Family Harmony - Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach, is interviewed by Sandy Fowler on Heart Filled Holidays Radio, April 13

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This week's show has you primed and ready for family time! Kicking things off, we have some thoughts on Mother's Day. Mother's Day can be an awkward holiday since the people who typically plan and organize holidays and family activities are the ones who are meant to be honored. We'll talk about ways to avoid the awkwardness of the holiday and how to have the Mother's Day you really want. And we didn't forget about all the single moms our there! We have tips for you so you can celebrate and have the day you dream of.

Then we're chatting with Claudette Chenevert, the Stepmom Coach. Claudette will be sharing her expertise for creating a happy and harmonious step family. Hear Claudette's story and how she found her happy ending. Then learn about one simple technique that can get your step family pulling together, creating a happy and successful family.

Lastly, in Christmas Corner, we have tips for better photos. Let's face it, photos are the cornerstone of our memorabilia and you'd love to have some great pictures to look at as you reminisce about old times and family functions. While you can still enjoy the memories no matter what the photos look like, it's more fun when Timmy's head isn't cut off and Suzy isn't fuzzy or a shiny blur. And if you can capture the feeling of the moment, that's nirvana.

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Claudette Chenevert, AKA The Stepmom Coach, works with women who find themselves in a serious relationship or married to a man who has kids from his previous relationship and she's asking herself "What's my role in all of this? What do I do when his kids comes over. Issues around discipline, the exes?

Through coaching and online courses, Claudette helps these women understand and work out what their new role is in the family, create a strong and harmonious relationship with the kids and her husband as well as taking care of her personal needs and wants.

Claudette is a Master Certified Stepfamily Coach and a trained Result Coaching System Coach. She's been a stepmom for 25 years, enjoy a great relationship with her son and daughter-in-law, her two stepdaugthers and their husbands as well as her six grandchildren.

She's  very active on Facebook and Google+ as well as Twitter. To find out more about Claudette, visit her website at


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