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Woohoo Radio is the brain child of Lisa Steadman, best selling relationship author, internationally acclaimed speaker, and rock star reinvention expert in love, life, and business. Whether you're in the Boohoo of your Big Breakup or the Rock Bottom of your life, Lisa's got the smarts, sass, sensitivity, and style to lead you step by step from rock bottom to rock star so you can awaken your Woohoo Within and rock the Woohoo that YOU do!

With a contagious zest for life, remarkable passion for people, compassionate spirit, and proven track record of turning her Boohoo!s into Woohoo!s, Lisa loves sharing how to transform any obstacle or challenge in life into lessons learned.

On Woohoo Radio, you'll get tools, tips, advice, and resources from Lisa and her guests, some of the world's leading relationship, personal development, business, and self growth leaders, as well as inspiring everyday people who are rocking the Woohoo that they do in love, life, and business.

About The Host

Lisa Steadman is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, sought after speaker, breakup expert, branding consultant, and CEO of Woohoo, Inc. After spending a decade successfully branding multi-million dollar properties like Barbie while fumbling her way through romantic breakup after breakup, Lisa broke up with Corporate America and Mr. Wrong, built her own buzz worthy brand as THE Breakup Expert, became an instant best seller with her book It’s a Breakup, Not A Breakdown, and met and married the love of her life. Today, Lisa owns her own consulting business, branding major companies, personalities, and businesses for a 2.0 world, as well as rebranding women who are ready to reinvent themselves in love, life, and business at any age.

A frequent media contributor, Lisa has appeared on The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, KTLA Morning News, iVillage Live, The Fran Drescher Show, Playboy Radio, and New Zealand’s Good Morning. She regularly contributes content to popular websites including The Huffington Post, MSN, Yahoo Shine, EHarmony, and YourTango.

Just Announced: Charles J Orlando joins Woohoo Radio 

Got relationship questions? On the first Wednesday of every month, Lisa & Charles have your answers. From when to ditch the dork to how social media is messing with your love life to recognizing red flags and how to train a man, their street smart self help approach to matters of the heart will make you laugh, cry, and have you begging for "More!"

Click here to listen to Lisa & Charles dishing out street smart dating advice on Woohoo Radio.

Click here to listen to Lisa and Charles dish about breakups on his web talk show. 

You can also watch Charles & Lisa daily Monday through Friday at 2pm Pacific LIVE on Game Over TV: Street Smart Love Advice


How to Stop Meeting Zeroes & Start Meeting Heroes Online

Be honest. You've done the online dating thing. You've been on eHarmony, PlentyofFish, Match...

But in reality, you're just not finding a catch. 

At least not one you want to keep.

What's a single girl to do? 

Enter Dr. Diana Kirschner. 

Dr. Diana is the single gal's best friend when it comes to looking for love. She knows compatibility, chemistry, and catches like nobody else. 

The best-selling author of Love in 90 Days and—just out now on Kindle— Find Your Soulmate Online in Six Simple Steps, Dr. Diana has helped thousands all over the world use online dating to not only MEET men, but to find that lasting Soulmate connection. 

On today's show - and just in time for Valentine's Day - Dr Diana's revealing: 

1. The three key things that tell you a guy has real Soulmate potential

2. How to write an email that makes an intriguing man beg to meet you

3. How to really succeed in online dating when you're over 40

4. And so much more!

Don't miss a minute of our juicy conversation, starting at 11am PST right here on Woohoo Radio with Lisa Steadman. 

Got a question for Dr. Diana? Tweet @woohooradio during the show and we'll ask Dr Diana LIVE!


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What's Your Return On Woohoo?


Earlier this week, I blogged about creating a New Year's Evolution.

See, new years resolutions are far too easy to break. They're wishy washy wishful thinking at best.

But a New Year's Evolution?

Even the phrase suggests motion, action, inertia.

In a New Year's Evolution, you don't just wish, hope, pray for things to be different. You actually CHANGE your behavior and take consistent action to get the results you desire and deserve.

For many women, one of the biggest areas they crave an evolution in is their financial life.

If you're a business owner, maybe you want to make more money in 2013.

Or maybe you want to save more money in 2013.

Or maybe you want to be SMARTER about your money in 2013.

How about all of the above?

If you're nodding your head, then Woohoo!

It's time for your New Year's Evolution.

It's also time to enlist a trusted expert for support. (That's one of the 3 key steps that are essential to honoring your New Year's Evolution.)

Enter Justin Krane. Financial Advisor. Entrepreneurial women's advocate. And all around good guy who doesn't want you to sacrifice your love of shoes so you can save for retirement.

Justin's all about Return On Woohoo.

He wants to show you how to spend, save, invest, and LOVE the life and business you've created for yourself in 2013.

Tune in today at 11am Pacific for the return of Woohoo Radio.

Today's show is all about creating YOUR New Years Evolution and rocking your Return On Woohoo.  


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Does Your Woohoo Need A Spiritual Ass Kicking?


Be honest. Has 2012 been a bumpy ride? 

Let me rephrase that. Has 2012 been a bumpy ride for you, too? 

It's been one helluva roller coaster ride for this Woohoo Woman!

From inheriting a baby with 9 days notice to releasing 22 pounds to getting back to self with writing, self love, and a whole lotta Boohoo AND Woohoo, I can honestly say I'm a better person for the journey AND my spiritual ass feels a little kicked. (And smaller!)

Meet Danielle Dowling

Writer. Coach. Spiritual Ass-Kicker.

Danielle's a freedom fighter on a mission to help women access the mojo + moxy you need to create + sustain real results in life.

If you've been asleep at the wheel of your life – or feel like you've been cosmically kicked to the curb one too many times – stop right there.

Nothing's wrong with you.

The world is not plotting against you.

It may be time to wake up, tune in, and LISTEN. 

And be sure to check out my rock star interview with Danielle on Woohoo Radio. 

In Danielle's own words...

I believe delayed joy is needless. Truth liberates + that freedom moves.  I believe we all have a deep desire to be recognized. Seen. And celebrated for what is seen.  So loosen your shackles + show the world who you really are + what you really want.  We will applaud you.  This is about freeing the essential "you" + exposing her in a very public way. About choosing to be vulnerable + simultaneously SAFE in that vulnerability.

My purpose in life is to wake people up to themselves.  And sometimes that requires a little tough love + kick in the pants. 

Join us LIVE Wednesday at 11pm Pacific | 1pm Central on Toginet or call the show @ 866-404-6519. 

Got questions? Post them here. 

Get your own Spiritual Ass Kicking with Danielle on Facebook, Twitter, and at 

Follow Lisa on Facebook here and tweet along with the show using the #woohooradio hashtag. Be sure to follow ALL the #woohooradio tweets here. 


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How To Rock What You've Got In Love, Life, & Business

Recently, I blogged about the importance of having both a Brand AND A Business. 

Specifically, your brand magnetizes fans, opportunities, and media to you while your your business makes you money. 

So how do you build both a brand AND a business? 

Heather Meglasson is known as The Brilliance Coach. She's a total rock star when it comes to transforming your Woohoo Within and taking it out into the world in rock star ways. 

Heather's new book Happiness On Tap: How To Rock What You've Got In Life is a fab and fun resource for peeps ready to rock their Woohoo and play a bigger, bolder game in love, life, and business. 

On Woohoo Radio, Heather's helping us understand our emotional conditioning, and she'll take us on a journey away from our limiting beliefs and body blocks so we can rock what we've got. 

btw, Heather is one of the MOST energetic, enthusiastic, engaging people I know. She makes this Woohoo Woman look sedate. And I LOVE that! 

Don't miss our rock star conversation. 

Follow our conversation on Twitter with our #woohooradio tweets!

Connect with Heather on Twitter, Facebook, on her website. And get her book Happiness On Tap here.

I'll also be joined by Ferlie Almonte, a Life & Image Transformation Maven who wants to show you how to unleash the B.L.I.N.G. in you so you can rock your Woohoo! Ferlie's one of my incredible vendors at Woohoo Weekend 2012: Branded, Buzz Worthy, & Broadcasting. She's hilarious, inspiring, and oh so Woohoo. Don't miss a minute of the non stop action on today's show!

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From Auntie to Mama in 9 Days

For the record, I've never wanted to be a mom. It just was never on my To Do list. But you know what they say – Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.

After a blissful month in Paris with The Hubs over Christmas and New Years, I returned to Los Angeles in January with a strong gut feeling that 2012 was going to be radically different from 2011.

I had NO idea!

Within 2 months of returning from Paris, this 40 year old happily child-free woman became a full time mom to my then 14 month old niece, aka The Wee One.

While the details are juicy and scandalous, I'm not at liberty to discuss them (I know!). But let's just say this. The Hubs and I had 9 days to go from DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) to Diapers.

And oh what a wild ride it's been ever since!

Prior to The Wee One coming to live with us in late February, I had never changed a diaper.

At 40, I'd never given a baby a bottle or a bath.

Today, I relish bath time. And story time. And song time. And snuggle time.


I miss my old life.

I miss my husband.

I miss our sex life.

I miss my money.

I miss being alone in my house for hours on end.

That's the mind f*** of being a parent. It's not an either or scenario. I love this child AND I wish I was still child-free. I love my New Normal AND I miss my Old Normal.

Let me back up a minute. While I never wanted to be a Mom, I always knew I'd make a great auntie. I've been Auntie Lisa many times over to friends and their babies. And it's a fun role I relish. Because at the end of the day, I get to give the kid back and get on with my life. Harsh, yes. But oh so true.

I didn't become an official aunt until January 2011.

When my niece was born 18 months ago, I was the first family member to hold her (Having been the birth coach, I held The Wee One and welcomed her to the world while my sister in law was still in surgery from her C section). Intuitively, I had known from the moment I found out that my sister in law was pregnant that we'd play a vital role in this child's life.

I just didn't think that meant being a full time mom. And yet that's pretty much the role I've played for the last 5 months. It's been an extraordinary, excruciating, exhilirating, exhausting experience to say the least.

And while I miss my old life and love my new life, I'm both dreading and looking forward to the day my niece goes back to live with her mom in October.

I'll have my life back. My money back (nannies and groceries and toys add up, People). My sex life back. My freedom back.

But I'll be minus one Wee One. And that will leave a tremendous void.

What do you call a win-win/lose-lose situation?

This Week on Woohoo Radio

Melanie Notkin is known as The Savvy Auntie. And she's on a mission to modernize the role of “aunties” in our world. I connected with Melanie after The Wee One came to live with us and I just LOVE her purpose and passion.

Tune in to this week's show and join the #woohooradio conversation on Twitter. You can also follow Melanie on Twitter @SavvyAuntie.

And be sure to honor Auntie's Day July 22.

According to Melanie...

Like the tradition of Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's Day, it's a day to honor and celebrate the women in the American Family Village who love and give to children not-their-own. On Sunday, give the Auntie in your child's life a call, send her a card, or acknowledge her in whatever way you can to say thank you.

Aunthood is a gift. This day is theirs. And they deserve it.

Click here to listen to the podcast

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