The Year my Life went to Hell and How I Got Out

2011 will be remembered by  most North Americans as the Year America was attacked on it's own soil and the Twin Towers in New York City were obliterated killing thousands of innocents victims, but for Sandra Beck, it was the year her marriage ended and the challenges were just starting to pile up.

In July, Sandra divorced her cheating husband who promptly married the woman they had hired to help her around the house while she was pregnant with her second child and running a business from home.

By September, Sandra's Mother was dying from Breast Cancer and a few weeks later, Sandra was forced to foreclose on an investment property she had purchased with the interntion that its sale, 15 yrs hence would pay for the kids College fund.

How does an attractive, uber smart, saavy business woman, find herself spiraling out of control and not recognize the woman in the mirror? Years of confidence breaking abuse will do it to you.

Realizing help was needed, Sandra reached out for counseling and it literally saved her life.

No matter how bad life gets, if you allow for the Universe to right them in it's own time, and you are open to change, the life that emerges is so much better than the previous.

Today, Sandra is relieved and grateful to the woman who took her husband from her. She did her a BIG favour. Sandra is free from the abuse and now has the benefit of waiting for some amazing new man to enter her life and when the time is right, walk off into her happy ending.

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