July 23, 2012 The Second Time Around ~ Guest: Stacey Tucker

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Today is all about The Second Time Around --- a second look, the second wedding, and all kinds of seconds for Christmas. It promises to be fun and fabulous including our special guest for the interview portion of the show. We have Stacey Tucker joining us to talk about second weddings. She's the author of Eat, Drink and Re-Marry which she wrote as part self-help book part second wedding guide when she discovered that planning the second wedding was nothing like planning the first. Older, more experienced with more family, friends and entanglements, she had to blaze her own trail which she'll be sharing with us today in her own witty style.

Join us for a fun filled hour of insights and second looks at the way we think about things and do things.


After graduating from Poughkeepsie, New York's Marist College with a B.A. in Business, Stacey Tucker spent a decade in the financial sector.  Ready for a new career path and sporting an entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Tucker launched StaceyLu Confections, LLC in 2004 -- a custom cookie business providing original birth announcements and wedding favors to clients nationwide.  No longer baking, Stacey now pens her own blog, "Saying It Out Loud," available via her website, staceylu.com. 

Divorced in 2001 and engaged in 2003, Stacey recorded her whirlwind experience in hopes of helping encore brides navigate uncharted terrain.  The result was "Eat, Drink, and Remarry" (Amazon), her first installment in the StaceyLu's Guides to Life book series.  What began as a budding memoir, soon became a hybrid -- part self-help, part second wedding guide --which serves as a valuable resource for the newly divorced and those engaged for a second time.  

Stacey Tucker lives in Weston, Connecticut with her husband and children.

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