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lHave you been laid off, fired, downsized, rightsized, or re-engineered out of a job?  Are you unemployed or anticipate that possibility?  President Reagan once observed "A recession is when your neighbor loses his or her job.  A depression is when you lose yours."

Successfully Unemployed hosted by Alan Sherwood MBA, President of Sherwood Consulting Service, provides a hope-filled and comprehensive approach to the job-search process from an author who has experienced it all. Sherwood offers a threefold perspective and experience that few, if any, other authors provide: 1) He lost his job as vice president of his state’s largest hospital. 2) He found a more fulfilling job by following the guidelines he shares in his book. 3) He later created a dream job by starting a consulting firm, also by following the principles he outlines in his show and book.

All dimensions of a job search—physical tasks, mental attitude, emotional health, and even one’s spiritual perspective—must be integrated in order for a person to be successfully unemployed. Being successfully unemployed provides a means to a faster and more fulfilling end. It is a state of mind based on faith as well as a series of proactive steps. The show teaches the suddenly unemployed how to turn what appears to be a tragedy into a personal and professional triumph. Though a difficult time, unemployment is nevertheless a divinely appointed opportunity.

We all want to be successful at our job.  The show will teach you how to be more successful at your search.  This will be done through guest interviews, questions from listeners, and inspirational thoughts that reflect each week's show content.  Interviews will be conducted with experts in the job search field, people who exemplify being Successfully Unemployed and with those who have recently lost their job.  Listeners will learn how to:

  • Move Forward with Successful Search Strategies
  • Conquer the Anger and Pain
  • Integrate the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Aspects of your Search
  • Implement the 10 Key Principles of the Successfully Unemployed
  • Create your Elevator Speech
  • Work with Executive Recruiters
  • Effectively Negotiate Salary and Severance
  • Grow in Faith During Difficult Times
  • Make a Life vs. Making a Living
  • Be Successfully Unemployed so You Can Become Successfully Employed 

For over twenty five years, Alan G. Sherwood MBA, President of Sherwood Consulting Service,  has provided leadership expertise managing institutional advancement programs in the health care and education setting in five states.  Sherwood has served on the senior management team as Chief Development Officer of two large regional referral hospitals. Currently, he owns and operates two small successful businesses. A multi-faceted consulting company, Sherwood Consulting Service, Inc., specializes in capital and endowment campaigns, planned giving programs, executive search and career coaching.  The other business is a real estate investing/property management firm.
Sherwood is an experienced public speaker with excellent verbal and written communication skills. He has the proven ability to establish strong rapport and effective relationships with a variety of constituencies. Committed to team building with a service-oriented leadership style.

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