Monday 16th of October 2017
Cut through the hype and get the real insights and lessons learned from frontline “accredited” investors and entrepreneurs in the Cannabis industry. Incredibly insightful and relevant updates you won’t find anywhere else. Scott Lopez of Disruptive Investor Radio Interviews Micah Tapman, venture capitalist from Canopy Boulder ( and Evan Horowitz from ( Their insights are incredibly accurate and reliable regarding Cannabis investor strategies, industry trends and the marketplace in general.
Monday 9th of October 2017
Scott Lopez interviews one of the most disruptive and successful marketers in America, Darren Marble, the CEO of Crowd Fund X (, a cutting edge Digital Marketing firm that uses Artificial Intelligence for Reg A+ Crowdfunding Campaigns, Personalized Marketing and more. Darren is a pioneer and authority in the space and his insights are required whether you are an investor or entrepreneur. He also shares unique perspectives on Crypto Currencies and IPOs on the NASDAQ and NYSE!
Monday 2nd of October 2017
New Mexico Showcase! Scott Lopez of Disruptive Investor Radio interviews CEO Mark Johnson of Descartes Labs, an innovative Artificial Intelligence company from Santa Fe, NM. DESCARTES LAB - Santa Fe, NM A Fast Company Top 10 company in 2017, Descartes Labs has created a cloud-based supercomputing platform for the application of machine intelligence to massive data sets. Our mission is to better understand the planet, for good and for profit. Capitalizing on the confluence of advances in AI and high-performance cloud computing — along with the rapid increase of sensors capturing information all over the globe — Descartes Labs has created an enterprise data refinery. By teaching computers to see, we create the infrastructure and services needed to model — and predict changes in — natural resources and the entire value chains in which they live, and we do this in ways never before possible. Today, Descartes Labs uses satellite imagery to model complex systems on the planet, like forestry and agriculture. We process data flows from all the major satellite constellations at scale to provide instant access to analysis-ready images of the entire world in a massive, searchable, on-demand interface. Scott Lopez of Disruptive Investor Radio interviews Venture Capitalist Dave Blivin, Managing Partner with Cottonwood Technology Funds from Santa Fe, NM. Cottonwood Technology Funds (CTF) are seed and pre-seed-stage technology commercialization funds with offices in New Mexico, USA and Enschede, The Netherlands. The general partner of the funds has proven itself with top returns in regions rich in innovation but lacking in capital and management — the other critical resources for enabling success. CTF works to provide venture services and capital to tech transfer opportunities with strong commercial potential. The CTF model was first developed and tested in the Southeastern US. Today, the Southwestern US and Northern Europe are experiencing a similar combination of advantages and challenges. Once again, returns are validating our approach, which identifies and supports the development of category-leadership companies. We borrowed our name from a tree that is native to the Southwestern US: the Rio Grande Cottonwood. A welcome sight to pioneer desert caravans because it often signaled water, the Cottonwood typically reaches 50 to 60 feet in height and can produce as many as 25 million seeds in a season. CTF aims to be as fruitful with its work. Southwest US The CTF Southwest US region stretches from Phoenix to Denver to Austin and includes the Rio Grande Technology Corridor running along the Rio Grande from Los Alamos, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas. As host to three federal labs, multiple medical centers, and more than a dozen premier engineering schools and research universities, this is an area rich in resources. Collectively, these institutions represent more than $10.0 billion in annual research across critical fields such as biosciences, new energy, nanotechnology, information technologies, cleantech and aerospace. Northern Europe CTF’s Northern European region includes Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. This area is rich in innovation centers and home to numerous multinational corporations including Thales, Shell, Philips, Robert Bosch, KLM and Sabic. The region’s innovation areas of expertise are similar to those of the Southwestern US, making it compatible with our network and existing portfolio focus areas.
Tuesday 26th of September 2017
This is the first show for Disruptive Investor Radio! Host Scott Lopez interviews professional investor Michael Beaudoin from Mark IV Capital ( and Patrick Schmeid Operations Director from ( Scott and Michael discuss disruptive technologies, their impact on society and investor mindset and criteria. Mark IV Capital is a privately held real estate firm founded in 1974. The company acquires, invests in, develops, and manages commercial projects utilizing a long-term approach to deploy capital in markets where existing drivers will propel future value. Michael is in charge of early stage and venture investing at Mark IV. Highly experienced, he previously ran the AT&T Accelerator in San Francisco. In the second half of the show, Scott and Patrick get into the development and application of Artificial Intelligence in a B2B SaaS model. Digsy AI is an Intelligent Assistant that helps Sales Reps contact 4x more prospects in the same amount of time to generate deals faster. Their first customers are in the Commercial Real Estate vertical. Digsy is attempting traditional CRM platforms like and others. Patrick brings front line perspective from a tech start up that is gaining customers, hitting milestones and generating revenue. His background in technology and philosophy makes for an engaging conversation.