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You can now find The LinkedIn Lady Show on All Business Radio Network - the newest of the Toginet family of prime Internet radio networks.  

All the same great programming with featured guests sharing their expertise and my Wednesday co-host Ken Herron.

The LinkedIn Lady with Carol McManus is a live, one-hour program broadcast on the Internet. It's entertaining, informative, current, and fun!

Hosted by the talented and resourceful Carol McManus, America's LinkedIn Lady and the Founder and CEO of Ywait4success (pronounced ‘why wait for success'), a highly successful coaching, consulting and training organization.

Carol is a self-described recovering corporate executive who left that world in 2007 to start her own business. She grew it quickly with a very limited marketing budget but through the creative and diligent use of social media. Today, she is one of the most sought-after speakers and consultants for businesses and entrepreneurs who aspire to grow their business by using this digital medium as a way to stay in touch with and attract new clients.

Carol's approach to social media is grounded in her business experience. She works with clients to determine their business goals, their marketing message, and their ideal target audience. Then and only then, does she recommend the guide in the development, implementation and management of their social media plan to support their business goals.

During the shows, Carol will be interviewing other experts in the field of social networking and social media as well as business owners and leaders who are, today, using it themselves to grow their personal brand and grow their bottom line.

She is the creator of the LinkedIn System for Success, a home study course for anyone wanting to improve his or her online biography using LinkedIn. "This is the professional social networking site and a must-do for your personal presence online if you want to be taken seriously by potential employees, employers, consultants, clients, vendors, partners, investors, and more."

While speaking and coaching to audiences all over the country on the do's and don'ts of social networking, Carol continues to grow Ywait4success. Her executive coaching and consulting business focuses on businesses primarily in the service sector whose needs include strategic planning, leadership development, financial metrics for managing higher productivity, marketing, recruiting, and sales training. She and her team of experts create customized options for business owners and legacy leaders to grow profitably and develop the talents of their entire organization.

Carol's background in the real estate industry covered more than three decades. The majority of that time was spent in brokerage management, field operations, sales and management training, and ultimately as Senior Vice President of Real Estate Operations for Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation, wholly owned subsidiary of Realogy (parent company to Century-21, ERA, Sotheby's International, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Cartus Relocation, TRG, and NRT). Her transfers took her from Washington, D.C. to Connecticut, to California to Georgia, to New Jersey. Rarely in the service business will you find someone whose experience covers such a broad range of responsibilities and geography. She has seen business from every side - as an owner, as a franchisee, as a franchisor, and from the corporate seat.

Carol is the author of Ten Traits for Top Performers, a book written exclusively for the 125,000 sales associates and brokers in the Realogy system. Her research and wisdom is used every day to help broker-owners, managers, and sales associates improve on their skills to stand out from the competition.

You can learn more about Carol and her services by visiting The LinkedIn Lady and Ywait4Success today.


Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

The wonderful folks at Toginet Radio are taking a well-deserved two weeks off during the holidays.  I am pleased to re-broads four of my most popular and favorite shows from 2013.  If you missed them the first time around, it will be a great refresher.  If you never heard them, it will be worth your time! 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my listeners, guests, callers, and subscribers.  I joined the Toginet family of stations in April of 2011 and between Toginet and RockStar Radio Network, I am proud to say I have produced over 500 shows.  Each and every one designed to bring new and important information to you so that you can maximize the power of the digital world and social media to grow your business and your brand. 

In January I will be launching All Business Radio Network in partnership with Toginet.  All shows are geared to the needs of the small and medium size business market as well as entrepreneurs and start-ups.  Until we launch, you can learn more about the new network and how to become a host yourself at All Business Radio Info.  You will still be able to access all of my podcasts on iTunes as well as going to my show pages on Toginet or RSRN

As we close the year, please tune in to these special Encore Shows.  I wish you and yours a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  I’ll be back live on All Business Radio Network on Tuesday, January 7, 2014! (the site will be live on Monday, January 6, 2014)

December 24 ENCORE – If You Have $100 or 100 Minutes – Where Should You Invest It?

The end of the year is not here yet, so there is still time to make some dramatic improvements in your social media so you can hit the ground running in 2014.  (If you are looking for me on iTunes, this show was originally broadcast on 12/4/13) 

December 25 ENCORE – Can 34 Minutes Change Your Momentum? 

Using the 34-minute black-out during the 2013 Super Bowl, I will challenge you to think about how 34 minutes might change the direct, the focus, and the results for your business.  (If you are looking for me on iTunes, this show was originally broadcast on 2/4/13) 

December 31 ENCORE – Have You Considered Radio in Your Marketing Plan?

As we launch All Business Radio Network, I want you to seriously consider the benefits of being a radio host.  It is a powerful platform reaching a global audience that is waiting for your message!  (If you are looking for me on iTunes, this show was originally broadcast on 9/4/13) 

January 1 ENCORE - Our 12 Days of Christmas Gifts to You

Ken Herron and I offered our 12 Days of Social Media Gifts to you during our last live broadcast of 2013.  These are all things you want to put into action for 2014!  (If you are looking for me on iTunes, this show was originally broadcast on 12/18/13)


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Our 12 Days of Christmas Gifts to You

It is hard to believe that my third year with the Toginet family is coming to a close.  My Wednesday co-host, Ken Herron, and I have prepared our special gift list for you to help you with social media as you prepare for 2014.

We had great fun ‘shopping’ and sincerely hope you will have fun ‘opening’ every treasure.  This is what you have to look forward to:

1.    The gift of real-time knowledge

2.    The gift of fun

3.    The gift of people

4.    The gift of time

5.    The gift of engagement

6.    The gift of power

7.    The gift of insight

8.    The gift of discovery

9.    The gift of automation

10. The gift of influence

11. The gifts of free music, apps, books and movies

12. The gift of connection

Be sure to join us live today at 4 pm on  You can post questions to Ken and I in Live Chat or call us on 866-404-6519.  All show highlights can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #lilshow.



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Entrepreneurs + Innovation + Community = Success

Today’s LinkedIn Lady Show is all about bringing budding entrepreneurs with great ideas together into a community where they can learn from each other and thrive rather than sit home looking at a computer screen hoping for results.  

My guest Peter Propp is the Chief Marketing Officer at the Stamford Innovation Center in Stamford, CT.  Peter has spent his career helping consumer and Business-Business companies develop and execute marketing strategies to address business needs.  He previously spent 15 years at IBM, primarily in the IBM Software group where he was the original business development manager for IBM’s WebSphere brand.  In addition to his job at Stamford Innovation Center, he consults to a variety of companies including traditional businesses looking to leverage modern techniques, venture-backed technology companies in need of a disciplined approach to making product marketing and go-to-marketing decisions, as well as individuals looking to leverage social media techniques to enhance their personal brand. 

He will be sharing the vision and practical outcomes that the Stamford Innovation Center are enjoying as well as insights on how this could be a model for other cities and jurisdictions to engage their fledgling entrepreneurs. 

Peter will also share his advice on social media now and what he sees as trends for the future.  Be sure to join us on Toginet. Com at 4 pm EST.


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What Do Al Roker and LinkedIn Have in Common?

Turns out – absolutely nothing!  That’s because Al Roker doesn’t get LinkedIn and on the Today Show this morning, he made that absolutely clear.  Even though I’m a huge fan of Al (as well as Willy Geist and Savannah Guthrie who shared in this on-air discussion) I must say there is a need for some major reeducation.  My Wednesday co-host, Ken Herron, and I will be discussing this and so much more on today’s LinkedIn Lady Show. 

For example, do you know the absolute WORST gift you can give kids for Christmas?  It has to do with something that one company is offering in the area of social media and it is truly awful.  

But there is some good news to share.  Twitter’s new mobile App allows you to send photos using Direct Messaging (DM).  What can we learn from Disney about training our customers to ‘check-in’ to your business on Facebook and Foursquare?  And how your competitors can (and should) be your best weapons when it comes to improving your social footprint.  Finally we’ll talk about the times TO and the times to NOT use automation in managing your social media accounts. 

Don’t miss this show today at 4 pm on Join us in Live Chat or call us on 866-404-6519.  Follow show highlights on Twitter using the hashtag #lilshow.


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Express Yourself

The launch of All Business Radio Network is only a few weeks away and today I’m thrilled to introduce one of our new hosts so you can get a teaser about her show and her amazing expertise. 

For over 20 years Reesa Woolf has mentored 1000’s of corporate professionals and delivered entertaining keynote speeches at conventions all over the globe.  She is recognized as someone significant in bringing out her clients’ best performance…permanently!  Her background includes bring honored as a Senior Trainer in two significant C-Suite Leadership organizations – the American Management Association and Drake, Beam, Morin, Executive Career Coaching.  Her PhD in psychology contributes to lowering people’s speaking and work stress. 

Her new show, The Executive Business Seminar, will cover all aspects of business communications – from the boardroom to the platform – from the meeting room to the conference room.  Today I’ll be asking Reesa to share some hints on why and how to become a better speaker; how to overcome the fear of speaking to larger groups; and of course, what we can expect from her new radio show. 

Tune into The LinkedIn Lady Show today at 4 pm EST on  You can post questions in Live Chat or call us live on 866-404-6519.  You can also follow show highlights on Twitter using my hashtag #lilshow.


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