October 8, 2012 Saving Money ~ Guest: Crystal Paine

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Saving Money - it's something we all love to do. From the thrill of getting a great deal to the delight of seeing our money put to use in the ways we find most gratifying, we find joy and satisfaction in the way we handle our cash. Whether you're pinching pennies because the budget is tight or you just love to save a buck, this show will have tips and treats for you every step of the way.

We're talking about ways to have fun on the cheap, Christmas ideas that don't break the bank, and we have an interview with Crystal Paine, founder of MoneySavingMom.com. We'll get her best tips and take an inside peak at frugal celebrations and the abundance of joy that can be found there. 


I'm Crystal Paine, the blessed wife of Jesse and mommy to three precious little children (Kathrynne, Kaitlynn, and Silas).I'm first and foremost a child of God. I'm passionate about glorifying Him and making the most of my days on this earth. All I have and all I am is thanks to my Creator and Redeemer.

I'm also a homeschool graduate, sister to six, and daughter of the best parents ever. I owe so much to them - including being financially-savvy.

My Frugal Journey

My mom was the one who first introduced me to couponing, made me my coupon organization box, and gave me a copy of Miserly Moms. Not only that, but she also put me in charge of the grocery shopping, menu-planning, and cooking for our family of nine for a few years while I was still living at home. Talk about great practice for the future!

When my husband and I first married and were living on a beans-and-rice budget in order to stay out of debt while he went through law school, I thrived on coming up with creative ways to pinch pennies. I didn't always enjoy barely making ends meet, but I certainly loved the thrill of getting the best bang for my buck.

One way we saved thousands of dollars during those lean years was to keep our grocery and household products budget to $35 a week. I had fun taking couponing to a whole new level - I spent at least a few hours each week becoming proficient in "couponese" and playing the "Drug Store Game."

About MoneySavingMom.com

Several years ago, I briefly shared a bit about bargain-shopping on a former blog of mine... and I was quickly inundated with questions on how we managed to live on a such a small grocery budget.

The questions kept coming despite writing a blog series, an ebook, and an ecourse on the subject of Supermarket Savings.

As time marched on and the questions, requests, and emails continued to pour in, MoneySavingMom.com was born! It's been quite the adventure and has far exceeded my wildest imaginations thanks to the many wonderful readers who have spread the word. In less than a year, it quickly became one of the highest-trafficked personal finance blogs on the web. And it just kept on growing!

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