Thursday 16th of November 2017
Guest Kelleigh Nelson is a prolific researcher and writer. Please pass this show to your mailing lists, get it post to Facebook and send to family and friends. Very important show.
Thursday 2nd of November 2017
Guest: Constitutional attorney, Larry Becraft, discusses federal jurisdiction and restrictions on the Congress. A must listen to show.
Thursday 19th of October 2017
The Democratic Party is a sub-set of the Communist Party International and anyone who doubts that does not understand what it means.
Wednesday 4th of October 2017
Where do your federal income taxes really go? Not where you think. The IRS is misapplying who is actually liable for filing a tax return and YOUR U.S. Congress critter allows the big lie to continue.
Wednesday 20th of September 2017
Larry Parks has been in the trenches for the past 40 years on the disabilities of our currency and why it hurts America and Americans. This show deals with the massive negative impact for Unions and the phony fiat currency we're all forced to use.
Thursday 24th of August 2017
Do you have a Power of Attorney? If you are injured is there a Medical Power of Attorney? If not, there is no one to speak for you. Tragedy happens in a heart beat. Don't think it can't happen to you or a loved one. Do you know the astronomical costs of assisted living? What will you do down the road. Very important information in this show.
Thursday 17th of August 2017
The destruction and/or removal of our national monuments and statues: America's new ISIS.
Thursday 10th of August 2017
America gives millions to No. Korea in humanitarian aid in violation of the constitution while threatening military action. The sane 'leader' of No. Korea. What would he gain by sending an ICM or nuc at Guam or America?
Thursday 3rd of August 2017
The truth about the worthless currency we are forced to use and where your federal income taxes really go. It's not what you've been led to believe.
Thursday 27th of July 2017
Thursday 20th of July 2017
The Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was not ratified by enough states. Show covers the facts, historical documents and Devvy's lawsuit in Texas. A very important and hot topic never discussed in the media.
Thursday 13th of July 2017
Additional coverage of Obamacare from a constitutional perspective and why nothing that needs to get done in Congress is getting done. It's not what you think. On your dime THIS is what they spend a great deal of each day doing. What an outrage.
Thursday 29th of June 2017
Obamacare only made the problem worse.You can't solve a problem until you go back to when and how it started.
Thursday 22nd of June 2017
Thursday 15th of June 2017