Money Zone of Happiness - Jen Hemphill interviewed by Sandy Fowler September 8

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Money, happiness, time and health, all the big topics make an appearance on today's show. We'll kick things off with my secret for getting a hot, healthy breakfast on the table in minutes on school mornings. Plus we'll have a little chat about making life run smoother in your family with some tips for getting kids to take care of themselves and their things. It's something I learned the hard way and that I've heard advocated by parenting experts and parents of kids with ADHD. A simple trick that changed our home.


Then Jen Hemphill joins us to talk about money. From finding your Money Zone of Happiness to media messages and retail therapy, she covers it all. She'll enlighten us with her insights and help us with her practical knowledge and tips for making your own financial life better.

We'll wrap up in Christmas Corner with the third installment of our holiday travel series. We kicked off on 8-25-14 with tips for making time at the airport easier then continued on 9-1-14 with early planning tips that can save you time and money and even make holiday travel less crowded. Today we'll talking about houseguests. Whether you'll be a guest in someone's home or people will be staying in yours we have tips for making it a better visit.

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Jen Hemphill is a money coach, AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) entrepreneur and mom. She's passionate about helping money conscious women and entrepreneurial women take control of their finances so they can live a vibrant life free of money worries. Her intention is to teach and empower women with their money skills and to achieve a love-love relationship with money.

Jen has guided women to their money zone of happiness in military base workshops, online trainings, and personalized money coaching. When she's not talking money, she enjoys photography, coffee, chocolate, traveling, working out and dates with her husband and two sons.

Think talking money is boring? Not with Jen! Her down to earth personality and silly sayings will have you cracking up while you work to build and improve upon your money skills. Together, Jen can help you achieve a complete and fulfilled life!

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