September 26, 2011 Being Beautiful ~ Guest: Jennifer Robin

Next Monday we're back to beauty again but with new topics and a different spin. We'll discuss looking good and feeling good, that's feeling good inside and feeling good about how we look on the outside. We'll be learning tips and tricks for feeling better for the holidays and everyday.

As a special treat Jennifer Robin, author of "Growing More Beautiful" will be joining us to take an inside look at being beautiful. Jennifer has a unique perspective and uses her artist's eye to teach us how to see things in a new light. She'll share her thoughts on how we can look and feel beautiful along with some holiday tips.


For 25 years, Jennifer Robin has gone behind-the-scenes of women's lives: into their closets, their make-up drawers, and their dressing rooms. As owner of the image consulting firm Clothe Your Spirit, she has worked with hundreds of women as a color and wardrobe consultant, personal shopper, and make-up artist. Widely known in the industry for her innovative and artistic use of color and texture, she also gives private instruction in color analysis and color theory and expressive painting.

Jennifer's first book, Clothe Your Spirit: Dressing for Self Expression, was published in 1987 and pioneered the connection between one's inner essence and clothing, gaining a wide readership and changing many women's perception of what that overused expression "dress for success" truly means.

As she continued to work with clients over the years, Jennifer discovered her deep love of painting. Before long, her brilliantly colored mixed media and pastels were on exhibition. Her work continues to gain recognition, as well as devoted collectors.

It is her experience as a professional artist - capturing the light and colors of a mustard field at dawn, or filling her canvas with a celebration of the human body - that profoundly helped to shape her revolutionary ideas about beauty and fashion. Jennifer combines her consultant's expertise with her artist's understanding that an authentic inner life is a deep, rich source of beauty. She is passionate about freeing women from our society's critical, youth-obsessed media chatter. And she firmly believes that every woman, with the right guidance and attitude, can become more beautiful.

As Jennifer witnessed her clients' transformations, she felt compelled to get her message out to a wider audience, determined to bring about a long-needed cultural change. The result is her groundbreaking new book, Growing More Beautiful: An Artful Approach to Personal Style. With pages filled with breathtaking imagery, this book is nothing less than a work of art. But more importantly, Jennifer Robin's life-changing message will help each woman who reads it see herself as she never has before - with the generosity and expertise of an artist.

In addition to her newly released book, Jennifer reaches out to her readers in a myriad of ways - through her articles, blog, and newsletter, as well as through her many speaking engagements. With her background in theater and vibrant personality, she leads popular workshops based on the principles of Growing More Beautiful.

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