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Mary Hirsch, author, speaker, coach, guests with Joyce on August 25.

Mary Hirsch, author, speaker, coach, will join Joyce to speak about the 3rd progression in the process of moving from Core Values to Goal creation to Visioning your Dream.  Mary authored "Just Minutes To Victory, A step by step guide to living victoriously in your crazy busy world".  And she knows what she writes about.  She is a single mother, raising two children and sole breadwinner creating a multi-million dollar corporation.

This show promises to provide tools of transition for its listeners.

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August 25 - Raising Great Parents



This week's show highlights:

  • Clipping coupons and saving money
  • Raising Great Parents

As a single mom of a growing son, Stacey Cox had to learn to buy on a very strict budget because she didn't make a lot of money.  She had to adopt the concept of getting more for less through sales, discounts and coupons.  Prior to leaving for the store, she would create her shopping list based on what they needed, what she wanted to cook that week, and current sales.  Since her family had some favorite foods that were also easy meals such as pasta, she would stock up on pasta whenever it was on sale. By learning to stretch her money at the grocery store she also learned to look for coupons and sales when she shops for clothes and any other items her family needs.

Kiran is a mom to two young daughters and is currently raising her sweet family in Palo Alto, CA.  Kiran became a certified Integral Life and Leadership Coach with New Ventures West in 2011. She participated in the one year Parenting by Connection certification course with Hand in Hand Parenting in Palo Alto in 2011-2012.

Prior to starting her coaching practice in 2011, she spent nine years working as a high school history teacher in inner city schools in San Francisco and Oakland, CA, and three years ... Click the link below to read more.
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