For Such A Time As This

This is a glorious day, a day of judgement, exposure and of exacting

accounts!  Never in my life time have I seen such an uproar or a stir

regarding Sexual Abuse.  Even when the Catholic Church was exposed

over and over for the same sins as we are seeing in the news today,

(Penn State Scandle over child sexual abuse)I do not recall such a

responce from the public. This reminds me of a word the Lord gave me

several years ago.


Will be an eruption, Mt Suvious, ash, smoke, lava, shall come forth.  Will

be weeping and nashing of teeth.  Will be a cry and a wailing as never


My judgement is upon them.  The day of reckoning is upon them. Exact,

exact the account, forr ye have been weighed in the balance and come

up short, lacking.  What is this judgement, they will ask, what evil has

brought this wickedness upon us?  You will tell them, their sin.  The sin

of rape, incest, against children, those sold into sex slavery.  It has

come before me as a stinch in my nostrils, a vile and putird aroma.  It is

a stinch to me and I will recompense everyman according to his works,

shall be. 

Mt Suvious shall bring forth an eruption, it will be a cleansing of the land

Please pray for the victims poisioned by this tragedy.  We will continue

our work in this arena and solicit your prayers. We are called for such a

time as this!

Diane Jones


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