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Heather Tallman is the writer and creator of a cooking and family life blog. Heather writes about all of her culinary hits and misses and all of the life that goes along with it.

Along with running a very successful cooking website, Heather is also a food writer, newspaper columnist  and a food blogger for .

Heather is also the host of the Earth Eats test kitchen on The Friday Zone on WTIU/WFYI public television in Indiana! Join heather and her co-host Felix each week as they prepare a healthy snack that any school-aged child can make after school!

Food is her passion, but so is writing about her adventures in the kitchen and surviving a busy family life.

Heather strives to share with her listeners that fast, healthy and, family-friendly food is easier to pull off than you think. Using the knowledge she learned in her own families kitchen she entertains her listeners with her tried and true family feeding tips.

From feeding a picky child or challenging a adventurous eater, Heather has done it all.

Not only does she write about food and family, but also her struggles maintaining her weight after losing over 160 pounds a few years ago. Like many women, finding balance in life and time to take care of yourself is hard to do. Between a career, marriage, children, and a busy family schedule, it is hard to maintain a sense of self and Heather shares how she does it.
Heather has also been over 3 years Cancer free, and as a 30-something mother, she feels that this is a story of awareness that needs to be shared.

Please take a second to show some love to my sponsors, who are lovingly advertising on my show. They believed in me enough to take a chance, and I am truly appreciative!



Indiana Dairy on Around the Kitchen Sink 8/1

It's that time again! The Indiana State Fair runs from Friday August 2-18 and I can barely contain my excitement! From the food to the information, agricultural displays to, well-the FOOD!  It is a fun event from start to finish.  I never thought I would be saying this as a 12 year old girl. When I was growing up I really didn't like going to the state fair.  It always seemed like a long, hot day.  I wanted to walk around with my friends and enjoy the amusement park.  I just didn't get the bigger picture-how many young kids do?

Now that I am an adult I enjoy my trips to the fair.  The older I got the more I can to learn that this is Indiana's time to shine.  Band competitions, reenactments, 4H, concerts.  The best and the brightest put it all out there for other Hoosiers to see and appreciate.


One thing that has never changed is my love of the Dairy Bar.  Shakes, ice cold chocolate milk and crispy grilled cheese sandwiches are a yearly staple for me.  I walk right past the junk that I can get anywhere.  It is all about the Dairy Bar for me.  I am not alone.  My kids are almost worse than I am. This year Indiana Dairy will be unveiling the new "Blue Moogrilled cheese.  As you can imagine is it not only a grilled cheddar cheese sandwhich but it also has blue cheese.

Heaven I tell you-Heaven!

Jenni Purcell with the American Dairy Association of Indiana will be sharing a few dairy facts with us on Around the Kitchen Sink on  Thursday August 1st at 11 pm on

Stay tuned in the coming days as I give away tickets so you and a guest can experience the Indiana State Fair for yourself!

A Few Dairy Facts:

There are more than 1200 dairy farms in Indiana and 97% of them are family-owned

The average herd size is 129 cows

The dietary guidelines recommend eating at least 3 servings of nutrient rich dairy products a day

Read more Indiana Dairy fun facts at

Dairy Bar:Open&weekdays 7 a.m. to 9p.m., weekends 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Breakfast daily until 10a.m. Conveniently located across the street from the Pepsi Coliseum, and a great value at the fair!

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Back to School With the Queen of Free on Around the Kitchen Sink on 7/24 at 11 pm est

Going back to school can be stressful.  Not just for our kids but for us.  We may feel like summer went by too fast (or for some not fast enough), we didn't budget for school supplies or our expectations exceed our reality.  Sometimes we need a kick in the hiney, a nudge-a first step.  

Cherie Lowe, AKA The Queen of Free, is sharing her tested tips on how to save money and save our sanity.

Listen to this FREE show here

Cherie Lowe knows a thing or two about being frugal.  She recently paid off over $125,000 in debt.  It wasn't easy and it wasn't quick but through faith and perseverance they did it.  Read all about it HERE.

Lunches, school supplies and clothes? Hear how YOU can save money while still providing what your kids actually need to start the new school year off right.

Back to School Basics Top 10 

5 Tips and Tricks for packing a Lunch Successfully

Top 10 Things to Remember at Back to School Time

Stocking up Where You Least Expect It

Celebrating a New Year

Read more about the Queen of Free and her journey to financial freedom HERE

Join us, share the conversation and let me know what YOU think! and on Itunes HERE


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Momma Cuisine On Around the Kitchen Sink 6/27 at 11 pm est



I have been following Johanna Cook online for some time now. She seems to be here and there, always busy and somehow balancing life as the mother of 3 kids and a culinary entrepreneur.  I have wanted to talk to her for some time~ to see how she does it. Now, she is going to be a guest on my show.

Listen to our episode HERE

Johanna M. Cook is the cooking personality behind the Momma Cuisine series of shows, a nationally recognized website sharing Great Everyday Meals. Momma Cuisine's mission is to show busy families that great everyday meals can be done with simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques, and sharing those experiences and recipes through the Great Everyday Meals recipe series, showcacse awesome food travel destinations in the Momma Cuisine Food Travels series, and a fun monthly cooking talkshow with guests, recipes and lifestyle segments on LIVE! With Momma

I open the show sharing a morning that is cut straight out of a comic book~ if the comic book was written by someone who hates me! One bungling event after another. I guarantee I will make you laugh~ at ME! Just ask my producer: I had him laughing out loud!

I wrap up a few Indiana travel destinations I want to share about. The finny thing is that they are at each end of the state: Historic Corydon and Indiana Dunes. We have certainly put the miles on the car lately!

Lastly, I share a few of my favorite Southern Blogger treats from my friends at South Your MouthSouthern Plate and The Country Cook.


Join me! Remember my show is free and always will be :)

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The Chefs Of Cerulean Restaurant Indianapolis on 6/20

Fine dining with a modern sensibility. Minimalist decor with an artistic flair. These are but a few things I have said about Cerulean Restaurant since it opened in November of 2012 in the CityWay development on the doorstep of the city’s professional sports venues and top entertainment sites in the Wholesale District.

Even the table pieces are well thought out yet not at all overdone

I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes of time with Chef/Owner Caleb France and his executive Chef Chase Hinton at the restaurant and talk to them for a bit about the genesis of Cerulean, their philosophy and what we can look forward to on their Summer menu.

2 words: Strawberry Gazpacho

Having access to fresh ingredients is more than just perusing the local markets and sourcing  from local growers.  The chefs of Cerulean are using the resources of a forager as well.  Foraging, while not a new concept, is not widely done in the Indiana culinary scene.  Building a relationship with a forager who can bring you ingredients that are new to the consumer and that promise to open up palates and minds is an exciting move.  How many of us truly know how to prepare ramps, fiddlehead ferns or stinging nettles. I sure don't but I do love to eat them!

Hear more from Chefs France and Hinton on on June 20, 2013 at 11 pm est and after on Itunes

This is one of Jacob's favorite places to eat. We often go for lunch


My Bento selections on this particular trip
My Bento selections on this particular trip

Have you ever thought about being a tourist in your own state? My family and I spend many days during summer break exploring and having fun in and around the state of Indiana. In my last segment I filled you in on something that I tried last weekend. You will never believe it!

Get a preview of our Corydon trip here

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NO Girls Allowed: A Cookbook For MEN Author Greg Ford on Around the Kitchen Sink on 6/13 at 11 pm est on

gregfordI love a great cookbook. Even better- I love a cookbook that my kids flip through and show an interest in!

Greg Ford has recently written a cookbook called NO Girls Allowed: Cookbook for MEN! and he is going to share a little bit about his new book on #KitchenSinkRadio on 6/13 at 11 pm est!

Connect with Greg Ford on his Facebook page HERE

Visit his website HERE

Order his cookbook HERE

A little bit about Greg Ford:

Some years ago, Greg Ford made a recipe book for his son when he got married. 
It was a good time to collect some of the favorite recipes for men from family and friends and pass them on to him. The book was well received by family members and strangers who bumped into it. And so Greg’s writing of recipes began. While some of the recipes survived from that first cookbook, many of the recipes in No Girls Allowed are new, collected from the wide array of terrific cooking he has enjoyed during his life. 
Going way back, Greg was born, grew up, got married, and raised a family in the Bay Area of California. Since then, they spent six years apiece in Austin, Texas              ( barbecue!), and Delray Beach, Florida.  He is a graduate of Stanford University and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Greg’s day job was in finance and product management.  Greg and his wife now live in Eagle Mountain, Utah. They have five married children and twenty-three grandchildren, all of whom are always hungry and know better than anyone what’s in the refrigerator.

Next in my 'All About Dad'  lineup is Michael Lombardi the stay at home dad/superhero/funny guy creator of I'm not

He gets that parenting is hard and writes all about it on his site. I wanted to hear more about the perspective of SAHD's so I asked him to come on the show and share :)

This is before the drizzle of Balsamic
This is before the drizzle of Balsamic


I will be sharing my recipes that I cooked up with Sherman this week on Fox59 Morning News as well as a few easy meals that can be made in minutes and don't skimp on flavor!011



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