October 1, 2012 Bless Your Stress ~ Guest: Leslie Charles

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This week we're learning how to use stress to our advantage. We'll find out why we should be grateful for it, how to truly get it out of our lives (not just manage it), and how to leverage it to create the life we want. Helping us out in this conversation is Leslie Charles, author of Bless Your Stress.

With fall in the air it's time to grab our pumpkins and decorate our homes. We'll look at some different ways of sprucing up those orange darlings to add a little interest to our decorating scheme.

Since one of the biggest causes of stress during the holidays is money, we're going to take advantage of the fact that it's Financial Planning week and do a little planning ourselves. In Christmas Corner we'll talk about the upcoming holiday and how we can keep it from becoming a financial burden. 


If by chance, the name C. Leslie Charles sounds vaguely familiar, it may be that you've read about her or seen her on TV. Since the October 1999 release of her sixth book, titled, "Why Is Everyone So Cranky?" Leslie has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, PAX, A & E, and more. Her "cranky" book, currently in revision, has been featured in nearly 100 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, and on the web. She still receives calls from journalists who want to interview her about the book.

A professional speaker for nearly thirty years, Leslie is one of those rare individuals who inspires others by just being herself. Since founding her East Lansing-based company, TRAININGWORKS in 1979, Leslie has made it her mission to help people mobilize their skills and talents in life and work so they can achieve their goals. 

As a speaker and consultant she helps clients throughout North America improve their teamwork, customer service, and communication, helping audience members identify their skills and talents while motivating them to take the next steps toward success, however they define it. As a writer she outlines complex ideas in simple terms so readers can be informed, intrigued, and inspired at the same time, encouraging them to bring out their best, even under the worst of circumstances.

In both her speaking and writing, Leslie's unique background brings a down-to-earth perspective to her work: 
a former two-time high school dropout, teen bride and mother-turned displaced homemaker with three small 
children, a tenth grade education, and no work experience, Leslie vowed to change the course of her life, and that's exactly what she did! She accomplished all this without ever moving away from her home town, Lansing.

A convincing role model of what is possible in harnessing human potential, Leslie offers her ideas with a 
disarming blend of humility and confidence because she knows they work - it's obvious that she practices what she teaches, and she delights in encouraging people to live happier, healthier lives with less stress and hassle. Whether reading her words or hearing her message, people appreciate Leslie's authenticity, wisdom, 
wittiness, and common sense approach for handling life's challenges. 

An unusual, resourceful woman who has received numerous awards since launching her career, Leslie learned how to prevail in spite of the odds while encouraging others to do the same. She is a living, breathing reflection of her company motto, "You are the key to your success." 

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