The Nuts and Bolts of Crowdfunding for Authors Show Jan. 30, 2014

What author doesn't need money to fund their book ... research, production and marketing? Would you like to learn about how to get OPM ... other people's money ... to support you and your book? If yes, then Crowdfunding for Authors is for you.

That's what this week's show is all about. There are over 1000 crowdfunding platforms. We are going to concentrate on the nuts and bolts.

  • What works and doesn't work.
  • What's the difference between a flexible and fixed plan.
  • Identifying the true costs of crowdfunding.
  • Learn the MUSTS and MUST NOTS to every successful campaign.

A fast hour is coming with guest Amanda L. Barbara, Pubslush Vice PresidentAmanda is the vice president of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding platform only for books. Authors can raise funds, understand their audience, and self-publish or traditionally publish their work. A philanthropist at heart, she serves on the board of directors for the Pubslush Foundation, which supports children’s literacy initiatives worldwide, and is a founder and director of The Barbara Family Foundation, an organization committed to assisting charities and children in need. Amanda is an advocate for crowdfunding in the publishing world and has spoken at various conferences, such as Writer's Digest, Tools of Change, Crowdfunding East Conference, and the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, and has served as an ambassador and speaker at CONTEC at the Frankfurt Book Fair.. 

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