Feb. 20, 2012 A Peek Inside Stress-Free Parenting ~ Guest: Erin Kurt

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Kids and holidays go hand-in-hand. Celebrating with children always seems to make things sweeter. They love with abandon, celebrate with glee and show us the path to true happiness. They are often times the reason we celebrate and they are more than happy to join us.

AND...family life can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Trying to plan a party with kids who are being unruly or testing the limits can push our over-worked selves to the brink. Trying to juggle and balance all the activities and commitments of everyday life with the added tasks for creating a celebration can feel like it's not worth it.

So can we enjoy our celebrations? Can our holidays really be filled with joy? Find out as we chat with Erin Kurt, an author, coach and mom who lives and teaches about stress-free parenting. We'll get an inside peek at her family, her parenting, and their celebrations. And along the way we'll get some valuable tips and advice from someone who's been there and done that.


Erin Kurt is an author, speaker and international stress-free parenting coach to working moms who struggle with overwhelm, guilt and parenting without raising their voice. 

Her book, "Juggling Family Life:A Step-by-Step Guide to Stress Free Parenting", Audio Program "The Life Balance Formula", and the "Stress-Free Parenting Club" are just some of the ways Erin supports working mothers so that they can discipline without yelling, spend quality time with their family and finally achieve life/work balance.

Her book as well as her simple and highly effective techniques, have been featured around the world on radio and top parenting websites, as well as in magazines and newspapers, such as Mother and Baby, Fitness First, and the Calcalist.

Erin currently resides in the UK with her husband and two children.

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