November 19, 2012 Planning Your Holiday Happiness ~ Alycia Holston

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With the official kick-off of the holiday season this week the excitement and the pressure are starting to build. Join us today for simple strategies and tips to reduce the stress and to keep things rolling along while still enjoying yourself and having some fun too. 

We're interviewing Alycia Holston, busy mom, children's book author and mega traveler about tips and tricks for fun, easy and safe traveling during the holiday season. She'll share her own stories, like traveling alone for 2 days with three small children, as well as the key things to do to assure a good trip.

We'll also be talking about centerpieces, Black Friday, shopping tips, decorations, finding time to do what matters and more!

Children's author, Alycia Holston is a seasoned parent of three who is well-versed in the fine art of loading up three kids, a thousand toys, loads of snacks, several suitcases and, of course, the dog before heading out on a holiday road trip. Along the way she developed some sure-fire tips as she tackled everything from car sickness to toddler tantrums in her decade of kid-accompanied vacations.

Born and raised in the midwest, she earned her Geography degree from Kansas State University. Her first book While The Giant Is Sleeping is a children's book about a mountain located north of Helena. She wants children to know that all of their surroundings are beautiful and to appreciate the incredible world we live in. Whether you are traveling across town or across the country this holiday season, Alycia encourages you to take the time to talk about the world outside your windows.

Alycia is offering tips and tricks on her Facebook page  and her website throughout the holiday season.

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