Child Holocaust Survivor Has a Message For the World


Lucia was born in Bochnia, Poland in 1940. Her Jewish parents perished in the Holocaust and Lucia was raised in the Catholic Church by her adopted parents the Swiateks.

Lucia loved the church and had deep and spiritual faith. When she first learned that she was Jewish, she really had no idea what that meant, beyond knowing that everyone hated the Jews.

As she grew older, Lucia began suffering anti semitism as the lone Jew in Bochnia, and eventually concluded that she would never be able to marry or have children if she stayed.

After escaping detention by Communist authorities in 1961, she immigrated to the United States and married Herman Weitzman, a Holocaust survivor and businessman raised in a mitchelltraditional Jewish family

Lucia’s life has been documented in her new book The Rose Temple written by her son Mitchell, and tells an incredible tale of survival, loss, and a love for God that would spur a spiritual search that would take her across the world several times as she sought answers to life’s most pressing questions.

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