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Special guest host Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson interviews Elaine Hall from the Miracle Project. Listen in as the ladies talk about adopting a child with Autism, and finding a new calling. Elaine shares the genesis of Autism: The Musical through the HBO documentary as well as the Seven Keys to Unlock Autism.
Monday 13th of August 2012
Guest host Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield about the circumstances surrounding the loss of his medical license in aftermath of his much debated study in which he suggested that the MMR vaccine may have some link to Autism. Listen in as Dr. Wakefield shares his side of the story and shares his hopes for the future of Autism treatment.
Monday 6th of August 2012
Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson, Executive Director of Autism Care and Treatment Today! joins Shannon Penrod to share a message of empowerment for all parents of special needs children. Listen in as Nancy tells her story of getting up off the kitchen floor to help her own child and countless others.
Monday 23rd of July 2012
Monday 9th of July 2012
Tuesday 3rd of July 2012
In this controversial show, Shannon takes on all the things you aren't supposed to talk about. Politics - What the Affordable Care Act means to families with children with Autism(you might be surprised) Religion, does God really only give you what you can handle or is that a bunch of whoweee that just ticks an Autism parent off? And poop...what to do to get your kid to the toilet, any toilet...and enjoy it.
Monday 25th of June 2012
Autism Dad and author of Legends of the Boo Monster, Shawn Colton visits Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about both the real and the fictional Boo Monster. Listen in as this awesome warrior Dad explains how he found his voice when his child did not have one. Hear how he moved past denial, grief and even a cancer diagnosis in order to help his son. Find out how your child can become a part of the amazing children's book Legends of the Boo Monster.
Monday 18th of June 2012
Tune in to hear how Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer turned her son's GFCF diet into a multi-sensory learning experience that ultimately became the cookbook entitled, The Kitchen Classroom. Hear how creating healthy meals with your child can not only feed them nutritionally but can also help our children to develop math, language, fine motor and social skills.
Monday 11th of June 2012
At some point in this journey through Autism we all need a little legal advice. Janeen Steel started Learning Rights to help parents who have a child with a disability be able to access legal help, learn what to do and potentially pass that knowledge on to others. Listen in as Janeen explains how parents can use this amazing resource to help their children get the right education.
Monday 4th of June 2012
Tune in as Shannon talks to the filmmakers of Not Forgotten: The Untold Story of Autism in Ukraine, a documentary about the real families battling ignorance and lack of Autism services half way around the world. Find out how you can make a difference in their lives with a click of a button. It's free!
Monday 21st of May 2012
This is a show about going with the flow. Get the right information, make a plan and then see what the universe has in store. Sometimes it is vastly different than the plan. Welcome to the world of having an child on the spectrum! Helpful funding and educational tips are also given!
Monday 14th of May 2012
Monday 7th of May 2012
Host Shannon Penrod talks about the steps needed to become the most effective, efficient member of your child with Autism's team. Learn how you can help your child, deflect stress, and manage the schedule that comes with Autism. This is nuts and bolts with a sprinkle of inspiration for parents in the Autism trenches, from a mom who has been there.
Monday 30th of April 2012
A special podcast with Autism Warrior Moms Tammy Thompson and Karen Delaney with special guest Linda Stummer. These are three ladies making a difference in Autism in the Upstate New York area. Listen in to hear how the Oswego Autism Task Force is getting it done! Hear about the importance of inclusion for all of our kids!
Monday 16th of April 2012
Inspirational Autism Dad and Advocate, Matt Asner share his Autism Journey with his brother and now his son. Listen to his full circle moment, being a dad with little hope, attending the Los Angeles Walk Now for Autism and now years later overseeing that same event. Get the inside dish on this year's walk. It is the single biggest Autism event of the year and not to be missed.
Monday 9th of April 2012
Keri Bowers is the founder of Normal Films and the co-founder of The Art of Autism. Listen in as she tells the inspirational story of how she helped her son realize his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Keri also shares her vision of Autism and the arts. This is an hour no parent should miss.
Monday 2nd of April 2012
On World Autism Awareness Day Shannon welcomes her husband, voice actor Jim Miller to the show to talk about the he said/she said of Autism. Listen in as they laugh and cry through the memories of their journey through Autism and discuss how they have managed to stay happily married.
Monday 26th of March 2012
Filmmaker Suzanne Oshinsky visits Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about the ongoing documentary, The A Word, which follows a boy with Autism from diagnosis through ABA therapy. This weekly series shows the struggles and triumphs as Jack Riley and his family experience the realities of progress on the Autism spectrum. Listen in as the filmmaker shares insights into the behind the scenes world of the film and how it has changed her life.
Monday 19th of March 2012
Cindi DeWet from The Assist Autism Foundation rejoins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about the progress being made by the Assist Autism Foundation. Cindi also shares her journey through Tourette's Syndrome, how she healed herself and helped her son diagnosed with Aspergers. Listen in as Cindi shares the startling news that another of her children has recently recieved an Autism spectrum diagnosis.
Monday 12th of March 2012
Famed Author Christina Adams changed the Autism world with her book, A REAL BOY. Now Christina is back in the news sharing her experience of the healing powers of camel milk. Camel Milk has long been thought to have healing properties by many in the mid east, listen in as Christina shares the science behind those beliefs as well as the tremendous effects she has seen on her son. Don't miss her harrowing account of how she was able to import camel milk to the United States.
Monday 5th of March 2012
Penelope Yates is no stranger to Autism. Her brother, Nick Yates was diagnosed with Autism and has subsequently recovered. Tune in to hear Penelope tell her side of the story as she accompanied her brother on his journey through Autism. This is a rare opportunity to hear what it's really like for an Autism sibling - the good, the bad and the ugly. Listen closely as Penelope offers real advice to parents about how they can help the siblings to cope. This is an emotional show about sibling love, fortitude and hope.
Monday 13th of February 2012
Eva Lund joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about Special Spirit and their mission to provide top quality equine therapy for children with Autism. This is an amazing opportunity for our kids to connect with peers, work on core motor skills and interact with some of the most gentle creatures on earth: horses. This is an inspirational hour full of hope and stories of success
Monday 6th of February 2012
Sueson Vess is an extrodinary chef and author, specializing in highly nutritious food that tastes great even when you are on a special diet. Listen to Sueson share the gospel of good food prepared without gluten, dairy and other allergens. End the cycle of having to prepare a different meal for everyone at the table. Think it can't be done? Sueson shares her secrets...including her popular bone broth recipe. Be prepared to get hungry, because this episode is YUMMY and healthy! Sueson also shares news of this years Autism One Conference.
Monday 30th of January 2012
Over 50 years ago, when Sheila Appleby Williams' brother was diagnosed with Autism, her parents were told to abandon hope. Arthur Appelby was 5 years old when he left his home. Sheila was only 2, she didn't even remember she had a brother. Her father forbid anyone to speak his name. Hear Sheila tell the story of how she discovered her lost brother and after 50 years she reunited with him.
Monday 23rd of January 2012
Jesse Saperstein, a young adult with an Asperger Syndrome diagnosis has decided to take on bullying. His wipe it out in the year 2012. His fall out of an airpline to call attention to the problem. In this episode of Everyday Autism Miracles Jesse Saperstein tells his own story of diagnosis at 14, the victim of cruel cyber bullying at 17, hiking from Georgia to Maine to raise money for pediatric AIDS, writing his book ATYPICAL and now free falling to end bullying. Listen in to this incredible hour of hope, honesty and humor.
Monday 16th of January 2012
Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson, Executive Director of ACT Today! and awesome Autism Mom joins Everyday Autism Miracles to shares her Autism story of denial and obstacles. Listen in to hear how she turned that around, empowered herself, advocated for her son and found a way to help thousands of families with grants for real help now. Listen and be inspired. Find out how you can request a grant for your child as well as how you can assist other families in their quest to help their children.
Monday 9th of January 2012
Shannon takes a rare hour to talk about the ways in which the media and the entertainment community view Autism. In light of several news stories and movies that feature Autism, there is a lot to talk about. Shannon takes on the reviewers of Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud who voiced distaste for the "annoying quality" of the young boy in the film. Where do we go from here? How do we educate the public? How do we get to true tolerance and acceptance?
Monday 12th of December 2011
Shelly Maguire co-hosts with Shannon Penrod and shares her triumphant and inspirational story of overcoming a cystic fibrosis diagnosis at the age of 9 and going on to create a unique skin care line that erases signs of stress. Listen in to hear Shelly's amazing gift of hope and inspiration. PLUS hear how you can recieve a free trial of Shelly's amazing 2 minute miracle, even the shipping is free!
Monday 21st of November 2011
Monday 14th of November 2011
A wonderful tribute to the host's mother, Patty Penrod, on her 74th birthday. Listen as friends and family from all over the US call in to wish her well and recall funny stories.
Monday 7th of November 2011
Cookbook author Phyllis Pacella shares secrets for allergen free cooking. Gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, sugar-free doesn't have to be flavor-free! Intern Eric Goldin also stops by to practice a new character he hopes to try out on the Howard Stern show.
Monday 24th of October 2011
Sensory Design and Color Expert Lauren Henry gives advice about creating rooms that are more productive for children on the Autism spectrum. Host Shannon Penrod and Biomed Mom Joanne Allor share tips on getting ready for Halloween and staying gluten free even with household and school art products.
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Join Shannon as she disects the new study linking pesticides to ADHD. Learn about budget concious ways to buy organic, the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen. Listen in as intern Eric Goldin calls in to chat about his concerns for his future and what he's eating. Get some great tips on how to get your kids to eat their veggies without having it be a war.
Monday 13th of June 2011
Celebrated author of Loving What Is, Byron Katie joins Everyday Autism Miracles to help parents rid themselves of the negative thoughts and patterns that are causing pain and suffering. This is a unique show of hope and realization. Listen in Katie tackles the feeling of hopelessness and how destructive it can be when we have an expectation of what our children should be or do. Especially poignant is her conversation with intern Eric Goldin on his acceptance of his diagnosis and what it means for him entering the job market. This is a show not to be missed!
Monday 6th of June 2011
We all know that Autism has a far reaching circle. Join Shannon Penrod as she sits down and shares the mic with her husband, her mother, her sister and her son, so the whole family can talk about what this journey through Autism has been from their vantage point. Intern Eric Goldin also returns to the program to talk about his adventures in college.
Monday 23rd of May 2011
Every once in a while you just need a good rant about all the stuff that's buggging you. And with Autism there's bound to be stuff bugging you! But you always want to balance a rant with raving about what's good. Tune in to listen to Shannon Penrod, Joanne Allor and callers rant and rave about what's going on for them! This is a fun show that allows for blowing off of steam.
Monday 9th of May 2011
This show is dedicated to fighting yeast. BioMed Mom Joanne Allor and Defeat Autism Now practitioner Dr. Geoffrey Radoff join the program to give tips suggestions and insight into how to get the yeast under control. It's a tough battle but it's one worth winning. Host Shannon Penrod shares her battle with her son's yeast and what has worked. If yeast is your issue, this is your show!
Monday 2nd of May 2011
Sister friends Shannon Penrod and Therese McLaughlin share a laugh and a tear remembering all the wonderful children, parents and family members they met during LA's Walk Now for Autism 2011. Listen in for snippets from Team Andrew, Team Anthony, Team Randy and more! Also learn the details of an exciting new contest going on at Everyday Autism Miracles!
Monday 25th of April 2011
Listen in as Shannon talks to Autism Mom Stacey McDivitt. Stacey is the mom of 4 children, two with special needs. Some days it is all she can do to remember to breath, so what made her decide to start a charity to raise money for IPads for non-verbal children. Tune in to hear this inspirational mom's story.
Monday 18th of April 2011
Special guest Dr. Adel Najdowski joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about her role as co-creator of Skills as well as an exciting new initiative, called Skills 4 America, that is granting scholarships for schools to get Skills and CARD eLearning for the rest of 2011 for FREE! Hear about this amazing Autism breakthrough and find out how you can facilitate your school getting this unique tool.
Monday 11th of April 2011
Monday 4th of April 2011
Phillip Hain from Autism Speaks talks about the Los Angeles Walk Now for Autism 2011. Hear all the exciting ways people can participate in their local walk, to raise hope, awareness and money! Biomed Mom Joanne Allor joins us to talk about Congressional Hearings on artificial food colorings and ADHD. Also hear about the important projects going on at Autism Speaks and Autism Votes. Learn how your voice can make insurance reform for Autism possible.
Monday 28th of March 2011
Everyday Autism Miracles celebrates the beginning of Autism Awareness Month by giving suggestions of how to "Light it up Blue!" and how to bring more people into the conversation. Musician Tom Ryan and his mother talk about the role of music in his life and information about ACT Today's initiatives to help military families with Autism and how to get SKILLS in your School for free for the rest of 2011! Also hear about one mom's plea to the President to LIGHT THE WHITEHOUSE BLUE!!!
Monday 21st of March 2011
People talk about Recovery from Autism, but what is it really like when your child's diagnosis is reversed? Stephen Tako tells the story of his son's diagnosis, treatment and then the miraculous day when his child's diagnosis was reversed. It is an inspirational story you won't want to miss.
Monday 14th of March 2011
Mike Bittner from Hyperbaric Centers of California, Inc. ( joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about HBOT for Autism. This is a really informative hour where Mike tells us inspirational stories of children making incredible strides after usind hard shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Tanks. Mike also shares the truth about the differences between hard shell and soft sided tanks. Don't spend any money on a soft sided chamber until you listen to this expert. Mike also shares the story of both his children being diagnosed with Autism and then making miraculous recoveries with the help of HBOT. If you are considering doing HBOT, this is the show to listen to.
Monday 7th of March 2011
Life is stressful enough, then along comes Autism. It can be overwhelming. This entire show is devoted to giving you tips and tricks for surviving stress while coping with Autism.
Monday 28th of February 2011
You've heard people talk about recovery from Autism now you can hear what it sounds like. Joe Mohs was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. Listen as Joe tells Everyday Autism Miracles about the journey he and his parents took to recover him from Autism. For parents who want to know what is possible this is a truly inspirational hour. Joe and Shannon also share information on Skills an exciting new tool that is poised to change the face of Autism.
Monday 21st of February 2011
In this edition of Everyday Autism Miracles, host Shannon Penrod and Biomed Mom Joanne Allor talk about how to be a positive force in your child's school. Learn about IEPs and all the acronyms you need to know to get through the IEP process successfully. If you have a child with Autism and need help navigating the transition to school this show will help you to know the ins and outs. Also learn the two most important secrets to a successful IEP.
Monday 14th of February 2011
In the 6th and final episode of "My Child was Diagnosed with Autism. What do I do Now?" we take on the subject of funding the journey through Autism. We know now there is help for Autism, but how is a normal family supposed to afford it? Host Shannon Penrod gives a ton of information on insurance, grants, no-interest loans and fundraising. This is an essential show that could save you a lot of money and time.
Monday 7th of February 2011
The fifth is a 6 part series of what to do when your child is initially diagnosed with Autism, this episode details the many treatments available for Autism. HBot, Cranial Sacral, AIT, Teacch, Floortime, Sensory Intergration, OT, APE, Speech and many more therapies are outlined. BioMed Mom Joanne Allor joins host Shannon Penrod to shed light on these various treatments and interventions.
Friday 28th of January 2011
Why all the fuss about ABA Therapy for the treatment of Autism? Tune in as host Shannon Penrod tells about the treatment she refers to as "The Autism Miracle in My Living Room" This is a moving hour about what is possible in the world of Autism is really good ABA therapy is given in the right amount. Merrick Williams for CARD makes a guest appearance to talk about Autism's newest tool SKILLS! BioMed Mom Joanne Allor also shares her experience with ABA Therapy.
Friday 21st of January 2011
Need a beginning class on BioMeds for Autism without being overwhelmed? This is the show for you. Join host, Shannon Penrod and BioMed Mom, Joanne Allor as they talk about everything from what a Defeat Autism Now Doctor is to the benefits of giving your child Methyl B12 shots. This is episode three in a 6 part series on what to do when your child is first diagnosed with Autism.
Friday 14th of January 2011
The second show in a 6 part series on what to do when your child is diagnosed with Autism, this show focuses on Dietary Intervention. Everything from going Organic, to the GFCF diet, Feingold Diet and Specific Carbohydrate Diet are covered. Ever wonder is dietary intervention could help your child? This is the show to listen to. Shannon Penrod and Joanne Allor give helpful hints and suggestions to clean up your child's diet without a fuss. Is your child a really finicky eater? Listen to recommendations about which diet to try for each child's preferences and how to start with simple substitutions to ease the transitions.
Friday 7th of January 2011
This is the first in a 6 part series for parents whose child has just been diagnosed with Autism. In this show, host Shannon Penrod and Biomed Mom Joanned Allor talk candidly about when their children were diagnosed, the emotions, the fears and next steps. The criteria for diagnosining Autism and where to go to get an accurate diagnosis are covered.
Friday 17th of December 2010
Join Shannon Penrod as she shares stories of hope and inspiration from parents all over the country. This show is an uplifting look at all of the Holiday miracles shared through Autism Speaks' FaceBook. Get a hanky it's a tear jerker!
Friday 10th of December 2010
This show features the interns of Everyday Autism Miracles talking about what they love about the holidays and what is difficult for them while on the spectrum. Listen in to their wonderful insights as they share their view of the holidays, as well as what is on thier recommended gift list for tween, teens and college students on the spectrum. Shannon shares strategies for making the holiday special for everyone in the family and creating holiday memories that include and embrace family members on the spectrum.
Friday 3rd of December 2010
This show is full of ideas for wonderful,appropriate toys for children on the Autism Spectrum. Toy Expert Bob Friedland from Toys 'R Us shares top toy ideas from their Differently Abled Toy Guide including how to search for a toy to build a specific skill. Sara Larson from Playability toys shares great ideas on finding unique award winning toys that are fun and build skills and Kathy Lorkovic from Fat Brain Toys shares a slew of ideas for great toys and stocking stuffers that are sure to be loved by kids on the Spectrum. Hear great ideas from Parents about their favorite toys and info about how to register to win an iPad for your child on the Spectrum from the HollyRod Foundation. Get coupon codes for savings from toys on and
Friday 19th of November 2010
Dr. Sarita Freedman talks with Everyday Autism Miracles about giving skills to children and teenagers with Autism Spectrum disorders so they can succeed in college. Tune in and listen as she talks about self awareness skills, self care and self advocacy as well as many other important aspects of the college experience. Interns Eric Goldin and Adam Jacome join the show to talk about their experience of college and the BioMed Mom talks about the benifits of lemon water.
Friday 12th of November 2010
Merrick Williams and Joe Mohs from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders visit Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about SKILLS the new interactive computer program to help parents, teachers and care givers design tailored programs to help children acquire the skills they need to succeed. This fabulous program is based on 30 years of research, it tracks biomedical interventions, creates IEP reports and trains parents in the gold standard of Autism treatment
Friday 5th of November 2010
Cindi De Wet cured herself from Tourrette's Syndrome and in the process learned to help her son on his journey with Aspergers and strategies to help other children on the spectrum using Naturopathy. Now she has formed the ASSIST for Autism foundation in order to help hundreds of childen and families that are affected by Autism. Listen to her amazing tale, as well as hearing the Biomed Mom's shocking discovery about BPA on store reciepts! And how antiseptic hand gel can make it worse. Host Shannon Penrod shares info on giving Jem his first Methyl B shot and how listeners can get a free trail of the amazing SKILLS program.
Friday 29th of October 2010
Insurance expert Bryce Miler joins Everyday Autism Miracles to give important up to date information about Insurance reform for Autism coverage. Laws have passed in 23 states mandating that insurance companies cover Autism, including ABA therapy. Do you know if your insurance will cover therapy for your child? Find out in this informative show that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on your journey to help your child.
Friday 22nd of October 2010
ACT Today! is a non-profit that's mission is to provide information and access to therapies, treatment, equipment and services that help children on the Autism Spectrum. Laura Marroquin the Director of Marketing and Development for ACT Today! joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about how families can request a grant for everything from a fence to therapy. She allows shares information on ACT Today's new initiative to help Military families with children on the spectrum. Tune in to hear what you can do to help your child or how you can be instrumental in helping another child with Autism.
Friday 15th of October 2010
This show is "The Dish on the DAN"! Tune is and listen as "Biomed Mom" Joanne Allor and host Shannon Penrod talk about everything they leared while at the Fall 2010 Defeat Autism Now Conference, held by the Autism Research Institite. Listen in as Shannon shares what she learned about Autism and the immune system and why she is urging all Moms of kid on the Spectrum to get a mammogram. Hear the Biomed Mom talk about new treatments that she is starting and what she recommends adding based on the conference. The two most effective treatments for autism are revealed (they happen to be the least expensive) Methyl B shots, the GFCF diet and the new SKILLS program are all discussed. Don't miss this informative show.
Friday 8th of October 2010
Dr. Geoffrey Radoff joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about the Fall 2010 DAN Conference in Long Beach. Listen is as he talks about the DAN protocol, homeopathy, how to avoid spending unnecessary money on test, when to know if your child is ready to go off of B-12 shots and how to treat yeast. This is a rare opportunity to sit with a DAN practitioner for an hour. Intern Eric Goldin also offers his unique opinion of Sarah Palin's recent concern of explotation of people with disabilities - you won't want to miss it!
Friday 1st of October 2010
In this first episode of the Second Season of Everyday Autism Miracles host Shannon Penrod shares interviews from The Center for Autism and Related Disorders' 20th Anniversary Gala in Hollywood. Guest interviews include Macy Gray, Kyle Massey from Dancing With the Stars, Dr. Sears from "The Doctors", Rap star Won G and two college aged students who recovered from Autism and were featured in the film "Recovered". Biomed Mom, Joanne Allor offers advice on going to DAN Dr. appointment and how to get the most bang for your buck in treating yeast.
Friday 3rd of September 2010
Got the end of summer blues? Shannon Penrod offers help with the 4 Fs: Food, Fundraising, Fun and Finding your Zen so you can get back on track and make a smooth transition for fall. Listen to her strategies for raising funds for Autism Treatment and getting your children to eat fresh vegetables.
Saturday 28th of August 2010
Nancy Pitchford from Heads Up Therapy joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about the benifits of horse therapy for children on the spectrum. Intern Eric Goldin talks about his views on politically incorrect speech, which causes Host Shannon Penrod to break into hives. BioMed Mom, Joanne Allor gives tips on eating organic foods on a budget.
Friday 20th of August 2010
Dr. Jonathan Tarbox, Director of Research and Development for The Center for Autism and Related Disorders, the world's largest organization effectively treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, visits Everyday Autism Miracles to share new research on behavioral interventions for creating a safe, loving interaction between your child with Autism and a pet. This is an inspirational hour filled with cutting edge information on behavioral interventions that work, whether it is getting your child to pet the dog nicely or increase their working memory. This is a wonderful hour filled with information you can use to increase your enjoyment of your child and their ability to learn new skills and behaviors.
Friday 6th of August 2010
Monica Holloway, author of the critically acclaimed memoir Cowboy and Wills joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about her book, her son Will's progress and his touching journey through Autism. This is a fun inspirational hour of honest mommy chat, covering everything from spouses to pets and including what to do when well meaning people say really insensitive and ignorant things. All with a sense of humor and dignity! Join Shannon Penrod and Monica Holloway as they laugh their way through an hour of Everyday Autism Miracles.
Friday 30th of July 2010
Karen Delaney of Oswego New York's Autism Task Force joins as this week's special Co-Host. This show is jam packed with resources for families in the Upstate New York area but also provides inspiration as we talk to Moms who have banded together to enrich the lives of all the local children living on the spectrum. Listen in as local moms and advocates share important information for all parents of children on the spectrum no matter where you live!
Monday 19th of July 2010
Celebrity Hair Stylist Allen Edwards and international autism expert Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh visit Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about the first annual Ride 'n Style for Autism which will be held on Sunday July 25th. This exciting event is perfect for the whole family, providing carnival rides and games for the kids, custom cars and motorbikes for the Dads and hair styling by the Allen Edwards team for Moms. All of the money raised will benefit Autism treatments and research.
Friday 9th of July 2010
Barrie Silberberg, author of The Autism and ADHD Diet, joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about the power of dietary intervention for all of our kids no matter where they are on the spectrum. Listen in as Barrie gives great advice about cleaning up your child's diet and "lifting the fog" that surrounds them. Get great advice on how to shop for healthy ingredients to make nutritious meals that your kids will eat. Need help sorting through the differences between GFCF, Feingold and other diets? Barrie can help you understand what your individual child needs and how to get started. This is a great show for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the idea of making dietary changes.
Friday 2nd of July 2010
Award winning educator and author Carole Cliffe joins Everyday Autism Miracles to share some really fun and innovative ways to teach our kids the principles of good character. Through her website,, Carole offers parents a wide variety of inexpensive tools to make learning about character fun. Tune in as Carole shares inspirational ideas on how to instill these values in our children no matter where they are on the spectrum or off.
Saturday 26th of June 2010
It's important to stay hopeful and inspired on your journey through Autism. On this special edition of Everyday Autism Miracles we listen to the words of parents around the world who share their latest "brag" about the miracles that are happening in their homes. Get a hanky, because this one is a tear jearker and climb aboard the hope express!
Friday 18th of June 2010
Listen in as Bonnie Yates of the Bonnie Z. Yates Law Firm shares critical information about how to get the most out of your child's IEP. This show is filled with tips to help you be your most productive. Imagine feeling relaxed at your next IEP knowing that you are completely prepared and that you fully understand your rights as a parent. Bonnie is here to help us all feel empowered at these crucial meetings.
Saturday 12th of June 2010
Fresh from the Autism One Conference, Dr. Marshall Dickholtz visits Everyday Autism Miracles to discuss the benefits of NUCCA chiropractic on children with Autism. Dr. Dickholtz is best known for a study on the effect of NUCCA on high blood pressure patients, he lowered their blood pressure an average of 18 points! He has just finished a study on the effects of NUCCA on , children with Autism that has had trememdous results. Listen to one caller whose children participated in the study to hear about the miraculous chnages in her children. Listen in as Dr. Dickholtz talks about his new study on Cancer.
Friday 4th of June 2010
April Boden joins us again to tell us about all of the weekend events at the Autism One Conference. April also shares all of the recipes to the wonderful food she talked about last week!
Saturday 29th of May 2010
Autism One promised us the world would change in May. Listen to Autism Mom April Boden share her experience of the 2010 Autism One Conference at the mid point of the conference. April shares thoughts on Marshall Dickholtz' presentation on Chiropractic intervention for Autism as well as the dietary delights offered by Julie Matthews, Deepa Deshmukh and Anna Sobaski. April also shares info on Lend4Health an organization that helped her to raise money to attend the conference.
Saturday 22nd of May 2010
On today's special edition of Everyday Autism Miracles Shannon chats with all of the interns who work on Everyday Autism Miracles. The interns are all participants of a program called TLC (Transition Learning Charter) which is specifically designed to help students with Asperger's Syndrome who are persuing a college degree. Listen in as these inspirational young adults talk about how Autism and Asperger's have affected their lives and how the have found there individual paths to success. Hear their unique perspectives on what it is like to be differently abled in a world that promotes similarty. This is a truly inspirational show made possible by a courageous group of students willing to tell their truths.
Saturday 15th of May 2010
Stress is one of the many issues that parents with children on the spectrum are forced to deal with. Marla Tabaka, a licensed EFT practioner talks three parents through EFT over the phone to demonstrate how easy it is to reduce stress. Ally LoPrete of This Little Parent Stayed Home and Bio Med Mom Joanne Allor also visit the show.
Saturday 8th of May 2010
Special Education lawyer Bonnie Yates of the Bonnie Z. Yates Law Firm joins us to talk about the nuts and bolts of the IEP process. An IEP can be an overwhelming process, especially if you've never attended one before. Bonnie lends her expertise to empower parents around the globe and level the IEP playing field. Also hear from Jamie, one of our interns, about what it is like to be the "I" in the IEP and Joanne Allor, our Biomed Mom shares info on GABA.
Friday 30th of April 2010
Listen to interviews from the 2010 Walk Now for Autism in Los Angeles. Hear parents, vendors, families, celebrities, support staff and children talking about what this walk means to them. Included are Celebrity Apprentice's Holly Robinson Peete, NFL star Rodney Peete and their daughter Ryan Peete as well as The Sheild's Micheal Chiklis and many others!
Friday 23rd of April 2010
AIT is an amazing therapy that can help balance the brain's response to sound in order to help the patient be able to focus better, speak better, feel less anxiety and be more productive. It is FDA approved and is beneficial to people in all walks of life. With individuals on the Autism spectrum it sometimes means the difference of being able to communicate. Listen to Kymberleigh Herwill-Levin discussed to beneifts of this treatment for kids with ASD.
Saturday 17th of April 2010
Join Shannon and callers as they discuss the topic "Stupid Things People Have Said To Me About Autism" this show takes an emotional turn when three young men with ASD call in to tell their stories. A truly inspirational show.
Saturday 10th of April 2010
The Autism Reasearch Institute has created a group of Doctors and Practitioners whose goal is to share information and research in the quest to find effective biomedical treatment for Autism and disorders. This movement is better known as Defeat Autism Now. Dr. Eric Sletten is a Board Certified Family Physician, a DAN practioner and the father of a child recoverd from Autism. Listen to his passionate words about what parents can do to help their children on their journey thru Autism.
Saturday 3rd of April 2010
One half of the creative genius behind The Autspot, Greg Kolstov, joins Everyday Autism Miracles to talk about how Autism's first social network came into being and to tell parents, relatives and care givers how they can benefit from a free membershipt
Friday 26th of March 2010
Kay Green from gives great advice about safety and safety products. This is a show that can not be missed. From door alarms, to car seats, to ID tags, Kay gives the 411 on the keeping our kids safe and introduces us to the newest gadgets available. How about the locator that can track 3 of your kids and your cell phone?!!! Or Kay's advice on how to track high functioning teenagers without them feeling like you are hovering!
Friday 19th of March 2010
Phillip Hain talks about the mission of Autism Speaks and the upcoming Walk Now for Autism in Los Angeles
Saturday 13th of March 2010
Ten years ago Karyn Seroussi's book Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother's Story of Reseach & Recovery changed many parents outlook on treating their children's Autism. Now with Lisa Lewis (author of Special Diets for Special Kids) Seroussi has delivered the definitive manual for dietary interventions in a new book: The Encyclopedia of Dietary Intervention for the Treatment of Autism and Related Disorders. Listen to this hour with Karyn as she talks with Shannon about her journey through autism and the writing of these two pivotal books.
Saturday 6th of March 2010
Tiffani Lawton from Our Journey Thru shares her son Eamon's story of recovery from PDDnos WITHOUT Intensive ABA, the DAN Protocol, or a strict GFCF diet. Listen to the practical approach this nurse/mom took, including home schooling and how her journey became an informational website for parents all over the world. Check out the array of experts blogging on After this show taped Tiffani asked to make one correction: "The dosage for the vitamin C that I give Eamon is between 125 mg and 250 mg, not 250-500 mg. Also, included in the combo supplement is Zinc. I use Rhino Chewy C plus zinc and echinacea by Nutrition Now."
Saturday 27th of February 2010
Autism Mom Moira Giametteo talks candidly about how to keep your marriage strong when you have children on the spectrum. She also shares important info on TACA (Talk About Curing Autism)one of the best resources for parents of children with Autism
Friday 19th of February 2010
Bonnie Yates from the Bonnie Z. Yates Law Firm shares her journey through Autism with her son Nick who has recovered from Autism. She also shares important research that every Parent needs to know when advocating for their children with Autism. Bonnie also shares advice on empowering parents for positive IEP meetings!
Friday 12th of February 2010
Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, founder of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders and Bryce Miler the mother of a child who has recovered from Autism discuss the award winning documentary RECOVERED: Journeys Through the Autism Spectrum and Back with host Shannon Penrod