pam talks Debt with guest Dave Ramsey coach Matt Wegner. The behaviors that get us into trouble with debt; how to avoid debt; and a practical plan that really works to beat down your debt and conquer it for good. Matt Wegner is one of Pam's most popular guests - listen to this show and change your life!
Wednesday 29th of June 2011
Get a basic understanding of diversification, asset classes, asset allocation, and the relationship between risk and reward in your portfolio returns. Find out the questions to ask your financial advisor about your portfolio. Essential things to know if you want to reach your financial goals!
Wednesday 22nd of June 2011
Pam starts with the biggest mistakes she sees people make when investing for retirement, and then tells you all the things you should do when investing for retirement. Covers when to invest, how much to invest, what types of funds to use, risk, diversification, target date funds, rebalancing, inflation - it's all there!
Wednesday 15th of June 2011
Lots of great ideas, including how to reduce your spending, how to sell some stuff, how to increase your current job pay, getting a second job, how to make money from a hobby, and how to make a paid hobby into a small business. Listen and get your creativity moving towards more money!
Wednesday 8th of June 2011
We know women need financial education, but how do they want to receive it? Find out the results of my personal survey - what topics women are interested in, what they consider their biggest financial challenges, and in what format women want to receive financial education. Will you be surprised?
Thursday 2nd of June 2011
There have been many changes in the mortgage industry recently, so if you are thinking of purchasing a new home, building, or remodeling your home, find out all the latest information. We discuss credit, downpayment, preapproval, debt ratio, types of loans, and much more!
Wednesday 25th of May 2011
For high school and college graduates, lots of life lessons, financial advice, work advice, and relationship advice, from a blogger pastor, Dave Ramsey, and the Financial Mom! Listen and share with your favorite graduates, and change some lives!
Wednesday 18th of May 2011
If you are not convinced women need financial education, listen to this show to find out all the very important reasons why women need financial education! See if the reasons women give for not participating in financial education are excuses you have used. This show will be very enlightening for all women!
Wednesday 11th of May 2011
Guest Carol McManus, The LinkedIn Lady, shares fabulous tips about LinkedIn - why every professional needs to be on LinkedIn, how to create a memorable profile that builds relationships, how to find your ideal customer/client on LinkedIn, and much more!
Wednesday 4th of May 2011
Women are constantly in transition! Between marriage, children, job changes, inheritance, divorce, widowhood, retirement, you name it - our lives are full of transitions, all requiring we make important financial decisions. Learn the obstacles and unique challenges women face, and how smart women handle them. Includes information just for widows.
Wednesday 27th of April 2011
Would you like to know the biggest, most common mistakes investors make? Listen to this show to learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes investors make, from no emergency fund to no diversification, and everything in between. This is very important to your future comfortable retirement!
Wednesday 20th of April 2011
Have you thought about being a woman business owner? What's stopping you? Find out the characteristics of women that make us well suited to be entrepreneurs, the tax advantages to owning your own business, decide if you can still have a life if you own a business!
Wednesday 6th of April 2011
Learn what a fiduciary is, and the big differences between a fiduciary and a broker. Hear the questions you should ask your advisor to find out if they are a fiduciary, and a Registered Investment Advisor. Find out what the current controversy is in the financial world regarding fiduciaries, and how business owners are held to a fiduciary level of responsibility with 401k plans.
Wednesday 23rd of March 2011
If you have money burning in your pocket from your tax refund, this show is for you! Learn the things you absolutely should not do with your tax refund. Then hear how to set priorities for this money, and lots of great ideas on what to do with your tax refund.
Wednesday 16th of March 2011
Protect your financial future and retirement by knowing your 401k options when you leave a job! Learn the biggest mistakes people often make with their 401k plans after leaving a job. Hear the good news for current 401k plan participants regarding fees and expenses of 401k plans.
Wednesday 9th of March 2011
Learn the different Types of Investment Fraud, Tips to help you Avoid Fraud, and Case Studies of Investment Fraud. Hear m y personal family story of attempted fraud that just happened today! Protect yourself and your loved ones from investment fraud!
Wednesday 2nd of March 2011
If you are not using Social Media, what are you waiting for? Find out why You should be using Social Media, find out why your Business should be using Social Media, learn Social Media Etiquette, and what every Business should be doing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!
Wednesday 23rd of February 2011
Hear all the poor excuses we give for not having a budget; reasons budgeting can improve your life; what is in a successful budget; and practical tips on how to put a terrific budget together. Having a budget is essential for financial peace in your household!
Wednesday 16th of February 2011
Can Money, Love, & Relationships exist together happily? Find freedom from the love of money, take a quiz to find out your money habits, and find out how your money habits are affecting your relationships. Learn the one money habit you must have to greatly improve your finances!
Wednesday 9th of February 2011
To be a successful investor, there are things you absolutely must do. Many of these things the Green Bay Packers did, and did them very well. It's no surprise the Packers met their one big goal this year - to win the Super Bowl. Find out what you need to do to win the financial game!
Wednesday 2nd of February 2011
Are you a clutter queen? Clutter robs you of time, because you are always looking for stuff; money, when you pay bills late; and peace of mind, because your environment is a mess! Learn five techniques for getting your life organized. Also how to organize your financial documents, and how long you need to keep them.
Wednesday 19th of January 2011
Tax Experts Stacy Kerwin & Terri LeMahieu of Kerwin & LeMahieu LLC join Pam to talk all about taxes - new changes in tax deductions and credits, frequently asked tax questions,and how to take the stress out of filing your taxes!
Wednesday 12th of January 2011
This is a shocking show - as in a shock to those of you who rely on the media for your financial advice! Find out how predictions turned out for 2010, what is being predicted for 2011, and what to do with the predictions! Learn how a style box can help you pick your investments.
Wednesday 5th of January 2011
It's that time again - to look back and look forward, and make some changes if we want things to be different. Find out what to do first before you make resolutions, how to make resolutions, and how to make resolutions work for you. Hear the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions, and the personal finance and investing resolutions that may need to be on your list!
Wednesday 15th of December 2010
Do you pass the Prosperity Test? From the book From Dream to Destiny by Robert Morris, find out how God brings you from His dream for you to fulfilling your destiny. The Prosperity Test is not what you think - it's all about whether you use your money wisely, no matter how much you have. This will help you make 2011 the best year ever for your finances!
Wednesday 8th of December 2010
In between all your smart shopping, take a break and think about your financial plan. Here's some year end money moves that will give you even more holiday cheer! Also what's happening with the Bush Tax Cuts, the current tax compromise on the table, and how it may affect you.
Wednesday 1st of December 2010
Listen for Pam's rules for stress-free holiday spending. Learn to recognize common holiday triggers of stress - finances, relationships, and fatigue. With a little planning, and some positive thinking, you can enjoy the holidays this year more than ever!
Wednesday 24th of November 2010
It's Thanksgiving week, and we're talking about what we are grateful for, how to develop the Attitude of Gratitude, and How to Live the Blessed Life. Learn why you must put God first with everything, including your money; why tithing still applies today, and the difference between tithing and giving. Warning - you may become a generous giver after listening to this show!
Wednesday 17th of November 2010
There's something about hitting the 50 year old mark that makes people start to worry about their retirement. Set your financial goals, monitor them, and make smart decisions with your money during your fifties, and be able to enjoy your retirement! Lots of great specific advice to help keep you on track.
Wednesday 10th of November 2010
Dave Ramsey has been in business for awhile, and has great advice on hiring and firing employees in his EntreLeadership program. Pam attended this conference last week, and shares Dave's great common sense advice on how to do both right!
Wednesday 3rd of November 2010
I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of Intelligent Investing with Bruce & Lori Van Natta of Sweet Bread Ministries. Hear an amazing testimony of miracles, including how angels saved Bruce after his terrible accident, and how it all led to Sweet Bread Ministries. Invest in yourself by learning how God still speaks and works in our lives today!
Wednesday 27th of October 2010
We're going back to 1970, to compare whether women (and men) are economically better off today. Turns out married women and men are both winners here, for different reasons. You might be surprised what the reasons are. It's all good news for women in 2010!
Wednesday 20th of October 2010
Yes, it is possible to be an Intelligent Investor! It's not rocket science - it's mostly common sense. Find out what the basic rules of investing are, and why we don't seem to know or follow them. Then learn the four things every investor needs to know about their investments, and how to know if your investment is successful!
Wednesday 13th of October 2010
Learn what personal finance and investor questions are on people's minds today, asked during Money Smart Week classes of Pam and guest personal finance coach Matt Wegner (trained by Dave Ramsey). Find out what Matt thinks about credit cards and FICO scores, and what Pam had to say about women and financial intimacy, how to become a millionaire, and how to know if you have a good investment!
Wednesday 6th of October 2010
Join me and author Hollis Colquhoun as we talk about essential financial skills every women needs to financially survive divorce. These skills are also good for anyone wanting to get their financial house in order!
Wednesday 29th of September 2010
Women have unique retirement issues - less savings due to lower salaries and jumping in and out of the work force. The majority of women are not confident in their ability to make smart financial decisions about their retirement. Listen to this show to realize you are not alone, and find out practical things to do and not do when planning for your retirement. Also find out why your husband should be glad he married you!
Wednesday 1st of September 2010
Admit and Identify Your Financial Fears, and Learn How to Deal With and Get Rid of Them. Don't pay attention to the negative media - develop the right financial plan for you, with goals to fulfill God's purpose for your life!
Wednesday 25th of August 2010
Learn powerful habits to develop a positive life from Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking! Hear how spiritual teachings combined with scientific principles can transform your life!
Wednesday 18th of August 2010
I've had enough of all the doom and gloom in the media about the economy. It's time to get back to making our own decisions, not allow the media to influence us, and to become the confident women (and men) God wants us to be! The principles in The Power of Positive Thinking are as true today as when they were written over 50 years ago!
Wednesday 11th of August 2010
Find out what the Financial Reform bill will mean for you - where consumers and investors won and lost. Then hear about some interesting surveys done recently on Consumer Views of the Economy, and what makes the difference between gloom and doom predictions and hope for the future!
Wednesday 4th of August 2010
Pam exposes all kinds of things your financial advisor/planner/broker won't tell you, and then give you the basics of what they should be doing for you! You will be surprised at all the information you may not be getting from your financial advisor!
Wednesday 28th of July 2010
Helga Hayse is my guest to talk about her new book Money, Love, & Legacy - Conversations That Matter. If you are an aging parent, or an adult child, and need help with how to have end of life conversations about money, love, death, estate planning, and legacy, this is where you can start. This book will inspire you to take action now before it's too late.
Wednesday 21st of July 2010
Hear some surprising stories of how Identity Theft happens(you won't believe it), Financial Scams to watch out for, and the ways you should Protect Your Financial Plan. Lots of great practical tips and resources!
Wednesday 14th of July 2010
Stacey Kannenberg, founder and CEO of HerInsight, shares the vision for HerInsight media group. Then to follow up the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, some Secrets of the Millionaire Mind! Find out how you think about money affects your financial success!
Wednesday 7th of July 2010
If you have ever thought about working from home, you want to listen to this show. Jill Hart of Christian Work at Home Moms ( has the knowledge and resources to help you make the transition and be a successful work at home mom!
Wednesday 30th of June 2010
Should You Be a Patriotic Investor? Find out if it's possible to be a patriotic investor, do you even want to be a patriotic investor, and how you can be patriotic in other ways besides your behavior in the stock market.
Wednesday 23rd of June 2010
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Can you become a millionaire? Learn the characteristics and habits of millionaires in general, and women millionaires in particular - you will be very surprised!
Wednesday 16th of June 2010
My guest on Wednesday June 16 is money therapist Olivia Mellan of . We will break down the Seven Myths That Can Keep You From Taking Charge Of Your Money. Find out how to move past the obstacles blocking your financial success!
Wednesday 9th of June 2010
Do you know the difference between investing, speculating, and gambling with your money? It's not as clear cut as you think - and you may be surprised to find out what you are doing with your money. This is critical to your financial future!
Wednesday 19th of May 2010
It's American Idol week on the Toginet Network, and I'm talking Success Principles Learned from the American Idol show. There are inspirational stories from past contestants, producers, and other coaches on the show, from the American Idol Chicken Soup for the Soul book. Great ideas to use in your investing, your business, and your life!
Wednesday 12th of May 2010
For women about to be married, and even women who have been married a long time - lots of financial tips, and other confessions of relationship skills I wish I had known before I got married. Warning - this show may radically change your marriage!
Wednesday 5th of May 2010
Find out what Money Smart Week is, who it's for, and how you and your company can participate. Guests Lisa Arneson and Matt Wegner dish the details, including how you can win $1000 in the Financial Makeover Challenge!
Wednesday 28th of April 2010
My guest is Eleanor Blayney, owner of Directions LLC, and author of Women's Worth: Finding Your Financial Confidence. Find out the major financial issues women face in their lives, how women's financial issues are different from men's, and what women can do to be confident in their financial decisions!
Wednesday 21st of April 2010
Pam answers listener submitted financial questions. Find out what is on women's minds right now about savings, debt, life insurance, long term care insurance, and gold! This is a good one!
Wednesday 14th of April 2010
Pam will divulge/confess/expose (take your pick) a whole bunch of excuses women (and men too, for that matter) give for not investing. You may see yourself in this show, and decide it's time to take some action!
Wednesday 7th of April 2010
Women's business growth expert Mary Cantando reveals how a woman can build her business into multimillion dollar enterprises, and tells some great stories about women who have already done it!
Wednesday 24th of March 2010
On Wednesday March 24 my guest is Barb Scala of Bloom Talk. Barb is a Lifestyle Coach and co-author of the book Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life. Barb is bursting with BLOOMing ideas on how you can dream, create, and grow a lifestyle and career that works for you!
Wednesday 17th of March 2010
Listen as Matt Wegner and I clean some more house, and reveal the biggest most foolish money mistakes we see people make with their money. We even tell a few personal stories. Here's a hint - they involve hot messes with credit cards, cars, houses, and debt! Find out what the mayhem is all about, so you don't have to make these foolish mistakes yourself.
Wednesday 10th of March 2010
Listen to hear the top stupid mistakes we make with our money, the dumb things we do with our 401k, and the hot messes we get ourselves into, resulting in foolish money stories! Honestly, you seriously can not make this stuff up!
Wednesday 3rd of March 2010
Listen as John Martin, the CEO of Toginet Radio(and right in my family room!)and I discuss the vision for the women's radio network, and I ask him the tough money questions about the Biblical view of money and investing vs the World's view. You don't want to miss this one!
Wednesday 24th of February 2010
Learn why diversification is so important, passive investing is the only way to go, the markets are smarter than you are, and stupid investor tricks! Great stuff!
Wednesday 17th of February 2010
Yes, going green can save you money! Listen for creative ideas on how we can all begin to go green - even going green for holidays and celebrations like weddings. Who knew going green could be so much fun?
Wednesday 10th of February 2010
Single, married, divorced or widowed - every women needs to know how to protect herself financially. Listen as we discuss what men really want, what women really need, Valentine's Day, and taxes.
Wednesday 3rd of February 2010
Rules 3-6: Don't Be Caught Empty Handed, Stiff the Tax Collector, Match Your Asset Mix to Your Investment Personality, and Diversity Reduces Adversity. Following these basic rules will show you how to love your investments!
Wednesday 27th of January 2010
If you are not loving your investments right now, why not? Are they not doing what you expected them to? Maybe you need to fire your Financial Advisor! Learn the Ten Rules for Financial Success, and be happy with your investments!
Wednesday 20th of January 2010
Women need to have Financial Intimacy in their marriage, to protect themselves from financial harm caused by unexpected events such as death or divorce. Learn how to have good financial planning conversations with your spouse, and how to protect yourself financially if you are single, divorced, or widowed.
Wednesday 13th of January 2010
Pam's guest is Susan Beacham of Money Savvy Generation. If you are a mom, or just care about children, you will love this show! Susan is passionate about future generations of our children being financially literate, and has the tools and resources to make money skills very fun and easy. Listen and learn how to do it!
Wednesday 6th of January 2010
Start your 2010 year off right with getting financially organized, men vs women investing behavior, and my investing philosophy - great stuff!
Wednesday 16th of December 2009
Guest Matt Wegner of Matt Wegner Financial Coaching comes back to finish up the LIFE Ladder and Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom. Listen as Matt and Pam debate men, women, and how the genders handle College Planning, Mortgages, and Building Wealth!
Wednesday 9th of December 2009
Being frugal is not the same as being cheap. It's not wasting your resources. It's using imagination and designer inspiration to repurpose and reinvent. The Frugalitarian is an uncommon mix of style, fashion savvy, and earth-friendly. Listen for creative ideas for Christmas and weddings!
Wednesday 2nd of December 2009
Pam interviews Jay Link, author of Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things, and To Whom Much is Given, on charitable giving. Learn the Biblical basis for how much you should give.
Wednesday 18th of November 2009
Pam's guest is Matt Wegner of Matt Wegner Financial Coaching, and we talk about women, men, and Dave Ramsey's Seven Baby Steps to financial freedom. You don't want to miss this one!
Wednesday 11th of November 2009
Do I need a financial advisor? How do I choose a financial advisor? When should I start investing? Listen and learn all this and more!
Wednesday 4th of November 2009
Listen and learn what every investor's dilemma is, how to escape the dilemma, and the four things every investor needs to know about their investments!