Simple Solutions to Parenting Headaches – Doctor G, parenting expert and author of Get the Behavior You Want Without Being the Parent You Hate, interviewed by Sandy Fowler on Heart Filled Holidays Radio, July 27

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Stress is everywhere, and so are suggestions for dealing with it. There are so many ideas, how do you know what works? Today we're giving you some guidelines for determining the best stress reducing activity for you. Then we're looking at the end of summer and some simple ways to enjoy what's left of this special season and the precious time it affords your family. We'll wrap up in Christmas Corner with 1 simple way to have a better Christmas, 18 ways your family can volunteer together and 4 ways to make this holiday season safer for your pet.

In between, we're chatting with Dr. Deborah Gilboa. Simply known as Dr. G., she makes parenting easier and less stressful for parents around the world. Today she's tackling common frustrations that occur in every family; things like bickering and tattling as well as discussing resilience and why it's the most important trait you can foster in your child.

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Deborah Gilboa, MD (popularly known as Dr. G), is a go-to expert on raising and educating respectful, responsible, resilient young people. A parenting and youth development expert renowned for her contagious humor and no-nonsense prescriptions for character development and preventing risky behaviors. Dr. G is a contributor on the CBS morning show Pittsburgh Today Live, and has shared her doctor-tested, kid-approved advice with the media, seen nationally from NBC, ABC and FOX, to Parents Magazine, Your Teen Magazine to The Wall Street Journal and


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March 23, 2015 show with Jenny Friedman of Doing Good Together - Family Volunteering and Volunteering with Young Children 

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