May 9, 2011 ~ Unseen Gifts -- guest: Beth Buelow

This week we'll be pulling back some curtains and peeking at the things we often times don't really notice. We'll be looking at "unseen gifts", things that help us, make us happier, healthier and more peaceful. We'll look at benefits that happen behind the scenes as well as ways to capitalize on these gifts. 
Our guest, Beth Buelow is the Introvert Entrepreneur and she'll be shedding some light on what it means to be an introvert so we can do away with the myths while discovering the gifts and strengths of introverts. 


Beth Buelow is known as The Introvert Entrepreneur to a growing tribe of thousands of followers and fans. As a certified professional coach and a skilled interviewer, writer, facilitator and speaker, she's recognized as a thought leader in the area of life and leadership coaching for introverts. Beth is a verified introvert (INFJ, according to Myers-Briggs) who believes introverts can thrive as leaders and entrepreneurs while still being authentic. She's contributed to blogs and articles in print and online for Psychology Today, Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Biznik, The Coaching Commons, Sharp Skirts and Upstart Smart, among others. She hosts a popular podcast, The Introvert Entrepreneur, interviewing well-known and emerging introvert entrepreneurs, as well as experts in social media, marketing and sales, personal growth and networking.

Beth's academic background includes degrees in music performance and arts administration. She spent 12 years working for various nonprofits in Wisconsin, Michigan and Washington, with responsibilities that included fundraising, marketing, public relations and grant making. Her professional coach training was through inviteCHANGE (formerly the Academy for Coach Training), and she holds her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coach Federation. She is a Living Your Vision® Licensed Facilitator and an active member of the Puget Sound Coaches Association and International Coach Federation. 


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