April 25, 2011 ~ Vacations, Staycations & Travel - guest: Angie Bryant

This week we're going to be kicking back and talking about how we will spend our time off! We'll kick off the show with some ideas & tips for staycations then Angie Bryant will join us to talk about the ins and outs of travel. Angie isn't a travel agent or travel expert, she's a speaker and a coach who has personally traveled extensively both in the US and internationally. And I just love the fact that she is "One-of-Us", a mom who has worked and now owns her own business, who will be sharing her personal insights with us. We'll be talking about traveling with kids as well as having to leave them behind. We'll talk about logistics and tips and we'll talk about our attitude and mindset - nothing is off limits on this show. 

Angie has spent the past three years traveling internationally and domestically for business.  She has also had the pleasure of working throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa during her time living in Sicily while serving our country in the military in the early 90's.

Angie has also frequently traveled for pleasure both alone and with her family; including multi-day road trips, and multi-legged air travel with her pre-schooler and teenager in tow.

Currently, as the founder of Ternion Results, she is a keynote speaker, biz strategist, and life coach focussing on your business being an expression of who you really are and what you are committed to in the world.  In addition, she is currently setting up the Seattle chapter of Detroit Nation.  Detroit Nation is committed to changing the national dialogue currently being had about the city, and channelling collective creativity back to hometown of Detroit.  She believes that if it takes a village to raise a child, then it will take a nation to rebirth a city.

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