December 12, 2011 Making Your Own Rules ~ Guest: Carey Sue Vega

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This week we're talking about the rules, making them and breaking them. We're chatting about some of the common issues like "Do I really have to send Christmas cards?" and "Who do I invite?" It's equal parts etiquette, dreams and reality, all mixed together to create your wonderful holiday season.

Sharing secrets with us for using etiquette to enhance our family gatherings is Carey Sue Vega. She's a mom and an etiquette expert who understands how and when to use the rules and when to bend them. She'll be sharing some of her tips and stories to help us have a brighter holiday.


Carey Sue Vega is an award-winning expert in business professionalism and social etiquette.  The Ponca City native has done consultant work for businesses, attorneys, doctors and organizations around the world - literally.  For ten years, she honed her skills with an international audience, as Cruise Director for the Norwegian Cruise Line.

Vega has been featured in numerous radio and television shows and magazine articles, sharing her expertise on topics such as The Rules for International Dining, Cell Phone Courtesy, Whom Is Introduced to Whom? and that ever-popular topic of How To Mingle Without Being Cornered by the Boring Guy Wearing a Leisure Suit.

But don't expect this Miss Manners to have a white bun; Carey Sue is "regular person" who has simply learned to use professionalism to her advantage.

"Etiquette is not about being hoity-toity with your pinky in the air," says Vega.  "No matter what situation you are in, having good conversational and social skills help you feel comfortable and help the people around you feel comfortable."

Not only does Vega teach adults and teenagers how to choose the right fork and dance the cha-cha-cha, she can hold her stemware and Hors d'oeuvres in one hand while shaking hands with the other.

Since 2001, Vega has served as director for the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Chapters of The National League of Junior Cotillions and The International League of Corporate Cotillions.  She is married to her cruise-line sweetheart, Ricardo Vega.  After years at sea, the two decided to drop anchor in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2000.

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