May 21, 2011 Surviving Summer Fun ~ Guest: Kristin Beltaos

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A change in plans for today's show. Ally had to reschedule so she'll be joining us later this summer on July 16. We were really lucky to snag some time with Kristin Beltaos so we're changing today's show to one about preparing for summer. We'll be looking ahead a bit to see what plans we're making, jot down a few key things to think about to make this summer one we can truly enjoy and, of course, taking our trip to Christmas Corner.

Kristin Beltaos will join us for our expert interview this week to share strategies for surviving the summer with food allergies. Summer is a season of gatherings, travel and backyard barbeques which can all be landmines for food allergies. Whether you're trying to be a good host to guests who are dealing with these allergies or your child has them, Kristin will shed light on some key things to look for and share tips for keeping the summer fun. Be sure to tune in to hear about the latest changes from airlines and even Disney that can affect your family and your travel plans.


Kristin Beltaos, M.A., owner of A Gift of Miles, offers coaching/consulting in the areas of stress, food allergies and reproductive challenges. Kristin struggled with infertility and multiple miscarriages and is now a mother to two beautiful boys, one who has multiple food allergies. She firmly believes that humor can diffuse and carry us through almost any situation and relishes being a positive influence to others with these same challenges. Kristin is the creator of a series of workshops focused on living life fully with food allergies. She also wrote and led the implementation of the first 504 Plan for food allergies in her son's school. She was honored as the November/December 2011 InSeason Mom. Prior to starting her business, Kristin was employed and consulted for a variety of companies in the areas of strategic planning and marketing. To learn more, visit her website at, and Twitter: KristinBeltaos

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