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Need help navigating the world of parenting a preschooler? The Goddard School's panel of early childhood development experts discusses and answers your questions. From education guidance to advice on bullying prevention to nutrition and fitness tips, our experts are here to help you.

Want to know how to choose the right childcare for your family? Need tips to help your child cope with divorce? Looking for help to balance your home and work life? Join host Ashley Betzendahl as she welcomes an incredible group of educators, researchers and experts in child development, early learning, technology integration, brain development, parent engagement and health and nutrition to share their tips and advice with you.

Dr. Kyle Pruett, internationally known child psychiatrist; Sue Adair, The Goddard School's director of education; Susan Magsamen, award-winning author; Dr. Craig Bach, educational researcher; Dr. Jack Maypole, pediatric health and nutrition expert and popular pediatric blogger; Lillian Kellogg, educational technology proponent; and Lee Scott, Chair of The Goddard School's Education Advisory Board and early education programming expert, are a few of the special guests who will be joining us each week.

Have a question for our experts? Listen and call in on Thursdays at 2 PM Central / 3 PM Eastern.


Ashley Betzendahl is a graduate of James Madison University and has been involved in the field of early childhood education for over 10 years. She has been a member of the Goddard Systems, Inc. (GSI) team for five years, working closely with The Goddard School Education Advisory Board, early childhood experts and The Goddard School online parenting community.

Featured Guests

• Dr. Kyle Pruett
• Sue Adair
• Susan Magsamen
• Dr. Craig Bach
• Dr. Jack Maypole
• Lillian Kellogg
• Lee Scott



Learning through Play and True Toys

With the excitement of the holidays approaching, it ultimately means there will be a lot of holiday shopping happening soon (if you haven't started already!). But with so much information out there - and so many toys to buy - what should the savvy parent do?

We'll begin by discussing the concept of learning though play and what that means for early childhood education, with our guests Susan Magsamen, founder of Curiosityville and member of The Goddard School's Education Advisory Board and Pam Henningson, trainer for Parents as Teachers Next. During our second segment, we'll switch the conversation to ‘true toys' and The Goddard School's annual Toy Test.


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21st Century Learners, Technology and Screen Time

Tune in to our second episode of Balancing Act: The Art of Parenting today!  During our first segment, we will discuss 21st century learners and information, media and technology skills with Lillian Kellogg, education and technology expert.  Next, we’ll switch the conversation to the benefits and potential negative effects of technology and screen time for young children with parenting and tech guru, Kristy Calo.

With so much information available to parents on the benefits and negative effects of technology, join The Goddard School's panel of early childhood experts as we discuss what a 21st century approach to learning is and answer some of our online community's questions on screen time, the AAP guidelines and TV addiction.

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The Goddard School's First Radio Show!

We are so excited to host our first radio show on Thursday, October 18 at 2PM CT / 3PM ET and we have a great show planned for you! Balancing Act: The Art of Parenting's host, Ashley, will be joined by Sue Adair, early childhood expert and Director of Education at Goddard Systems, franchisor of The Goddard School, and Lee Scott, parenting expert and educational consultant.

Listen in as we discuss survival tips for returning to work, choosing childcare and separation anxiety. Maybe your maternity/paternity leave has come to an end or you took time off from your career to be a stay-at-home parent. No matter the reason, juggling parenthood while reentering the workforce and choosing childcare can be quite the challenge- just getting out the door in the morning can be a logistical nightmare! Lee Scott and Sue Adair are here to provide tips for the savvy parent.


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