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Thursday 25th of July 2013
Most things have a beginning and an end. Your life, your job, and this Radio Show. It is with mixed emotions, I am informing you that this week's broadcast will be the last show I host - at least for awhile. I have prepared and completed 104 shows over the past two years - many with the assistance of excellent guests. My consulting business has gotten much busier over the past year and necessitated even more travel. I would like to use whatever time is left over to conduct workshops at churches and community events. Let me say a special thank you to the many who have listened live and to the thousands who have been consistently downloading the podcasts of the show. I appreciate each and every one of you. It has been a most enjoyable and fulfilling experience. I trust the information and inspiration we have provided through the radio show has been beneficial to your search and to your life. I should mention that the Book, blog posts and all 104 show podcasts will continue to be available at my website: If you have not already done so, I encourage you to connect with me via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I would also welcome the opportunity to speak at your church or community event. If interested, please write me at or call me toll free at: (855)-444-2526. I will send you an information packet outlining a choice of topics. The book, Successfully Unemployed: Finding or Creating Your Dream Job will continue to be available at my website, www.OakTara,,, and other online retailers of your choice. I encourage you to consider buying the book as a gift for a friend or relative who could benefit from its content. This could be people you know who are: •Unemployed •Underemployed •New College Graduates •People Working Full Time, but Who Want Better Fitting and More Fulfilling Work •Those Looking to Start a Small Business This week, for our final Show, we will discuss How to Find Your Dream Job Today... or Tomorrow - 10 Steps to Success. Again, thank you for your interest and support. I pray God will bless you, as you keep finding new dreams for your life.
Thursday 18th of July 2013
Our July 18th Show will complete the audio book production, as we focus on the 10 principles of the Successfully Unemployed. These are strategies for job search that summarize all we have already covered. They are also principles for life. If you enthusiastically embrace and implement these, you will be Successfully Unemployed. As a result, you will be able to find or create a job faster, and with greater fulfillment, than would otherwise be possible. You will again be Successfully Employed. Be Proactive, Persistent, and Prayerful, as you seek to find or create more fulfilling work. You’re about to start the next chapter of your new life. May God bless you as you step into your exciting future
Thursday 4th of July 2013
On the July 4th Show, we plan on shifting our focus from Finding a Job to Creating Your Own Job by starting a business. If you have ever considered starting a part time or full time business, you won't want to miss Chapters 7 and 8, where we focus our attention on the exciting opportunities of entrepreneurial pursuits. Having done this twice myself, we will teach you how to select, start, and succeed at your new business venture
Thursday 27th of June 2013
Did you know that you will be perceived as a stronger candidate if you negotiate? Almost everything in life is negotiable. The axiom "if you don't ask for it, you won't receive it," holds true whether it's a discount at your local garage sale, a new home loan rate, or your salary and benefits package. On tonight's Show, as we continue our audio production of my book Successfully Unemployed, Finding or Creating Your Dream Job, we will be discussing: •What is Your Position Worth? •The Wide Variety Items that are Negotiable •How to Get a Severance Package Up Front •29 Rules of the Negotiating Game
Thursday 20th of June 2013
Have you ever wondered why you (or your unemployed friend) are not getting more interviews and more offers? It can be frustrating. Don't miss these ten questions to ask yourself about your job search. If you are failing on even one of these, it could cripple all of your best intentioned efforts. This week we are continuing our audio production of my book Successfully Unemployed, Finding or Creating Your Dream Job. We will finish the chapter on interviewing and start the exciting process of negotiating your package. You will learn: • Some Important Insider Tips • Why You Should Never Fear to Negotiate • How Negotiating Benefits You and Your Employer • The Best Time to Negotiate • How to Get a Severance Up Front • 20 Rules of the Negotiating Game
Thursday 13th of June 2013
Remember your school days? You could sometimes pass a course without doing well on the tests. Unfortunately, you rarely can get a job offer if you do poorly during the interview. In real estate, we have always heard the three keys are "location, location, location." In job interviews, it is "prepare, prepare, prepare." We are continuing our audio production of my book found at: We will be covering Chapter 5, Moving Forward by Preparing for the Interview. You will learn some essential tips and tools including: •What to do Before the Interview •Horrible Interview Examples •No Second Chances with First Impressions •How to Answer Any Interview Questions •Why Looks Matter •How Asking Great Questions can Strengthen Your Candidacy •What to Do During the Interview •Setting the Stage for Follow-Up •What to do After the Interview to Ensure Your Selection
Thursday 6th of June 2013
To be successful at your job search, you must be proactive, persistent, positive, and prayerful. We are continuing our audio production of my book found at: We will finish Chapter 4, Moving Forward by Pursuing Your Search. You will learn: •The Importance of Marketing Yourself as the Product •How Transferable skills Can Help You Look Outside Your Career Field. •How to Expand and Enhance Your Network •Why Nothing Happens Without Good Follow-up. •How to Develop a Business Card for Job Search •How to Prepare for Your Job Interview
Thursday 30th of May 2013
Last night, as I checked into my motel I met a lady who was unemployed. She told me she has gotten tired of sending out countless electronic applications, and not receiving a response. I asked her what she was doing differently. She told me she recently walked into a hospital she wanted to work at and asked if she could personally meet with the CEO. She got the personal meeting! Her story illustrates the move from conducting a traditional job search to a strategic job search. This week we will be discussing how you can uncover the all important hidden job market and start conducting a more strategic search, as we continue our Audio Production of the book Successfully Unemployed: Finding or Creating Your Dream Job. You will also learn: •How to Work with Executive Recruiters •The Benefits of Exploratory Interviews •How to Prepare Your Top 25 Target List. •Why There isn't as Much Competition in the Hidden Market •The Importance of Working at Search Full Time •How to Use and Expand Your Network •The Three Types of Jobs Only in the Hidden Market •The Best Job Search Method
Thursday 23rd of May 2013
What are the biggest resume myths? You will learn this and much more as we continue our Audio Production of the book Successfully Unemployed: Finding or Creating Your Dream Job. It will be read by yours truly, the author! You will also learn: Things to Avoid in Your Resume Paying Attention to Your Electronic Resume How to Conduct a 15 Second Resume Test Steps to Writing an Effective Cover Letter Creating an Elevator Speech that Generates Conversation How to Develop Your STAR Stories Preparing Your Top 25 Target List
Thursday 16th of May 2013
This week I will be broadcasting the Show live from the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. This is the site of the nationally renowned Colorado Christian Writer's Conference. Immediately following the Show, I will be speaking on an Author's Panel and be part of a Book Signing Event. I will continue the production of our "Audio Book" by finishing Chapter 2 and beginning Chapter 3 entitled Moving Forward by Preparing Your Materials. You will discover: •Three Questions to Immediately Ask Yourself as a Job Seeker •Seven Steps to a Life with Meaning and Purpose •How to View Unemployment as a Blessing in Disguise •The Importance of Persistence •How to Prepare Your References •The 15 Second Resume Test •Cover Letters that Wow!
Thursday 9th of May 2013
Thursday 2nd of May 2013
You've Got the Interview - Now What? The interview is the most important part of the entire job search process. If you don't do well at this, you won't get the offer. Most speakers and authors spend their time focusing on what to do or not to do during the interview. I also have covered this extensively in my book and previous radio broadcasts. However, on this week's show we will do something a little different. I will zero in on the successful seven steps that you should take before the interview and after the interview. Implementing these key steps will help ensure that you are the candidate of choice!
Thursday 25th of April 2013
This week on Successfully Unemployed, I will break from the production of my Audio Book to Hosting special guest Amanda Augustine, a renowned Job Search Expert for TheLadders, the online job-matching service for career-driven professionals. Amanda is a Certified Professional Career Coach and a Certified Professional Resume Writer. In addition to being a Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for TheLadders in their New York headquarters, she also writes a weekly career advice column, Ask Amanda, which is shared with more than 5 million job seekers every week. Her career advice has been featured in various media outlets including the TODAY show, Forbes,, MSN, and CBS New York. This week you will have the opportunity to hear Amanda's great advice on Career Transitions and Finding a Career You Love. We will be discussing: •How Do You Figure Out Your Dream Career? •How Can People Best Leverage Their Skills into a New Career? •What are the Best Industies for Older Career Changers? •How Do You Turn a Hobby into a Paid Career? •What are the Common Pitfalls that Career Changers Should Avoid?
Thursday 18th of April 2013
I Invite You to Come Along with Me for an Audio Book Adventure. I plan to produce an "audio book" via the radio show and its podcasts. Though I have shared highlights of various chapters, I have never covered all of the content. The only way to accomplish that is for the entire book to be read by the author! Over the next few weeks I will read from my recently released book: Successfully Unemployed: Finding or Creating Your Dream Job. You can choose to listen live or download all the podcasts for the entire book. An explanation of the way the book is laid out: I begin each chapter with a segment of my own job loss, search and discovery process. Then I follow with practical steps and strategies for finding your dream job. I close each chapter with a couple of exercises that will help move you forward in your search. This applies whether you are unemployed, underemployed, looking for your first job, or in job transition. This week I will start with Chapter 1 - Suddenly Unemployed. You will discover: •Four Areas Impacted by Job Loss •Why Mindset Must Precede Skill Set •How to Deal with Shock •5 Steps of the Grief Process •Negotiating Your Exit Package •Family Impact and Support
Thursday 11th of April 2013
Ideas to Enhance Your Job Search. As a result of recent questions from listeners like you, and my own reading and research, I have some important information to share. These ideas will enhance your job search and career. Some of this comes from my recently released book: Successfully Unemployed: Finding or Creating Your Dream Job. We will discuss the following: •Is Twitter Killing the Resume? •Career Truths to Live By in 2013 •Nonprofit Hiring will Increase •Why the Severance Vacation can be "Fool's Gold" •How to Combat Concerns over Short Tenure •10 Things to do Every Work Day