Thursday 29th of October 2015
Have you ever experienced that moment where you almost got quoted by a very famous person? This actually happened to Deb Hann! So this week’s episode is all about her and her gifts to this world! And, let’s face it; as always it is also all about Gorgeous Girl Désirée Manders! That is just a fact of life! GG is not shy when it comes to receiving the gifts life has to offer, but what about you? Do you need to practise being the receiver? And what about gifting and receiving the gift of time? Some really cool thoughts and insights are being shared once again on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 22nd of October 2015
Bee sure Beehave Bee wise Bee friendly Bee mindful Beelong Beedazzle Bee Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 15th of October 2015
What gives you energy? What keeps you out of flow? What are you tolerating? And how much of it will you put up with before you finally divorce your computer? Deb and Désirée share their vision with the wonderful people of the world in this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 8th of October 2015
How does your garden grow? This week we talk about the metaphor of tending to your garden and pulling out ‘weeds’ before they take over your beautiful mind! Deb shares what she learned from watching a Rugby match, we talk about how your perspective determines the quality of your life and there is something about.....snakes!
Wednesday 30th of September 2015
I want, I want, I want! You can manifest everything you want, but how and how fast all depends on how you phrase your desires. On this topic Gorgeous Girl Désirée Manders shares her office space epiphany and Fabulous Deb Hann knows how to land a room with a view! And the best news is; so can you! Want to know how? Tune in on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! with Lisa the Goddess playing the role of Eric the Viking warrior.
Thursday 24th of September 2015
What do you do when you need to nurture yourself back to health? Do you ever feel life is like dancing the Cha cha cha? We talk about the daily and/or quirky routines we have around self-care and our honey and lemon metaphor, mind games, African dancing and why you should avoid stepping into a London Red Telephone box. All this and more on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 17th of September 2015
This week on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! we talk about the magic in silence, the lesser of two evils, the gift in everything, gorgeous guys and pulling a Wayne on the way to London! #LondonTown #oneness #silenceIsGolden #Eurostar #channeltunnel #RoaldDahl #lesserOfTwoEvils
Thursday 10th of September 2015
This week on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! we welcome our favourite understudy Amanda Yuill once again! Not to worry, both Deb and Désirée are there as well, but since Deb only managed to find bits and pieces of her lost voice we thought we’d take it easy on her and have Amanda step in! On this fun and very inspirational episode we pay tribute to the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer as we remember his recent passing and reflect upon his philosophy and the movie ‘The Shift’. We share stories around our own shifts, the perspective on BE-DO-HAVE and life’s purpose. But we also talk about The Best Thing in the Universe (according to Amanda Yuill!), dark chocolate, Roller derby and netball..... ‘cause that is what we do at Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #WayneDyer #TheShift #Rollerderby #electrictrombone Listen here; or go to our webpage;
Thursday 27th of August 2015
We all get so easily distracted so we’ll keep it short; -Warrant out for Deb’s arrest -Learned behaviour -Out-source-Issues & Troubles On this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #distraction #burnthebox #outsourcing #warrantforarrest #labpit
Thursday 20th of August 2015
Deb Hann experienced a real life, Down Under Groundhog day! Gorgeous as she is, she not only took pictures to capture the magnificence of a foggy day, she also wrote a blog around her weather analogy –just for the fun and inspiration of it! In this week’s episode we go in to lateral thinking, burning the box, the pebble matter, the placebo effect, living happily in Madrid and how 1 word can fully change your outcome! Yes, friends, it’s all about choice and choosing to change your perspective! #GroundHogDay, #PlaceboEffect, #Madrid, #London, #Commute, #OutOfTheBox
Thursday 13th of August 2015
Have you ever heard yourself say: “that turned out to be perfect!” More often than not we realize in retrospect that an occurrence that might have seemed ‘highly uncool’ turned out to be the one thing that brought you to a better place in your life. So why wait till later? Recognize perfection in everything as it happens even if it so happens that you don’t understand why things are happening the way they do. That happens to be what we talk about in this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! This and: car game meditation, pulling a Sheila E, getting distracted, expert opinion on goal setting-or why you shouldn’t, taking stock of your life, mushroom goodness, major Tom and helium infused beer! #majorTom #stocktake #perfect #David Bowie #cptChrisHadfield #heliumbeer
Thursday 6th of August 2015
This week we have some more great stories to share! Listen to Deb’s adventures in a local bar, find out why Erik the Viking warrior resembles an orange traffic cone, how one person’s daggy day is another’s opportunity to glide in the air and most importantly; there is hope for the queen of Tardiness -aka Gorgeous Girl yet! Apparently a study conducted by the University of San Diego shows that chronically late people are not hopeless they are hopeful! Find out why and get the full box office story on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #queenoftardiness #optimism #boxOffice #sirSweatmuch #msChatalot #quizbingo #tonyrobbins
Thursday 30th of July 2015
Get up people; this is your call to action! Listen to this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it and learn the 3 steps to F&G your life! Do you want to have that Fabulous and Gorgeous lifestyle, that je-ne-sais-quoi, that ‘turn heads in the street’ F&G glow? You can! Spread the word, share the link; let's all BE Fabulous and Gorgeous -just for the fun of it! #crazycatlady #bennyhill #showtune #flushingtoilet #indoorplumbing #dolphinsjumping #readingglasses
Thursday 23rd of July 2015
Do we need to say more? ‘There is always enough!’ And there is more than enough on Fabulous and Gorgeous-just for the fun of it! Where Gorgeous Girl Désirée Manders is back from her Turkish adventure; and boy did she have an adventure riding the ocean waves! As did super Cooper, who had a rat’s adventure! And we share a shark’s adventure –just to get on Erik the Viking warrior’s good side! That and honouring the child in you, all on this week’s episode! #livesanadventure #allyoucaneatbuffet #thereisalwaysenough #boythatspeedboatlooksgoodonme
Thursday 16th of July 2015
From Adelaide to Denver???? While Super Coach – Desiree Manders takes a well earned break, soaking up the sights in Turkey…Stepping up to the TogiNet Radio mic is former Aussie, now lighting up the world in Denver Colorado – Amanda Yuill. Bitten by the wanderlust bug, tune in as Amanda shares her story from explosive mining chemist to life coach to world domination to breaking world records and something about a pink trombone.
Wednesday 8th of July 2015
This week on Fabulous and Gorgeous we talk about failing miserably at easy stuff, how one man’s fear is another man’s opportunity, we dive into self imposed stress, we share valuable knowledge on how to pick the perfect avocado (no squeezing involved!) and we learn something about Erik the Viking warrior’s supper happy dogs!
Thursday 2nd of July 2015
On this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it we welcome as our guest the fabulous and gorgeous Celebrity trainer Emily Drew! Emily works with people from all over the world sharing her Work-in concept. We love her outlook on life and her theory around working in your energy. Listen to her very interesting story, learn why it is impossible to burn fat when you are stressed, find out why Deb just wants to coach über cool people and what collective energy has to do with all of this! #work-in #celebrity trainer #Emily Drew #ubercool
Thursday 25th of June 2015
Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence, miracles happen 24-7, energy is more than just that thing that makes the lights go on and most stress is self imposed –did you know? Tune in for the full magic on this weeks episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #sprititjunky #synchronicity #magicmike Listen here; or go to our webpage;
Thursday 18th of June 2015
From innocent #selfies to tongue twisted spoonerisms – how are we impacting our world? Time to light up your inner #forgorgeousness and follow your #innergoogle….just for the fun of it. What is YOUR GIFT to the world today? Get your innergoogle on peeps!
Tuesday 16th of June 2015
This week on Fabulous & Gorgeous....time is fleeting....madness takes its toll and maybe even takes control... What's the secret to being in a 10/10 zone? Bananas - what can't they do? Tune in if you have the time...‪#‎justforthefunofit‬ ‪#‎TimeTravellers‬
Thursday 4th of June 2015
We have two questions for you; 1. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? 2. What do Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Deb Hann have in common? Take your time with the first question (tip: grab a mirror and look!), tune in to find out the answer to the second question! Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #Smoothcriminal #Michael Jackson #Tom Cruise #rapjumping #Baghwan #20thcentury #orange #purple #brown #ducksinflight
Thursday 28th of May 2015
Even though De Zuider zee translates into The South Sea they are not the same sea, Australia came 5th on the Eurovision Song festival, forgiveness is great but forgorgeousness is even better, you can change your bedtime story and be a human doing rather than a human being and you have to get up from the sofa to receive the gifts life has to offer. Learn about all these facts and more on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #forgorgeousness #Southsea #humanbeing
Thursday 21st of May 2015
This week on Fabulous and Gorgeous….Gorgeous Girl aka Desiree Manders goes walk about Amsterdam style, Deb Hann shares her Plot Twisting wake up call as they spotlight the endless possibilities that mindfulness brings into focus. Tune in for some good old fashioned nourishment – for the mind, body and spirit …just for the fun of it #Nourish #FREEHUGS #Eurovision
Thursday 14th of May 2015
On Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! we focus on the lighter side of life, the good in things, the gift in adversity, the joy in stories told and shared and shared again! Sam Cawthorn is a young man who lived through adversity and wrote a story and a dang good one! His book is called ‘Bounce forward’ –now isn’t that clever?! Plot twist! His is a great example of how you can choose to write the story of your own life. Now Deb has a great tip; you don’t have to have something awful or challenging happen to you before you do just that! You can see every day as a new blank page in your book and write your fabulous and gorgeous super hero enlighten the world story if you so choose! Now how about that?! That is exactly what Désirée does as she uses her magic sentence at the glorious beginning of every day and as a result every day is absolute perfection for her! Now how does it get any better than that? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.... So won’t you write and play with us? And while you’re at it; join us for our world famous Jumpathon! Well.... we think it is going to go viral once we get our crazy jump-‘cause-you-can-just-for-the-fun-of-it pictures up on facebook and instagram! Do ‘jump’ in, share your picture with us and you maybe you win that fabulous and gorgeous price! How why and when? Find out on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #bounceforward #plottwist #jumpathon
Thursday 7th of May 2015
In this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! We reflect on the 4th and 5th of May; Dutch Remembrance Day and Liberation Day. Désirée shares a bit of her personal history and what that ‘attitude of gratitude’ means to her. We are aware of the things that are lacking or could be better, however both Deb and Désirée choose to focus on what is right –right now. Every thought becomes a creation and what you focus on grows. Fortunately a good many celebrities use their ‘power’ to do good and make a change in this world. Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey are good examples of this and recently Australian celebrity Carrie Bickmore used her moment in the spotlight when she received her Golden Logie Award to raise awareness for brain cancer. That beanie sure looks good on her! From tragedy to triumph and something about a pig’s ear; it’s all here on this week’s episode! #beaniesforbraincancer @BickmoreCarrie #celebritypower #fantabulous
Thursday 30th of April 2015
This week we are proud to present our very first guest on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! The amazingly Fabulous and Gorgeous Anya Cherneff joins us to tell us all about the fabulous work her company Empower Generation does in Nepal. They have been empowering local women to set up their own micro enterprises selling solar lights and solar powered mobile phone charge systems for the past 3 years now. The story behind this social business and the impact it has on the health and well being for the Nepalese is nothing short of amazing! But there is more! As Nepal is now trying to recover from the devastations of the recent natural disaster, Empower Generation was able to help on site, donating solar lights and mobile phone chargers, supporting the local aid workers by providing them with light and much needed power. Listen to Anya’s inspiring story on this week’s episode as she joins our fabulous and gorgeous global party! Go to to learn more about the beautiful work she and her team do in Nepal. If you would like to help Nepal in their time of need, please go to to donate. The money raised will all go towards providing the people of Nepal with shelter, blankets and of course solar lights and mobile phone charger systems. #Nepalearthquake #sharethelight #empowergeneration #crowdrise #helpnepal
Thursday 23rd of April 2015
Our brain is amazing! The way it knows how to use all the information you have downloaded over the years, the way it can switch from one language to another in a split second and the way it loves to work with metaphors to expand in to all manner of possibilities! All of that is a huge resource to work with when you need to be persistent at times. All that and more on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! #Vienna #ToothFairy #ANZACDay #KingsDay #koningsdag
Thursday 16th of April 2015
What do you do when you are faced by technical difficulties –or any difficulties? How do you deal with that little voice in your head that focuses on negatives? Find out on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous-just for the fun of it! There will be tips, tricks, bits of inspiration, free stuff to sign up for, cows doing a happy dance –and, yes, technical difficulties! We choose to focus on ways to flex our fun and on adding. It is not about what you don’t do, it is about what you do Do! How do you Do?
Thursday 9th of April 2015
This week on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it, we are back on the nudist beach, we talk about social conditioning and 5 steps to happy creating, we share good stories about good people and as a bonus Deb does her fabulous and gorgeous ABC! So, will you sing with me? Happy days, Fabulous and Gorgeous ones!
Thursday 2nd of April 2015
Rod Steward rocks! And he provides a perfect alibi when you have to keep a secret! From good old Rod we move over to how creating a diversion will help you to stop having man made, products of your imagination issues. From there Deb takes us to Planet Utopia and then back to earth for some Easter Fun! Do you want to hear how it all comes together? Listen to this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 26th of March 2015
This week we talk about Breaking Bad habits so you can set yourself free and live life with a ton of fun! Get off the track that leads to no-where, disaster or plain misery and create a new (neuro-) pathway! Ah... the mysteries of the brain! How to pave that new freeway? It is all explained in the upcoming Igniting a Ton of fun classes by Deb –scheduled in May (go to for info and pre-signup) and the soon to be launched free EFT Webinar by Désirée! (go to for info and pre- signup). All this and more on this weeks episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 19th of March 2015
What if your kid doesn’t want to go to school? Well you give him a two-finger insight! Désirée has such clever tips on how to change your perspective! What about having a catch up chat with your neighbour, your colleague or –heaven forbid- someone who is in the same line of business you are in! Try it; it is fun and inspirational! Did you know there is no competition? That is just something mankind made up! The planet has never been more populated than it is right now, yet individuals have never felt more lonely. Let’s get out of that competition mind set and into a warm global hug of togetherness! By the way; March 20th 2015 is International Day of Happiness! Now, there is a good place to start! #internationaldayofhappiness
Thursday 12th of March 2015
What do you do when daylight saving time creeps up on you and bites you in the butt? Well; we don’t know what you would do but Deb and Désirée just stepped up to the plate in all their fabulousness and gorgeousness and had another round of fun while sharing words of wisdom and inspiration! “The strongest energy wins”. “There are no shadows when everybody shines!” And so it is!
Thursday 5th of March 2015
Come on fabulous and gorgeous ones! Be like Deb and Désirée and seize the day! You will enjoy life to the fullest when you allow yourself to come out of hiding and be that 14 year old having a blast! Who knows; you might make new friends that are soon to be rock stars! (The band is called Channel8 –check them out!). In memory of the wonderful Leonard Nimoy we bless you with that Trekkie hand signal; Live long and prosper, our beautiful friends from around the globe! –Just for the fun of it!
Thursday 26th of February 2015
This week space cadet Deb inspires us to be open for change, as she goes with Désirée and Erik the Viking on an inspirational journey of the world. Where we find cool dudes on the ice skating ring, there is a spot of fabulous beer tasting going on, a swimming pool situation, some interesting presuppositions and the inner voice of a resilient child. Rome wasn’t built in a day but somehow Désirée and Deb manage to get all of their inspirational, fun, interesting, from the heart stories shared in only one hour! But why was Désirée sitting under the table??? Find all of this out and more on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 19th of February 2015
The romance of Valentines day still lingers in the air as we talk about roses (Erik the Viking must be the most romantic man alive!) as we drift away on that lovey-dovey cloud we make our way in to Harry Potter land and from there back to the here and now where Deb and Désirée have built their own framework for magic to show up. All in a day’s work! Won’t you join us?
Thursday 12th of February 2015
When Deb was facing all sorts of technical challenges she turned that trial right into triumph by stating; ‘I am a highly intelligent woman having a learning experience!’ She also was able to practice the art of doing nothing as well as letting others be excellent at what they do best. All of this fabulous gorgeousness might have just come about because Désirée taught Deb ‘the magic sentence’ and being the fabulous, gorgeous and generous person that she is, Désirée shares that magic sentence with you as well on this weeks episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! Go on; explore that below the surface part of the iceberg!
Thursday 5th of February 2015
Do you realize you always get exactly what you expect? Tune in to this weeks episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! and expect to learn a little more on how to live life with the essence of fun, why there is absolutely nothing wrong with tattoos or swearing too much, why growing pot at home in wintertime is never a good idea and why George Clooney always fits in! Be your authentic self Fabulous and Gorgeous ones and play the positive and uplifting mind game with us!
Thursday 29th of January 2015
Did you know; this time of year Adelaide is Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it! They have had spandex galore racing around their streets, had giant flip flops (also known as thongs and slippers) by masses up on the beach and the Hann household have been cheering on the greats of tennis during the Australia open! Deb and Désirée somehow manage to build a bridge from all of this to staying in the moment, feel the love and love the feel of elaborate make up, live life on your own terms and igniting a ton of fun –just ‘cause you can! Join us on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 22nd of January 2015
So what about drinking shots of the floor at a Greek wedding? Why is Désirée selling her ice skates? Mirror, mirror on the wall who had the worst wardrobe malfunction of them all? Who is Kevin and what did he do with Erik the Viking? And where can you sign up to participate in the 7 days of kindness challenge? All this and more on this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 15th of January 2015
This week Deb and Désirée have even more fabulous and gorgeous stories to share. Why? Because they can! With the aid of their camera’s they have even more fun on their weekly banter –just for the fun of it! Sharing their views on day to day experiences from puppy training-got caught in the rain-hair to fabulous coiffeur experiences, back to the use of words and the discontinuation of gossiping to why taking notes in the shower is a fabulous idea and it’s ok to say ‘cute ass’ to the waitress in a French restaurant! Not to worry; it all makes sense in the end! (Or does it....?) Tune in to this week’s episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Thursday 8th of January 2015
On this week’s episode Deb and Désirée talk about the amazing land of OZ, the nudist dive in Holland (oh that language barrier!), having dreams come true, pedicure kindness and why you should seize the moment when you have the opportunity to roll down a hill!
Thursday 1st of January 2015
Happy new year Fabulous & Gorgeous ones! Listen to this last show of the year where Deb and Désirée share their thoughts on New Year’s resolutions; stop, start, keep is a fun alternative, Eric enlightens us on Christmas tree fish houses (who knew!), roundabout frustration is apparently a global matter and you should Youtooble Hamish and Andy if you want to have a good laugh! All just for the fun of it! Wishing you an absolutely Fun filled Fabulous & Gorgeous 2015!!!
Thursday 25th of December 2014
Fabulous and Gorgeous Christmas style! What does Désirée know about Aussie trivia that Deb doesn't? Can Julia Roberts play two parts in one movie? Will Erik the Viking conquer his man flu? And why does Des call Deb a cow??? Find out on the Christmas edition of Fabulous and Gorgeous- just for the fun of it!
Thursday 18th of December 2014
Listen to this week’s edition of Fabulous & Gorgeous-just for the fun of it! Where Deb does her best to pronounce a typical Dutch name, Désirée tells about her instant stress release video and we talk about a random act of kindness #illridewithyou
Thursday 11th of December 2014
Listen to this week’s edition of Fabulous & Gorgeous-just for the fun of it! Where we admit that even a supercoach can get stressed out and we tell you what she does to get that fabulous and gorgeous groove back on, you’ll find out why you should think like a peacock, you’ll learn what Diva’s, Bob the builder, Scooby doo and Kung Fu Panda’s have in common, that every body looks beautiful with a smile, and we share a good to know fact about reindeer as we hashtag #justforthefunofit!
Thursday 4th of December 2014
Listen in on this week’s podcast where you’ll learn how to smile people in their place and why it is nice to have a lemontree in your backyard, we introduce SuperCooperTrooper(Pooper) and we hashtag #justforthefunofit!
Tuesday 25th of November 2014
Listen to this week’s edition of Fabulous & Gorgeous-just for the fun of it! Where Deb tell us about the miracles she has performed on television, as well as her free fall with Batman (talk about knowing people in high places!) Désirée shares her moments of stress, fear, joy and then a tiny bit more fear as she was going down the waterslide and Erik the Viking let’s us in on his stories around Thanksgiving celebrations with his family, dressing up in a pilgrim’s costume, fun with lights Texas style and deep frying basically anything. We so need to visit Texas on our world tour! Yes, of course a world tour! Think big fabulous and Gorgeous ones!
Thursday 20th of November 2014
Join Deb and Désirée on their second edition of Fabulous&Gorgeous-just for the fun of it! Where the magic number is 173 (Yay!), we find out why Erik the Viking has to stop drinking before work, Désirée shines in the spotlights and tells the story behind her name(s), Deb takes over the spotlight (half time! Change sides!) and turns out to be a magician with words as well as a doing a great imitation of a Koala who is ready to mate. Wanna hear? Tune in on our second podcast!
Thursday 13th of November 2014
Hello Fabulous and Gorgeous ones! Join in on the very first Fabulous and Gorgeous -just for the fun of it! Off on a bumpy start, Deb and Désirée get to practice what they preach as they navigate the airwaves trying to get Deb on board! Will they be able to take a different perspective on after mid-night challenges? Who is Scott? Why is Erik the Viking so important and what about shark bait? Find out as you listen in on the fun! listen to the download directly by clicking on the link or go to our webpage to find out more!