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Saturday 1st of August 2015
The boys are with a tribute to actor Alex Rocco who played Moe Greene with clips and a song for his character from "Godfather: The Musical! Also the music of Wazmo Nariz, a Chicago New Wave group from 1978=1982. Plus a report from our Movie/Music reporter, Bob War on over 100 movie reboot thru 2020. More...
Saturday 30th of May 2015
Saturday 17th of January 2015
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The BKSG 11th Anniversary Show with Parodist, Rex Ungericht up from Texas in-studio.
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The BKSG 10th Anniversary Show LIVE
Saturday 13th of April 2013
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Saturday 12th of January 2013
Saturday 8th of December 2012
The BKSG Live Christmas 2012 Show with Guest, Dr. Don and YOU
Saturday 20th of October 2012
LIVE BKSG Halloween Show!
Saturday 6th of October 2012
A replay of the Halloween Party Show from 2009 with guests: Comic, Jay "Capone" Stephen, Lead vocalist/Guitarist from local legendary 80's band, Sushi and the Mungmen, Don Recht and freshly flown in from Dallas, TX, Parodist Rex Ungericht
Saturday 29th of September 2012
Classic BKSG RePLay of segments from Sept 25yh and 24th from years 2004 and 2005
Saturday 22nd of September 2012
New, LIVE show for September 22nd 2012!
Saturday 8th of September 2012
New, LIVE show for September 8th, 2012!
Saturday 1st of September 2012
RePlay of classic BKSG show segments from August and Sept of 2004 and 2005
Saturday 25th of August 2012
A BKSG RetroRun Replay from August 28th, 2004 and August 27, 2005
Saturday 18th of August 2012
The BKSG Show LIVE in the Studio, August 18th, 2012
Saturday 11th of August 2012
A RetroRun RePlay of Classic show segments from August 2004 and 2005
Saturday 4th of August 2012
LIVE at the BKSG Studios! Live Talk Music and Fun... featuring cuts from the Mojo's Magazine release: Yellow Submarine Resurfaces Unique renditions from the Beatles movie soundtrack.
Saturday 28th of July 2012
A RetroRun RePlay from past LIVE BKSG Shows. This week segments from August 6th, 2005 & July 24th, 2004
Saturday 21st of July 2012
LIVE studio broadcast with BLKnight and Squire G featuring the music of Frank Zappa. BLKNight does a Karaoke version of Zappa's "Dancing Fool" and other misc tomfoolery...
Saturday 14th of July 2012
Replays from July 2004 and 2005
Saturday 30th of June 2012
As broadcast LIVE June 30th, 2012. Black Knight and Squire G LIVE in the Shorewood Forest Studio. Parodist Rex Ungericht was featured, for his new books and witty T-Shirts as well has he 4th of July Tribute done to the song "Bye Bye Miss American Pie".
Saturday 23rd of June 2012
A BKSG RetroRun RePlay Show: featuring almost two complete shows with no commercials from June 18 2005 and June 19th 2005
Saturday 16th of June 2012
Legendary Surfin' Guitarist, Merrell Frankhauser returns to the BKSG Show to celebrate is Greatest Hits CD release. We will talk about his long history in the music biz and play tunes along the way.
Saturday 2nd of June 2012
Saturday 26th of May 2012
Part of the Bi-Weekly "Retro Run" series of replays from past LIVE BKSG Shows. This week, segments from May 28, 2005 and May 29th, 2004 with Jay "Capone" Stephens and Blues Poet, Don Candu. The 3rd BKSG Anniversary Show is featured.
Saturday 19th of May 2012
It is the 9th Anniversary Show! Join in the fun with past and new parodies highlighting events over the 9 year with callers, video Skypers and more. All LIVE!
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