Raheel Raza.. Wants to Usher Islam into the 21st Century

Raheel Raza is one of the most important and interesting woman I know. She is a Sunni Muslim, Pakistani born,  wife, mother and doting grandmother, all things you would expect from a woman of her culture, and yet she is truly the epitomy of unexpected.

Living for the past 40 some odd years in Canada, Raheel has pushed the boundaries and lead the way for all woman to fight for their rights.

Today, she is the President of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, author of the book Their Jihad - Not My Jihad, award winning journalist, public speaker & advocate for human rights featured in the award-winning documentary Honor Diaries.  She is recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for service to Canada. In Dec. 2015, she helped launch the Muslim Reform Movement and is working tirelessly to open the hearts and minds of Muslim youth, politicians, and citizens around the world to the growing threat pf Radical Islam.

Raheel believes that Radical Islam is like a cancer, a disease that needs to be stamped out. However, it also needs to be discussed. Cancer kills unless it is addressed. 

For over 20 years, Raheel has been working to push back the ideology of those Muslims who still live in the 7th Century and need to bring Islam into the 21st Century.

In fact, Raheel is the first Muslim Woman to lead Mixed Gender prayers. 

Did you know that as much as 52 percent of the Worlds Muslims, even those in the West, hold archaic beliefs such as honor killings are OK, cutting off of limbs-hands and feet if one steals is proper justice and even those who want to leave the faith should be killed. These are not just beliefs held by the radical terrorists, these are every day Muslims, 289 Million to be exact.

So what can we do? Raheel wants us to begin to have conversations such as this. She wants us to STOP being Politically correct and understand that being called RACIST is the agenda that the actual terroists use to get us to follow their party line.

The San Bernadino shooting might have been stopped if the neighbors, who saw things that worried them, had called it in, but they didn't because they were afraid of being seen as racist.

In her documentary By the Numbers, The Untold story of Muslim Opinions and Demographics, Raheel gives us a good education of what we are going to have to deal with. This is not a conversation to take out of context to promote hatred. Not at all, instead, share this and offer a different perspective. Open your hearts, understand the needs that drive the Muslims and talk honestly about how we can stop the threat in a humanitarian way,


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