Monday 26th of September 2016
Joey Coker of Home Aid Caregivers welcomes Courtney Klepfer of Hospice of East Texas. The Hospice of East Texas began with one woman’s vision. Mrs. Evelyn Lake visited a friend in Arizona who was receiving hospice care and returned home to East Texas with the certainty that our community needed these caring services. Her spark caught fire with The Junior League of Tyler who made Hospice its signature project, committing $30,000 and countless hours of volunteer time to start the organization. With the support of the area’s three major hospitals, Hospice of East Texas was chartered in 1982. The services of The Hospice of East Texas have expanded through the years, both in numbers of patients and families served and in the scope of the service area. From 20 patients in 1982 to more than 2000 patients and families now served each year, The Hospice of East Texas now offers its caring services in 23 East Texas counties. A major milestone was reached in 1993 when 23 acres of land were purchased as the site for what is now The Robert M. Rogers Hospice Center, housing both administrative offices and HomePlace, a 28 bed in-patient unit. Also on the campus is the Pat Oge Center for Living, a beautiful home-like setting for bereavement and support services. Successful capital campaigns in 1999 and 2002 allowed these state-of-the-art facilities to be built debt-free, giving The Hospice of East Texas a stability which is remarkable in the non-profit world.
Thursday 18th of August 2016
Joey Coker host of Senior Talk Radio in Tyler Texas speaks with Jana Kuechle, a licensed Nursing Facility Administrator for over 25 years who has worked in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Also on Itunes. Joey Coker is owner of Home Aid Caregivers located in Tyler Texas.
Thursday 14th of July 2016
Senior Talk Radio welcomes Joey Coker of Home Aid Caregivers Tyler Texas to talk about the all too common issue of adult children caring for both their parents and their own children and the challenges that come with caring for each simultaneously.
Wednesday 15th of June 2016
Joey Coker, host of Senior Talk Radio Tyler Texas, speaks with Occupational Therapist and Dementia expert Thomas Holmes, about loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life for seniors. Joey Coker, owner of Home Aid Caregivers in Tyler Texas, can also be found on Itunes.
Thursday 12th of May 2016
Senior Talk Radio of Tyler Texas welcomes Joey Coker of Home Aid Caregivers to talk about what adult children of elderly parents need to know about elder care, respite care, home care, nursing homes and assisted living.
Thursday 14th of April 2016
Sandra Beck of Senior Talk Radio in Tyler, Texas welcomes Joey Coker of Home Aid Caregivers where they talk about the most common mistakes adult children make in choosing care for their elderly parents.