Tuesday 15th of November 2016
Elaine Williams is an award winning stand-up comedian and speaker. Elaine combines her coaching with her 30 plus years of performing in theatre, film, tv, voice-over, radio, and stand-up comedy to transform her clients into “Rockstar Speakers”. Clients that work with Elaine are able to quickly become engaging and captivating master story tellers. As a sexual assault survivor and expert, and a recovering addict from food, drugs and alcohol, Elaine believes that theatre and the arts saved her life growing up. She passionate that self-expression is vitally important for every human being. It’s how we connect and break down the barriers. To learn more about Elaine and her work, visit her website at: http://elainewilliams.com/ Satori Mateu is the world's #1 Wealth Mentor, creator of Wealth Accelerator and founder of Brain Code Activation and Wealth Code Activation. Satori advises multimillionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities, innovative leaders, moms and dads on how to find and sustain genuine love and happiness—to eliminate fear, anger and emptiness from their lives—and step into a life they love, a richer more meaningful life… where they can make a difference. Satori successfully helps people eliminate destructive anger patterns, unstoppable fears and phobias, drug & alcohol abuse, ADD, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, to those who want extraordinary relationships, impactful careers, and inner fulfillment. To learn more about Satori’s work, and obtain a free copy of the Wealth Accelerator, visit: http://satorimateu.com/wealthaccelerator
Wednesday 9th of November 2016
Tracey Powers is a Certified Holistic Health Coach known for her passion in educating and creating awareness about foods and ingredients associated with poor health. Her "7 Steps to Live Healthy” program is designed around bio-individuality; learning what is best for YOU, "onesize does NOT fit all". Tracey's certification along with years of research and her relentless passion for helping people achieve their goals are her formula for success. To learn more about Tracey and her work, visit her website at: http://sustainablewellnessinc.liveeditaurora.com/ Dolly Garlo is an Author, Educator, Health Advocate & Environmental Activist, Philanthropist and Champion for Women’s Leadership. Dolly is the creator of the “MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign” program, as well as the developer of “Creating Legacy,” her signature legacy planning program to help helping people design their unique blueprint to best make a lasting positive impact in the world for the people, places and things they care most about. To learn more about Dolly and her work, visit her website at: http://dollygarlo.com/
Wednesday 2nd of November 2016
Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is the founder of True Focus Coaching Inc., a speaker, coach, and Psychologist with 20 years of experience helping people create the lives they crave. She is passionate about helping smart people that have a hard time managing their time and their tasks, figure out a way that works for them. She believes that you have to find the time management system that works for you, that solutions are found by paying attention to the present moment, and that just like Michelangelo had to chip away at the stone to find the statue, we have to get rid of all the extra stuff that isn’t the core of your life. Dr. Reiff-Hekking graciously offered her free assessment, the True Focus Quiz, for show listeners to take. The quiz will give participants customized feedback regarding their time management skills and suggestions to help them improve how they manage their time and tasks. Visit www.TrueFocusQuiz.com to access the quiz. Maria Johnson is a transformational coach and speaker, and founder of CoreSPEAK, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers get energized and clear on their core message... and then deliver that message in a powerful and authentic way when they connect with potential clients – one-on-one or speaking from the stage. To learn more about Maria, and to take advantage of her FREE CoreSPEAK Discovery Session, you can visit her website at www.MariaLynnJohnson.com.
Wednesday 26th of October 2016
Diane Halfman is Speaker, Collaborator, Healer, and the Creator of the Diane Halfman Academy. Diane brings excellence to her client’ Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Space. She is the “Clutter to Calm” expert, moving her clients from the feeling of overwhelm to get it done, and helping them achieve a life rich in happiness, health and wealth. By partnering with Diane, you’ll simply watch clutter, confusion and frustration evaporate. Diane is also a new featured writer for Thriving Women in Business magazine. You can read her work by visiting www.ThrivingWomenInBusiness.com. To learn more about Diane, you can visit her website at www.DianeHalfman.com. Listeners are also encouraged take advantage of her free give-away, The Clutter Awareness Quiz, by visiting www.TheClutterAwarenessQuiz.com. Lisa Medley is the Founder of Soulistic Arts. Lisa is a Vitality Mentor specializing in body intelligence. She is devoted to supporting visionaries and thought leaders who are tired of feeling exhausted, pushing too hard, and forgetting their humanity. She empowers her clients to optimize their wellbeing with simple, effective real restorative practices so they can sustain their purpose and enjoy their life. To learn more about Lisa, visit her website at http://soulisticarts.com and contact her directly at lisa@soulisticarts.com to receive a complimentary 10-minute guided relaxation mp3 and inquire about a complimentary Optimize Your Vitality Strategy Session.
Wednesday 5th of October 2016
Madeleine MacRae is the President of MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting. Madeleine is a big-picture strategist, a bridge-builder who sees potential where others simply don’t. She knows how to motivate and lead cross-functional teams aligned to a single purpose. As a consultant, she leverages that skill to create customized, specialty-focused business education programs for Manufacturers and OEMs. She works seamlessly within organizations to help them create great products, exceptional service, and committed customers every time. To learn more about Madeleine and her work, visit her website at https://mmmacrae.com/, and schedule a strategy session with her. Kristen Nolan is the High Performance Health Mentor at I Luv My Body Fitness. Kristen is a health, fitness, and metabolism expert who helps executive women and men transform their lives by learning how to take back control of their health and wellness so that are able to stay at the top of their game. She empowers her clients to create healthier, more balanced lives – and their health. To learn more about Kristen, visit her website at http://kristennolan.com/. And don’t forget to opt-in to receive Kristen’s Secret Weapon for increased focus and productivity, “31 High Energy Easy Grab & Go Snacks”.
Wednesday 28th of September 2016
Carolyn Shadrach is the CEO & Founder at Creative Alchemists. Carolyn loves working with creative entrepreneurs who'd been really successful in corporate and are frustrated they're not seeing the same success in their own business. Carolyn aids her clients to gain a clear pathway to reach their financial goals, and learn the tools and strategies they need to create a wildly successful business on their own terms. To learn more about Carolyn, you can visit her website at http://carolynshadrach.com/. To receive a complimentary Authentic Client Attraction Breakthrough Session with Carolyn, you can sign-up at https://goo.gl/8NLOVF. Nadine Haupt is the Breakthrough Strategist at FAST Women in Business. FAST Women in Business is dedicated to helping motivated and high achieving entrepreneurs break through barriers, accelerate their impact and income substantially, and fall in love with Monday mornings. Clients are inspired to do more, be more, and have more because that is what being F.A.S.T. (Fearless, Ambitious, Strong, Trailblazing) in Business is all about. To learn more about Nadine and her work, you can visit her website at http://nadinehaupt.com/.
Wednesday 7th of September 2016
Mike Brcic is the Founder & CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) at Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures. For almost 20 years, Mike and his team have grown Sacred Rides into the "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Operator on Earth" (National Geographic Adventure Magazine) and the "World's #1 MTB Outfitter" (Outside Magazine). Sacred Rides has helped over 10,000 people live life to the fullest through mountain bike adventures in some of the most spectacular places on Earth. And through his work with social entrepreneurs, Mike delivers workshops and bootcamps, does one-on-one consulting, and mentors entrepreneurs who seek to change the world through business. To learn more about Mike, you can visit his website at http://www.mikebrcic.com/ or the Sacred Rides website at http://sacredrides.com/. Sheryl's is the Muse and Law of Attraction Life Coach at Garden Path Coaching. Sheryl’s work is anchored by the "7 Steps to Clarity, Know Your Value" process. She works with clients at all levels in their career, who have a goal, something they want to go for, but just can't seem to go past "GO"? Sheryl helps her clients get clear on what they really do want to do, and come away with ideas, titles, a plans to get there. To learn more about Sheryl, you can contact her mizzbee@roadrunner.com
Wednesday 31st of August 2016
Giselle Toner is a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and Director of Power Fusion Yoga and Pilates at Eternity Yoga. Giselle specializes in helping others break through limiting behaviors and beliefs so that they can excel physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally, and in relationships. Giselle is passionate about helping others in becoming the best they can be. To learn more about Giselle, you can visit her on LinkedIn or on her website at www.eternity-yoga.com/ Julia Katsivo is a Career Transition Success Coach & Motivational Speaker. She works with go-getters and dreamers who are committed to safely transitioning from their corporate jobs into entrepreneurship, or their “dream lives”. The services she provides, include: career transition strategies, leadership training, motivational skills training, and high performance strategies. To learn more about Julia and her work, you can visit her on LinkedIn or on her website at www.juliakatsivo.com
Tuesday 23rd of August 2016
Jill Fahlgren is the Founder of The Possible Life. Jill is committed to helping professionals be happy, feel good about the work they do, and make the most out of their careers. She helps those who are in transition or have lost the spark in their job/career to take control, reinvent themselves/redefine their future, and find a job where they can get the recognition and rewards they deserve. Jill's work extends to those who like where they are and want to be better and go further. For more information about Jill’s work at The Possible Life, visit their website at www.thepossiblelife.com Casey Carpenter is the Sales Breakthrough Coach, and the Sales Confidence Mentor. Casey founded The Sales Breakthrough Coach for organizations that want to exponentially improve their sales, communication and leadership skills, and close more deals. Her clients call her the “sales confidence mentor.” Her customized sales programs focus on empowering women business owners and executives to stand in their power and ask for what they deserve, and to take a leadership role representing the face of their businesses. For more information about Casey’s work, visit her website www.caseycarpenter.net at salescall911.com to get her free eBook "3 Simple Steps to Win the Sale When You're Scared of Selling," Eleanor Beaton is the Woman’s Leadership Coach. Eleanor teaches professional women and entrepreneurs build the confidence and leadership skills they need, how to ask for what they deserve — and it’s never just the money. It’s more time, more recognition and their place in the spotlight. Eleanor delivers courses, workshops and private coaching programs, to show women how to add 5-figures to their income and step onto the leadership track by teaching them the leadership skills of 7-figure businesswomen, and to learn to become an extraordinary leader. For more information about Eleanor, visit her website at www.eleanorbeaton.com.
Wednesday 17th of August 2016
Dianna Geairn is The Irreverent Sales Girl. Dianna brings a dash of dignity to the art of selling. Since her first day as a sales clerk in a mall shoe store, Dianna has been honing the art of selling. Today, The Irreverent Sales Girl and her team provide a transformational sales message to sales and business development personnel in highly entertaining and interactive formats. To learn more about Dianna and her work, visit The Irreverent Sales Girl website at www.irreverentsalesgirl.com. Anne Dickinson is the Founder and owner of Eye On Your Business. Anne Dickinson is a cash flow and profits optimizer. As creator of the Stop the Profit L.E.A.K.S. Formula™, she helps overwhelmed business leaders take back control of their business finances. She is adamant that small business owners learn the nuances of their finances, ask the right questions before making important financial decisions, and put processes in place to make sure they understand their financial picture. To learn more about Anne and her work with small businesses, visit the Eye On Your Business at http://eyeonyourbusiness.net/
Wednesday 10th of August 2016
Sable Badaki is the Working Mom Mentor at SheWorks. After commuting to Ethiopia for 4 years from the USA to her dream job, as global HR consultant she has learned secrets for maintaining a healthy marriage and raising teenagers with an abnormal work schedule. She shares these secrets with other working moms who want to excel in the boardroom and at home without the guilt. Her goal is to partner with organizations and women for improved engagement and retention for positive impact to the bottom line. She is actively working with working moms in the USA, and several countries in Africa, where she is addressing gender workplace issues head on through private and corporate clients. To learn more about Sable and her work, visit the SheWorks website at www.sheworksnow.com. Jonathan Christian is the Chief Imagination Offer at We Make Stuff Happen. Jonathan is a leading expert in Online Marketing and Strategy. He’s a Master Storyteller and BIG PICTURE Thought Leader, teaching Entrepreneurs how to tell their story, build brand equity and leverage Social Media. Jonathan and his team of 24 have helped over 500 local businesses; entrepreneurs and non-profits master the Social space. For the past 5 years Jonathan has personally trained over 500 businesses in the art of Content Marketing. He is an expert in helping small business owners get and go social. Jonathan teaches monthly through his Social Media Challenge Meetup and is often a guest speaker and panelist. To learn more about Jonathan and his work, visit the We Make Stuff Happen website at www.wemakestuffhappen.com
Tuesday 2nd of August 2016
Kira Leskew is the President & Founder of The Eagle Institute. Kira is a successful entrepreneur. high performance athlete, and a long-time mindfulness practitioner. Kira has taken this focus on mind, body, and spirit to teach her individual and corporate clients the mental skills that will transform their business and your life. Kira’s step-by-step system enables business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs to learn for themselves and offer their teams the tools and techniques, regardless of the pressures, distractions and challenges at work, to focus on what is most important and get quality work done while maintaining positive productive relationships with others. To learn more about the Kira and The Eagle Institute, visit their site at http://theeagleinstitute.com. Debra Hamilton is the Principal at Hamilton Law & Mediation. Debra helps her clients resolve conflicts over animals. She uses alternative dispute resolution to help address disagreements over the family pet during divorce, neighbors’ arguments over a barking dog, and confrontations between clients and veterinarians and other professionals who work with animals. Debra helps her corporate clients navigate the complexities of preventing and resolving animal-related disputes in the workplace. Debra is the author of Nipped in the Bud, Not in the Butt: How to Use Mediation to Resolve Conflicts over Animals. To learn more about Debra and her work, visit her website at http://hamiltonlawandmediation.com.
Wednesday 27th of July 2016
Elina Giachali is a Life Coach and Licensed Practitioner of Neurolinguistics Programming. Elina works with individuals and groups on topics related to relationships, quality of life, professional success, communication and Life Plans She works with her clients to cultivate their emotional intelligence, stress management, and issues that play a key role in achieving their goals and professional development dreams. To learn more about Elina, you can connect with her on LinkedIn at https://gr.linkedin.com/in/elina-giachali-83315330. Howard discussed the key differences between a “Boss” versus a “Leader”. Howard also reviewed Marshall Goldsmith’s 2015 book, Triggers – Creating Behavior That Last – Becoming The Person You Want to Be. Howard shared Marshall’s six “engaging questions” that anyone can use to take responsibility to improve the things we want to change in our lives, and to help us recognize when we fall short.
Wednesday 6th of July 2016
Michael Palestina & Maggie Pazian are the Founders of the People Intell Institute. Michael is a Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant who collaborates with senior executives, mid-level managers, and other leaders to inspire and enhance individual’s attitudes, behaviors, and performance, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention. Maggie is an internationally accredited expert in the science and art of nonverbal communication and behavior, emotion perception and deception detection. She has more than ten years of experience coaching and training others in the skills of accurately perceiving and interpreting emotional information. Enhanced emotional awareness allows for better decision-making, stronger leadership, and more effective relationships. Through a combination of offerings such as coaching, training and consulting, Maggie and Michael’s mission is to provide an organization’s leadership and professional staff with applicable skills to develop and improve self-awareness, emotion management and the art and science of reading people. To learn more about the People Intell Institute, visit http://people-intell.com Jacque Salentine Busby is President of Luxe Travel Incentives. Jacque and the Luxe Incentive team handle all the logistics and coordination of incentive programs, VIP client events, and reward travel for multi-billion dollar companies, to destinations throughout the world. With over 30 years’ experience organizing “over the top” incentive trips, Luxe Incentives has developed personal relationships all over the world in order to deliver custom, first-rate programs. To learn more about Luxe Travel Incentives, visit http://luxeincentives.com Lisa Humphrey is the Founder of Your Profit Catalyst. Lisa helps small businesses move beyond break-even to sustainable profitability through financial management, education and strategic planning. Combining decades of coaching experience, formal education, professional expertise and business ownership, Lisa works to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners take control of their assets and gain the confidence and self-assurance they need to make critical financial decisions. To learn more about Your Profit Catalyst, visit http://yourprofitcatalyst.com
Wednesday 29th of June 2016
Nicholas Greco is the Founder and President of C3 Education and Research, Inc., a training and academic consulting firm. Mr. Greco has held multiple positions over a 20-year career in clinical operations, project management, multidisciplinary training for civilians and law enforcement, as well as diagnostics and assessment. C3 Education and Research provides a customized and unique consulting experience for law enforcement agencies, academia, as well as groups and individuals. Their offerings include mental health presentations, wellness training programs, and workshops for law enforcement agencies across the State of Illinois. To learn more about C3 Education and Research, visit http://www.c3educationandresearch.com. Stacey Saunders is a time management strategist and the principal behind Saunders Consulting. She creates peace of mind for solopreneurs by helping them with their work flow efficiencies. She provides solutions to help clients be more focused, consistent and make better decisions. She is active in the Uptown / Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago as well as being an advocate for women’s health. She has also worked extensively in management and development for Arthur Andersen, Senator Tammy Baldwin and former Congressman Gary Condit. To learn more about Saunders Consulting, visit https://saundersconsulting.net/ Besides hosting CEO Spotlight Radio, Howard is the President of Fox Coaching, Inc. He coaches small business owners on hiring and developing employees and teams throughout the entire employment lifecycle. Howard discussed his attendance last week at the 2016 International Coach Federation (ICF) Regional Conference in Indianapolis, and highlighted the Keynoted delivered by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, author of “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. To learn more about Fox Coaching, Inc. visit http://foxcoaching.com
Wednesday 15th of June 2016
Emily Drake is the CEO of Flank 5 Academy, a Chicago-based entrepreneurial start-up that develops and implements career and leadership development programs for individuals, groups and organizations. Flank 5 Academy blends popular psychology, business strategy, personal assessments, and self-discovery exercises to unlock human potential to optimize each person's professional potential. Emily shared insights from her own career journey; she has changed career paths four times, and insights and lessons-learned since embarking on the entrepreneurial path. For more information about Emily and Flank 5 Academy, you can visit their website at http://flank5academy.com. Besides hosting CEO Spotlight Radio, Howard is the President of Fox Coaching, Inc. He coaches small business owners on hiring and developing employees and teams throughout the entire employment lifecycle. Howard discussed Appreciation Marketing, a business building technique that focuses on developing relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and using the strategy of greeting cards to stay top-of mind with them. To learn more about Fox Coaching, Inc. visit http://foxcoaching.com
Wednesday 1st of June 2016
Dr. Rob Bogosian is the Founder of RVB Associates, a provider of customized performance-development consulting services to leaders, intact and project teams, and individuals. Dr. Rob brings more than 20 years of development and operational experience. He is the co-author of Breaking Corporate Silence: How High-Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice. He shared about his groundbreaking phenomenological research into the culture of silence in the workplace and the devastating affect it can have on the leadership, employees, and the organization. Dr. Rob shared about the common signs of a “Culture of Silence”, and the work his company provides to clients, aiding them to move to a “Culture of Voice”. To learn more about RVB Associates, you can visit their website at http://rvbassociates.com/. Andy Crestodina is a co-founder and the Strategic Director of Orbit Media, an award-winning 38-person web design company in Chicago. Over the past 16 years, Andy has provided web strategy and advice to more than a thousand businesses. He is a top-rated speaker at national conferences, and accomplished blogger, and teacher/mentor. He has written hundreds of articles on content strategy, search engine optimization, social media and Analytics. Andy shared about the techniques he and his team of designers, project managers, developers, directors, and strategists work together to aid their clients leverage their online presence. To learn more about Orbit Media, you can visit their website at http://www.orbitmedia.com/. Dan McManus is the Founder and lead visual narrator of the narrative: branding and design, an award winning design agency. Dan brings over 13 years of experience in branding, advertising, marketing, and graphic design. Dan is also Adjunct Faculty at the University of Illinois Chicago where he teaches graphic design, and a Lecturer at the Art Institute of Chicago. Dan shared about the importance of “Brand”, and how he and his firm work with leaders inside the organization to research, plan, design, and execute a brand strategy. To learn more about The Narrative, you can visit their website at http://www.thisisthenarrative.com/.
Wednesday 25th of May 2016
Howard introduced listeners to the Wheel of Life, a coaching tool that he uses with clients to measure the balance and success in their life, and to create a stepping stone for embarking on desired changes. Howard also shared about a similar tool, the WeatherVane™, which measures the sentiment and culture of an organization through employee engagement. Howard invited listeners to contact him to learn more about the Wheel of Life tool. Vivek Mehra is the CEO of ParqEx, "The Private Parking Marketplace" that connects owners of parking spots to people in need of a place to park. By using ParqEx, parking owners are able to make some supplemental income from an underutilized asset while renters find more convenient and often less expensive parking options in hard-to-park locations. Vivek shared about the love of building technology solutions and the importance for assembling a team that was passionate about the technology, the cause, and about working as a team towards achieving common goals. To learn more about ParqEx, visit their site at www.parqex.com. Amanda Neely is the Co-Owner of the Overflow Coffee Bar (L3C), a neighborhood coffee bar in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. Amanda shared that she and her husband’s vision was to establish a socially responsible enterprise that supplies ethical products (coffee, espresso, tea etc.) while building a stronger neighborhood community of people who change the world with their purchasing power, time, and talents. Amanda shared that their approach to hiring talent was to look for young professionals who were also passionate about socially responsible enterprises and making a difference. Amanda and her husband emphasize the importance of frequent ongoing conversations to ensure the needs of the customers, store, and staff are met. To learn more about the Overflow Coffee Bar, visit their site at www.overflowcoffeebar.org.
Wednesday 18th of May 2016
Frank Yao is the Co-Founder and CEO of PHYSICLO. Frank shared that PHYSICLO started out in 2013 as a project by a small group of medical students trying to find a way to help rehabilitate people who needed a "push" to reach that minimum baseline of healthy exercise. PHYSICLO is now run by a team of NYU medical students, doctors, fashion designers, and Olympic athletes, whose mission is to create the ultimate workout apparel that empowers people to take control of their fitness. Frank also shared about the importance of communication, relationship building, and bringing skilled professionals into the organization that shared similar passion and values. Listeners can find more information about PHYSICLO at www.physiclo.com. Joe Eppy, President and Chief Visionary Officer at The Eppy Group, returns to CEO Spotlight Radio. The Eppy Group crafts and implement progressive strategies for estate, business, personal, charitable and special needs. They use various tools including: investments, annuities, life, disability income, and long term care insurances. Joe also shared that as the Eppy Group continues to pursue its hiring and growth objectives, having an automated and well-executed recruiting and on-boarding strategy has been a factor in growing the organization. Listeners can find more information about the Eppy Group at www.TheEppyGroup.com. Steven Steinfeld is the President of Steinfeld Coaching and Founder of Executive to Executive Coaching. Steve is a nationally recognized career and job search coach, who delivers measurable results to a wide variety of clients and organizations, International students, MBA students, and over 40 job seekers. Steve discussed the importance of the Mentor and Mentee relationship in executing a long-term professional development strategy. Steve also shared what benefits the mentor and the mentee (and the organization) should expect from the mentor-mentee relationship. Listeners can find more information about Steinfeld Coaching at www.steinfeldcoaching.com/.
Wednesday 11th of May 2016
Jay McHugh is the Chief Appreciation Officer at LAER Realty Partners and a Sr. Manager, Appreciation Marketing Expert with SendOutCards. Jay assist agents in growing their business and seeing them enjoy more time with their family and friends. As the Broker Owner. Jay coaches and mentor’ agents with learning the tools and services that are available. Jay is an expert in Appreciation Marketing, and also coaches Realtors, Loan Officers, and other small business owners in growing their business using appreciation marketing techniques anchored by his system, www.MyRandomActsofCardness.com. Ed Rankin, SPHR, PCC is the Founder of Ed Rankin Coaching- www.edwinrankin.com. Ed has over 25 years’ experience in human resource management. Ed is a leadership development consultant to corporations and an expert executive coach. He’s worked with scores of senior-level executives and successful entrepreneurs. Ed is an expert in organizational systems and effectiveness. He has designed and implemented scores of organizational research programs including employee opinion and engagement surveys. Ed also shared about the changing nature of leadership development that is being rolled-out inside organizations; there is a growing appreciation of the importance of the leader (and their teams) to be learn techniques anchored in emotional intelligence. Leaders are learning the importance of developing their self-awareness and self-reflective competencies, as well developing agility and adaptability techniques.
Thursday 5th of May 2016
Howard Fox, Host of CEO Spotlight Radio discusses professional branding, and the key characteristics of a well-branded LinkedIn profile. Dr. Matt Barney is the Founder and CEO of LeaderAmp, a funded startup with an enterprise‐ready mobile application that provides scientifically‐based, on‐demand and asynchronous assessment, journaling and coaching for leader development. Dr. Barney has over 25 years of global experience in the practical application of science and technology-enabled leader and leadership development at companies such as Motorola, AT&T, and most recently as an expat where he ran the Infosys Leadership Institute for the Infosys Founders. Visit LeaderAmp at www.leaderamp.com. Terri Business is a professional Realtor. Since 2004, Terri has been helping clients buy or sell real estate in Chicago’s South Loop and surrounding neighborhoods. Terri shared about the importance of relationship building skills, and the techniques she uses to meet clients “where they are at” to ensure that they remember the experience of buying and selling real estate as a positive one.
Wednesday 27th of April 2016
Michael Brown is the Owner of Experiential Solutions T.E.A.M.,Inc., a learning and development company that specializes in utilizing Cognitive and Experiential Learning Activities to aid adults, adolescents, children and families develop more effective personal and professional interactions. Michael shared about the training and development work he delivers for Public, Private, Charter schools to help students learn effective communication, team and relationship building, critical thinking and problem solving, and leadership skills that will server them through grade school, higher education, and in their careers. Mark Kaufman is the Founder of Kaufman-Partners, a leadership and management consulting company that connects business strategy to people strategy. Mark and his team work with clients to build leadership competence into organizations that is tied to strategic plans. They help decision makers and teams with widely different interests or styles see the big picture and take deliberate, developmental steps to complete projects and create value. Mark is also the current Board President, of the Chicago Organization Development Network. Mark also shared that Dr. Edgar Schein, a former professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and an icon in the field of organizational development, would be speaking to chapter this coming May 2nd. Dr. Larry Gard is President and Lead Psychologist at Hamilton-Chase Consulting, a firm that specializes in executive coaching, pre-hire testing, and retirement planning. Larry and his team are experts in applying behavioral science at every stage of work - early, middle, and late - from hiring to retiring. Larry shared that for (baby boomer) senior executives contemplating retirement, leaving their company may be the most significant transition of their adult life; almost the same impact as leaving a family. Yet most baby boomers short-change themselves when it comes to planning for the psychological aspects of the decades that lie ahead. Larry and his team work with these executives to address the personal and emotional side of transitioning out of the business. Larry recommended The Platinum Years, https://www.theplatinumyears.com/, as an online resource.
Wednesday 13th of April 2016
Lawrence Hedblom is the Founder of Springboard Unlimited LLC. Lawrence is a professionally trained and experienced executive and career coach, dedicated to helping clients achieve more professional success and personal fulfillment. Lawrence assists organizations to manage the complete cycle of talent management, including onboarding, comprehensive executive coaching, and outplacement. His work with individuals includes helping clients with their next career move, whether it involves finding the right job, making the most of their current position, or stretching to the next level. Janie Bouzek is the Owner of Coach to Clear. Janie specialize in designing and providing custom training and coaching services in the areas of effective communication, creating collaborative work environments, and conflict management. She helps individuals and groups explore challenges, create vision, and develop strategies toward moving from where they are to where they want to be. She also coaches mediation skills for law students at a number of Chicago Universities, as well as professionals wanting to become mediators. Patrick O’Reilly is the President of Padraig Coaching & Consulting Inc., Patrick worked as a senior executive, managing large budgets, leading and mentoring teams of people and providing management and policy advice to colleagues, senior executives and politicians. Patrick and his team have a reputation for their success working with leaders who are taking on a new team, and working with the team to help them adapt to the new leader. Patrick and his team are skilled practitioners of the Everything DiSC® Profile Suite and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, based on the work Patrick Lencioni and the Five Dysfunctions of a Team model Mike Smela is the Founder of NFI Hunters Inc, a wealth management company. Mike is an educator and advocate for proven financial strategies and programs designed to benefit individuals, medical and business professionals. Mike and his team help clients eliminate their debt and build wealth safely. Mike is also the host of Strictly Business Radio on the Business Radio Networks. He interviews business leaders to learn the fundamental strategies and principles they use to build and lead thriving businesses while enjoying abundant and fulfilled lives.
Wednesday 6th of April 2016
Bayan Towfiq is the Founder and CEO of Flowroute, the leading provider of communication services for cloud-based companies. Bayan shared how he grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and to together with his friends and co-founders, “bootstrapped” Flowroute to the successful company is today, with 40 employees. Bayan shared about the lessons learned and challenges of bringing the right staff into the organization, and of the importance of discovering a candidate’s passion, heart, and soul when making a candidate selection. Dr. Stuart Ralsky is a Principal at SLR Consulting. For over 25 years, Stuart has been an external consultant focusing on Leadership and Management Development for Fortune 500, as well as small to mid-size growth companies. He brings a very unique blend of academic training, internal corporate experience, and consulting knowledge to his clients Ron McIntyre is the Founder of the Transformative Leadership Group. Ron is a story changer and proactive executive coach. For the past 40 years he has been coaching and empowering new & existing leaders in IT, Retail, and Insurance to grow their careers and support the creation of new leaders. Ron is a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach and Teacher. He currently developing a business credibility validation platform for the collaborative economy.
Wednesday 30th of March 2016
Noel Wax is the president of the GroundSwell Group. The GroundSwell Group is a boutique Cause Marketing firm in Los Angeles which seeks to bridge the gap between corporations and nonprofits, helping them create collaborative opportunities with each other. Noel and his team are building a reputation of matching corporate sponsors looking for marketing opportunities with non-profits who are looking to raise awareness of their mission and raise much-needed funds. Noel shared how he, his business partner, and professional staff have created a culture that is not only technically at the top of their game, but who are also passionate about the mission and the collaborative atmosphere that the GroundSwell Group provides. Jerry Hum is the Co-Founder and CEO of Touch of Modern. Jerry and his three co-founders started Touch of Modern, a 2012 ecommerce company, because they loved modern design and were interested in merchandise that is both original and high quality. Jerry shared about the challenge the partners had in moving from friendship to learning to work more effectively with each other, and their commitment building an effective Touch of Modern Team that is technically proficient, but would easily assimilate into the company culture so that all the moving parts continue to working smoothly. Ginna Frantz is the CEO & Founder Entrepreneurial Endeavors LLC, a Ginna Frantz Brand Company. Ginna has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. She has taken her expertise and passion to begin working with other aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to her one-on-one coaching, Ginna and her team stage workshops, conferences and long-term programs for insightful, driven and success-oriented individuals. Ginna is also the Owner of Half Pass Moon Productions LLC, an equine theatre company that writes, choreographs and designs musical productions that brings the magic of horse to life.
Wednesday 23rd of March 2016
Bruce Ulrich is the President at Productive Displays & Graphics. Bruce shared that Productive Displays has been offering innovative customized solutions since 1996 for exhibitors and agencies in the event marketing industry. Bruce bought the company in 2008. While small in staff size, the firm is known for its dedication to exceptional personalized customer service, which has helped it to gain and retain customers across the United States. Bruce shared how he is committed to ensuring his staff remain at the forefront of changes that are taking place in the event marketing industry. Trevor Traina is the Founder and CEO of IfOnly, a marketplace for incredible experiences. Recognizing that consumer buying patterns were shifting away from the purchase of physical goods to following their passion through experience, Trevor and his highly skills staff at IfOnly work with charities and A-list luminaries around the world to provide access to a curated selection of extraordinary experiences that benefit worthy causes. As an experienced entrepreneur, Trevor knows the importance of keeping the right staff around, and empowering them to do the right thing. Wayne Sieve is the CEO of EverSport. Bringing over 20 years of sporting experience, along with a stint at Yahoo, Wayne was an early visionary of marrying the best of digital media technology with the best part of being a sports fan, which is watching the live game. EverSport bring to consumers, authorized live game broadcasts of sporting events from around the world via the web and online media devices. Wayne’s leadership style is one of team work, collaboration, and working together. Wayne also reminisced about 2014 Asian Games, the world’s largest continental multi-sports games event, which was hosted South Korea. Thanks to EverSport.tv, subscribers were able to watch the live stream event and engage in social media.
Wednesday 16th of March 2016
Brad Chandler is the Founder of Express Home Buyers. Brad shared that he read his first book about buying real estate when he was in the 9th grade, and has been hooked ever since. With a deep background and education in real estate, property management, and development, Brad and his team have been pioneering the hassle-free home buying process since 2003. Brad shared his three-pronged strategy for bringing the best and brightest into his organization: 1. Using selection instruments and the DISC for selecting the right candidates; 2. Implementing a thorough 60-day onboarding process, and 3. Hold effective weekly meeting with managers and staff to keep the development alive. Anthony Franciosi is the Founder of Honest Marijuana Company – an all-natural, completely organic medical marijuana grower in Colorado. Anthony shared that he worked as a landscaper for close to a decade, learning from his fellow landscapers what it took to grow plants in the Rockies, and learning about chemical-free farming, and staying true to Mother Nature. Anthony is passionate about hiring and mentoring employees who are share his passion and values for creating a sustainable growing practice focused on the integrity of the product. Carmen Maldonado is the President and CEO of La Criolla, Inc. Established in 1957, Maldonado shared that after the tragic death of her husband in 1992, she knew a little about the family business, having worked there only in a support role after a career as a nurse. But since then, she, her family, and friends have been building a vibrant and growing business. Carmen takes pride that La Criolla is known for offering high quality, natural products. The herbs and spices La Criolla offers have no dyes or fillers and they come in small glass containers. Carmen takes the same pride in ensuring that her employees engage is health & wellness programs to ensure their physical fitness and a thorough understanding of diet and eating well. Carmen promotes a culture where employees feel comfortable coming forward to share ideas that improves process, performance and profits. Rob Peters is the Founder and CEO of Standard of Trust. Standard of Trust, a Relationship Capital Corporation is a Benefit Corp that assists clients in leveraging their organizational culture for high performance. Since 2002, Rob shared that he has been on a trust journey. Rob shared two key points; 1. Relationship Capital (RC) is earned at the intersection of Promise, Reputation, and Behavior; and 2. Relationship Capital (RC) can be used to help organization build high performing teams of commitment, differentiate themselves from competitors, attract superior talent, and improve relationships with employees, clients, and third parties. Rob is the author of Standard of Trust Leadership.
Wednesday 9th of March 2016
Jose R. Costa is the Group President for Driven Brands, an organization that oversees 1,000 franchised paint and collision automotive body shops across North America. Driven Brands generates more than $1.2 billion in annual system sales, which positions them as a leader in the automotive aftermarket space. Jose shared how the firm has been investing in the professional development of the franchise owner network. Ariel Arrieta is the cofounder & managing partner of NXTP Lab seed fund. NXTP Labs is the most active investor in Latin America. It invests in early stage companies with international growth potential in the field of technology, providing strong entrepreneurial support based on coaching, training, mentoring and networking. Dr. Rob Bogosian is Principal, RVB Associates, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in custom program development design, executive-level assessment and coaching, team assessment and development. RVB Associates works with high performing, high potential talent, and with executive teams to help them achieve their performance development goals. Rob shared about his experience in corporate America diagnosing performance gaps, and then designing solutions that demonstrated clear, sustainable bottom-line results. Rob is the author of Breaking Corporate Silence: How High-Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice. Devaraj Southworth is the Co-Founder and CEO at Thirstie, a market leading platform for on-demand local liquor delivery service. Devaraj brings a successful track record in consulting, start-up ventures, and in Corporate America. He is passionate about not only developing an e-commerce solution that provide consumers with convenient on-demand services, but that Thirstie continue to develop its current leadership and to find role players and future leaders throughout the organization.
Wednesday 2nd of March 2016
Punit Dhillon is the President & CEO at OncoSec Medical Inc. OncoSec Medical is a biopharmaceutical company developing its investigational ImmunoPulse intratumoral cancer immunotherapy. Punit shared about his leadership philosophy, how OncoSec has incorporated Mindfulness Leadership Training into the company’s culture, and how a recurring “Open Book” model of communication between managers and staff has replaced the Annual Appraisal. Punit received the honor of being named "2016 Most Admired CEO" by the San Diego Business Journal in the Small Public Company category. Alan Rock is the owner of HoldMasters,. Alan and his team have been creating On-Hold-Advertising for businesses both in Central Florida and around the country since 1987, helping those businesses obtain that 2½% to 5% increase in sales (AT&T Statistic). Alan shared about the importance of creating a message that is informative and engaging so that callers are left with valuable information about the company’s brand, products & services, and wasted time becomes valuable time. Karen Hough is the Founder & CEO of ImprovEdge LLC. Karen and her team has been using improvisation as a catalyst for business training and consulting for more than 14 years. As a strategic business partner Karen and her team use workshops, online courses and keynotes to teach their clients critical business skills to energize their team, help them to think on their feet, improve collaboration, and learn in a new way. Karen is the author of “Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever: Break the Rules, Make Mistakes and Win Them Over”. Mihir Shah is the CEO at Drobo, Inc., a Santa Clara, California that specializes in Storage, Data Protection, Data Storage, Data Backup solutions. Drobo is committed to an entrepreneurial team spirit and a commitment to professional development and growth. Mihir shared Drobo’s four (4) Core Values for his people: 1. Customer Centricity; 2. Passion, Pride & Confidence; 3. Doing More with Less; and 4. Maintaining the Family Spirit. Mihir is a highly engaged leader, and takes an active role in the hiring process, and leads by walking around.
Wednesday 24th of February 2016
Joe Eppy, former Canton, Ohio native, Buckeye fan, and president of the Eppy Group, shares insights into growing leaders inside his thriving Lakeland, FL based financial services company. Built on a foundation of teamwork, trust communication, and cooperation, the Eppy Group helps their clients plan their financial future. Joe also shares insights in what it takes to coach and lead their growing millennial workforce. Joe is also a Part time wine connoisseur Jerry Leary, President of Lawn Pro, a family owned local business in Virginia Beach, VA area, has been in the professional lawn care and landscaping service business for over 30 years. Jerry shares insights about his journey from laid-off employee to successful business owner, what it takes to grow, lead, and mentor a team that is passionate about the work they do. A testament to the Lawn Pro culture are the staff that lead and deliver quality work every day, and their portfolio of clients that continue to comeback year after year. Jerry looks forward to taking his wife down to Key West, FL every year for their annual getaway. Fabrice Bonvoisin, President of FB International, LLC, is a hands-on multilingual executive with a strong experience in operations, international business development, marketing, biotech, and manufacturing. Along with a team of highly skilled contractors that specialize in working with manufacturers to export their products overseas, or with foreign firms that want to set up a manufacturing operation here in the US. FB International helps clients find distributors and improve their supply chain. Fabrice has been a Chicago native for over 15 years. He and his wife love exploring Chicago and the surrounding communities.
Friday 19th of February 2016
Sam Pallazzolo shares how he went from C-Suite Leader to cofounding Tip of the Spear Ventures, a Business Advisory Services | Venture Capital & Private Equity firm. Sam and his team are able to help their clients succeed because of bringing the in-depth knowledge of what great leaders do, their credibility with client leadership and stakeholder teams, and a track record of getting results via strategy adoption and stakeholder consensus. Howard discusses Kouzes & Posner’s Positive Workplace Attitudes and the Characteristics of Admired Leaders. He finishes the segment by talking about the importance of leaders, employees, and team’s being able to narrate their story. Tony Barrientes shares how his experience as an Army Ranger has helped he and his wife create a successful small business, D.I. Joe Window Cleaning. He also shares the values, discipline, and attention to detail he models for his employees Steve R. Earley is a Financial Advisor and Franchise Owner with Ameriprise Financial Services. Steve shares how the importance of trust, communication, and a deep appreciation for human behavior and temperament, helps him and his team achieve their mission of helping clients reach their financial goals through a personal relationship based on personalized, knowledgeable advice.
Wednesday 17th of February 2016
Chris D’Andrea shares insights from his 20+ years in public accounting, and his and his team’s experience providing accounting and business advice to small and mid-sized business in Chicagoland and throughout the US. Chris goes on to share how the leadership style of business owners has changed, and of how he coaches and mentors his own staff. Katie Fang shares how she left her home in Shanghai, China to study abroad on her own. With the support of her parents and an internal entrepreneurial drive, she shares how she came to found Schoolinks. Katie shares about the impact that collaboration and mentoring had on her success, and what she looks for when she recruits new talent onto her team. Howard discuss the distinction between management and leadership, the voluminous amount of leadership material that is available on social media sites like LinkedIn, and the framework for the leadership development model developed by James Kouzes & Barry Posner through their work studying the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. Elura Nanos, Legal Analyst & Television Personality, and owner & managing partner of Lawyer Up, shares how she has built a thriving business making the understanding of law easy for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to learn law without all the jargon. Elura also shares about her passion and expertise working with the Millennial generation, coaching and mentoring them to understand the impact of what they do and say, either online or on the school campus.
Tuesday 16th of February 2016
Jeff Hale, Ph.D, shares how he went from being an accomplished executive in the nonprofit arena to co-founding a successful consulting practice with his wife with the goal to change the way companies and not-for-profit organizations do business so that the end result are healthy workplaces where leaders excel, and employees thrive, are valued, are connected, are empowered, and their companies prospers Ron McIntyre shares that for the past 40 years he has been coaching and empowering new & existing leaders in IT, Retail and Insurance to grow their careers and support the creation of new leaders. The discussion shifts to the age old question about what differentiates management from leadership. Ron and Howard discuss two leadership development models. Ron highlighted the John Maxwell model and suggested the book, “Everyone Communicates Few Connect”. Howard highlighted the model developed by James Kouzes & Barry Posner., and recommended the book, “The Leadership Challenge”. Candice Galek, acclaimed Bikini Model and self-proclaimed “Bikini Geek”, shares how in two short years, a website that started out as a simple bikini shop has quickly expanded to feature many high end bikini brands, and is now one of the fastest growing online swimwear companies. Candice shares how the experience has expanded her learning edge, including how her company employs a savvy use of social media to inspire her clientele.