March 7, 2011 ~ Savvy Advice for Enjoying Your Holidays like a 'Rich Chick' - Michelle Matson

What kind of spender are you? Find out this week on Heart Filled Holidays radio as Michelle Matson shows us what kind of spender we are and how we can use it to our advantage. She'll be sharing tips for not just keeping us on track in our financial lives, but also telling us what to do when our spending has jumped off the tracks. Michelle Matson, author of 'Rich Chick: the 9 Must-Have Accessories Every Girl Needs to Create Financial Confidence, Independence, and Freedom… the Smart Way' will be showing us how we can enjoy our life today while still preparing for our financial future. She'll point out some of the big money pitfalls that can ruin our plans and our holidays, then give us simple tips for skipping right around them.


Michelle Matson has worked in the investment and financial services industry for 17 years. As a receptionist for a successful Cincinnati-based financial advisor, at twenty-years-old surrounded by (mostly) men more than twice her age, she had to learn fast and keep up. Michelle “grew up” in the financial industry, learning about investing by observation, experience, and planning and attending many, many seminars. In 1993, Michelle was presented with the opportunity to work with Mark Matson, at his young, start-up investment advisory firm, Matrix Asset Allocation. At the time, Matrix was a small money management company with less than $30 million in assets under management and a handful of financial advisors using the program. As the company grew, Michelle had the opportunity to experience all aspects of building and running a financial organization from investor accounts to marketing, training, writing and developing training programs and materials. In 1998, Michelle co-authored the book “FlashPoint: Mastering the Art of Economic Abundance,” with Mark. By 2009, Matrix had grown to $1.7 billion in assets under management and evolved into a multi-faceted investment organization now known as Matson Money that provides investment management, training, and coaching for financial professionals and investors alike. Currently, Michelle is the Vice President of Matson Money and continues to develop training tools, educational materials and programs for investors and financial advisors. Michelle lives in suburban Cincinnati, with her husband Matt and their three daughters.

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