Tuesday 16th of December 2014
David S. Harrison is a senior lecturer emeritus at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. He taught policy analysis and nonprofit program design in the Evans School's Masters in Public Administration program. From 2011-2013, he served as chair of the Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy. Harrison's career has been devoted to creating bridges between the policymaking community, policy researchers, nonprofit organizations and citizens. He came to the Northwest in 1986 to found and direct the Northwest Policy Center, which for many years provided policy assistance on economic vitality issues to governmental leaders throughout the region. In 2003, Washington Governor Gary Locke named him chair of the Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. He was reappointed by Governor Christine Gregoire in 2005. In 2011, the workforce training system presented him with a lifetime achievement award. Harrison holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He is the chair of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust and Washington Nonprofits, the nonprofit association of Washington State. In 2013, he, his wife Cynthia and five other community leaders from Seattle and Bainbridge Island founded Boomerang Giving, to devise new approaches to enable those over 65 to redirect or “Boomerang” their senior discounts for nonprofit support. The new organization has been called “a brilliant idea--- a fresh and inventive way to give back” by Marc Freedman, founder of Encore.org David's message and story with Boomerang Giving is about a new way of giving back to non-profits; about caring, community engagement and having a positive social impact. People aged 65+ can voluntarily redirect discounts for which they can then support local activities as well as being effective philanthropists. Think goodwill on a personally manageable scale. David also talks about where this initiative could be in five years with the possibility of "retirement registries and mortgage burning parties at which time people could consider how they might like to engage in positive giving opportunities.
Tuesday 25th of November 2014
Ron Chapman, first and foremost, is a full-time, all-time student of life. This allows him to approach any discipline, principle or practice in a search for valuable ideas to incorporate into his life. It also presents continual challenge, an opportunity to shatter old perspectives and ideas which no longer serve well. An integral part of the role of the student is to seek. And for this Ron has become an adventurer and wanderlust. Who knows what places, events or circumstances may hold for any one of us. Yet we must commit ourselves to such experiences. From a developmental point of view, Ron values a notion described by the American philosopher Ken Wilber as “transcend and include.” Essentially, this is to incorporate everything new in a way that allows you to elevate your practice in the world, no matter what form it may take. More important is the need to use knowledge and experience for the benefit of others…to find a way to make a contribution that is larger and provides greater value. Ron discusses life transitions, what he's learned from working through his, the concept of 'metanoia,' his work in the areas of healing and forgiveness and, the fact that - as boomers - our vital years are not waning but beginning. Ron talks about stepping out of comfort zones and "leaning into" and getting comfortable with discomfort as well as convincing ourselves that doing so can be in our best interests; better preparing us to create breakthroughs and turn our lives into new directions. We learn how Ron's work and experience is transformational. Ron can be contacted via: www.SeeingTrue.com www.MagneticNorthLLC.com www.RonaldChapman.com
Tuesday 18th of November 2014
Jana Barnhill, DTM, was elected Toastmasters International President at the 77th annual International Convention held August 2008, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was only the fourth woman to serve as the top officer of the organization. Jana has been recognized for her speaking skills, being a five-time winner of the District 44 International Speech Contest, and going on to place 3rd in the World Championship of Public Speaking in 1993 and 2nd in 1996. In 1997, she became only the fifth woman in the organization to earn the coveted Accredited Speaker designation. Professionally, Jana is a speaker/trainer for L.I.V.E. Speakers, Inc., a company she owns with her husband. She conducts seminars throughout the United States on management topics; including communication and leadership, team building, managing change and personality traits. She delivers keynotes and also serves as a speech writer and coach to other professionals. Jana is no novice to staring trials in the face, while continuing to keep a smile on hers. Jana is a small plane crash survivor, suffers from a neurological disorder and her husband is battling ALS. She loves spending time with friends, theater, shopping, Christmas, shopping, movies, travel, anything fast, Disneyland (has gone at least once, sometimes three times a year since 1991), entertaining and…shopping! On this show Jana shares how she never really sought a leadership role; how community, culture, connection and contribution thrive in Toastmasters; how boomers can offer their wisdom and experience to help guide members of younger generations and; how listening is such a critical element of effective communication. She shares two personal stories specific to being inspired and how mentoring builds confidence. She explains how "people are her oxygen" and help to sustain her energy and positivity. She advocates for no matter where one is in their life, it is important and valuable to work on your communication skills. Interested in Toastmasters, visit www.toastmasters.org
Tuesday 11th of November 2014
Elizabeth Preston attended Ohio State University and Chicago's College of Education and obtained her Master's Degree in Theories of Learning and Behavior at National Lewis University in Chicago, with coursework also at the Claremont Graduate School. After a career in teaching at the elementary level (and raising three delightful children along the way) she retired in 2001 to concentrate on her second career, as an artist, having studied art since 1972 under a variety of well known painters. She opened her own art studio in 1994. A chance encounter with an art therapy session spurred her interest and started her third career, as a counselor who helps people move toward healthier lives. As well as painting and teaching art, "Elizabeth's Art Studio" is also her home base for holding workshops in an art therapy-based counseling method created by Dr. Lucia Capacchione, an internationally known psychologist, licensed art therapist and author. Elizabeth was trained and certified under Dr. Capacchione in 2003. Elizabeth has 22 years experience teaching and counseling adults and children who have ADD, ADHD, Autism and Asperger syndromes, mainly in developing communication and social skills, in both the educational and private counseling areas. She lives with her husband and business partner Robert in Mt. Baldy Village in the San Gabriel Mountains. Elizabeth describes how she made a conscious choice to reinvent herself and transition into her work with "Expressive Arts Therapy" and Creative Journaling - a sort of brain balancing. She speaks about the increasing number of people who are turning to and becoming chemically dependent. And she discusses her work with Mental Health Professionals and her healing techniques used with cancer sufferers and related support groups. In a 'nutshell,' Elizabeth speaks passionately about her Creative Journaling work/process and how it allows participants to be honest, open, and to embrace life. Her contact information is provided on the Awakening to Awareness web site.
Tuesday 28th of October 2014
Karen Strauss has worked in book publishing since 1981, when she started at Bantam Books as a senior publicist. She then moved on to The Free Press division of Macmillan (now Simon and Schuster) to become its Director of Trade Marketing. In 1991 she founded Strauss Consultants, Inc., which was originally conceived to service small publishers who needed representation into the large chain and wholesaler book accounts around the country. With the advent of Print on Demand technology and e-books Karen is now working with Self-publishing authors and micropublishers to help them develop a publishing program that would give them an equal level playing field with the traditional publishers. In Sept. 2012 she co-launched RockStar Publishing House, a hybrid publishing company, primarily built for entrepreneurs who write books to further their business to help people succeed in all aspects of life. Since then, Karen has launched several branded publishing companies for organizations. On the show Karen talks about the lightning speed with which the publishing industry has changed, highlighting the shift from “print-on-demand” to “e-books” being the most significant. She shares advice on why and what people are writing about: 1) a passion of theirs; 2) something they have accomplished/advice they want to share and/or; 3) that great novel they have always had in mind. If you’re going to write, she recommends being disciplined and write something every day. Karen reconfirms the need for quality, not only in writing but with how you choose to publish your work. She elaborates on the three ways to publish in today’s market: 1) self-publishing; 2) traditional via big publishing houses and; 3) with a hybrid publisher – particularly one with national and international distribution. She also discusses a broad range of costs to publish, package options from ala carte to one stop shopping solutions, to why it’s important to have a marketing plan for your book before you publish and subsequently distribute your book. In addition to her company website www.straussconsultants.com Karen can be reached via email at karen@rockstarpublishinghouse.com
Tuesday 7th of October 2014
Bobette Reeder is Past President of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the global professional organization that represents personal and business coaches. She has been a professional Coach since 1995 and was among the first 20 coaches to receive the distinction of ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). She also holds a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders. Bobette received her coach specific training at CoachU, where she has been a senior trainer. Her clientele has included a wide range of individuals including CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, High-level Executives and managers, members of the clergy to a tennis pro in the Netherlands-Antilles, the National Motorcycle Racing champion of Spain, small business owners to exciting corporate refugees, and mentoring senior and "newbie" coaches. Her coaching voice has been heard by hundreds of clients in 41 U.S. states and 10 foreign countries. Bobette's experience in serving the ICF has been extensive and varied, culminating in her leadership as ICF President. She is also active as a Partner for Serendipitous Events and a Co-Host/Co-Producer of the first invitation-only event for Master level Coaches,"Conversation Among Masters" (CAM). Bobette has been married for 42 years and has two married children, four grandchildren and Murphy the Wonder Dog! In her personal life she has been President of Miami Children's Hospital Foundation Community Council and a member of the Board of the Greater Miami Wellness Community, a support facility for cancer patients. Her style both personally and professionally is all about having fun and seeking the positive side and opportunity in everything life brings. On the show Bobette shares how and why professional coaching can be of considerable value to baby boomers; how the word "pause" and its practice is significant; why it's important to know who you really are; why playing and having fun, especially when in a life transition, is key and; the need for both a coach and 'coachee' to have chemistry or a "fit" for the partnership to be productive. She addresses continuous learning; having a positive impact and 'giving back'; how coaching helps to create new awareness and; the ICF's role in training, credentialing and supporting the coaching profession ( www.coachfederation.org ). Bobette can be reached via the following: www.bobettereeder.com www.coachinitiative.org coachbobette@gmail.com
Tuesday 30th of September 2014
Dave Nassaney is a baby boomer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, life coach, consultant, gas station owner for over 40 years, and radio talk-show host to caregivers who are burned out. But his most important role is being a caregiver to his lovely wife, Charlene, who suffered a stroke 18 years ago. As a result, she lost her speech and is paralyzed on her right side. Her amazing attitude makes her easy to care for. She was a cross between Martha Stewart and Wonder Woman before her stroke, and still does many of the things she used to, but this time, in essence, she does it with one arm and one leg tied behind her back, and she might as well have duct tape over her mouth because she cannot speak. Dave's latest book that he is now working on is entitled: "The Caregiver's Caregiver, A Guide to Avoiding Burnout & Surviving Grief." It is designed to teach caregivers who are taking care of their loved ones (due to an illness or disability) how to take care of themselves FIRST. If they don't learn this, they will likely suffer burnout and become as helpless as the person they are caring for. Charlene has inspired Dave to do many things he never imagined before, like writing, singing, hosting a radio show, and speaking. All of these seemed as impossible as becoming an astronaut to him at the time. At the age of 60, he is living his dreams, even the ones that he never knew he had! Dave talks about having grace in his life; how he has managed to adapt to a new comfort zone; caregiver support groups and; what he's does to also care for himself. Dave shares perspectives on how to survive grief as well as the importance of planning around matters we don't think we'd ever need or be subjected to, including long-term care coverage, having difficult conversations with loved ones now, and his take on living in the middle of the metaphorical sandwich (generation). His parting recommendation: Put yourself first and don't feel guilty! Additional information about Dave and be found at his website: www.DaveNass.com
Tuesday 23rd of September 2014
Robin Lunney was raised in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota by loving parents along with her two brothers. In 1977 at the age of 20, she began her career as a Flight Attendant. 37 years later she is still flying. She has been married to her husband John for 27 years. A beautiful son named Michael is born. The years pass and life is filled with love, laughter, and good health. Then a dramatic turn of events. The most heartbreaking, devastating nightmare that can ever happen to a parent occurs. The sudden passing of their 23 year old son, Michael. The solid and continuing support of family and friends has been instrumental in Robin's healing process. Last September (2013), Robin's friends invited her to join them on the ancient trail - Camino de Santiago in Spain. It is also called "The Way." Robin decided to walk the Camino in memory of Michael. Hope and some healing occurred along The Way. Something beautiful has happened. Robin has found the human connectedness for which we all long. Remembering to 'play' wove its way through this program, despite tragic loss. Robin talks about "jump seat therapy," her life in the skies and more importantly, her purpose in life and what she sees her legacy as. She acknowledges the value in mentoring others, taking fear out of change, and how at 57 (or any age) you can still step off the 'safety step.' Robin, in both serious and light-hearted stories, shares her reality and thoughts about healing slowly, turning a corner, and how she is rebuilding her life after devastating loss... her way and "The Way."
Tuesday 16th of September 2014
Charles N. Riley, CFP®, is a senior financial planner who provides advice, analysis, and customized financial plans for Vanguard's high-net-worth clients. He also helps to train and mentor CFP professionals and candidates within Vanguard. Mr. Riley joined Vanguard in 1998. "Chuck" is a Certified Financial Planner(tm) professional with a bachelor's degree from the University of Washington. He is a registered investment adviser with Vanguard Advisers Inc. Vanguard is the world's largest mutual fund company, with about US$2.4 trillion invested in the U.S. in more than 170 funds. In terms of "whens?" Chuck explained why it is important and valuable to start saving for one's retirement at an early age;' the pros and cons of retiring earlier or later; the mental shift that takes place when one retires especially when distinguishing between "income" versus "spending;" as well as guidance on how much cash to keep on hand, withdrawing from one's retirement account(s) and having 'peace of mind' with annuities as an option. He also elaborates on why it is important to have an estate plan, some thoughts on long-term care coverage, and why listening to "noise" in the financial marketplace is not helpful. Questions or for additional information visit http://www.vanguard.com and review the sites "Insight" Section for retirement plain talk.
Tuesday 9th of September 2014
Mike Jaffe is a nationally-recognized speaker, seminar leader, business and personal coach, and author of WAKE UP! Your Life is Calling. Why settle for FINE when so much more is possible? A 9/11 survivor who has transformed his life, Mike Jaffe serves as The Human WakeUp Call® by using his own brush with tragedy as a message of self-discovery and empowerment. As a result of his own wakeup call, Jaffe radically changed directions in his career, leaving a secure corporate job in Manhattan and reinventing himself as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Mike Jaffe Company, whose programs helps individuals and organizations Live Powerfully. People reignite their focus, confidence, and energy to bring an “anything is possible” attitude to their personal and professional lives. People who are more committed and engaged accomplish more than they ever thought possible. Mike elaborates on how people live conceptually versus experientially; his thoughts on confidence and courage to enable motivation; how he considers 'time' to be our most valuable currency; the battle of listening to ego versus heart; "storms;" "moments of truth;" his bridge of change metaphor and; the beauty in exploring one's passions and purpose to become inspired. Thought-provoking insights, all to reinforce the fact that - You are never too old!
Tuesday 2nd of September 2014
Jennifer Marchetti is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC and leads the teams responsible for brand marketing strategy, direct marketing, online marketing, franchise sales marketing, and communications. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Duke University with a minor in Art History. Jen covers a range of significant Boomer issues including a new, emerging definition for retirement, pursuit of passions, lifestyle planning, repurposing living space, empty nesters, and the amazing optimism within this generational cohort. As members of the "sandwich generation," boomers intend to stay active be it through continued work, volunteering, as emerging Encore entrepreneurs and, strong enablers for other generations. Jen also speaks about BH&GRE's 2014 National Survey of Boomers which yields fascinating information and current boomer views. Here's a two minute video that highlights some of the findings. https://www.youtube.com/user/BHGrealestate To learn more visit: bhgrealestate.com
Tuesday 19th of August 2014
Jan Maxwell is critically acclaimed and well known on Broadway. Theater has been her professional home for three decades. She has flourished on stage and TV, all while being a full-time mother. From humble beginnings in Fargo, North Dakota she progressed through college, sensing early that she might be able to carve a (modest) living out of what started as a hobby. Five Tony Award nominations (one of only three women to be nominated in all four acting categories) and countless other significant industry awards from her peers, has solidified her status as a top tier actress. Out of character, Ms. Maxwell is still humble and she shares some work and life perspectives that are worth hearing. In character, she is amazingly believable in a wide variety of roles that she's performed. Ms. Maxwell talks about the passion for her work; the value in creating connections with people in and outside the theater; making mistakes on stage and granting "instant forgiveness"; her philosophy on aging (she's 57); her creative family; the concept of giving back and; how she has been privileged to do so much in addition to raising her now 18 year old son. An insightful look behind the stage curtain. Listen and learn what its like to constantly be under the stage lights, how demanding the work really is and, what might be down the road for Jan Maxwell.
Tuesday 12th of August 2014
Speaker, author and radio show host Helen Woo invited Career and Life Purpose Coach Suzanne Strisower to the show to discuss life purpose, the process of defining and pursuing purpose and, a bit about how living one's purpose can help to overcome other life challenges. They talk about different ways of segmenting the baby boomer cohort and how different age brackets within boomers can help to identify and align with one's life orientation. Helen and Suzanne have both authored 'self-help" and awareness themed books and they speak about their written works as well. Contact information for both women are provided at the show's conclusion.
Tuesday 29th of July 2014
A former American record holder (swimming), an Ironman Triathlete, a career coach and founder of the epic life project, Byron Davis has a gift for helping people get unstuck and to transform their passions into lives and careers they love. His does this through online resources, group coaching, bootcamps, and private, live 2-day Life Plan immersions. Byron is the author of "RePurposed: The Art of Winning Through Letting Your Obstacles Lead the Way". He is also creator of an 8-part peak performance audio program, "Unleash the Unstoppable You!" A sought-after conference speaker, Byron is entertaining to watch and easy to understand. He helps audiences reverse limiting beliefs on the spot and teaches them to use the simple power of personal narratives to quickly establish new habits and activate their God-gifted potential. In an amazing one-hour conversation Byron talked about how fear holds people back; his interesting concept on time; why accountability is important for each of us and; how both relationships and systems are essential for moving one forward. He also talks about the role storytelling plays in achieving one's desires and ambitions.and why we find some lessons/teachings difficult to receive. Byron can be contacted through his web site: www.byrondavis.co/ or at www.30daythrive.com
Tuesday 22nd of July 2014
In lieu of a weekly guest, Eric opts for an open mic program in which he invites listeners to call-in "live" with questions or observations. He began the show by sharing six category prompts, in the event listeners didn't have specific topics to discuss. The six subject areas were categories from his Awakening to Awareness blog: 1) Creating Awareness; 2) Aligning your life with Meaning and Significance versus Material Success (as traditionally measured by society); 3) "Choice;" 4) the virtue of Integrity; 5) the three P's: Passion, Possibilities and Purpose and; 6) Self-Belief. There were nuggets and insights around awareness, the importance of listening, comfort zones, impulse and gratification, compassionate action, exploring - discovering - and being, doubt and confidence (or lack thereof). Plenty of ideas on which to reflect and potentially act.
Tuesday 15th of July 2014
Phyllis Haynes is a 25-year on air broadcast veteran in network news and public affairs reporting. She served as the host of “Straight Talk” for WOR-TV and reported on major issues for ABC Evening News and the morning show Good Morning America. She received awards for her original independent documentary work. The Daily News heralded her independent production of AIDS: The Facts of Life featuring Susan Sarandon as a great learning tool. Her documentary received an award from the American Film Institute and Billboard magazine. She is also recognized for her work in the US and abroad on cross-cultural communications and new media. She received a grant through the Soros Foundation and the Hellenic Foundation to design and direct programs in Eastern Europe and Greece on issues of free expression for broadcast journalists. Her impactful presentations on cross cultural issues brought her as a speaker to multiple, varied audiences. Through her work as a specialist in journalism and documentary production attached to Emerson College in Boston she collaborated and developed conferences on what is now referred to as Internet Neutrality and also was appointed to the board of scientists and scholars of the International Society for Panetics, an institution which was devoted to examining and ending the “infliction of suffering”. Her work is now devoted to helping unsung thought leaders, inventors, and creatives increase their exposure and understand how to use the new media terrain to bring their work to the world. Google recognized her work on YouTube as an important independent contributor and invited Phyllis to participate within their YouTube Creators program where she was given the tools to expand within the new Google plan for video. On this show, Phyllis speaks passionately about her love for the digital environment and why. She encourages people to see things in a different light and she does this using New Media communication technologies. As an independent producer, she talks about the importance of making sure we are all supported in getting out our message. She encourages people to engage in/with the digital environment as it is free, accessible, it's contributing to mankind, and it enables a collective, collaborative "dance." Phyllis talks about the possibilities New Media provides for cross-cultural communications; her strong advocacy for Net Neutrality and; her interest in vampires! Contact information: YouTube.com/PhyllisHaynes via email at: networkproducer@gmail.com or through me at www.awakeningtoawarenessradio.com
Tuesday 8th of July 2014
Author and lecturer Ken Solin spent 25 years helping men find happiness. Now he helps boomer men and women create authentic relationships. In his last book, "Act Like A Man," Ken helped men move beyond their dysfunctional behavior as partners, fathers, and friends. In his latest book, he tackles boomer dating. He shares proven techniques gleaned from his extensive dating experience and the experiences of thousands of boomer readers who regularly comment on his articles. Ken states "Boomers aren't looking just for their next date; they're looking for their last date and their best, most lasting relationship. We learn that out of 80 million boomers, 30 million are single; that love, trust and emotional honesty are cornerstone to successful boomer relationships; why boomer women are perfect dates for boomer men; the value and importance for boomer men to develop emotional dialogue skills; and why it's key for boomer men to 'dig deep' and become comfortable expressing their passions and feelings - not simply their thoughts. Ken also shared two questions that boomer men and women ought to ask on a first date. He also touched on the significance of fear, anger and vulnerability in boomer dating. Ken's newest book, due in the Fall of 2014 is titled, "A Boomer Guide To Finding True Love Online." To contact or learn more about Ken, visit his website www.kensolin.com
Tuesday 1st of July 2014
Since he was a boy growing up on the border of Texas and Mexico, Eliseo Torres, known to everyone as “Cheo,” has been fascinated by the folk traditions and folkways of Mexico and of his Mexican American roots. Both of his parents were versed in aspects of herbal lore and healing, and as he matured he learned from them a love and respect for the history and folk knowledge of the ancient art of curanderismo, or Mexican folk healing. Now an administrator at the University of New Mexico, where he is Vice President for Student Affairs and a member of the faculty of the College of Education, Cheo regularly lectures and gives presentations on the history and lore of curanderismo to audiences ranging from scholars and students of Latin American culture to people hoping to become knowledgeable about alternative and traditional medicine, including lay people and medical professionals alike. He has published two books on his life in and research on his subject area: Curandero: A Life in Mexican Folk Healing, and Healing with Herbs and Rituals: A Mexican Tradition, both available from the University of New Mexico Press. Learn about a fascinating addition to allopathic, ayurvedic, and holistic medicine, the latter of which focuses on the body, mind and spirit (or energy). Curanderismo is another modality of health that has been practiced for centuries. It is endorsed by World Health Organization (WHO) and is yet another healing option that is gaining acceptance in the field of integrative medicine. Proven and very inexpensive compared to Western medicine, a Curandero (practitioner) makes use of plants and tinctures and focuses (initially) on massage, food/diet, stress and mental problems. To learn more visit http://curanderismo.unm.edu or visit the Summer 2014 UNM course flyer on the Awakening to Awareness Radio Show web page.
Tuesday 24th of June 2014
Dale Burch is an "early" boomer. Born on Long Island, NY, USA, she had access to good education, cultural events and workplace diversity. She felt her calling was to teach. With an affinity for languages and the U.S. then in its Cold War phase, she thought Russian would be a good language to study. She moved to Russia and received her diploma from Lenningrad University. Thus launched her career teaching Russian and French at a U.S High School. She married in 1981 and relocated to Bucks County, PA, for her husband's job. And it was then and there that her career transitioned into sales. She became an entrepreneur and worked as an independent rep, selling word processors and electronic typewriters. Then IBM introduced the Personal Computer to the world. Dale's love for technology shifted her focus into PC's which she sold through her own business. Then life changed significantly, again. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. Dale's perspectives immediately changed and her life focus became much more intense. Her relationships changed, her marriage ended, and new adventures began. Ever a believer in her self, Dale is a cancer thriver with 23 years of survival behind her. Today she continues to grow and live life fully. From the repressive U.S.S.R. to the freedoms in the U.S., from teaching to sales, Dale shared some of her life experiences from corporate life to becoming an entrepreneur and owning three distinctly different businesses. She shared how a terminal cancer diagnosis significantly shifted her focus to what really matters in life. She emphasized how choice became a conscious part of her life, how fear rarely, if ever, limited her possibilities, the importance of living in the present moment, and how we ought to never second guess ourselves.
Tuesday 17th of June 2014
Kyle Zimmerman is the owner of Kyle Zimmerman Photography and a winner of Business First’s 2014 ‘Woman of Influence’ award in the category of Media & Marketing. She developed her photography career shooting fashion and advertising in San Francisco, Milan, Madrid and Athens. She brought her talent and heart back to New Mexico to make a difference in family and business portraiture by celebrating realness and the range of our expression. Kyle has been creating portraits and commercial work at her photography studio in Albuquerque since 1999. Kyle’s unusual life story and her work with thousands of clients combined to hone her skills as someone who helps people realize and activate their deepest desires in their businesses and their lives. She says, “I’m so lucky because I get to spend my days seeing the beauty and potential in people and reflecting that back to them; helping them overcome self-criticism and perfectionism.” KyleZimmermanPhotography.com This is an engaging conversation with an acclaimed photographer. Kyle shared her desire to impact her community, serve people, the importance of looking into oneself, helping people manifest what they want to do - all through her photographer's lens. She elaborates on the value of connections and how they yield substantive relationships. Kyle also explained why so many of us are critical of our own photos and how she helps people to see and appreciate the genuine beauty within our unique images. Asked to share one piece of advice with listeners, Kyle encourages people (especially boomers) who think they're not ready for something, to just "try!"
Tuesday 3rd of June 2014
In 1999, during a cervical checkup, TV anchorwoman Ysabel Duron's gynecologist discovered a golfball sized cancerous tumor in her pelvic region. The diagnosis: Hodgkin lymphoma. She felt healthy and, strangely, unworried. So, Duron, who had been on the air in San Francisco for years, turned the camera on herself - and on the larger issue of cancer treatment. In September 2003 she founded Latinas Contra Cancer (LCC) - Latinas Against Cancer, an organization committed to educating, supporting, and providing essential services to low-income Spanish speakers suffering from the disease. There is much more to her journey and story! In 2013, at the age of 66, Duron was named the encore.org Purpose Prize Winner for her extraordinary contributions in encore (aged 60+) careers. Encore.org is at the vanguard of a large and growing movement of individuals in their encore years, helping to solve many of the toughest problems facing our nation and the world today. Immersed in her work and cause, Duron is a strong voice for an uneducated, underrepresented population without a voice. We learn about the Encore Movement (career people aged 60+) and how it's vital for boomers to be engaged, relevant, valued and in better health. We learn about the significance of using skills sets developed over a lifetime and giving back to the community. We heard how the word retirement, as traditionally defined, is now an "old concept." Ysabel shares how she gained clarity about her cancer fighting mission and how her San Jose, CA based organization, is putting a spotlight on a disease that impacts the Spanish speaking population and how it helps people shift fear into action. Wonderful insights and inspiration here. Listen and learn!
Tuesday 27th of May 2014
Tony Mayo is an experienced executive coach to top executives and their teams. He is a master of analogy and anecdote whose illustrations are as likely to come from his studies of brain science, high energy physics or eastern philosophy as from his years of management and sales in high-technology. Whether speaking from a platform, coaching one-on-one, or facilitating a workshop, Tony maintains a laser focus on his goal of helping people realize their dreams. Tony earned his MBA from the University of Chicago (now, Booth School of Business) at age twenty-one, after three years each of high school and college. He immediately started a business that he sold in 1982. Tony has worked with Arthur Andersen & General Electric, founded boot-strap and venture-backed start-ups, and taught at the college, graduate, and executive levels. His most important activities today are family fun, working with top executives, and total health. All with one unifying purpose: to promote workplaces of humanity and prosperity where people can be productive and satisfied. Tony's recently published book, "The Courage to Be in Community" served as the underlying focus for our conversation. He shared his distinctions between courage and bravery, and authenticity versus genuineness. We talked about the significance in communities of five "C's": courage, connection, choice, compassion and conversation. And we explored relationship, acting from the heart, mothering touch, vulnerability and 'costumes,' again in the context of community. Tony can be reached via his web site: www.tonymayo.com. His book details/free audio can be accessed at tiny.cc/oncourage
Tuesday 20th of May 2014
Dr. Rebecca Keller is first and foremost a mom. She wrote Real Science-4-Kids for her three kids and for her friends’ kids. She started homeschooling her three children somewhere between doing laundry, planning meals, changing diapers and finishing her Ph.D. She remembers the days when she was furiously working on her dissertation and nervous about homeschooling her kids. She wanted a science curriculum that would present real science in a way that was easy for her kids to understand and easy for her to use. She went to a local homeschool conference, and failing to find what she was looking for, sat down one weekend to teach her oldest daughter a little physics. Her little weekend project has grown into what it is today — a small independent publishing company called Gravitas Publications, producing her now award-winning science program Real Science-4-Kids. Real learning is deep enough to stimulate understanding. This can only occur when a student has had enough time to absorb the material being presented. For this reason the RS4K curriculum focuses on providing the essential building blocks for science and does not overwhelm a student with too much information. When one building block has been understood, then the student is ready to begin on the next one. Rebecca's goal in creating the Real Science-4-Kids curriculum is to teach kids about science from a very early age so they will have much better science comprehension by the time they are ready for high school and college level classes. Her curriculum is designed to help kids make sense of science, find it fun to learn, and make it easy for their parents and other educators to teach the subjects of chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy and geology. She believes all of this has been accomplished with the unique Real Science-4-Kids home school science curriculum. Yet Rebecca never planned to become a children's book author and launch an independent publishing company. She shares how her personal and professional paths have unfolded. In May 2013, Rebecca's youngest child, her 21 year-old son took his own life having struggled with a rare, progressive disease that was diagnosed when he was 15. She shares a bit about mother's intuition, how life is really about our stories, two types of tragedies we encounter in life, and how her son Christopher's death has forced her to focus on what she wants to do with her next life "act." This includes choosing to become her childhood hero; the 2015 launch of her Dr. Beakers character and a full roll out of The Christopher T. Keller Foundation.
Tuesday 13th of May 2014
Guest host Barbara Allisen and her guest Renee Shupe explore and discuss the prospects and process of reinventing ourselves concurrent with learning more about 'Who we are' and 'What we do.' As "Chief Redhead" at Redhead Business Solutions, Renee speaks about new ways to share ourselves, our ventures and adventures. Renee talks about ways to face change, with adaptability and self-discipline as well as tips on how and where to start as a new entrepreneur. Renee and Barbara agreed that to be successful and happy as entrepreneurs, "Do What You Love!", align with your passions, research them and find/join like-minded support groups or being part of new communities. They also contrasted past skills and how they may not always apply to new endeavors. Learn more about Barbara and her work by visiting www.123kindergarten.com and Renee's business site: redheadbusinesssolutions.com
Tuesday 6th of May 2014
Former IRS Audit Supervisor Nellie Williams has a heart for the small business owner. For over 25 years Nellie has helped entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners pay their lowest legal tax and still sleep at night. She has provided superior services to thousands of clients with tax return preparation, audit representation, estate planning and small business consulting. She is a frequent lecturer and key-note speaker, the past-president of the Arizona Society and Central Arizona Chapter of Enrolled Agents, a Graduate Fellow of the National Association of Enrolled Agents’ National Tax Practice Institute, and a founding member of the Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals. She was proudly a charter member of the Board of Directors for the Arizona Forum for Improvement of Taxation (AFIT) and in 1999 was honored by the IRS at their National Tax Forum in Las Vegas and chosen Arizona’s 1999 Exemplary Electronic Return Originator. Nellie’s unique talents, education and dedication to exceed her client’s expectations have led her to create BulletProofYourTaxes.com. Her goal is to share all of her insider secrets on how to avoid an IRS tax audit with as many entrepreneurs and small business owners as possible. Nellie has her own weekly blog on www.BulletProofYourTaxes.com and her own radio program, Bullet Proof Your Taxes, on www.RockStarWorldwide.com. Nellie explains what and Enrolled Agent (EA) is; what a Tax Auditor does; the importance of keeping tax related documentation for specified periods; the need to tread cautiously around the Federal category "Miscellaneous"; the significance of penalties associated with delayed filing, negligence and omissions; what to do if/when the IRS thinks you are guilty and; much, much more. Nellie shares helpful and important insights into the Federal Agency that many people fear as well as how to avoid getting audited!
Tuesday 29th of April 2014
Chris Teunissen is a Dutch national, who has made his professional career in Asia with leading European and Asian banks. He has worked and resided in Asia since 1990 and has a special interest in China, given his in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language and its business culture. He has served in multiple capacities as a development banking consultant who provides on-site strategic management since 2003. As a bank executive and former CEO of a Trade and Development Bank, Chris focuses on developing profitable client relationships and on the capacity building of his local teams. His clients have ranged from the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’, right up to influential State Owned Enterprises. He has worked throughout the region including engagements in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, and Mongolia. Some of his expertise has directly benefited private sector entrepreneurs. Chris is energetic and engaging, well-traveled in Asia and enjoys overcoming the multicultural challenges he meets in daily situations. He resides in Taipei and outside his work is engaged in vocational associations and in community projects. He loves swimming, cycling and outdoor sports, is married and has a 17 years old son who attends a mandarin speaking local high-school. This is an informative show for those considering relocation as part of their retirement planning. Chris (who speaks five languages) talks about his 30 years of living and working throughout the Far East; the need for and value in possessing cultural awareness before and after arriving in a new country; some pros and cons of living overseas; doing what we love even in a foreign country; life as a "modern nomad"; family considerations, and more practical wisdom from a 30-year expatriate. Chris also recommended the book: "Mr. China - A Memoir" by Tim Clissold. A classic coming of age story that tells a tale of a young man going to a foreign county with misguided notions. A worthy read for anyone considering moving somewhere other than their home country.
Tuesday 15th of April 2014
This segment of Awakening to Awareness was hosted by my friend and coaching colleague - the delightfully energetic, Audra Erwin. Tune in and listen to her "High on Life" nuggets. Audra is appropriately known as The "High on Life" Coach, as a result of her witty personality & zest for life. She is an international speaker, writer, author & host of her very own radio show, The "Happy" Hour, Friday's at Noon Eastern on Toginet Talk Radio. She is a Certified Professional Coach & a Registered Corporate Coach through The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches & also serves as a Results Coach for the Anthony Robbins Organization. Audra passionately encourages others to celebrate their own uniqueness & to live a self-approved authentic life. Audra invited her "soul sister" Tamara Montana as her guest and they engaged in an authentic conversation about swimming dolphins, aligning with spirit, allowing flow, diamonds, Rumi, tapestries, the power in "surrender," choice, and one's sphere of influence. A 'must listen' to show for those who get or aspire to the quote "We're desperate until we're not."
Tuesday 1st of April 2014
Jim Breen has been with the Albuquerque Fire Department for over 23 years and has been the Fire Chief since December 2009. During his tenure as Fire Chief, Jim instituted many reforms that transformed AFD into a premiere emergency response agency. Prior to his appointment, he served as a Battalion Commander for the city’s busiest battalion for the six years. He has extensive experience in Incident Command and Heavy Rescue Operations. He also was directly responsible for the initial development of Albuquerque’s Heavy Rescue Program. Jim had previously been appointed to the mayor’s task force and governor’s commission on matters relating to the fire service and emergency management, and has taught for local colleges and at several EMS and fire service conferences throughout the Southwest United States. Risking his life for decades to be in service to others, Jim shared thoughts and experiences re: the qualities and traits that make for being in service, how he values the concept of mentoring, strengthening and rebuilding family connections, reconnecting with life post-retirement, and how important it is to realize each of us has a greater purpose.
Tuesday 25th of March 2014
Ricky Powell is a Southern California native and grew up as a child actor working with some of Hollywood’s biggest legends. After college, he began his second career behind the camera and has worked at NBC for the past 23 years where he continues to prep every show that airs on the network. Although Ricky has devoted his whole life to the entertainment industry, several years ago, he became passionate about the subject of happiness. He is the founder of Lifelong Happiness.com, author of the book, Happiness Rocks: A Powerful Blueprint to Master the Art of Lifelong Happiness, and creator of Ricky Powell’s Love Your Life system. Aside from his job at NBC, Ricky is a speaker, coach and consultant for both individuals who want to experience happiness on a daily basis and for companies who want to improve their bottom line with employees who are engaged, productive and thrilled to be on the job. We learned about Ricky's Happiness Rocks Blueprint which covers: Happiness, habits, Attitude is Everything, People Power, Planing, Inspiring Others, Never Giving Up, Excused Be Gone, Serving Others, Staying Focused on What Matters, Reinventing Yourself, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Cultivating Relationships, Killer Quotes, and Sharpening the Saw. All of this in the context of his journey, your journey, hardships, mindsets, learning, and how you can live your very best life in every moment.
Tuesday 18th of March 2014
Home Movies are the most organic physical evidence we have our families. Each reel is like a time machine, peeling back the layers of the onion, often revealing secrets that we have not had the opportunity to access any other way. They can be a Pandora’s Box that may result in uncovering astonishing information, creating an opportunity to shift our focus and transform our understanding. Rhonda Vigeant is a business owner, author, speaker, radio show host, and home movie consultant. She and husband Phil own Pro8mm in Burbank, California, a company dedicated to the professional use of Super 8 film for both production and archiving for 40 years. Their technology provides studios opportunities create Super 8 film sequences for thousands of projects, including major motion pictures and popular television programs. Rhonda raises the collective consciousness to get old reels out of the closets, and educate people how to best preserve, share, digitize and repurpose family legacies on film. "Home movies can be used as a vital part of any genealogy project and are a journey in self discovery. Her work helps to shift the focus and transform the understanding of family dynamics." Rhonda talks about the importance of media preservation, acknowledging why - not just the how of moving film into digital life, developing sustainable legacies via film, creating family youtube channels using film, and her vision for a fully digitized and archived online database populated by film.
Tuesday 11th of March 2014
Eldonna is a retired Air Force veteran with 23 years of honorable military service. She is a negotiation and contracts expert with over 30 years of leadership, contracts management and negotiation experience. She has negotiated contracts from $1 to over $100 million both stateside and internationally. She was deployed to the Middle East after 911 and has years of experience in foreign acquisition. She is a subject matter expert in the Contracting Career Field and has developed and taught courses on Contract Claims, Negotiation and other aspects of Contracting. She was selected for an assignment to the White House Military Office in 2002. She has 7 years of extensive experience working for defense contractors in the Aerospace Industry. She holds a Top Secret security clearance and has been a trusted agent of the U.S. Government for 30 years. Rich content and tips from Eldonna including: how negotiation is an art and a science; the importance of being prepared entering any negotiation; "stop talking" and using silence as a negotiation technique; "owning your power"; asking for exactly what you want; building relationships; role playing and her experiential training approach to learning; the need for win-win results; placing integrity first in any negotiation; attitude which drives confidence; influencing skills and much more. Eldonna's two takeaways for the interview: 1) Get it in writing and; 2) read before signing anything - be clear on the terms and conditions. Her website: www.thinklikeanegotiator.com
Tuesday 4th of March 2014
Deborah “Atianne” Wilson is known as The Intuitive Spiritual AND Wealth Coach. Everything that has shifted, healed and transformed in Deborah’s life has come from the foundational knowledge that it all matters—we all matter. From her gift of spiritual neutrality through the portal of her intuitive abilities, she was invited to change her thoughts, emotions and every area of her life. Abuse, abandonment, rejection, death, divorce, dis-ease, infertility and financial fears invited Deborah to shift from a place of depression, physical pain and egoic misunderstanding to extraordinary places of peace, empowerment, personal responsibility, healing, joy, authenticity and Love. The title of her new book encapsulates what we learned on this show: "It's OK to be Spiritual and Wealthy: 19 Essential Keys for living a Joyful, Prosperous & Abundant Life." Deborah shared thoughts on many important life facets, including true forgiveness; the value in expressing our life of freedom; divine connection (though not necessarily in a religious sense); shedding one's egoic consciousness; and giving and being in service to others from a joyful place in our hearts.
Tuesday 18th of February 2014
Carol McManus is America's LinkedIn Lady. A self-described 'recovering corporate executive' Carol left her position as Sr. Vice President of Real Estate Operations for Coldwell Banker in 2007 to pursue her own coaching, consulting and leadership training company – Ywait4success. Carol speaks all over the country on the subject of social media and hosts the hugely popular LinkedIn Lady Show. The show has aired on WGCH in Greenwich, CT, on TogiNet Radio, and RockStar Radio Network. She is now the owner of her newly launched Internet radio network - All Business Radio Network. You can listen to her shows every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 pm EST or find her growing list of over 400 podcasts on iTunes. A boomer herself, Carol likes to distinguish this generational cohort as one possessing extensive experience. Having successfully reinvented herself as an entrepreneur, she stressed the importance of boomers not biting off more than they need to with available social media platforms. She singled out Facebook and LinkedIn as the two most likely candidates for boomers given their interest in connecting or reconnecting, as well as creating or strengthening relationships. She made it clear the boomers are not heading "out to pasture" and encouraged listeners align their social media choices with what gives you joy and what you love to do. She also addressed privacy concerns and talked about how today's tools facilitate efficiency. The podcast contains much more. Listen and learn!
Tuesday 4th of February 2014
Larry Broughton is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and former Special Forces Operator. As a former US Army Staff Sergeant, serving 8 years on Special Forces A-Teams (commonly known as the Green Berets), Larry has parlayed the lessons learned from his time in service to his country and applied them to the business arena attaining extraordinary success. He is the Founder & CEO of Broughton Hotels (www.BroughtonHotels.com), a leader in the boutique hotel industry; as well as Co-Founder & CEO of Broughton Advisory (www.BroughtonAdvisory.com), a strategic vision, elite team building, and transformational leadership training company. Larry has received several business awards, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year®, the National Veteran-Owned Business Association’s Vetrepreneur® of the Year, Coastline Foundation’s Visionary of the Year, Passkeys Foundation’s Leaders of Integrity and Entrepreneur Magazine included his firm on their Hot 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies. Larry addressed so much. His insights ranged from mindset to how fear and failure are actually healthy and nurture learning and growth. He cited the importance of and encouraged having: a sense of adventure as an entrepreneur; a strong belief in one's vision; undying resolve for your passions, commitments and goals; mentors and accountability partners and; competence and confidence - all of which contribute to success. He made clear the importance of using one's strengths, being both authentic and transparent; and doing what it is you're great at - to yield clarity and live a successfully integrated, holistic life. So much wisdom...so little time to learn from Larry. My personal take-aways from the conversation: "Do good things!" and "Don't let the guilt of the past define you. Let it refine you."
Tuesday 28th of January 2014
Amy Duggan is Director, Center for Nonprofit Excellence at United Way of Central New Mexico (CNPE/UWCNM). In 2011 she launched the CNM Encore Fellowship Program and in 2013 an Encore Innovation Project to bring encore led capacity building to grantees addressing education, health, and self-sufficiency. Barbara "BJ" Jones, an Encore Innovation Fellow, is undertaking a one year pilot program with the CNPE to develop a sustainable year-round structure for increasing Encore talent engagement (people over age 50) to further UWCNM's Community Impact agenda. Redefining retirement, Encore programs align baby boomer and recent retirees skills and talents with nonprofit agencies across communities. We learned and heard about myriad ways in which 'win-wins' are created between passion, purpose, and meaningful community involvement. The Encore Movement is a growing network, nationally and internationally. "Engaging in your community inhibits the aging process." To learn more about opportunities, listen to this informative podcast and/or go to www.encore.org It's a fascinating world out there for chronologically gifted people!
Tuesday 21st of January 2014
Mark Sheldon, M.D. and Bina Ahmed, M.D. are Interventional Cardiologists at the University of New Mexico Hospital and faculty at UNM's School of Medicine. Dr. Sheldon is also the UNMH Cardiac Catheterization Lab medical director and the Program Director for the cardiology fellowship training program at UNM. This show focused on cardiovascular disease and risk factors that contribute to the disease, as well as its treatment and prevention. In addition to some of the more known issues, we learn how valuable common sense exercise is (and not the 30 minutes/day of strenuous exercise that many think is required), and the benefits of Mediterranean diets and simple eating. We also learned that some of risks (eg., hypertension) are treatable or modifiable, and got a glimpse inside of a Cath Lab, its amazing technology and a little bit about stents, angioplasty procedures, and some important lifestyle recommendations to enhance our heart health.
Wednesday 15th of January 2014
Craig Duswalt, creator of the "RockStar System for Success" shares how he teaches and trains thousands of people to transition from what they have been doing to earn a living (a job, career) into starting a (sometimes completely) new business for the first time. With a degree and professional background in Marketing and Advertising, Craig is a very successful speaker, author, and radio show host. He also conducts his twice yearly RockStar Marketing BootCamp every March and September in Los Angeles. Craig explains how his "system" encourages and guides people to launch a business, write a book (in 30 days!), successfully blog, host a radio show on his network, and much more through his RockStar tools and programs. Craig also leads a diverse, proactive Mastermind Group of 120 people who are at various stages of becoming or excelling as entrepreneurs. He talks about chronological age being a non-issue when it comes to reinventing one's self. Craig is testimony of "living your dream" and he teaches others how to do the same. His latest (soon to be bestselling) book "Welcome to My Jungle" is due for release in May, 2014. Craig's next BootCamp will be March 20-22, 2014. Details can be found at his web site: www.CraigDuswalt.com
Tuesday 7th of January 2014
Millions think a basic legal will can handle their estate, funeral arrangements, and post-death formalities. They're dead wrong. Understandably, many shy away from the subject until their time comes. However, just like talking about sex can't get a woman pregnant, Gail Rubin (known to many as The Doyenne of Death) is helping people realize that talking about funerals won't actually kill them. Gail Rubin, CT (Certified Thanatologist), is a Certified Funeral Celebrant, funeral planning consultant, radio show host, and a speaker who uses humor and films to get the funeral planning conversation started. Gail covered lots of useful and important information, especially for Baby Boomers as members of the so called "sandwich generation." From pre-planning to funeral costs; donating bodies for science to celebrations of life, Gail certainly enlightened. We learned why people are hesitant to discuss funeral planning and four simple yet important pieces of information one needs to secure a death certificate. We also heard about the latest burial trends including the newest method called alkaline hydrolysis. Gail also shared similarities between weddings and funerals and how interjecting humor can make talking about funeral planning much easier. Her web site is www.AGoodGoodbye.com
Tuesday 17th of December 2013
Dr. Glenn Miya is a double board certified physician (in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) in Claremont, CA. He graduated from the University of Southern California and received his medical degree from the University of California, Irvine. He completed his residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Dr. Glenn's focus on wellness can be attributed to his years of gymnastics and karate competitions. Dr. Glenn acknowledges that he has always wanted to study the body, yet we really don't have a manual for what to do with the body once we turn age 50. We learned about the importance for having routine colonoscopies; how men experience hormonal changes as do women and that the male version of menopause is called andropause. We learned how fatigue in men can be attributed to lower testosterone levels. Dr. Glenn also stressed three fundamentals to basic and sustained wellness: 1) diet; 2) rest and; 3) exercise. Dr. Glenn emphasized the importance of open and clear communication with your doctor and having annual physical exams. He recommends going into a physical exam prepared to discuss your three most pressing/problematic concerns. We learned about the need for and value is planning for "the inevitable" and discussing advanced directives with family and caregivers well before the need to reference them arises. In closing, Dr. Glenn highlighted three significant takeaways from what he shared: 1) schedule an annual physical exam; 2) have an annual colonoscopy after age 50 and; 3) never hesitate to talk openly with your doctor; candid communication is key! Dr. Glenn's website is: www.glennmiya.com and his weekly radio show on the RockStar Radio Network, "Smart Health," airs every Friday at 3:00pm EST.
Tuesday 10th of December 2013
The worldly and accomplished Patricia Gagic hails from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She is an International Contemporary Artist, Photographer, Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach and a passionate Philanthropist. I would add that she is a vibrant, demonstrable Social Entrepreneur. We talk about an array of issues and opportunities that inspire Patricia and to which she, in turn, contributes her time and abundant energy. From her work with Project Cambodia in Angkor Wat to her extensive training and work with Applied Mindfulness, to her views on "brain hygiene" and neuroplasticity, and the importance of telling our own story - she identified ways in which Boomers can truly do what they are called to and that align with their passions. Patricia talks about how awareness has shaped her life thinking and actions. When invited to cite two take-aways from her deep wisdom and experience she quickly identified: 1) the value in practicing random acts of kindness and; 2) the importance in knowing and drawing on personal history when telling your own story and taking action. So much inspiration and information to contemplate in one short hour!
Tuesday 3rd of December 2013
My guest on this week’s show was Susan Wurzelbacher, a Los Angeles based expert on attractiveness. Susan shared some ‘tip of the iceberg’ insights into why attractiveness is important, not only in physical cases but in assessing potential business partners / relationships. We explored how attractiveness and aging go together; how we are being viewed just as we view others; what our facial lines tell/show and; the three components of the Attractiveness Success Factor: Glamour – which is fairly obvious and actually accounts for the least of the three factors; Survival Indicators – which focus on one’s health; biological and cellular growth and; the critical importance of drinking water, good hygiene and eating well; True Beauty Equation – which emphasizes the value in finding and living one’s joy. Susan cites Shawn Rosenberg, Director of Graduate Political Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, who has been studying the convergence of PA (Physical Attractiveness) and politics for 15 years. Rosenberg claims that “Physical appearance is a significant part of the election equation for voters. Although people will never admit it, appearance can rival issues in the decision-making process.” Susan also recommended the book, The Wisdom of Your Face by Jean Haner, for those interested in learning some basics about what our faces tell others. Additionally, she shares a favorite study of hers entitled, The Scale of the Trustworthy Face . Her food for thought with this visual analysis is: When we think of humans as a commodity-driven race (meaning we depend on our community affiliation for survival), which of these two faces would you rather in your community? Which would you be more likely to trust? Obviously, there is considerable science behind what most of us see ‘on the surface.’ The key to aging gracefully isn’t waiting until you need to have work done to turn back the hands of time. It’s about taking measured steps early and throughout the entire aging process, along the Continuum of Beauty, to look your best at any age.
Tuesday 26th of November 2013
Another amazing reinvention story. With an undergraduate degree in Journalism, a J.D. degree, and a successful 19-year career as a litigation and corporate attorney, Deanne Marie finally listened to those voices in her head that were telling her to follow her passion and do what she loved. She retired from practicing law in February 2013 and commenced her transition into becoming an entrepreneur, focusing on interior design and "transformational design." We learned about how people transition from a larger home to a smaller, more manageable space; the benefits of downsizing; how to figure out what to keep and what to let go; and the difference between 'stuff' and possessions with sentimental value; things with memories. Deanne talks about how to make your new home "feel" like it's yours, the importance of planning, and what to consider when decorating a new, smaller space. Deanne shared three important considerations for "empty nesters" or people heading into retirement: 1) Have a lifestyle vision; 2) If going for a "fresh start," get a feel for the type of space you want and; 3) Give thought to your quality of life needs and wants. Deanne is a knowledgeable and credible resource for people looking to downsize and with lifestyle planning and action questions. She stresses the importance of "being prepared." If you are, great! If you'd like some help, contact Deanne at: www.smartsolutionsforbusypeople.com
Tuesday 19th of November 2013
At the age of 50, Walt Grassl chose to face his fear of stage fright. For several years he worked through myriad programs to cure himself of this "disease." He has since performed stand-up comedy at the Hollywood Improv and the Flamingo in Las Vegas, and was recently accepted to study Improvisation at the prestigious Groundlings School in Hollywood. Walt chose to retire at 55 after a near 40-year career as an engineer in the Aerospace industry. He hosts the "Stand Up and Speak Up" radio show and authored his first book with the same title. On this show Walt shares some of the skills he learned and has further developed as a confident public speaker. He talks about how he dismisses the "I can't" label, and his recent transition from the traditional workplace into the world of Encore Entrepreneurship. As a Baby Boomer, Walt also addresses what he considers essential skills when heading into retirement, including: perseverance, preparation, confidence, self-belief and committing to living a stress-free life. He also speaks to the importance of choice, healthy living, life balance and having fun - for those newly retired. Much of what Walt shares comes from his own experiences and personal journey. He encourages people to just "Take the first step" and to not be afraid of making mistakes, especially as they head into Life's next act.
Tuesday 12th of November 2013
A spry, youthful 73, Susan Cooper is an atypical member of the "Silent Generation." But silent she is not. Susan has reinvented herself a number of times yet some constants have carried through her life journey. Raised in Milwaukee, Susan has been a NFL Green Bay Packers fan since early childhood. And while she has never played the game, she has written a book about professional football and we get to that story on the show. Most of Susan's other writing has been in the technical fields, primarily due to her work as an environmental engineer. Additionally, Susan is an artist who works in pastels, oils, and colored pencils. Susan has two Master's degrees: one in Physiology and Biochemistry and a second in Geological Engineering. She also earned a Ph.D. in Physiology. Susan shares her story of personal growth; reinvention; life as a football widow; being intimidated as a retired person; working hard; planning for, entering and then leaving retirement; her new found inspiration as an Encore Entrepreneur; and of course, her passion and soon to be published book, "Football Facts for Females."
Tuesday 5th of November 2013
Following a decorated and successful career with the United States Navy, Peter Murphy (Captain, USN, Ret.) has transitioned his extensive leadership, financial management and acquisition experience into a new business. Peter is now an American Prosperity Group Franchise Owner, where he specializes in Retirement and Estate Planning. Over his distinguished Naval career, Peter served as a Comptroller and Financial Management Officer at the Pentagon; as the Commanding Officer of the USS TARAWA; and he concluded his tenure as the Deputy Executive Officer for Naval Aviation and Tactical Systems for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Pentagon. Peter started his professional life as a High School Mathematics Teacher and Football/Baseball Coach. He earned a M.S. degree in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D.C. During his Naval years, he earned considerable recognition including the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit award, and four Meritorious Service medals. Peter frequently teaches, speaks and presents to groups of soon-to-be retirees, recently retired people and Baby Boomer audiences on a variety of financial planning matters, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and estate planning. During this show, Peter will focus on Social Security, addressing factors to consider when applying for benefits; when it makes sense to delay benefits; how to estimate your benefits; how to minimize taxes on Social Security and; how to coordinate SS with your other sources of retirement income. Peter can be contaced at PeterMurphy@1apg.com or at 505-216-0838.
Tuesday 29th of October 2013
Dr. Bob Grassberger is a University teacher, a researcher, and an enterpreneur with 30+ years of supplying his customers with the knowledge they need to make better and more informed decisions. Having published over 60 studies on business, economic, and organizational productivity, he now focuses on how to use learning strategically. In this show, Bob talks about how adults learn versus children (andragogy versus pedagogy); the job market after age 55; Encore careers and the importance of mentors and planning; Encore Entrepreneurs; assessing risk for entrepreneurs and; the growing field of Social entrepreneurship.
Tuesday 22nd of October 2013
Learning techniques and strategies for adults tackling new challenges and new adventures with Barbara Allisen (Learn and Play with Mrs. A) who believes that for many, retirement is a new phase for adults just as kindergarten is for kids. Barbara talks about the importance of imagination and creativity in learning at all ages. She also speaks to the learning curve she experienced when transitioning from a salaried position in the traditional workforce to becoming a business owner.
Tuesday 15th of October 2013
A TogiNet Radio Network Premiere. Host Eric Tonningsen introduces himself, highlights the show's genesis, speaks about the target audience (Baby Boomers) and outlines the show's purpose and format.