December 17, 2012 Home Movies ~ Guest: Rhonda Vigeant

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We're having a little chat about our favorite things, or at least one of my favorite things, a cherished family tradition. We'll take a peek at some time saving dinner ideas and a helpful reminder or two that will let us enjoy each day of December a little bit more.

Rhonda Vigeant will join us to talk about our home movies. She's an expert on helping us get the most out of these wonderful treasures. We'll be looking into the best way to generate, store and share movies as well as how to share movies with friends and family. We'll talk about using our home movies for healing and even and Rhonda's tip on how we can use them to generate a little money.

Finally, we'll wrap things up in Christmas Corner - literally we'll be talking about wrapping gifts. Plus we'll take a peek at last minute decorating tips and an upcoming treat to help you through the rest of the season.


Rhonda Vigeant is a business owner, author, speaker, radio show host, and home movie consultant.  She and husband Phil own Pro8mm in Burbank, California, a company dedicated to the professional use of Super 8 film for both production and archiving for 40 years. Their technology provided studios opportunities to create Super 8 film sequences for thousands of projects, including major motion pictures such as Super 8, Argo and JFK;  television shows such as American Idol, The Academy Awards, episodes for The History and Discovery Channels; commercials for  major brand including Whole Foods, Billabong, Ford Automobiles and the NBA.

This work enticed movie moguls, museums and the masses to have their personal legacy libraries handled by Pro8mm's studio system. Over 25 million feet of home movies in 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film of the world's most famous faces, places and events have been given the red carpet treatment and transferred to the highest possible quality.  

Rhonda is passionate about working to raise the collective consciousness to get old reels out of the closets, and educate people how to best preserve, share, digitize and repurpose family legacies on film. "Home movies can be used as a vital part of any genealogy project and are a journey in self-discovery. Our films help to shift our focus and transform our understanding of family dynamics. This can result in huge "ah ha's", so that you can move forward in your life."

Rhonda has just written her first book, GET "REEL" ABOUT YOUR HOME MOVIE LEGACY...Before It's Too Late! 

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