August 26, 2013 Order in the House ~ Guest: Deb Zechini

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It's back-to-school time so we're chatting about ways to de-stress this time for the kids and make it more enjoyable for all, including those scary firsts like kindergarten and college. I'll share our experience with dropping off our oldest at college.

The start of school means it's time to "up the organizational anti" in order to save our sanity so we're bringing in some expert help. Our guest, Deb Zechini, is talking to us about our lifestyle and our homes. She's a professional organizer who will help us bring some order to the chaos. From our family Command Center to our Sacred Spot she's covering it all with hints, tips, and advice for bringing the peace of organization into our lives.

And in Christmas Corner we're talking about new babies and how to capitalize on this time of year to create memories and enjoy traditions.

Join us live at noon ET (11 CT, 10 MT, 9 PT).


I discovered my organizing talents while working my way through college as a live-in home & administrative assistant to the wife of a gospel singer. She called me "magic fingers" because she loved how I kept everything running smoothly, and I realized I loved doing it too. Thanks to her, I recognized and found confidence in my gifts.

Of course, the idea of being a full-time organizer was unheard of back then. So after college, I became a US Airways gate agent where my top priority was getting flights out on time.

But perhaps my biggest organization and time management challenges were raising my children. At one point, my four children were on three different school schedules--one in pre-school on a traditional calendar, one on track two in year-round school and twins in different classes on track four. To top it off my husband and I worked opposite schedules with no childcare or family nearby to help. Talk about a hectic life in need of organization!
While at the airlines, I launched my business in 2003 and did both jobs until August 2011, when I retired from US Airways after 26 years of service.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and especially love working with those that have ADHD. It's challenging to find the right systems to suit someone with ADHD and that's what makes organizing so rewarding. I just recently had an office manager exclaim "This is a game changer!" after customizing a work flow system for her.

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