July 2, 2012 Flushing the Stress ~ Guest: Judy Davis

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We're giving the 4th of July a tip of our hat by dedicating today's show to our military families. It's our soldiers who have secured our freedom and we're showing our gratitude to them by dedicated today's show to them and their families.

We're kicking things off with a great little story and a look at some other fun holidays happening this week. Then we're diving into stress. Stress is an eternal part of our lives and something we all need to manage, reduce and eliminate from our lives. Judy Davis, The Direction Diva, is joining us to share her story and the surprising things she's learned about stress sneaking up on us in our lives.

We'll cap things off with our weekly trip to Christmas Corner and a peek at some holiday summer fun, something we've never talked about here before.


Judy Davis is the expert on inspiring and motivating people so they can move forward and find direction in their lives.  Also known as the Direction Diva, she is a professional blogger, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who touches the hearts of busy moms, military spouses and small biz owners with trust and sincerity that people embrace. Judy's real passion, and greatest talent, is transforming the hearts of a room full of people and giving them hope. Audiences laugh, cry, learn, and change when they hear Judy's transformational speaking. 

Judy "gets it" and understands that when life gets crazy or we are presented with challenges, each of us has the opportunity to choose whether or not we let these events impact us in a negative way.  She believes that with the right information and a little direction each of us can turn any difficult situation into forward moving action and then use the experience to enhance our lives. Taking from her own real life experiences everything she creates, from her blogs and communities to her products and services, Judy goal is to help clients identify and use direction moments to their advantage. Whether it's deployment, kids that are driving you crazy, family stress, crazy drama or a business that isn't turning a profit, Judy's mission is to make things better, move you forward and ultimately support you in finding happiness. 

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