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Self Aid Success Stories Radio Show with Helen Woo

Helen Woo was born to a traditional Chinese family who immigrated to America. Throughout her life, she overcame many challenges including low self-esteem, depression, mental and physical abuse, drug addiction, betrayal, grieve and financial loss.  Now, as a single mother, Helen feels her life is just beginning. She is here to share her success stories, and encourages others to flourish by making positive changes in their lives for self-improvement.

Helen's “Self-Aid” program was created to help overcoming issues with low self-esteem, depression, abuse, addiction, betrayal, grieve, fear, anger and resentment, personal and finacial loss and devastation. With any challenge, she knows it's easier said than done, but Helen believes that learning to forgive and let go of the past opens a clear pathway to allow you to achieve personal and business success, and you will be able to find ultimate happiness. 

Helen's positive attitude encourages all to flourish by making positive changes and impovements with her Self-Aid program. She believes that any struggle, big or small can be conquered. After all, she knows that you have a success story in you, too! Helen's mission in life is to inspire and to help others triumph over their challenges

Helen facetiously states that she is the Chinese Ellen Degeneres, as she has Ellen to thank for her recovery from depression years ago. Ellen Degeneres is mentioned often on her show as she is Helen's inspiration. 

S= SELF AID -- Start today by helping yourself and acknowledging areas of your life that need improvement.

E = ESTEEM -- Work on gaining self-esteem and confidence and learn to establish esteem for others who can benefit you in your personal and business life.

L = LOVE & LAUGHTER -- Work on incorporating love and laughter in your personal life and career, so that you are happy and able to enjoy life daily - and you will in return be able to make others happy as well.

F = FREEDOM -- Start your process by getting rid of negative thoughts and influences in your life that has held you back from achieving success  in your personal and business life.

A = ATTITUDE -- Make sure that your mindset is clear and positive to allow yourself to be more approachable to others and to allow happiness into your daily life. A good attitude gets you good results.

I = INTEGRITY -- Make sure that your thoughts are followed by your words and your words are followed by your actions to gain respect for yourself and from others, so you can live a life of fulfillment.

D = DREAM -- Work on finding and LIVING your passion and your life purpose. 

Self Aid Success Stories Wed. PM 9:00 Eastern / 7:00 Pacific

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  1. Mark LaMoure says: You deserve an A for that outstanding, exceptional personal bio above. I want to thank you for being a woman of exceptionalism,Helen Woo. May the saints and angels guide you, protect you and help provice you with golden success. Good LUCK to you in all your endeavors. -Mark LaMoure, Boise, ID :-)

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  2. By Mark LaMoure says: Helen Woo deserves an A for the presentation on 3-13-13 for Elayna Fernandez - Bare. You delivered an EXCELLENT PROGRAM. Thank you for your exceptionalism, Helen. The Power of God Be With YOU! ~Mark LaMoure, CEO.

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
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