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Laurie Hurley, Founder of The Social Networking Navigator is a woman on a mission to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to overcome their overwhelm on Social Media. Once a high powered hotel executive, Laurie quit the Corporate life in 1998 and began her journey as a home-based entrepreneur. The President and CEO of three educational businesses, of which two were national, Laurie operated all of them successfully and profitably. In 2008, Laurie embraced the online world and saw an increase of 66% in her local educational business. Her passion for all things social media moved her to focus 100% of her energy on teaching others how to conquer social media and have fun doing so.

Laurie's approach with her guests and her business is nurturing, pragmatic, straightforward and professional with a mixture of humor and humility. If she doesn't know the answers, she finds them and shares them willingly! An expert in-person networker and past Area Coordinator of the national women's organization, The Heart Link Network and Team Women, Laurie believes that networking in any form is paramount to one's success. Laurie networks weekly in person and is the facilitator of the Camarillo Contacts N Coffee group, a grassroots organization of business people. She is also a lifetime member of Worthwhile Referral Services. Laurie is an engaging speaker, compassionate coach, and believes in authenticity online and offline. Her clients are a mixture of mom and pop stores, to District Sales Managers to owners of private enterprises with national and global customers.

Laurie is the Social Media trainer for the Woo Hoo Radio network and meets with small business owners bi-weekly in her community on behalf of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce, sharing her tips and tricks on a local basis.

Laurie has been featured in magazines such as Woman's World, Family Circle, Entrepreneur, and Small Business Opportunities . Laurie lives in Newbury Park, CA, with her two daughters, husband, dogs and multiple cats. She is an avid runner and shopper.


Embrace Your Business Vision - April 3, 2013, 5pm EST

My guest this week is Stephanie Calahan, CEO of Calahan Solutions, Inc. She is dedicated to helping consciously aware, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and world-changers around leverage their brilliance, put their marketing on autopilot, create time-saving business systems, shift their mindset towards possibility and take a no-excuses approach to creating a highly successful and meaningful lifestyle business, so that they can fulfill their mission and up-level their profits...while working less. MUCH LESS! I am very excited to welcome Stephanie to the show this week. Tune in!


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Social Media Q & A Wed., March 27, 5:00-m Eastern

This week on The Social Networking NewsHour, host Laurie Hurley will be answering your questions live on the air! Call in or chat with Laurie live.  If you prefer to email your questions prior to the show, Laurie's emall is

Always a wealth of information, Laurie loves to laser-coach and field questions about social media marketing and social networking.  So bring it on - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, blogging. 

Mark your calendars for 2:00 PM, PST and join the conversation!


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  1. Elizabeth says: Laurie this is great! I have so many questions! One is how to improve Klout scores on Twitter. Also, PinTerest tips...I'm new there

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
LinkedIn And Your Business

So happy to welcome my guest, Kristina Jamarillo to The Social Networking NewsHour. In Kristina's words, here is a bit about her. Join me this week for our lively discussion!

I am the creator of the first and only LinkedIn® marketing templates
available online or offline. My templates literally walk you through
the steps you must take to get more publicity prospects and profits
with LinkedIn®. I built my entire 6-figure income information
marketing, coaching, LinkedIn® training and LinkedIn® marketing
service business solely using LinkedIn® marketing and content
marketing. I work with some of the top entrepreneurs, coaches
consultants, organizations and companies to help them gain even more
brand awareness, more publicity and more profitable, meaningful
relationships. I also work with a number of PR firms and marketing
agencies to help their clients with LinkedIn® marketing and LinkedIn®
publicity. I freely offer you tips, tools, articles, videos, special
reports and courses that prove I am a thought leader when it comes to
LinkedIn® marketing at



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The Power of Digital Storytelling for the Social Good


My guest this week is Tania Multry who left her secure corporate career to pursue her dream of doing something that would help the world. It was from this idea that she founded DDx Media. The company’s first initiative was developing edRover, a mobile app that helps families to direct donations from local businesses to a school of their choice. edRover was recognized by AT&T as the Best Application of 2011 in the category of Social Good. Impressed by the edRover concept and Tania’s contest pitch, AT&T asked her to join the AT&T Developers Advisory Council. She also won Microsoft Fastpitch Competition and was among a few developers selected to attend Microsoft Mobile Acceleration Week. Recently, she published her first book, "The Cause: The Power of Digital Storytelling for Social Good". 

Join me as I ask Tania to share her story and the importance of giving back.


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The Social Networking NewsHour - Getting Your Feet Wet with Google Plus February 27 - 5pm, EST

This week it's all about Google Plus!  My guest is Tina Reed Johnson who has been involved with Internet Marketing in Ventura, CA since 1997. Tina designs search-friendly Web sites, and increases online traffic as a Web marketing consultant and social media manager.   Tina has a background in environmental conservation, and manages Google Plus and Facebook Environmental Issues/Impact pages to increase awareness and promote stewardship.

If you want your business or brand to be found online, you want to expand beyond the standard social media platforms. Google Plus is an exciting social medium that is quickly growing and giving Facebook a run for their money! Tune in for the lively discussion we are sure to have as two social media mentors compare notes about Google Plus!


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