PTSD Facts and Fiction – Michele Rosenthal, author of Your Life After Trauma, interviewed by Sandy Fowler on Heart Filled Holidays Radio, March 16

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Today we are focusing on the family, logistically, emotionally and creatively. We'll kick off with a look at organizing your family from mail to schedules to chores as we talk about the Family Command Center which I think is more appropriately called a Family Hub. I'll also share a few ideas for fun and games for St. Patrick's day so you can enjoy a little fun with your favorite people.

You'll get to hear from Michele Rosenthal today. Michele is the author of Your Life After Trauma: Powerful Practices to Reclaim Your Identity.  Michele will open our eyes to the truth of PTSD and how it may be affecting people close to us. She'll show us where PTSD really comes from and how it affects people every day and give us ideas and hope for recovery. It's not just something that happens to soldiers and victims of violent crime. It can happen in everyday life and Michele will show us how to identify it and handle it.

And in Christmas Corner we're having some fun! We've done a lot of work lately on planning and organizing a debt-free holiday so today we're moving on to some lighter topics - decorations and bows. We'll look at some fun and easy decorations you can make for your home. They are pretty, sophisticated and whimsical but easy enough that the kids can help create them. Then we'll learn how to make a bow. I always see these fabulous wire bows on wreathes, walls and even presents and, after today, you and I will both know how to make them.

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Michele Rosenthal is an award-winning PTSD blogger, award-nominated author, founder of, post-trauma coach, host of Changing Direction radio and author of Your Life After Trauma: Powerful Practices to Reclaim Your Identity. She is also a trauma survivor who struggled with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over twenty-five years before launching a successful "healing rampage." Michele has been 100% free of PTSD symptoms for several years.

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