November 14, 2011 De-Stressing Me & My Holidays ~ Guest: Beth Bracaglia

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This week we're talking about stressing less this holiday season. From some general stress relieving ideas to holiday specifics we'll be covering it all. Beth Bracaglia from Simply Organized will be joining us with her hints and tips for a low stress holiday season.

Then we'll wander over to Christmas Corner and take a look at a great new service at Heart Filled Holidays along with some great relaxation techniques.

And if you're listening live on Monday at noon EST you can even pose questions in the chat room. We'll do our best to answer them right on the air.

Beth Bracaglia is a Baltimore/DC based Professional Organizer and Chief Organizing Officer of Simply Organized.  

Beth has a Bachelors of Science degree from Clemson University in Management and Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  She has over (15) years of experience helping her clients to organize their homes and offices.  Beth has experience in fields as diverse as retail management, technology, event management, training & development and restaurant consulting. 

Currently, as Chief Organizing Officer of Simply Organized, Beth assists clients in organizing their homes and offices. By working on an organizing project and coaching clients in the process, they are able to have more time to truly do what they want - spend time with friends and family.  Simply Organized helps to clean and organize your space, which includes removing, donating or consigning items for you.   Beth firmly believes that for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. 

In addition to Simply Organized, Beth is also the creator of Beth Bracaglia's Simply Inspired whose mission is to "Inspire ~ Motivate ~ Organize" through sharing quotes, pictures, videos and many of the things in life that truly inspire. To receive great tips, tools and resources for simplifying and organizing your home or office, visit Beth's Simply Organized Facebook page at To visit Beth Bracaglia's Simply Inspired page on Facebook, go to And to learn more about Simply Organized services, go to Beth's main site at

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