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Whether you're longing for joy in your life or looking for ways to decrease stress in your holidays and in your life or even new traditions and interesting gift ideas you'll find it here!

Join Sandy Fowler, a mom who has gone from stressed to blessed in her own life, as she shares ideas, thoughts and insights for bringing more joy and meaning into your life. Listen in as she chats with the experts, finding out the tips and tricks you can use in everything you do to plan and enjoy your holidays and every day. 

Your Host - Sandy Fowler

Sandy Fowler is passionate about helping women de-stress their lives. She teaches, blogs, speaks and hosts a radio show all focused on weeding out stress and creating more joy. Using holidays and special celebrations as a springboard Sandy helps women create happiness in their lives every day . She's a wife, mom and business owner whose greatest joy, next to loving her family, is seeing the women she works with find the joy they've been looking for.

July 28, 2014 Summer Solutions for Family Chaos - Jo Ebisujima interviewed by Sandy Fowler

We're two thirds of the way through summer and that brings a lot with it: Lots of great memories, a push to have the family adventures you still desire and lots of opportunities for fun. It can also bring whining and boredom. Today we'll look at some ways to add a little fun to the end of summer including 8 things you can use for a tablecloth that were never meant to be used in that way.

Then Sandy Fowler will interview Jo Ebisujima, founder of My Organized Chaos. We'll talk about kids, moms, ideas for having fun as well as ways to teach the kids to provide their own entertainment. She'll give us insights into why the kids can't seem to occupy themselves along with some tips for setting up your home and your life that will help make the children self-sufficient and give busy moms more time.

We'll wrap things up in Christmas Corner with a strategy for saving money, money you can use to finance your holiday fun and avoid credit card debt.

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Heart Filled Holidays is a weekly radio broadcast. Sandy Fowler shares ideas inspiration and strategies moms and families can use to create better holidays and happier lives.
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Jo Ebisujima is a no nonsense organizer and child wrangling expert extraordinaire, who believes that a child's number one teacher is their parent and that its a parents job to help their child fall in love with learning.
She is the best selling author of Montessori Inspired Activities For Pre-schoolers and is also the founder of My Organized Chaos; where she helps busy mamas organized their home, kids and themselves so they have quality time to do the things that they love.

She understands how difficult it is to squeeze everything into the day and has an uncanny knack of showing you how to break things down into bite sized chunks plus how to set up systems to make your life run smoother.
Get started today with Jo's free playbook: What Macgyver would do if he had kids. Organizing tips and tricks, parenting help and fun ideas!

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July 21, 2014 Teens and Money ~ Guest: Patti Handy interviewed by Sandy Fowler

When it comes to parenting there are tons of books and lots of advice. I can't tell you for certain what the answers are but I can tell you there is one universal truth in parenting: Kids watch you. Whether they are listening or not, whether they're toddlers, tweens, teens or adults, they're watching you. We'll talk about that along with ideas for dealing with busy family and busy mom schedules and we'll even share 12 ideas for a girls' night out - which you can enjoy after we deal with the busy schedules.

Then Sandy Fowler will interview Patti Handy, The Teens Cash Coach. We'll talk about saving, spending and allowance. We'll get expert advice on raising money smart kids, dealing with the biggest issues teens face with finances and even how you might be unintentionally enabling your teen's financial laziness or ignorance.

We'll wrap things up in Christmas Corner with a tip for a great movie for a holiday themed girls' night out. Then we'll look at some ideas for holiday traditions. First there are things that involve your neighborhood and community. And then, of course, there's food. We'll look at how you can use food to freshen your holiday traditions or create new ones.

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Patti Handy is a leading mortgage professional and expert in the California market. Patti's expertise in mortgage finance comes from over 25 years working with bank and mortgage banking firms large and small. In addition, Patti holds a Series 6 and Series 63 securities license and is a Certified Life Coach.

Beyond Patti's incredible expertise in helping clients find the best possible mortgage financing for their particular needs, Patti offers something else that goes far beyond what any other mortgage professional can education to youths.

In Patti's financial journey she came to realize that financial education needs to be taught at an early age. Unfortunately, our local and national education systems do not provide any education regarding financial responsibility. It is for this reason that Patti created and founded Teens Cash CoachTM.

Patti's commitment to educating children at a young age about financial responsibility was and remains so strong that she authored a top selling bookHow to Ditch Your Allowance and be Richer than Your Parents. Her book was originally written for her own teenage son, but as word got out about the book, she found herself inundated with requests for copies of the book from parents within the United States, and to her surprise, from all around the world.

As a speaker, author and founder of Teens Cash CoachTM, Patti is determined to teach at least one million teens how to master money. From school assemblies to boot camps for teens, she engages, entertains and empowers teens to create the life they deserve. Patti's quick wit and sense of humor make all her presentations interesting and fun experiences for teens.

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July 14, 2014 Family Gratitude ~ Guest: Brenda Knight is interviewed by Sandy Fowler

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Today we're talking about family gratitude. I know that at this point in the summer you may not be feeling grateful, you may be feeling stressed out. You're a busy mom with a busy family and you realize that summer is half over and the things on your summer bucket list just aren't happening.

At the beginning of the summer you were looking forward to family time and all of these great family activities. Family fun was at the top of your list. But the days are flying by, summer vacation is half over and you haven't checked off more than one or two items from your Family Fun Summer Bucket List.

It's a common concern at this time of year but there are things you can do. We'll share a simple strategy for making it happen.

Then Sandy Fowler interviews Brenda Knight about gratitude and the impact it can have on your life. Gratitude is such a simple notion. It's a beautiful concept that can change your life and only requires a tiny bit of time. The thing is that it's easy to do, but it's also easy not to do. Discover the ins and outs of gratitude and how your family can easily make it part of their life.

And in Christmas Corner we're talking more about Christmas in July. This can be another great idea for your Family Fun Summer Bucket List: Have a Christmas in July family dinner party with some friends or family members you've wanted to see.

We've talked before about hosting a Christmas in July party or family reunion, but it can be just as much fun to host a stress-free family dinner or a simple dinner party with a Christmas theme. We'll share some easy, stress-free tips for creating the event along with a couple ideas for entertaining the kids.

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Brenda Knight is a publisher and editor who writes about women's history and issues affecting women's lives today. The author of Sheroes, The Poetry Oracle, Wild Women and Books, and the American Book Award-winning Women of the Beat Generation, Brenda also does volunteer work with women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Brenda believes everyone does have the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness and lives in one of the happiest places on earth, the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. Sandy Fowler says: Here’s the link to our Christmas in July page on Pinterest which has all the inspiration and ideas we promised

    Posted on: 07-14-2014 @ 10:03 am EST

July 7, 2014 Christmas in July ~ Guest: Lane Jordan

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July is here and it's time for fun! But instead of having fun do you find yourself feeling stressed? Yup, just when there's great weather for picnics, bike rides, and beach time you find yourself fraying around the edges. It's a common issue and one that I ran into recently. Tune in to learn the details and to find out how you can de-stress your life and create more space for joy.

Then we're chatting with Lane Jordan about her book 12 Steps to Having a More Organized Christmas and Holiday Season. July might seem a bit early to be thinking about the holiday season but if you're planning on making your own gifts, traveling to visit family or friends, or you just want to make sure you enjoy this Christmas then July is the perfect time to take a peek and even do a little planning. Lane teaches women how to use simple planning and organization strategies to make their lives better and today she's sharing some ideas for the holiday season. You don't want to miss this!

Live noon ET (11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT)


Lane Jordan is an author, national speaker, seminar leader, recording artist, Bible teacher, and certified life coach. She attended Auburn University, where she studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She then transferred to Georgia State University and graduated with a BA degree in Journalism and Broadcasting.

Lane was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in a family of seven children. As a child, she enjoyed gymnastics, cheering, piano, and scouting. Now that she is an adult, along with her love for reading, writing, and singing, Lane enjoys sports, especially tennis, golf, swimming, walking, and hiking.

Lane served as the associate producer for the weekly television program In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley and was also the editor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta's weekly newsletter, The Witness.

Lane began speaking and writing over eighteen years ago while she was living in Littleton, Colorado. She now lives in Frisco, Texas, with her husband, Scott, who partners with her in ministry. Lane has two daughters: Christi, a graduate of Baylor University, who is married and living in Ohio with grandchild number one, and Grace, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, who works in Houston, Texas.

Lane's heart's desire is to do all she can for the Lord and to love, support, motivate, and encourage women in all walks of life. She has written four books, all on the subject of helping women become more organized. She also released a collection of well-known, contemporary gospel songs titled How Do I Live? Currently, Lane writes a weekly blog to help inspire and motivate women in all aspects of their lives. You can find this blog at and request her to speak to your church or organization or to make a media appearances at

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June 30, 2014 Rich Marriages ~ Guest: Stacy Willoughby

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This week we're expanding on our ideas for keeping your home company-ready. Summer is fun and spontaneous but no one wants to invite guests into an unkempt home. We'll share tips for easily keeping your home ship shape this summer so you're comfortable inviting guests over any time. We'll also look at the sun. Did you know you can protect your skin from skin cancer with the foods you eat? We'll talk about this and a couple other tips. time.

Then we'll be talking about marriage and money. Money is an important part of your life and must be managed but it can also be a source of tension and disagreement with your spouse. Stacy Willoughby, author of What's Yours is Mine: When a Realist Marries an Idealist, is joining us for a conversation about keeping your marriage strong and happy even as you handle your money. You don't want your marriage to feel like it's all about money so tune in to learn strategies for having the tough conversations and creating a life of financial harmony.

Then we'll wrap things up in Christmas Corner with tips for taking better photos. Whether you want great photos to help you remember all the warm and fuzzy moments from Christmas' past or you want to take great pics to use for presents, we have tips that will help you out.

Join us live at noon ET (11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT)


Stacy Willoughby is a financial expert, author of "What's Yours Is Mine-When a Realist Marries an Idealist", speaker, and money mentor for newly married and remarried couples. She is a recovering financial advisor after 12 years in the industry. Stacy believes that communication, love, and respect are crucial as couples delve into their individual financial situations and work together to develop a plan and a shared vision. In today's rapidly changing economic times, Stacy offers encouraging advice, tips and help to couples as they manage their finances.

Having lived all over the United States and in Japan and Italy, Stacy now calls the Pacific Northwest home and lives near Seattle, Washington with her husband, Rick. She spends her free time building a "dream cabin" with her husband in eastern Washington. She is proud to be launching her new company, Rich Marriages-Connecting Love and Money.

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