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Our guest this week: Jason Lethcoe

Jason Lethcoe's work as an animator and story artist has been
included in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, The Tigger Movie,
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, The Pagemaster, Home On
The Range, Surf's Up and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

He is also an internationally published author of several
critically acclaimed books and has directed several commercials.

Amazing Adventures From Zoom’s Academy, his first middle
grade fiction series, was made into the movie Zoom starring Tim
Allen in 2006.

His current book series is titled, No Place Like Holmes.

In 2012 he opened Wizardtree Animation Studios, a
FANvertising company that endorses people, products and
services he loves, a way to give back and share with the
community the good things in life.

Wizardtree also creates original educational animated content
for the classroom and children’s programming.

Mr. Lethcoe works in Thousand Oaks, California with his wife
Nancy and their three children Emily, Alex, and Olivia.


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How To Land a Legitimate Work-at-Home Job

According to the latest American Community Survey data, there are approximately 2.8 million people, not including the self employed or unpaid volunteers, who consider home their primary place of work. The struggling American economy has created the need for companies to cut back as much as possible. This has created growth in the work-at-home industry as it allows companies to save on expenses like office space, equipment and insurance costs.

However, the telecommuting world can be a hard place to get your foot in the door. Linda Dickerhoof, Public Relations Director at VIPDesk, one of the leading virtual concierge and virtual customer service providers in the United States, reports that they receive as many as two hundred resumes a day. With that kind of competition, it’s imperative that you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying for telecommuting employment.


Do Your Research – This is, by far, the most crucial aspect of your work-at-home job search. There are many legitimate companies that hire at-home employees. However, in order to weed out at-home job scams, you need to know what “red flags” to look for.  A legitimate work-at-home opportunity won’t ask you for any sort of “affiliation fee,” nor will they send you any type of list of employers to contact.

A legitimate opportunity will also not offer an unrealistic salary. The ads that you see offering $5k/wk with no experience usually are just what they sound – too good to be true. Avoid work-at-home opportunities advertised via infomercials, signs taped to a lamp-post, stop signs or via spam e-mail. Always check with the Better Business Bureau to see what type of reputation the company you are considering has, then follow up with an Internet search to see what is being said about the company in blogs, on twitter, and in the mainstream media.


Resume Success  - Applying for a working-at-home position should be treated just like any other job application process. The company may allow you to work from home, but they will not tolerate an unprofessional attitude. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that your resume will be selected if it’s anything less than top-notch.

In order to get ahead, put together a professional resume outlining your job experience and highlighting any special skills or training applicable to the position you’re applying for. Keep your resume to one page, if possible.


Interviews Are Important - The interview process is more critical than usual in the work-at-home world because the interviewer will not be meeting you face to face. Most at-home employers have a strenuous screening process to filter out applicants who do not fit the professional standards required.

Prepare ahead of time for questions not only about your employment background, but also about what your home work environment will be like (they do not want to hear animals or children in the background). Interviewers will be listening intently to how you present yourself over the phone, so be as prepared and professional as possible.


Know What To Expect – One of the best ways to succeed in any career is to know what your employer expects of you. Before your interview, put together a list of questions that will help you understand what to expect from the employer, and what they expect from you. Ask about things like training, support offered during work hours, and specific job expectations.


Get Set Up – Once you’ve begun the process of searching and applying for telecommuting positions, it’s time to make sure your home workspace is appropriate. Most employers will be looking for you to have a noise-free home office that includes: a landline phone, a computer (most companies will have specific computer requirements that will need to be met),  and high speed internet.

If possible, do your research ahead of time to ensure that your home office set up will work for a telecommuting opportunity. There are some employers who provide the necessary equipment, but most will require you to have these items in place.

Telecommuting can be one of the most rewarding career decisions available today. It provides flexibility and scheduling that many other types of employment are unable to offer. Prepare yourself to stand out from the job applicant crowd and you’ll find yourself with a remarkable new job in no time.


About the Author

Jill Hart's entrepreneurial career began in her teens when she spent a summer working with her father who ran his own business. When he put her in charge of a Coke machine and allowed her to keep the profits, she saw the benefits of being her own boss. She is the founder of the popular Christian work-at-home website, Jill has articles published in In Touch Magazine, P31 Woman magazine and Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family, as well as across the web on sites like She is the author of So You Want To Be a Work-at-Home Mom and speaks to audiences around the country about faith, business and leadership topics. Learn more about Jill at and connect with her on Facebook ( and Twitter @cwahm.

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  1. stayathome says: What a heady combination; motherhood, family

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
70 Creative Ways To Make Money From Home Quickly: #1 & 2

70 Creative Ways

The economy is tough. We’re all struggling financially. Even after adding a home business to our income, money is tight. So, let’s get creative – let’s put our heads together and come up with some ideas on how we can find ways to bring in some extra cash to help ease the financial strain on our families. Between now and Christmas I'll be sharing each day a couple of creative ways to make money from home quickly.

1. eBay We might as well start with something most of us are familiar with – eBay. You can sell just about anything on eBay, from clothes to toys to used appliance and even cars. However, you can use eBay to do more than just sell things that you have sitting around in your house. You can:

  • Buy items from a thrift store and sell them on eBay at a slightly higher price to make a profit
  • Get items from freecycle or similar groups and sell them on eBay
  • Sell items for others and keep a percentage

2. Sell Your Used Books If you’re anything like me, you have books hanging around your house that you have already read. Why not box them up and take them to a used bookstore like Half Price Books ® and sell them? You can do the same with CDs, DVDs and even video games.    

Check out the rest of this series!

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  1. Jenn S says: Legit work at home jobs do exist! My direct deposit is already growing because I get LOTS of Traffic to my site using a simple method . Here’s some great info that I’ve used and it works

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  2. Jenn S says: I used to dread Sundays because I didn’t like going to work on Mondays. And I dreaded Mondays because I didn’t like going to work on Tuesdays. Even if I liked my job, I just didn’t like going to work. Now I am fulfilled and doing what I enjoy, simply working on the internet. This legit work from home opportunity gives me the freedom to help my husband and raise my baby. I used to teach preschool; now I can have my own preschool in my home with my daughter—just the two of us. She gets the individual attention she needs, and so does hubby. And so do I!

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  3. Kim says: The minute we say Jesus is Lord, we have bitten off more than we can chew! Thats why we get the holy spirit to help us. So yes, Godly success will involves biting off more than we can chew! Great guest!

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
Let God Invade Your Business

A few years ago I had one of those “lightning bolt” moments. Each year I sit down to write out goals and dreams for my business. This particular year, as I sat and thought through what I hoped to accomplish in the upcoming year, how I hoped to help people, it hit me. Where does God fit in to all of this? Does He fit comfortably in the “Spiritual” categories or is He a part of everything that CWAHM is and does?

Whoa. Talk about a challenging question.

As I wrestled with this I came to realization that God wants to invade our lives – and that means our businesses, too. In the gospels we see Jesus meeting people right where they were. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and taught the seeking. He met their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

He wanted to be a part of their everyday lives, not just the days they went to the temple (the Old Testament equivalent of church). He wasn’t afraid to hang out with the sick, the hurting, the “sinners.”

He wants to be a part of our everyday life, too. He wants to invade our families, our marriages, our businesses. He wants to show us that there is a different way of doing things. A better way. A way that points to the divine even in the midst of most basic business task.

He wants to be in:

* The decision to be kind to the difficult customer.
* The decision to give a sale price when we could charge full price to someone who isn’t aware of the sale.
* The decision to give a product away to someone we know is struggling or hurting.

It's our choice. We can choose to do business with Jesus. Or we can choose to do things our own way…usually the way we’ve been taught by people who seem to know how to “do” business, how to make money. And yet, in the end … is really about making money?

So I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work…” Ecclesiastes 3:22, NCV Where does God fit in your business?  

About The Author

Jill Hart's entrepreneurial career began in her teens when she spent a summer working with her father who ran his own business. When he put her in charge of a Coke machine and allowed her to keep the profits, she saw the benefits of being her own boss. She is the founder of the popular Christian work-at-home website, Jill has articles published in In Touch Magazine and P31 Woman magazine, as well as across the web on sites like She is the author of So You Want To Be a Work-at-Home Mom and speaks to audiences around the country about faith, business and leadership topics.

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  1. Evangelist Asim Nayak says: So nice i like it....

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  2. Angelic says: true. Thanks for this reminder

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  3. Nadine says: God reigns supreme!

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  4. Name:Sara DuBose says: Comment You interviewed me 4 years ago regarding my novel, A Promise for Tomorrow. My 5th novel, Uncharted Waters, will be released next month by Sunpenny. May I request your consideration for an author interview? Thanks so much!

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  5. Rachel Arterberry says: I am a work at home mom with several businesses, most recently, I have published a book called God Was Holding My Hand. I request your consideration for an author interview

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
So You Want To Create A Marketing Plan: Six Tips To Make It Happen

A marketing plan outlines the basics for how you want to market your business. Your marketing plan helps you establish, direct and coordinate your marketing efforts. It’s your roadmap for success. Your marketing plan allows you to understand your customer base, better determine exactly how products or services will benefit those clients, and create a plan to market to those clients. Below are ten tips to get you started creating a marketing plan that will help you grow your business effectively:

1. Outline your marketing goals. Make sure to include any research or information that supports your marketing plan. For example, keep a notebook that has all applicable keywords, research for new sites to connect with, and business contacts.

2. Outline a specific time-frame for completion of your goals. If you layout a timeline for your goals, you will be much more likely to reach them.

3. Make a list of all of your marketing plans. Each time a new idea comes to you, add it to your list.

4. Plan out your budget. Know how much you have available so that you can be sure to spend it wisely. Be clear here on where you will spend your advertising dollars. Don’t just tell yourself, “I have some money for marketing.” Instead, be specific. “I have $100 for paid press releases.” or “I have $40 for a Google Adwords campaign.”

5. Think through how you will handle the clients/customers who respond to your marketing attempts. Too many make this mistake. They market and ask questions later. A client calls and wants additional information on their services and they are like ‘now what do I do.” We want to have you so that when that potential client calls, it runs like clockwork!

6. Make a list of any/all the marketing you’ve done in the past. Note next to each item on the list whether or not the marketing attempt was a success or failure and why. By taking each of these steps you will find yourself well on the path to an effective marketing plan.

Jill Hart, Founder of Christian Work-at-Home Moms and Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, have teamed up to write So You Want to Be a Work at Home Mom: A Christian’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business. Start or expand your business today with their help.

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  1. asim nayak says: so nice ilike it....

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
  2. Bev says: Great advice and thanks for the share!

    Posted on: 12-31-1969 @ 7:00 pm EST
So You Want To Master Social Media – Ten Tips to Help

It’s official. Social media is here to stay. It’s not a fad like so many initially thought and it isn’t going anywhere soon. Businesses have realized that not only is it a great way to connect with current clients, but a great way to land potential clients as well. And that’s only the beginning. Social media also allows you to promote all your upcoming events and products, and even gives you front row access to editors and reporters who might write on your area of expertise. The possibilities are truly endless. But the big question now is, how can entrepreneurs best use the current social media opportunities to help increase business? Ten tips to incorporate social media into your marketing plan:

1. Determine What Social Media Sites Are Best For You. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the top three, but that’s only the beginning. Determine who your target market is and then meet them where they are. It’s okay to ask by taking a survery by email or on your website asking which social media avenue your clients prefer. Once you determine that, be consistent and realize that you can’t be everywhere all the time. Pick the ones that are best for your business and really engage.

2. Team Up With Other Entrepreneurs. By teaming up, you allow easy access to retweets, Facebook posts, etc. Plus, it’s a great way to provide your audience with more valuable information on topics that would interest them by sharing information that is provided by the business(es) you team up with. Just make sure that your choose teammates with information that is a good fit for your audience.

3. Don’t Just Advertise, Build Relationships. We’ve all seen them. The tweets and Facebook postings that we know are scheduled and we know are only trying to sell us something. We aren’t saying that you can’t promote your services or products. In fact, we encourage you to do that. But do it right. Don’t just be about landing the deal. Truly connect with your audience and show them why they would want to work with you. We know you’ve heard it a million times already, but it speaks for itself and bears repeating: Social media is meant to be “social.”

4. Make It a Two-Way Street. You post and you post and you post on Facebook. You’ve tweeted away on Twitter & you’ve updated your status on Linkedin. Finally you’re done. Social marketing is ready to be checked off the list. Not so fast! Realize that just like you are posting there are others out there posting and building relationships as well. Get out there and respond to others, too. When you think about it, how do you feel when someone posts on your Facebook posting or blog entry? It feels good, doesn’t it? When you see a Facebook posting that you like leave a comment - always making sure you add value and are not just promoting your business.

5. Make It Exciting. We see this often: business owners on Twitter who get on for 20-minute increments and during that time we are inundated with retweets. They will throw in an occasional tip or two, but basically it’s just 20 minutes of nonsense. Now we love a good retweet, but we don’t enjoy this at all. When you are marketing your business via social media, make sure that you engage with others and make it exciting. Give some good information and tips - don’t just retweet to be seen. Provide great value and your followers will not only enjoy your messages, but when they are looking to refer someone who needs your services, you will be on the top of the list.

6. Learn From Others. One of the best things about being in business these days is that you have the opportunity to follow the pros and see what they are doing right. They eagerly give out tips, videos, etc. Make it a point to follow those who you respect and can learn from. Sit back and take notes. But more importantly, take the action steps necessary to make these points work. It’s more than learning from them, you need to actually do what they recommend as well.

7. Contribute to Other Networks. Another great aspect of social media is getting your message out to more than just your audience. Offer to guest post for other networks in your area of expertise. You never know who may see your posts and become a client.

8. Create An Expert Status. Why do people follow you? Many times it is because they see you as the best at what you do and they want to learn from you. Therefore it’s important to always give solid tips and advice to really show your expertise. Create high quality blog postings, tips lists and posts to share with your audience. It may take extra time to create high quality work, but the effort will be well worth it in the end.

9. Spruce Up Your Page. Social media has come a long way in a short time. No more are you limited to a tiny avatar of your logo. Most of the social networking sites today allow you to fully customize your page with images, backgrounds and more. Spend the time to create a page that will draw in your audience and make them want to come back daily.

10. Be respectful. One of the things that most business owners value most is time. It’s important when you are on Facebook, Twitter and the other networks, that you be respectful of others’ time. A few ways you can do that:

  • Don’t Expect An Instant Response. Sending an Instant Message (IM) to a colleague or respected leader is fine, but recognize that they may not be able to chat with you immediately. Often times that person has allocated a certain amount of time to be on the site. If they are constantly on an IM, they can’t get what they need done. We’re not saying you can’t IM, but be respectful when you do.
  • Don’t Take Advantage. Social media is a relationship builder and gives us instant access to industry leaders. However, be careful not to take advantage of someone’s goodwill by asking a zillion questions. Most business owners enjoy helping others, however, to provide personalized coaching is a different story. Always respect the person you are communicating with and we bet you’ll find you get way more back than you ever imagined.

See how easy social media is. When done right it can bring amazing results for your business. Not only will you establish yourself as an expert, but you will be promoting your products and services regularly. Make it a commitment to master social media marketing and we promise you next year at this time, you’ll be so glad you did.

About the Authors: Jill Hart of Christian Work at Home Moms, and Diana Ennen of are the co-authors of So You Want To Be a Work-at-Home Mom

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Jill Hart's entrepreneurial career began in her teens when she spent a summer helping her father with his vending business, stocking pop and candy machine. When he put her in charge of a Coke machine and allowed her to keep the profits, she saw the benefits of being her own boss.

That entrepreneurial spirit motivates her to show other women how to begin and build their own businesses and ministries from home. Her popular website, CWAHM (Christian Work at Home Moms), ministers to more than 10,000 women each month. Her goal is to help women "experience an extraordinary God in everyday life."

Jill is a wife and mom of two. She resides in Nebraska and works in her pajamas as often as possible. You can learn more about her at

Lori TwichellLori Twichell is the owner of Beyond The Buzz Marketing. When Lori got out of college she got a job writing copy for radio commercials. One day she got an idea and shared it with the boss.

A few weeks later she was in a parade leading a band of listeners playing musical lollipops. A week after that, she had her own radio show. It’s all gone uphill (or downhill depending on your view) since then.

Within months she was marketing the number one best selling movie of 2000 (as voted by the VSDA) and since then has worked with Lifetime, the US Air Force, US Navy, and a variety of celebrities and products.