February 26, 2013 Fun with Food Allergies ~ Guest: Daniella Knell

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In this day and age so many of us deal with dietary restrictions and food allergies. The issues can be serious but they shouldn't stop us from celebrating and having fun. Daniella Knell, owner of Smart Allergy-Friendly Education is joining us to take a look at how we can get out, have fun, and entertain those with food restrictions. From suggestions for serving up allergy-friendly treats in the classroom to moving past the fear of letting someone else watch your allergic child to adding fun to the food at any celebration, Daniella has your back. Tune in for her upbeat and helpful tips.

Of course we'll talk about a simple strategy for making life easier, better and save you time in the process as well as our weekly trip to Christmas Corner where we're looking at a simple alternative to place cards.

Join us live at noon ET (11 CT, 10 MT, 9 PT).

I am an allergy educator, community advocate and mom of two children managing food, animal, medicinal and seasonal allergies. I provide adult and children's allergy awareness classes, national telephone workshops, product videos and one-on-one consulting.My goal is 'alleviate food allergy fears one classroom at a time' through a positive, uplifting and partnering approach. The strong support networks and community advocates this provides are invaluable.

My personal exposure to allergies involved my yearly childhood run-ins with poison ivy.

With this limited exposure, I was little prepared for the changes which came in 2003. Little did I know the impact dairy-based yogurt could have when smeared all over a tiny, innocent face. Hives were everywhere.

From that moment forward, my dedicated passion has been to take the fear out of managing food allergies through increased education and a motivational attitude.

At Smart Allergy~Friendly Education, my goal is to make your personal journey easier by realizing the vast resources available to you, such as:

  • food and non-food products
  • books
  • educational tools and ideas
  • recipes
  • community building opportunities

Living with food allergies isn't the end of eating as you know it. It's the beginning of expanding your knowledge of the allergy~friendly world around you.

I hope the path I have traveled will make your adventure easier, and that you find my blogs useful and educational.


Since 2007, I have been presenting Kids Education Classes AND Adult Education Classes. I currently offer classes at St. Alphonsus Hospital Family Center. And in 2011 I added One-on-one Consulting focused on helping others who are managing food allergies and/or dietary challenges.  

You can see some of my local and national guest blogger and video spots with the Boise CO-OP, Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery, and Allergy Kids on my Guest Spots page.

You can contact me at: foodallergymom@gmail.com

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