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Brain4Play is an astute, progressive podcast designed to reach an eclectic population of listeners/viewers that are interested psychological/emotional growth and development.

Dr. Rick Perea, Ph.D. is an authentic, open, and passionate Industrial/Organizational Psychologist that has worked with some of the biggest names in professional sports and entertainment.

His co-host, Tanya Marchiol, is business executive that has experience in real-estate, TV and ironically, Prison. Her experience as a Felon (tax evasion) will illuminate how the time incarcerated helped her gain a wealth of perspective, awareness, and humility to become an outstanding citizen modeling how to implement positive changes in behavior.

Brain4Play provides a platform for two dynamic, insightful hosts to delineate topics that involve human communication and behavior. Specifically, how relationships impact organizations, teams, families, and interpersonal interactions. Brain4Play will also examine and discuss phenomenon’s such has FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), the pandemics impact on society’s psychology and emotionality among other fruitful topics. 

Finally, Brain4Play will examine how money, investing and business/organizational performance is tied to habits and belief systems in the Brain. The brain and the mind will be delineated, and methodologies will be taught how to train the brain for better human performance and decision making in daily life. Science and anecdotal content is foundational in this progressive PODCAST.

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Decision Point

A young, 7-year-old Rikki Perea was facing that moment when all true decisions are made, that moment when he answered the door to his family’s home and, there staring back at him from a height of two feet taller than he, was a uniformed police officer, locking eyes and asking, “Are your parents home?” Rikki’s world and the sweet innocence of his childhood were about to change forever as his parents would soon hear those nonretractable words regarding the life of Rikki’s older brother, Danny. In that moment, Rikki made a choice — a life-changing decision — that would forever impact his life, his achievements, and his purpose, and would launch him into becoming a world class champion who would play a key role in serving world class athletes and help win the 2016 Super Bowl world championship for the Denver Broncos.

This book is the ultimate game plan for deciding to live life at 212° every day despite trauma & tragedy. The reader will receive core principles to Understanding the Psychology behind Trauma & Tragedy and a Game Plan to Live Life as the Champion of Your Life.

The Prosperity Principles

Finally, a step-by-step plan designed to take you from an “average” lifestyle to one of abundance. Learn how the wealthy handle everyday decisions about money and change your approach to prosperity today.

-Principle One – Are you making emotional decisions or “wise” decisions? Do you know the difference?
-Principle Two – Did you know successful people don’t “do it all” but they know the right people that do…. Do you?
-Principle Three – Did you know you can take tax deductions like a business?
-Principle Four – If you lost your job today, could you sustain your lifestyle?
-Principle Five – Did you know money really does grow on trees?