Tuesday 19th of December 2017
Connie Wills, an Ambassador for the Legacy Coalition, shares the joys and the challenges of raising our own grandchildren in our society today. She talks about the financial issues, discipline, loyalty issues, the effects on marriage, and extended family dynamics. She also talks about how to lovingly raise these hurting children in crisis.
Tuesday 12th of December 2017
Laura Pretherbridge is an author, an international speaker, and a stepfamily life coach. For this podcast, she discusses the many challenges that stepfamilies face during the holidays; chaotic schedules, finances, differences in beliefs and the battle between the exes. She gives meaningful and some profound advice and practical tools to make stepfamily homes more peaceful during the Christmas holidays.
Tuesday 5th of December 2017
Krista Smith-Larson, author of "The Big D...Divorce Thru the Eyes of a Teen" and developer of several game resources for teens, shares her story of being divorced, living as a single parent and the struggles she had with her hurting teen kids. She talks about the three main challenges teens face with parents divorcing...Self Identity, Self-Worth, and Communicating how they really feel. She gives tips for parents to invite healthy relationship with their kids, things NOT to do and so much more. Her website shows her amazingly affective resources. www.sonsetpointministries.com www.journeythroughdivorce.com
Tuesday 28th of November 2017
Kristen Welch, the author of "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World", shares her story about how she turned from entitled to grateful and is teaching her kids to do the same. A trip to Kenya and seeing the poverty there made such an impact that she and her family founded Mercy House to help poverty-stricken families around the world. Kristen gives many tools and concepts to help parents make some changes in the atmosphere of their home and go from entitlement to gratitude.
Tuesday 21st of November 2017
Chris and Rahnella Adsit, the founders of "Branches of Valor" discuss challenges of our first responders in our country today. The police officers, firefighters, and EMTs, run toward crisis when the rest of us run from it. They are brave, usually fearless, strong and trained. There is another side to them and that is the personal toll on their emotions, marriages, psychological health, and their faith. The Adsits discuss all of this and some of the resources they have that can help our first responders.
Tuesday 14th of November 2017
Nanette Kirsch, author of "Denial", tells her story of sexual abuse and discusses the effects of abuse as a child, teen and adult. She talks about healing, practical tools, resources, and how her faith led her out of such damage. She discusses the pros and cons of confronting an abuser, and the effect it has on the entire family unit. Excellent resource!
Tuesday 7th of November 2017
Karen Dancey, author of "Mountain of Hope", tells her story about her experience with her first husband's suicide. She shares about what led up to it, how it affected her and their three small sons, how she found hope and healing and how her family is doing today. She talks about how people can help someone in grief and ways they should not try to help. Karen is open, encouraging and inspirational.
Tuesday 24th of October 2017
Lynn Huffman, author of "Quiet Waters", shares her journey about being born into a Wiccan family. Her mother was the High Priestess of several covens and Lynn suffered horrific ritual abuse as a child. She tells the story of her abuse, her awakening, and her healing through counseling and the heading hand of God.
Tuesday 17th of October 2017
Dr. Michelle Bengtson is an author, speaker, and neuropsychologist. She brings her experiences, education and professional wisdom to our show and discusses anxiety in our children. She talks about what is causing it, how we can help lessen it and how to have a home with less stress, anxiety, and develop more peace in our homes. This podcast is full of practical tools on how to achieve a calmer environment at home, as well as help our kids/grandkids process all the uncertainty in our world today. Excellent resource for families today!
Tuesday 10th of October 2017
Author Linda McCutcheon, tells about her experiences of 12 years as a single mom and shares what she learned through it. She shares the challenges, such as loneliness, endless responsibilities, the devastation of divorce, helping kids maneuver through the shattering of the family and how they all survived it. A great practical resource for those who are single parents and for those who know people who are.
Tuesday 3rd of October 2017
Dr. Rick Marks, from Live the Life Ministries, tackles the subject of spiritual abuse in the modern church. He discusses what it is, why it happens and how it affects congregants. Dr. Rick also shares what steps to take if you suspect it is happening in your church and what not to do. This is a thought-provoking and uncomfortable subject, but very important in our country today.
Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Author, Michele Howe, talks about how the Empty Nest canbe a positive experience if families prepare for it and learn how to adjust to their "new normal." She talks about preparing kids to successfully leave home, the rekindling of romance in this time of life,and how to adjust to having adult children, in general. A delightful interview that will be a good resource for any parent, married or single, who find themselves in an empty house.
Monday 18th of September 2017
Author, speaker and educator, Cynthia Tobias, discusses strong-willed kids vs. stubborn kids. She talks about the strengths and weaknesses of these kids and how parents can guide them to use those strengths as they grow into adulthood. Cynthia gives many affective concepts and practical tools so homes can be more peaceful and less stressful. She makes it easy to understand and then implement.
Tuesday 12th of September 2017
Kathy and her husband live in Beaumont, Texas, one of the hardest hit towns by Hurricane Harvey. On this podcast, she shares her experiences from the tine they got the first warnings to today, as they watch their community dig out from under all the debris and devastation. She shares how she and her husband survived, but also how their faith helped them through this horrid storm. She shares about the human spirit and how all people helped one another and worked together. Compelling, yet inspiring show!
Tuesday 5th of September 2017
Author and speaker, Wendy Speake, talks about the triggers that kids can be to cause our anger to rise as parents. She shares encouraging concepts as well as practical tools to help listeners turn their home into a more peaceful place for their families. She talks about how to make this new school year a smoother experience with our busier schedules and more pressure. Excellent resource.
Tuesday 29th of August 2017
Gordon and Carri Taylor tackle the unique topic of Step-Grandparenting. They have been married for over 30 years and have a big step-family. They lead a highly-respected step-family ministry, and have several resources to help step-families with their challenges. The Taylors talk about trust issues, loyalty issues, discipline issues, holiday issues, financial issues, and share how a person can prepare to be the best step-grandparent possible. Excellent resources!
Tuesday 22nd of August 2017
Larry Fowler, Founder of The Legacy Coalition, discusses three barriers that can happen between grandparents and their grandkids...geographical, relational and spiritual. He discusses why the barriers exist, what they look like, and how they can be lowered, so relationships in families can flourish. He talks about the difference between control and influence; advice-giving and question-asking and how these can transform relationships. Excellent content and resource.
Tuesday 15th of August 2017
Susan Young of Susan Young International, tackles the challenging topic of stepping out of ruts of life, finding your worth and purpose, setting and realizing goals and being transformed in the process. Susan is a vibrant woman, an inspiring speaker,and an excellent trainer for individuals and top notch corporations around the country. Her faith and her compassionate heart are evident in all she does in business and ministry. Great resource!
Tuesday 8th of August 2017
Cynthia Tobias and Sue Acuna, the co-authors of "Middle School: The Inside Story," talk about the challenges and the joys of mid-schoolers as they change, develop and try to "grow up." These ladies talk about what kids are thinking and feeling, how parents can have better understanding, how to relate to their changing child and have more peace at home. Excellent content, concepts, and tools.
Tuesday 1st of August 2017
Deb Potts wrote the book, "Making Peace with Prickly People" and discusses the concepts and practical tools to help listeners achieve more peace in their relationships. Whether they are family, at the workplace, or anywhere else, she discusses the challenges. She discusses 4 killers of relationships, how to make changes in ourselves if we might be the "prickly person," and how to set up healthy boundaries.
Tuesday 25th of July 2017
Kim Meeder, author, dynamic speaker, and owner of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend Oregon. She tells her compelling story, beginning with the murder-suicide of her parents and how God led her to develop a ranch for traumatized kids and damaged horses. She tells stories of how thousands of kids have come to the ranch gazing at the ground, and how they begin to heal at the ranch, as they communicate with and care for horses who hurt too. She talks passionately about how the program works, how it is growing, and how we can support this amazing ministry.
Tuesday 18th of July 2017
Author, Becky Harling, talks about what keeps us from affective communication, conflict resolution, and how that can make relationships a challenge. She tells her story where she had no voice as a child,to how she learned the art of good communication. She shares her many tips and concepts with our listeners.
Tuesday 27th of June 2017
Helen Wheeler, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Family Court Mediator and a ministry leader, addresses the many issues that affect parents and kids in the divorce process. She gives sound advice how to help kids survive the family crisis, stepfamily issues, parental alienation, and how to maneuver through the process of divorce. Excellent encouragement and practical tools.
Tuesday 20th of June 2017
Judy Dippel, author of "Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression" tackles this emotional and disturbing topic. She suffered from postpartum depression herself and shares her story. Judy shares the differences between "baby blues" and postpartum depression. She also gives stats, the symptoms, the emotional baggage from it, treatment and diagnosis, and also gives practical tools for the mother as well as family members. Excellent resource!
Tuesday 13th of June 2017
Dr. Michelle brings her personal story, and her extensive education and experience as a neuropsychologist to this interview. She is the author of "Hope Prevails" and her faith has guided her through unthinkable trauma growing up, and in the struggles she faces today. She addresses meds, how others can help someone who is depressed, and how to step out of the victim mode. Listeners will be inspired, educated and encouraged.
Tuesday 6th of June 2017
Anne Denmark, a professional life coach, discusses what it takes to start over after a big loss, such as a divorce, loss of a job or career, death of a loved one, etc. She talks about the actual steps to take to begin again. She talks about the stages of change, the dangers of isolation, fear of change, and how to be purposeful with each step.
Tuesday 30th of May 2017
Ron Deal, author of the best selling book, "The Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family" discusses the unique challenges of a stepfamily. He addresses parenting, finances, and the seven steps to becoming step-family smart." He has many years of ministering to stepfamilies and is a marriage and family therapist. Excellent resources at familylife.com and amazon.com
Tuesday 9th of May 2017
Wayne Stocks joins us today to talk about how to help grieving children, whether they are grieving their parent's divorce, death of a loved one or pet, moving, illness, or anything else. Wayne shares how kids grieve differently, how people can help and what they should not do as kids process through the grief cycle. He shares what amazingly helpful resources are available on his ministry website at www.hope4hurtingkids.com
Tuesday 2nd of May 2017
Author Tam Hodge tells her compelling story of being raised in an abusive home, making damaging choices as a teen, having two abortions and how God has led her out of her damage to help other hurting people find the hope and healing she found in Him. An exciting story full of encouragement and inspiration.
Tuesday 25th of April 2017
Kris Swiatocho, the Director of The Singles Network, talks today about singles of all ages and their desire to marry and have companionship. She discusses the fears and concerns about beginning a new relationship, step-families and older singles. Kris has begun a new area of ministry called, "Pray For a Mate" and talks about how it works and the effectiveness of it around the world.
Tuesday 4th of April 2017
Matt Haviland, the co-writer of "The Daddy Gap", tells his story of growing up in a single parent home, falling into drug addiction and how he became the founder of "A Father's Walk" ministry. He talks about the challenges and joys of being a single parent out of his own experience as a single dad for over 9 years. He discusses the dos and don'ts for single parents and for extended family members to help their children heal from the devastation in their families. A lot of helpful information for families.
Tuesday 28th of March 2017
Katariina Rosenblatt, the author of "Stolen" shares her incredible story of being human trafficked at age 13 and how that moved into prostitution and finally rising out of that life. She now works tirelessly, on the federal level,to help prevent trafficking in our country today. She goes into the deep details of how she was recruited, groomed and then trafficked to many men. She gives listeners direction about what they can do in their communities to help end this horrific world that destroys kids every day. Powerful podcast!
Tuesday 21st of March 2017
Lacey Anne Black, author of "From Dandelions to Daffodils: Chronicles of a Child with an Alcoholic Parent", tells her disturbing story about her childhood, which included a disabled mom and an alcoholic dad. She shares the effects of her home life as a child and also how it has affected her adult life as well. She gives practical tools for those listeners who are struggling with alcohol or those who love someone who may be an alcoholic. You can hear her emotion and passion to help others; especially children, throughout this interview. Powerful!
Tuesday 7th of March 2017
Brian Cole led a life of darkness and addiction, including drugs, pornography, Satanism, the occult, etc. He spent much of his young life in prison and in 2009, gave his heart to God. He now speaks in prisons, schools, conferences, and churches, etc. about drug prevention and gives his testimony. He tells his remarkable story on Chained No More Talk Radio, in his raw and real way; how God lifted him up to ministry. Incredible story indeed!
Tuesday 28th of February 2017
Kris Swiatocho, founder of The Singles Network (www.thesinglesnetwork.org), discusses the different types of friendships, setting healthy boundaries, rebuilding trust, and what it takes to be a good, trustworthy friend. She shares from her personal experiences, good and bad, and give valuable tools to enjoy friendships that will benefit both people.
Tuesday 21st of February 2017
Dr. Ricks shares the reasons for divorce, the predictors, step-family issues, and practical tools to save your marriage if you are struggling. He is an expert on taking critical marriages and bringing them back to health, by using his tools and the concept of "US" instead of "You and Me."
Tuesday 14th of February 2017
Dr. Rick Marks discusses how men and women look at love differently and how to nurture their marriage. He discusses how we need to study our spouse and listen to what is behind the words to truly understand them. He talks about when individuals bring their painful pasts into a marriage and concepts to find healing individually, as well as a couple. This hour is a wealth of helpful information for marriages to keep them strong.
Tuesday 31st of January 2017
Author and professional counselor, Nicole Unice, discusses fears, anxieties, panic attacks and so much more on this podcast. She shares the differences between fear and anxiety, who is more susceptible to them, coping mechanisms, and professional treatment for panic attacks. This hour is full of educational information and practical tools for those who live in fear and anxiety on a daily basis.
Tuesday 24th of January 2017
Robert Shryoc, a managing partner of Covenant Hills Treatment Center, discusses alcohol consumption in the United States. He shares stats on the amount of people who overuse it, how we can know if it is an addiction or not, how we can get trapped by it, when it is healthy drinking, how it affects our body and our lives in general, and how to help someone we love who may be struggling with drinking too much. Fascinating and eye-opening!
Tuesday 17th of January 2017
Returning author and expert guest, Sarah Hamaker, tackles the subject of adult sibling rivalry; the causes, the damage to families and tips on how to head toward healing sibling relationships. This hour is full of practical tools, including mending fences for the sake of your kids, your parents, and for you and your siblings. Excellent interview to help with this issue.
Tuesday 10th of January 2017
Author Sarah Hamaker discusses the familiar subject of sibling rivalry. She shares the differences between rivalry and conflict, how parents can help prevent rivalry and also how they can reverse it in their home. She gives many practical tools for parents and also discusses the impact that rivalry can have on families now and in the future.
Tuesday 3rd of January 2017
Stephen Scoggins, developer of "The Journey Principles," and motivational speaker, tells his story of going from a traumatic childhood, to a suicide attempt, to being the owner of a multi-million dollar corporation. He shares his passion of helping others realize their life can be all they want it to be. He talks about realizing the "six areas of lack" in their lives and taking practical steps forward, using his practical tools. Dynamic show that can change lives!
Tuesday 20th of December 2016
Author, speaker, and blogger, Michelle Van Loon shares her personal story and how she had to learn to forgive herself and others. She also explains the difference between regret and remorse, how they can freeze us, why it is important to step out of them, and exactly how to do that. Her book, "If Only: Letting Go of Regret" is available for purchase at amazon.com. With the holidays here and family gatherings happening, this is an excellent topic to consider.
Tuesday 13th of December 2016
Gordon and Carri Taylor use their vast amount of personal and ministry experience to share about the many challenges stepfamilies experience during the holidays and how to enjoy have joy and peace during the holidays. This dynamic couple talks about being flexible, thinking ahead, making a plan, listening to how the kids feel, and so much more.
Tuesday 6th of December 2016
Author, speaker, and teacher, Nancy Guthrie, discusses the challenges of going through the holidays after you have lost a loved one. She discusses things like "emotional ambushes," struggling with invitations, family gatherings and isolation. She also has advice for those of us who try to help those who are grieving and things not to do. Excellent and timely topic for this time of year and Nancy is the perfect guest to address it all.
Tuesday 29th of November 2016
Dave Weinkauf, founder of "The Bridge," an affective curriculum for men seeking answers in their lives today is our guest. He discusses men; what distracts them, what challenges them, and how they can become better husbands, fathers, friends, and men in general. He discusses practical tools about their relationships with their wives, how to effectively parent with purpose, be men of integrity and be growing men of faith.
Tuesday 22nd of November 2016
Robert Shryoc, owner of Covenant House Treatment Center, talks about addiction, the different kinds, how to spot it in your loved ones, different medications and treatment for addiction, and what families can do to help. Robert shares stories about how a few people were able to get out of addiction and how they are doing now.
Tuesday 15th of November 2016
Co-Authors, LeeAnn Jefferies and Eva Marie Everson talk about LeeAnn's compelling story about living with Bipolar, being an international Ford Agency model for 16 years, and going in and out of mental hospitals. They also talk about bringing hope to those listeners who struggle with this disorder or have a loved one who does. They share some excellent resources and practical tools to not only survive it, but thrive in it, as well.
Tuesday 1st of November 2016
Linda Ranson-Jacobs, developer and author of "Divorce Care For Kids", discusses children who go back and forth between their divorced parents' houses. She talks about loyalty issues, parents dating, remarrying, and child custody issues. She gives strong practical tools while connecting listeners by heart to the hurting children. Excellent podcast!
Tuesday 25th of October 2016
Author and international speaker, Poppy Smith, shares her story of being born in Britain and living in a military family. She talks about what holds us back from living our dreams and living a full life. She also talks about hope and the possibilities that we can have, when we dare to dream again,look back on what the voices from our past are telling us, explore opportunities, anticipate obstacles, and move forward step by step. Very inspiring!
Tuesday 18th of October 2016
Author and speaker, Natalie Snapp, tells her story and how she was led to write her first book, "Heart Sisters: Becoming the Friend You Want to Have." She discusses the challenges and the joys of having close girl friends, how to find conflict resolution tools to keep the relationship, and the important subject of forgiveness. She also talks about toxic relationships and how to set up healthy boundaries, and what it takes to have close, healthy friendships for life.
Tuesday 11th of October 2016
Author Deb DeArmond discusses the complicated relationship between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws. She talks about the many issues, setting boundaries, conflict resolution tools, and so much more. Deb also talks about the "man in the middle"; the son and how he can either add to or ease the conflict between his wife and mother. Excellent conversation!
Tuesday 27th of September 2016
Michele Howe, author of "Caring For Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Letting Go", discusses the many issues involved in caring for older loved ones, whether they are parents, spouses or someone else. She discusses different options, giving emotional support, finding affective resources, and the challenging issue of finances as our loved ones age. Excellent information!
Tuesday 20th of September 2016
Author,international speaker, and the Director of The Singles Network, Kris Swiatocho, talks about the topic of loneliness vs. being alone. She discusses, from personal experience, the difference between loneliness and being alone, the depth of loneliness, what the effects are, and how to rise out of it one step at a time. She also advises listeners about online dating, healthy relationships,serving in the community,and how a walk with God can help through it all.
Tuesday 13th of September 2016
Paul Coughlin, from The Protectors, talks about bullying; how kids are targeted, what they can do to prevent it, why certain kids bully and how to stop them, how parents can help prevent their kids from being bullied, and a lot more. Incredibly helpful information for families, schools, churches and youth groups!
Tuesday 6th of September 2016
Author of 40 books and former Women of Faith speaker, Thelma Wells, (aka Mama T) discusses the things that separate generations and the steps to take to begin to reunite families in a healthy way. She also shares about her new upcoming conferences, "Generation Love" that will help connect families, whether they are single, married, step, foster, or adoptive. Her warmth and sense of humor, combined with her wisdom and years of experience, will inform, encourage, and educate listeners.
Tuesday 30th of August 2016
Dave Mertz is the program director of Camp Harlow, a summer camp in Oregon. He discusses the process of staffing a camp, what parents should look for when selecting a good camp, the challenges and the joys, as well as how his camp walks alongside their campers and counselors through the camping experience. He is humorous, shares stories, and his passion for reaching kids for God in this harsh world.
Tuesday 23rd of August 2016
Larry Fowler, the Awana Executive Director of Global Networking and founder of the Legacy Coalition, talks about the changing world of grandparenting in the 21st century. He discusses the different types of parenting, how to maneuver through family conflicts and how to be the most effective grandparent you can be. Lots of helpful information and encouragement.
Tuesday 16th of August 2016
Author and inspirational speaker, Tracey Casciano, shares her story of being raised by an abusive father and an alcoholic mother. She says that she kept it hidden and didn't even begin to deal with the issues from her childhood until the age of 41! She shares how she came to a place of forgiveness and healing from the past and how God has used her to help others find healing.
Tuesday 9th of August 2016
Dr. Michelle Bengtson uses her own personal experiences and her strong education to address the subject of depression. She discusses the causes, diagnosis, and treatments of depression. She also talks strongly about suicide and what family and friends should and should not do to help. Excellent program that will change lives!
Tuesday 2nd of August 2016
Dr. Michelle Bengstson, neuropsychologist and author, discuss the subjects of ADD and ADHD. She educates listeners on the symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and effects it has on children and adults. This is a fast-moving hour full of helpful information for our world, from a caring doctor's perspective. Excellent podcast that could make a huge difference in families today.
Tuesday 26th of July 2016
Anita Brooks, award-winning author, business/life coach and common trauma expert, discusses what Domestic PTSD is,the symptoms of it, and how to rise from it. She also tells our listeners how to walk someone through it. She shares her own experience with the trauma she lived through and how she is helping others. Excellent information and advice!
Tuesday 19th of July 2016
Rick Johnson, founder of Better Dads Ministry, discusses toxic parenting, whether you had that growing up, and/or you are parenting your kids that way today. He talks about the effects, the damage and the long-lasting effects of toxic parenting. He gives strong practical tools for how to heal from it, how to stop doing it to your own kids, and how to repair relationships with parents and/or your kids. Excellent broadcast that could change your life!
Tuesday 12th of July 2016
Do you find that you are just not happy or whole without a "love relationship?" Do you go from one to another? Do they chip away at your self-worth? Dr. Gregg Jantz, Founder of The Center For Hope, addresses the many issues of co-dependent relationships. He brings answers to the struggles, challenges, how to set up necessary boundaries, and not defining ourselves by others' acceptance of us. Excellent podcast!
Tuesday 28th of June 2016
Dr. Rick Marks, a dynamic speaker, ordained minister, and a licensed counselor, talks about the five things that can sabotage a marriage. These include: PRIDE, POOR COMMUNICATION, PORNOGRAPHY, PURSUIT, and PERSONALIZING. He talks about healthy marriage concepts and principles, but also gives excellent practical tools to improve any marriage, no matter how many years you have been married or how damaged your marriage is. Very helpful interview!
Tuesday 21st of June 2016
Laura Petherbridge is an author, life coach and event speaker who understands the challenges of being a stepmom and living in a stepfamily. On this program, she explains the challenges and the joys of having a stepfamily and how to set it up for success or do it better. "Stepfamilies are ALWAYS built on loss." Laura If couples understood that, then they can do a better job of preparing to form their new family. Very educational show on an important topic!
Tuesday 14th of June 2016
This interview with Kris Swiatocho, founder/director of The Singles Network is eye-opening and electrifying. Kris spells out the challenges and opportunities for single adults in America today, whether you are in college, never been married, divorced, or you are 50 years old and above. She discusses loneliness, financial issues, social acceptance/rejection, and gives hope to singles. She also talks to the churches about the importance of having a singles ministry. Excellent!
Tuesday 7th of June 2016
Best-selling author and international speaker, Carol Kent, tells her incredible story of how her son became a life-sentenced prisoner for murder and how God has used it in their family's ministry. She discusses, in her genuine way, the challenges for families of the incarcerated and talks about why she wrote her latest book, "Waiting Together...Hope and Healing for Families of Prisoners."
Tuesday 31st of May 2016
Kathey Batey, author, speaker, and professional mediator, compares mediation to the experience of divorce court. She talks about the difference in cost, the effects of each on the children, the different types of mediation, and the benefits. Kathey is also a facilitator for Divorce Care, understands the many issues of the Divorce process. Excellent resources and advice.
Tuesday 24th of May 2016
Kathryn Robbins is an author, speaker, and the founder of "Personality Principles". She shares about the different personality types, how they affect relationships, and about how we can understand our children and others. She uses her vibrant sense of humor and her compassion for others to help sort out the four different types of personalities; their strengths and their weaknesses. Excellent program!
Tuesday 17th of May 2016
Georgia Shaffer, author, speaker, life coach, psychologist, and founding member of American Association of Christian Counselors(ACC), tackles the subjects of our personal blind spots as they relate to our relationships. She covers setting boundaries,honest assessments of ourselves, bad relationship patterns, and the dangers of letting our emotions rule our decisions.
Tuesday 10th of May 2016
This interview is full of great and helpful information concerning the joys and struggles of adoption. From issues of abandonment, anger, attachment disorder to depression, author Sherrie Eldridge gives great advice and clear answers for adoptive parents. For adults who were adopted, she talks about necessary counseling, connecting with other adoptees, and finding their true identity in who God says they are. She will also share about her adoption experience and the many resources she has available. Great information!
Tuesday 26th of April 2016
Robyn Besemann, author of "Chained No More...A Journey of Healing for Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness", continues her interview concerning this powerful resource for life-change and healing. She talks about sessions concerning depression, personal faith, forgiveness, marriage and other relationships. She shares about the practical tools to help readers move forward toward a much healthier and joyful future. Very inspiring and encouraging hour!
Tuesday 19th of April 2016
Robyn Besemann is interviewed by another Chained No More leader in the first of two shows. They discuss why and how it was written, the life-changing process of this amazing resource, and some stories of people who have gone through it. You can look at this incredibly affective resource by going to www.robyn@robynbministries.com/chainednomore or amazon.com
Tuesday 12th of April 2016
Michele Howe, is the author of "Empty Nest. What's Next?" On this program, she talks about what it feels like to watch your kids leave the nest, tips about how to help kids become independent adults, and not lose your mind in the process. She gives many practical tools and encouragement to listeners who are empty nesters now or heading into this difficult adjustment in families.
Tuesday 5th of April 2016
Gail Showalter, is an author and speaker about and for single moms. Her ministry SMORE, is a fantastic resource for single moms and those who love them. Gail lived as a single mom for many years and is filled with wisdom and practical tools to help single moms thrive in our world today. This podcast will encourage single moms and give them excellent ideas of how to survive and be successful in their "new normal." It will also give some pointers to churches and how to include single moms and their kids into their church family. Excellent!
Tuesday 29th of March 2016
Al Gaines started out in a violent home, began to deal drugs, and has used his damage and experience to reach out to homeless teens in his community as the chaplain for a large youth facility for troubled teens. Al shares his incredible story, and teaches us about where these teens come from and why they end up on the streets. He also gives answers about what we can do to give them hope and practical tools as they go into their adulthood. You will be impressed by his ministry passion and his understanding of homeless teens today.
Tuesday 22nd of March 2016
Diana Janz, founder of Hope Ranch Ministries, discusses the world of human trafficking in America. She talks about how girls and guys are targeted, how they are controlled and sold and what can be done about it. You will hear Diana's heart and passion for these kids and how God has led her to rescue them and help them heal and lead a better life. Excellent show!
Tuesday 8th of March 2016
Dr. Rob Rienow, from Visionary Family Ministries, talks about the pressures parents live with every day. He shares his own story of being Amy's husband and a dad to 7 children and what he has learned, as well as Biblical principles of parenting. He gives solid parenting concepts as well as strong practical tools for parents in our world today.
Tuesday 1st of March 2016
Dr. Rob Reinow, founder of Visionary Family Ministries, discusses the many challenges of marriage and what it takes to have a long term, healthy one. He discusses his own marital struggles, what he and his wife, Amy have learned. He gives effective answers and practical tools to turn your marriage from unhealthy to healthy. Excellent podcast for anyone who is married, has been married, and those contemplating marriage.
Tuesday 23rd of February 2016
Author and speaker, Mary Tutterow talks about the many challenges of being a caregiver. She addresses the isolation, frustrations, loneliness, fear, etc. when you give focused care to your loved ones, whether it is a special needs child, an ailing spouse, or elderly parents. Mary has lived what she talks about and also shares the joys there are in caregiving. She shares 5 important steps to adjust to adjusting to this new role.
Tuesday 16th of February 2016
Dr. Marlin Schultz discusses the causes of conflicts, the wrong way to handle them and practical tools to resolve conflict, whether it is in marriage, with extended family members, at work, etc. Dr. Schultz discusses the differences between the "listener" and the "expresser", and the "withdrawer" and the "escalator" and how they can come together to resolve conflicts. Very practical tools from an experienced, successful marriage and family therapist.
Tuesday 9th of February 2016
Rick Johnson (betterdads.net) talks about how to affectively raise boys, whether we are a single mom or dad or a married couple. He covers discipline, teaching perseverance, compassion, and honor. He shares about the mistakes modern day parents are making in connecting with and raising their sons. Rick also discusses how important dads are to their daughters, especially teen daughters. Excellent parenting advice!
Tuesday 2nd of February 2016
Rick Marks shares many tools and concepts about how to have a successful marriage, whether your marriage is struggling or vibrant and whether you are a newlywed or have been married many years. His advice is unique and excellent to help couples take the necessary steps to improve their marriage in many areas and to live better as "US". Excellent podcast to listen to over and over and to tell your friends about.
Tuesday 12th of January 2016
Stephen Scoggins, Journey Principles Institute, shares his compelling story of how his own personal struggles led him to the brink of suicide, to owning multi-million dollar businesses and now moving into an amazing ministry. His strong steps of healing and moving forward will inspire listeners and give them hope to step over the obstacles, learn from them and use them to be healthier and more purposeful in life. Powerful interview!
Tuesday 5th of January 2016
Anne Denmark, of Life Discovery Coaching, discusses the importance of setting goals as well as the specific steps to take to achieve those goals. She shares her own story of great loss and how she was led to pursue a career as a life coach to many. She gives many practical tools to help move listeners out of the ruts they find themselves in and encourages them to a more purposeful and successful future.
Tuesday 29th of December 2015
Steve Grissom, the founder and president of Church Initiative (DivorceCare, Divorce Care For Kids, Griefshare, etc.),discusses the fastest growing demographic of divorce; baby boomer divorce. He discusses the whys, the effects on family members and churches, and how to prevent it. He also tells listeners how to get a free e-book on the subject. Very informative and encouraging!
Tuesday 15th of December 2015
Author and expert, Barbara Newman, discusses the ins and outs of autism, how it affects those with it and those who love someone who has it anything from Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She talks about the stats (1 in 68 kids), the possible causes, treatments and support for parents. Barbara also talks a lot about inclusion in the schools and churches and how to support these families. Excellent information!
Tuesday 8th of December 2015
Dr. Ben Cross joins us again to discuss the extraordinarily important subject of forgiveness. He shares his own powerful experience of forgiving his father and the lessons he learned from that life-changing event. He also talks about the pros and cons of forgiveness and how to take the necessary steps to free ourselves from the bitterness, anger and resentment from our past. Powerful hour!
Tuesday 1st of December 2015
Chris and Rahnella Adsit, the founders of Branches of Valor,are Robyn's guests and discuss what PTSD is, how it affects soldiers and their families, and how this condition can be helped. They talk about the differences that soldiers and first responders experience when they go through great trauma. Very helpful information for those who suffer with PTSD and also for their loved ones.
Tuesday 24th of November 2015
Author and speaker, David Knapp has lived through a lot of loss and now teaches others about the process of grief. He also shares practical tools of how to effectively connect with someone living with loss and what not to say and do. His book, "I Didn't Know What To Say...Being a Better Friend to Those Who Experience Loss", addresses practical tools for all of us, whether we are going through grief or know someone who is.
Tuesday 17th of November 2015
Listen to Patti Hammonds, from Angel Tree Ministries, a branch of Prison Fellowship, as she shares about the children of the incarcerated. She shares about the deep challenges and struggles for these kids and their families. She talks about how Angel Tree connects them with their parents in prison in a very special way at Christmas and throughout the year. You will learn how you, your church and community can be part of such an amazingly important ministry.
Tuesday 10th of November 2015
Elsa Kok Colopy, an expert for DivorceCare, discusses "Surviving the Holidays". She shares her experience as a single mom dreading the holidays to someone who is an excellent resource for those feeling the same way. Elsa's warmth and compassion is obvious. Listeners will find encouragement and practical tools to make this holiday season more meaningful and less stressful for their families.
Tuesday 3rd of November 2015
Sue Liljenberg, the founder/director of Healing Hearts Ministries Intl., puts a face to the subject of abortion. She talks about stats, reasons, the process of grieving, the effects on the fathers of the aborted child, and so much more. She tells listeners of her own abortion and how it affected her life and how God used it to lead her to the ministry she leads today. Don't miss it! You will learn a lot about something that has become a huge political battlefield.
Tuesday 27th of October 2015
Author and speaker, Tam Hodge, shares her intriguing story of a violent childhood, abortions as a teenager, and how she had to learn how to rise from the trauma and now reaches out to others with similar stories. She talks about forgiveness, personal shame, how the Lord has healed her heart, and is using her in some exciting ministries. Her new book, "And Now I Choose", is her powerful story and can be purchased on amazon.com
Tuesday 20th of October 2015
Kimball Hodge shares his story of family trauma and the effects it had on him. He also shares what he has learned about renewing his way of thinking and the way he lives his life today. Kimball talks about the practical steps of renewing our mind, from his book "A Mind Renewed by God...Forever Changing the Way You Think and Live." Life-changing and encouraging.
Tuesday 13th of October 2015
Award-winning author and speaker, Carol Kent, shares her agonizing story of when their son, Jason, murdered someone and is now serving a life sentence. Carol shares the joys, the heartaches, the despair, and the healing she has lived through and how she is using it today to reach millions along with her husband, Gene. She discusses topics such as forgiveness, depression, how to encourage those in crisis and God's love and care. Powerful and inspiring!
Tuesday 6th of October 2015
James Cruise shares his jaw-dropping story of surviving a family tragedy when his mentally ill brother murdered his parents and brother during James' birthday party in Mississippi. He also shares how another tragedy, a car accident,killed his wife, and threw him into the role of single dad. James will share how the Lord led him to create a single parent family ministry which has expanded to include stepfamilies. It is truly a story of "strength through tragedy."
Tuesday 29th of September 2015
Ben Cross discusses the traps of personal shame and guilt and how we can get stuck in it. He talks about the masks we wear and the walls we put up to protect ourselves. He speaks about how we can isolate ourselves because of our own guilt or because of what someone else has done in our lives. Pastor Ben gives excellent teaching on how to take steps out of these traps, so we can enjoy freedom again. He speaks with compassion and with a strong knowledge of what the Bible teaches.
Tuesday 22nd of September 2015
Paula Silva shares her story of an abusive marriage and how God led her to start a large ministry for those who live in it now. She understands the challenges that someone living in an abusive home has, and gives great information from how to spot the signs of a potentially abusive person,to how living in an abusive marriage affects the children, to the effects abuse has on an individual. This show is for those living in it and those who love someone who does, as well as those who are curious about this subject. A show filled with resources and information for our listeners that could save lives.
Tuesday 15th of September 2015
Matt Haviland and Robyn discuss the important needs for children to have a healthy and involved father in their lives. Matt discusses the need, but also how to become the best dad you can be, as well as several resources to get there. He also talks to single moms on the show to help their kids connect with their dads so their kids are set up for a healthier and more secure future. He encourages all of us to get involved in encouraging kids without dads around as well as encouraging single moms and dads. Powerful and thought-provoking!
Tuesday 1st of September 2015
The Taylors look past the "hearts and flowers" of a new relationship and tackle the challenges that happen in stepfamilies. They give expert/personal advice and resources to help couples BEFORE they sign the remarriage certificate, so they can prepare for a successful stepfamily and prevent another divorce. Very informative for those contemplating remarriage or already in one.
Tuesday 25th of August 2015
Wayne Stocks shares how the Lord led him to develop a global ministry, Divorce Ministry 4 Kids. He shares about he has learned from his many years of ministering to hurting children and teens. He discusses how churches can affectively come alongside these kids and broken families, and extend the arms of Jesus to them in practical ways.
Tuesday 18th of August 2015
Sandra Beck, host for "Military Moms Talk Radio", discusses the unique challenges of being a military family. She shares about how families connect with a military member, hardships on the marriage, how this affects the children and how we, as communities, can encourage and support our troops by surrounding their families. She also lists several excellent resources for military families and for those who want to tangibly encourage them.
Tuesday 11th of August 2015
Pamla shares her inspirational story of abuse, loss of a child, and other horrible loss, and how God brought healing and joy to her life. Robyn Besemann also shares her Chained No More book with listeners and how you can find the same deep healing Pamla has found.
Tuesday 4th of August 2015
Mark Tennant, founder of Arrow Child and Family Ministries, shares his story of being in multiple foster families, his struggle through teen years, and how God called him to the Arrow ministry. He talks about the issues of foster care in America and how it affects kids. He also shares about how Arrow is stepping it up to help individuals and churches to extend the arms of Jesus to these hurting kids in tangible ways.
Tuesday 28th of July 2015
Kathy Maestas, from GriefShare, shares her story of loss and grief on this program. She also encourages, gives tips and tools for listeners on how to take the first steps out of isolation, and how to grow from great loss. Her warm demeanor and background in teaching make it easy to learn how to begin moving forward.
Tuesday 21st of July 2015
Elsa Kok Colopy, is an expert on the DivorceCare DVD and former editor of "Thriving Family" magazine by Focus on the Family. Elsa warmly encourages our listeners about how to be the best single parents they can be. She truly understands and gives many practical tools to the challenges and struggles in families today.
Tuesday 14th of July 2015
Steve Grissom, CEO of Church Initiative, tells his story and discusses the issues of divorce. He talks about how to find hope in the crisis, that there will be brighter days ahead, and gives practical tools and helpful resources to encourage listeners in the divorce crisis. Steve and Robyn also talk to listeners who would like to affectively minister to others going through the trauma of divorce.
Tuesday 7th of July 2015
Gene Kent, husband and ministry partner of author and speaker, Carol Kent, tells their story of their son, Jason, who has a life sentence in a Florida prison. Gene discusses the life of an inmate, as well as the struggles and challenges for their families. He tells how God has led their family to develop "Speak Up For Hope", a vibrant ministry for these families.
Tuesday 30th of June 2015
Linda Jacobs, developer of Divorce Care For Kids (DC4K), discusses the do's ands don'ts concerning how grandparents can be most affective in helping their grandkids through the process of divorce. She also gives tips on the huge commitment of grandparents parenting their grandkids because of a variety of reasons. Excellent information and advice from someone who has lived it all and has become an incredible resource to many.
Tuesday 23rd of June 2015
Matt Haviland, founder of the national single dad ministry,"A Father's Walk", discusses the challenges of single dads (custodial or non-custodial)and encourages them to step it up and be the father they were meant to be. He also encourages single moms how to set aside the divorce battle and find a way to let the kids connect with their father (if safe), for the sake of the kids. Hear his story and learn from his own experiences. Excellent!
Tuesday 16th of June 2015
Robyn Besemann is joined by Pamla, a woman whose traumatic past defined her until the Lord set her free from the chains she had been dragging all of her life. Pamla also shares how Chained No More truly brought healing and freedom in who God says she is. Robyn shares how she came to write this powerful book and the process it takes readers through to bring them to the healing arms of Jesus.
Tuesday 9th of June 2015
Gordon and Carri Taylor, Opportunities Unlimited, tell their story, plus address the challenges and the joys of being in a stepfamily. They talk about issues such as discipline, loyalties, exes, finances and also give encouragement for those who are considering stepping into a stepfamily.
Tuesday 2nd of June 2015
Author and speaker, Dori Pulse, discusses the up and downs of forming a stepfamily. She speaks from personal experience within her two marriages and divorces and from a passion to minister to those who may be struggling in the same experiences. Her newest book, "Everything Changed When I Said 'I Do", will be an encouraging resource for readers. www.stepfamilyrx.com
Tuesday 26th of May 2015
She has a traumatic past, but God has led Jennifer Maggio to lead a dynamic single mom ministry today. Hear her story and you will be inspired and encouraged. Hear her heart for single moms and for bringing them to become all God made them to be. She also has resources for those who feel led to begin a single mom ministry in their church.
Tuesday 19th of May 2015
Krista Smith joins us again to give affective tools about how to walk your teen through the breakup of your family. She addresses issues such as loyalty, keeping your teen off the divorce battlefield, parents having new relationships, not making your teen a confidant and "best friend", helping them thru the disappointment of their other parent letting them down, etc. Krista speaks from personal experience and with a heart of passion for hurting teens. "The Big D...Divorce Thru the Eyes of a Teen", a faith-based program, is a 13-week curriculum she wrote to help families through the devastation of divorce. (www.sonsetpointministries.com)
Tuesday 12th of May 2015
Krista Smith, the developer of "The Big D...Divorce Thru the Eyes of a Teen" discusses the varied effects that divorce has on teens. Her first marriage ended in divorce and she shares what she learned about helping her own kids process through the shattering of their family and how she developed "The Big D" curriculum, used in hundreds of churches around the country. She has many tips and helpful advice for parents, grandparents, and youth workers of any kind.
Tuesday 5th of May 2015
Linda Jacobs and Robyn Besemann discuss the dos and don'ts of parenting kids through the devastation of divorce. They also discuss how churches and other children's workers can help these hurting kids. This show is part of a series of the issues surrounding the breakup of families in our world today. Experts who understand the devastation of divorce, will give practical tools to help listeners maneuver through it and encourage with understanding. Also available on ITunes. For information about Robyn's books, "Chained No More...A Journey of Healing for Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness", go to www.robynbministries.com
Tuesday 28th of April 2015
Linda Jacobs and Robyn Besemann discuss the many effects that divorce has on children.